Top Five Tuesday – Bisexual Movies

Today’s Top Five Tuesday pays homage to my favorite bisexual movies and will hopefully bring to light some great flicks that fall into a genre that doesn’t get enough love from the industry. Good bi porn captures raw sexuality without restrictions and hopefully you’ll see it like I do in these movies!

In my experience, bisexual movies are really amazing or total crap. Apparently there is no middle ground when it comes to this particular genre. There’s nothing worse than watching bi porn where half of the participants are obviously not thrilled to be there. Since in the amazing world of porn all women are pretty much bisexual, it’s really important to find male performers who have a genuine interest in men and women. Not just some dude who’s desperate enough to close his eyes while another guy sucks him off.

The directors and performers in these movies set out to capture a broader picture of human sexuality, resulting in great porn for those of us who like to play outside the box.

Goosed For 3! – A Bisexual Love Affair: This one is a hilarious outtake on some of your favorite nursery rhymes starring Nina Hartley as Mother Goose. A hot sapphic scene between Georgie Porgie and her lesbian lover, Margery Daw is the highlight for me, but there’s plenty of fantastic sex in between laughs in this GAYVN award winning film.
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The Bi Apple: Written, directed, and produced by Audacia Ray, you know that this one has to be good! Simone Valentino stars in one of 2007’s most talked about movies.
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The Golden Age Of Bi Porn Volume 1 : If you prefer classic porn, you won’t want to miss this collection. You’ll see Sharon Mitchell, a woman who sits behind Nina Hartley on my all time list of amazing industry women, and hot 70’s sex. Here’s to pubic hair!
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American Bi 2 American Bi 2: So Rebeca Linares is in this one, so it’s hard not to include it. This is a BJ flick with a bisexual twist and I like it because it’s different. It’s probably not a predicable pick for a lesbian to make, but I can’t deny that this is a really good movie!
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Mass Appeal 2: Twenty minutes into this movie there’s a foursome that is one of my favorite bi scenes ever. Troy Halston, Ken Ryker, Holly Halston, Keri Windsor and a strap-on. It’s apparent that everyone is so into the scene and sometimes there’s nothing hotter than watching a woman give it to a cock craving guy.
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Check out these fantastic bi movies. Because life’s too short to worry about who has a penis and who has a vagina!

-The Porn Librarian

22 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday – Bisexual Movies”

  1. I love to see women who appreciate Bi Porn.

    I didn’t know I was Bi until I saw a Bi-mmf scene. It excited me and at the same time disturbed me – women weren’t supposed to see two men sucking each other’s cocks!

    The combination of sexual excitement and embarrassment for the guys gave me throbbing gushing orgasms.

    most Bi porn is boring. The guys and he girl get naked and suck and fuck – the embarrassing, getting caught is largely missing.

    The best Bi scene(in my opinion) is when a women catches two nude men with raging hard-ons. She is obviously excited and pays attention to their cocks. She holds them and strokes them. She doesn’t get naked and join them right away.

    Also, two cocks in a pussy is essential – uys feeling each other’s cocks inside of her cunt is as Bi as you can get.

    I have only seen parts of Bi Apple, but it looks really good. I love Simone Valentino and the fact that she is a voyeur at first.

    I have never before found myself fantasizing about he DIRECTOR of a film before. But, Audacia Ray is now pat of my Bi-mmf fantasies.

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  3. My girl friend and I enjoy watching bi porn, I am a bi male.

    We enjoyed Mass Appeal #1 and #2, as well as mile bi club.

    We love to see couples suck cock!!!!

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