Sacrosanct from TrenchcoatX – A Review

Sacrosanct box coverWhen I saw trailers for the opening scene of TrenchcoatX’s new movie, Sacrosanct, to say I was both shocked and titillated would be quite a understatement. I’ve delighted in following the career of the devilishly beautiful Katrina Jade since finding her kinky, real-life exploits with her husband on Twitter. Now, through the lens of director/performer Kayden Kross‘ sexual surrealism, Katrina and her husband Nigel Dictator have their first onscreen hotwifing experience together, and my anticipation to see this scene was overwhelming.

The trailer that preceded the release of Sacrosanct depicts Katrina’s perfect hourglass figure wrapped in black bondage cord, tied to an offering post before her husband. Hooded men encircle Katrina, slowly unraveling the cord as we hear water dripping and eerie echoing sounds from their secret, cavelike locale. Kayden Kross has set the perfect scene for an erotic, debaucherous act to take place and this small preview had me hooked.

Scene One:

What I love first and foremost about Katrina Jade is her unapologetic attitude towards her sexual cravings. Seeing her speak so frankly about her fantasies on social media, and watching her pursue those fantasies almost feverishly, gives Katrina an edge that some performers can struggle with – genuine enthusiasm. Katrina isn’t just a pretty face who likes having sex on camera – sex and hotwifing are very real aspects of her personal life and marriage. Prior to this scene, Nigel has never appeared on camera with his wife, and while he doesn’t necessarily perform as much as he surveys this scene, his presence and connection with his wife throughout are vital elements that make this scene so hot and different.

After she is unwrapped from her offering post, which takes a teasing few minutes to build suspense, the hooded men unmask and undress to reveal porn studs Tommy Gunn and Charles Dera. Katrina immediately gets to work administering two expert deepthroating blowjobs to their engorged cocks, then saunters over to her husband who looks at her approvingly. Tommy and Charles are ready to ravage Katrina even as she sits posed in her husband’s lap.

Charles spends a good amount of time spoiling Katrina’s pussy with his tongue and cock as Nigel holds his wife’s leg open for him. Tommy then takes Katrina from behind while she caresses Nigel’s chest. The deeper the penetration and the harder Katrina gets fucked, the more Nigel seems to take interest in what’s happening before him, but he stays silent the entire scene. I won’t spoil the cumshot, but it is a must-see part of this scene that finishes it off perfectly.

Scene Two:

This intensely erotic scene opens with new industry siren Honey Gold and Kayden Kross laying in bed, discussing the phenomenon of sleeping with a stranger. Honey tells Kayden that she’s never slept with a stranger before because it feels like “giving herself away,” and that it’s too “impersonal,” but Kayden disagrees – saying it’s the most personal you can be with someone, and that sleeping with a stranger is liberating in that you can be unapologetically yourself. The viewer sees Honey walk into a dimly lit parlor, staring across the room from Mick Blue. They size each other up, and without speaking a word, begin passionately kissing and groping each other.

After undressing her, Mick holds Honey by her ankles and tilts her back to lavish her with deep, penetrating cunnilingus. Honey returns the favor by sensually sucking Mick’s cock, allowing him to gag her as he holds her by the back of the head. Honey climbs atop Mick and writhes gracefully on him until he can’t take it anymore, flipping her onto her back and fucking her while choking her. The two climax simultaneously, rounding out an incredibly intense scene, and proving that sex between total strangers can be a liberating, exciting experience.

Scene Three:

The third scene opens with French stud Manuel Ferrara walking the ever-busty, beautiful Angela White through what seems like a sexual fever-dream. Whispering inaudibly to each other, Manuel allows Angela to touch and taste the people she walks past, but only for a moment. Then, Manuel brings her to a garage where an old classic car sits. Ripping open her blouse and pressing her into the roof of the car, Manuel teases Angela with his huge cock, making her beg him to suck it. After building up some suspense with plenty of dirty-talk, Angela gets her wish. Manuel fucks her quick and dirty from behind, then orders her to wait on her knees like a good girl.

Manuel whistles – and out of the car come four more men with stiff erections ready for Angela’s obedient mouth. Angela immediately gets to work pleasing them all as simultaneously as she can, and an incredibly fun gangbang goes down right before our eyes. Angela is definitely a force to be reckoned with in this scene, and her voracity and enthusiasm seem to be a consistent theme throughout the performances of the movie as a whole.

Scene Four:

In the fourth and final scene, we’re treated to real-life couple Kayden Kross and Manuel Ferrara accompanied by the beautifully lithe Jillian Janson. The scene begins with a torturous strip tease, with Kayden and Jillian taking turns teasing the ever-living fuck out of Manuel. Kayden eats Jillian’s pussy like it’s her last meal on earth, occasionally allowing Manuel the pleasure of tasting her fingers or tongue after they’ve been in/on Jillian, but Manuel never really gets in on the action himself. He watches the women together as they perform for him. The sensuality of this scene cannot be exaggerated, it is out of goddamn control!

Maybe I didn’t do this movie justice with this review, but I have to say it’s without a doubt the hottest porn I’ve seen all year, and I watch a lot of fucking porn. It’s my job after all. The suspense, overall aesthetic quality, and eerie, unique plots just blew this out of the water for me. Anyway, if you’re looking for an unconventional, suspenseful, beyond-steamy movie to watch, do yourself a favor and watch Sacrosanct on HMFH now!

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Watching Porn Isn’t Cheating

Since time immemorial, human beings have been the filthiest, horniest, and most downright dogged organisms when it comes to fulfilling our sexual needs. While single people nowadays have the luxury of finding a partner pretty easily with dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, those of us in committed relationships face a predicament when alone and in need of release. As we *should* know by now, masturbation is not only a natural biological response – but a healthy alternative to letting out those pent-up urges we all get from time to time. Not everyone is the same when it comes to our solo time; whether your preferred method of choice is using your imagination, reading erotica, or watching porn, these are certainly better options than, I don’t know, ACTUALLY cheating on the person you’re with.

But some of us are of a different opinion. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard stories of jealous partners flipping out on their significant others upon discovering them having special solo-time. It’s about time we faced the facts: watching porn when you’re in a relationship is not cheating! Don’t agree? Check out the following reasons why not:

By choosing to stimulate themselves with porn when alone, your partner is alleviating the desire to go out and otherwise entertain themselves

In these instances, it seems that jealousy stems from knowing their partner is getting off using the image of another person. But there should be some piece of mind in the fact that the porn viewer isn’t actually sleeping with anyone else, right? By that logic, shouldn’t that same jealousy be applied to anything that sexually stimulates your partner? Are sex toys now suspect when discussing fidelity too? We have to know where to draw the line.

We’re kidding ourselves to think those in a monogamous relationship don’t still have a wandering eye… it’s only natural. Think of it this way, would you rather your partner be checking out hotties at the bar, or go home and fantasize about some completely unattainable woman like Jessica Drake?

Jessica Drake
In his dreams!

Porn provides inspiration for the bedroom

Whether we like it or not, viewing porn informs our own sexual habits to some degree. If you’ve been in a monogamous relationship for any extended period of time, you know that things in the bedroom can kinda get stale after awhile. This isn’t necessarily either partner’s fault, but the fact of the matter is that doing any activity over and over again tends to lead to habit-forming behavior. Unfortunately, a lot of times, this includes sex with your partner.

Want a simple way to spice things up in the bedroom? Watching porn is certainly an accessible and pleasurable way to learn a new position, trick, or how to implement a new toy into your stalling sex life. If you catch your partner watching porn in their alone time, rather than being upset, try considering it research!


Watching porn with a plot can even help you last longer in bed

Oftentimes the argument against watching pornography is that it leads viewers to suffer from premature ejaculation. No one can dispute that a succinct and sexy video may bring about a faster, possibly premature climax, but if you’re only watching porn for the most visceral imagery and nothing else, that’s (arguably) kind of your fault.

Sure, gonzo gets right to the point – the “good stuff,” if you will. But there’s a wealth of porn with thoughtful, tantalizing plots that are meant to entice and romance the viewer to their desired end goal. If your partner doesn’t feel rushed or shamed about their porn-viewing habits and they can actually take time to enjoy themselves, they can appreciate more nuanced videos, simultaneously building up masturbatory endurance that will translate into their sexual performance.

That’s right folks – maybe instead of destroying relationships, viewing porn is the single key factor in saving your monogamous partnership? It’s a novel idea that is certainly up for debate, but hopefully next time you catch your significant other having some significant alone time, you can ease up on the criticism a bit and see how it might actually benefit your partnership in the long run. You could even try watching it with them and invite a new kind of intimacy into your relationship!

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Kendra Lust Interview

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us! I spoke with your assistant earlier who told me you were feature dancing last night. How was that?

I was in Long Island dancing at this really great club called Gossip and it is a gorgeous club. Definitely one of the nicest clubs I’ve been too.

You started dancing before you were ever in adult, right?

Yes, I started dancing while I was in nursing school to help get through school.

From when you started dancing in clubs to now, has the scene changed at all?

No, in all honesty, it hasn’t changed much. Maybe the rules have a bit, but that all depends on what city or state you are in because everywhere has a bit different rules, but I hate to say it, it’s pretty much the same. You still have the house-mom and other girls, the dynamic definitely hasn’t changed. Some of the stories that you hear in the dressing room never change.

What are some of your favorite cities to dance in?

New York is cool. The city is great, but I like some of the outer pockets because I like to reach out to some of the locals out there and experience Long Island. I really enjoy Long Island. I’ve been here before, not to this club, but to Long Island and I loved it. I love San Francisco. I don’t know if it was just the Bay Area or being in the city, but the clubs there are some of my favorite to feature dance in.

Are you feature dancing by yourself or with other girls?

I have featured with other girls, but sometimes that is hard because sometimes clubs financially can’t bring in additional girls, but in this city I’m just featuring by myself. I do love to engage with fans, and working with other girls in the clubs brings attention to them. So, that’s nice and I give them tip money, and it’s fun. It spices up the show a bit.

What kind of music do you like to dance to?

Last night I did a completely different playlist. I like hip-hop, but I like to gauge the crowd and gauge the club. If the club likes more hip-hop I’ll do hip-hop. If I think it’s more a rock-and-roll crowd I can do rock-and-roll, but I like music that gets the crowd going. So, last night I had a little bit of Enrique Iglesias, a little bit of Pit Bull, some 90s hip-hop, some Megan Trainor, lots of variety. I worked with one of the best DJs last night. He’s probably one of the best DJs I’ve ever worked with. I actually sent him a text today and told him thank you for making last night so much fun. He amped up the crowd, and he was really great.

Your career has had a really cool trajectory, from dancing to being a registered nurse, and then adult work and directing. You’ve mentioned that you came into adult later than many of the women in the industry usually do. Do you think you had an advantage to starting an adult career after you had already gone through your twenties and figured out who you are and what you wanted to do?

I think from a business standpoint, yes. However, it does –well, I’m not trying to play victim at all because I’m all about embracing the opportunities that are in front of you and the options that I have, but I do feel like it can hinder you a little bit too. Your opportunity to play certain roles or, maybe some of the opportunities that they younger girls might have are not available to you. So, it has pros and cons, but from a business standpoint absolutely. I got all the craziness out in my twenties, because who knows what I would have done. That’s why I try to not judge any of the younger girls because I’m thinking, “Oh my god, save your money!” But, then I think about what I would have done if I were 21 and making all this money. I don’t really know. It’s all relative.

Do you find yourself in a mentor role now with younger performers? I mean, you are directing now, so obviously you’re helping people. But, do you find that there are young people who are open to suggestion and to your expertise in the industry?

I don’t even know if I would consider myself a veteran of the industry, just based on my age and being in for five years because I am always learning and growing. I know this might sound bad, but I am selective about who I try and reach out to. Obviously, the girls on my roster, I am an open book for them for whatever they may need, but I try not to give too much information because I don’t always know if they want it. And, I don’t want to smother them. I kind of like them to reach out so I know where their head’s at. Some girls might just be trying to work 3 days a month and not make a career out of it because everybody has different goals and different mindsets. And, that’s a character flaw that I had when I first came into the business. I thought, “Why don’t these people get here on time?” I realized, it’s not them, it’s me. Not everybody is driven by the same thing, not everybody has the same work ethic or goals. So, I try to wait to give advice unless they reach out first.

Well, I do think you are a major influencer in the industry and I do think that people look up to you for multiple reasons.

Thank you.

You film with a variety of different stars and companies, but you are selective about it and that makes you stand out because you make good choices.

Well, I really appreciate that, but I cannot take all the credit for that. I have a really great team. I have a great guy in my life who is very supportive, I have a team that helps and guides me to make good decisions, and we bounce ideas. So, ultimately I have five heads that help me. So, I’m really grateful for them.

What issues are important to you and what issues do you see that might be misrepresented in the adult industry? And how does your team help you to make good decisions when it comes to these issues or selecting good roles?

I think sometimes the industry can get a little negative, you know there are so many girls. We’re a bit oversaturated with talent, and there aren’t a lot of opportunities for everybody to get into a ton of movies, and that makes it very competitive. So, I try to stay positive and my team is very positive and focused, and they’re very realistic. I think that helps put things into perspective. For not only me, but for a lot of the girls. It just helps being realistic. You know, every girl is not going to be a star. But, just try to work and play to your strong points. If you’re a girl with a butt, maybe play to that strength-not just with your butt, but what can you do to promote that part of you, get some interest…

And expand on it?


Speaking of expanding on your strengths, I wanted to ask you about how you started directing and how you began your relationship with Archangel.

That’s a good question. I think a lot of people may still not be clear on how the relationship with Archangel and me started. I am eternally grateful for that opportunity. So, let me take it back a little bit. When I decided to do my first interracial, I had a couple different companies approach me. I kept going back and forth and back and forth. I thought, I could go with this company because the paycheck is there, but maybe not the exposure. Or, the exposure is there, but not all the necessary other things are. There were a lot of opportunities and I couldn’t a make a decision. Archangel was really new to adult. They maybe hadn’t even been around for a year. So, they were a newer company, they didn’t have that many films out, and they offered me a really nice incentive and I liked the autonomy they were going to give me. I wanted to give them a chance and people had asked me why I would take a chance like this with a newer company for my first interracial scene. And, some said I was making a dumb decision and I actually got a lot of flack from some performers. But, I thought, you know what? This is a new company and I reflected back on when I was new and people had to take a chance on me.


So, I thought about the company, and a lot of this had to do with the owner, Gabriel Guzman. When I spoke with him I could tell that he was just so genuine. We talked about the scene and I felt really comfortable and he was so professional, and I thought, yes! I’m going to go with them. And, in their words, they said, “You kind of helped put Archangel on the map.” From that point on we began to work with each other and build a relationship. They have been just amazing. I started talking to them about directing, and I told them that I know my vision, but I don’t really know how to go about this, or how to do the distribution. So, I talked to Gabe and asked him what he thought about all this and he said he would distribute my movies and we discussed how we would go about doing this. From that point on we’ve been working together and he’s been great. He’s a very successful business man outside of adult. All honesty, adult is kind of leisure money for him. He has several other businesses and he has a proven track record, and he knows distribution, as he has done that for over eight years. So, I trust him. I trust him with my family, as a person professionally, and it’s worked out. He’s taken a chance on me. When I started the agency (Society 15) he handed me a check and said, “Here you go. No contract. Your word is good, I’ve known you for awhile. I know and I trust you.” Obviously, the loan has been repaid, but this all just happened with a handshake. So, we have this trust. He’s a trustworthy person and it’s been great.

Yeah, I wanted to ask you what was the reason behind you starting Society 15?

That’s a really good question. I hate to really say anything negative, but… So, when I started I was with an agent and she was really great. She represented me for three years and I was really appreciative. She was great. After three years I decided to go on my own. I was on my own for a little bit. Then I started with another agency and it didn’t turn out how I wanted. And I thought, eh, this isn’t going as planned. So, after a bad experience with that agency I decided that, maybe I can take that negative experience that took place and make it into something positive. And, I have met some really great people along the way. So, I took a negative experience and thought, I can make something positive out of this. Why not start an agency? I kind of felt empowered after I had, for lack of a better word, got burned. I had an investment of about 20 thousand, and I took that money and I got a team together to start this agency.

In adult, you have a shelf life. Even in your twenties you have a shelf life, but me being in my 30s I need to start thinking long-term and think past just shooting. At that time I was just shooting and I had a website. I wasn’t even directing yet. I thought, maybe if I had an agency I could build something. Something positive. We represent girls and we’re not shady. And, I don’t want to talk negatively, but some of the agents they don’t have the best reputations. I thought, we can do right by the girls and I have connections. The people I am working with have connections and we have business backgrounds. I thought, we could build an agency were girls are safe, where they feel comfortable with positive representation and I can have something to fall back on. So, it wasn’t just about something negative happening, but there was a lot of thought before we started this agency. So, we started in November of 2015. It’s been about a year and a half, and we’re still standing, so that’s a good sign! Especially in this industry.

You guys represent a lot of awesome people. Are you still representing Flash Brown?

We are! He’s a really busy guy. He is awesome. He’s great. He’s definitely a top-notch performer and he brings a level of –I don’t know, swag and a presence about him that really stands out.

I feel like the men are really the unsung heroes of the industry.

You know, they don’t really get a lot of credit. A lot of times the directors will say, “You’re just a prop, it’s all about the girl.” But, ultimately it takes two people to make a great scene. And, if your male talent is not having a good day it can really, really ruin your ratings and potentially ruin your chance for working with that director again. So, they definitely impact the scene more than what people think.

Have you noticed any differences in your personality when you’re directing versus when you are performing in a scene as far as dealing with male talent?

It has to be different because when the male talent is working for me, they are working on my dollar. When you come to set you are expected to do a job. And, they know that I am pretty easy and go-with-the-flow, but when I am directing I know what I want and I have the power to let them know that. If the scene is not going how I want then we will redo it. Most of the time, it isn’t what you say, it’s how you say it. I’m a pleaser, that’s just kind of my nature, being a registered nurse for eight years. I’m still registered. I’m going to keep that. I worked hard for it and to keep it current. But, it is different. I’m more aware of the time and thinking about all the things that have to get done. So, you have to put on different hats.

Do you feel that nursing prepared you for this profession? Do you see any similarities?

I’ve made jokes about that. I sometimes say that I miss nursing because I’m not taking care of people, but then I think that I am taking care of people. I’m helping people. I’m helping couples, and I may be helping their marriage by spicing up their sex life. I think it is a helping profession it’s just a different type of help.

Also, as a director. I see that as being a service profession too because you’re helping people bring out their best performance possible.

You just gave me chills when you said that because I love empowering people. I don’t like to blow smoke up people’s asses, but I really enjoy complimenting people when it’s deserved and I want people to feel good when they are on my set. I always tell them that I want them to be comfortable, I want you to have fun and enjoy the sex as much as we can while we still get the angles. I like the sex to just kind of flow, I don’t want people to be nervous, I just want them to relax and have fun. Obviously, that’s hard because we have to maintain that flow, but it is a sexual art. With that you have a lot of different things to think about. But, ultimately I just want people to feel comfortable and have fun. You know? Easier said than done, but I like a relaxed set.

I’ve read before that you have been watching porn since back in the VHS era, and you had mentioned being really into Nina Hartley and how you looked up to her. Now, I know she wasn’t directing at that time, but can you think of any directors at that time that might have stood out to you?

When I was younger, I didn’t really pay attention to directors. In all honesty, I didn’t even give two shits. I was more like, “Oh my god, that chick’s hot!” I enjoyed a lot of porn for the women. But, it wasn’t until I became a performer that I really started paying attention to directors. Then I started to become more aware of certain things that certain directors did.

So, tell me about directing the Booty Lust series. Booty Lust 2 is a video on demand exclusive at HotMovies starting on May, 29 and I wanted to know a little bit about your experience directing it.

Booty Lust 1 did really well and I really enjoyed filming it. I have a butt, and I like to accent it, I guess, and the cast was really great, and this cast is really great. This is kind of my baby. We have a really strong cast and they are great at promotions. The more they tweet it out and get the word out the more likely I am to hire them. It just helps everybody. All directors love that. But, I had a lot of fun directing it and right now it is my favorite out of what I have directed so far.

A strong cast is important, for sure, which brings me to my last question. What is your favorite porn scene that you have NOT starred in?

That’s really hard. Male or female?

Give me one of each!

You know, I like a lot of the girl/girl stuff. I just think it’s really hot. I know AJ Applegate had done AJ’s Angels, and that was so hot and really sexy. While I enjoy working with males and females, I do enjoy watching a lot of girl/girl porn. It’s really hot to me.

As far as girl/girl goes, I just want to say you were so good in Little Red with Abigail Mac. I just thought of that because Abigail was in AJ’s Angels.

Really? Thank you!

Oh my god, yeah! Your sense of humor really came out and the scene was really great too, but it just seemed like you had a lot of fun.

Thank you. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Abigail Mac again and she is a really versatile performer and actor. I really enjoy working with her too. She’s a lot of fun on set. Probably one of my favorites.

She seems like a really awesome woman. So, Kendra, is there anything that you want to add? Or tell your fans the best way to support you? Any last shout-out you want to give?

I want to give my Archangel family a shout out. Gabe is really awesome as I’ve said and MimeFreak is as well. He has really helped to lend some of his insight to me as far as directing. And, my team at Society 15 is amazing. And you guys. Thank you so much. You can find all my stuff at and

Interview with Violet Starr

If you haven’t heard of Violet Starr by now, you’re out of the loop. This up-and-coming Latina showstopper has been shooting nonstop for the better part of 2016 and 2017, and we can’t get enough of her natural curves and sultry performances. HotMoviesForHer got the opportunity to speak with Starr about her experiences joining the industry, her kinks, and her steamy scene alongside Logan Pierce in the highly anticipated fourth installment of Teens Like It Rough 4.

HM: You were in theater in high school, right?

VS: Yeah.

What do you think your favorite performance was?

My favorite performance was probably The Three Penny Opera.

So you sing as well?

I’m okay, but for that particular play it was like a play with music. So it wasn’t necessarily about singing, it was more like talking-singing. So as long as you could talk-sing you could do it. But it was a lot of fun, a lot of character building. It was a really interesting show.

If you could play any role on Broadway, what would it be?

It’s super hard! Gosh, there’s so many. You know what I really would love, and it’s not necessarily a play or a musical, it’s called The Starfish Circus. I believe that it was on Broadway, but it’s a circus performance show that they did. It’s super cool and I’ve always wanted to be a part of it.

Is it kind of like Cirque du Soliel?

Yeah, it’s a performance art so it’s taking place in an in actual theater.

Do you do any aerial trapeze or anything like that?

Yeah, I just started doing aerial silks. I think it’s so beautiful and I’ve just gotten into it, and I’m doing it every other day as much as I can. I would love to learn trapeze, but I have to be careful with hardbars because they give you a lot of bruises and they don’t like that in the industry. So right now I’m sticking to the silks because they’re a little more forgiving.

Do you like to do acting roles in porn? Are you drawn to roles like that?

Yeah, I mean growing up I always did acting and I always loved that. It opened me up and kind of brought me out of my shell. I’m a pretty shy person, but I was much more introverted before I got into acting. So when I get to play a different character it’s more intriguing for me. When I have sex it’s good, it’s rewarding, it’s fun, but when you get to play into a character it’s more like you’re playing a different role. You get to play a different fantasy that usually you wouldn’t have the opportunity to do if you weren’t even in porn because people are too embarrassed to do it.

Are you into roleplay?

Oh absolutely! But the problem is I can’t find anybody who would also be into that without laughing or not taking it seriously. Most people would be like, “You want me to crawl around on the floor and do what?” But I’m totally into that! So it works out for me.

You said you were shy before you started acting, has being in porn drawn you out of your shell as well?

For sure! Actually, in different ways. I’m exposed to a lot of people so I have to talk to a lot of people every day, and that side of it brings me out of my shell. Obviously people in porn act differently than normal civilians would, not in a bad way, but they’re open about their sexuality, which is great. It wasn’t something I was used to and I didn’t know how to react to that. I feel that I lost some confidence in that aspect, but that’s okay because it makes me a stronger person. And every day that I’m put in a vulnerable situation it makes me stronger. It makes me grow. That’s what I try to focus on every time I’m challenged, and I think that’s a beautiful thing.

Right on! You birthday is December 23, did your birthday ever get overlooked because it’s so close to the holidays?

No, I get that a lot, but I actually love that my birthday is so close to the holidays, because you get the lights, you get the campfires, and the food, and the family, and it’s another reason to party. I can make my party or celebration Christmas-related. There’s so much to do and there’s so much to look at. It’s actually my favorite holiday, so the fact that my birthday is so close to it is super awesome to me. But I never really had that issue.

You were very uninhibited in your first scene with Manuel Ferrara. Did performing just come naturally to you, or was there unexpected chemistry?

We definitely had a lot of chemistry. He’s just a great performer. He’s super professional and he wasn’t creepy at all. He was so concerned and tried to make me feel as comfortable as possible. It was just me and him, and there was no crew and only one camera. I just remember walking out and getting into my car and thinking, “Wow, I didn’t know that was possible!” I’d seen it, but I didn’t know I could feel like that. It was astounding to me, because some people will never experience that. And I think they should! There should be a way to change that. Some people will say, “Oh, porn sex isn’t real sex,” but damn! Sex like that, I think it should be! I was looking up at the ceiling like, what is going on? It was awesome!

That’s great! Was Mason the director for that?

No, it was a voyeur style, my first boy-girl. So he just set the camera down and picked it up.

Do you see a difference between European performers and American performers?

I haven’t really focused on that much, except for one experience that I can speak for because I worked with her, which Valentina Nappi. Very nice, beautiful, sweet girl. She is very sexual, very into it, and I don’t know if that’s because she’s European, but I get the sense that Europeans are a lot dirtier. Not in a bad way, but more open. In the other countries they do triple anal, it’s more about the butt, crazier stuff. Back in the day, anal was a big deal, and now it’s not, but in Europe it’s nothing. Completely nothing! That’s from what I’ve heard. My experience has been pretty similar to that, so I can see the truth in it.

Have you ever had an exceptionally good first date or bad first date?

For the good first date, absolutely! It was with a guy at AVN. I went on a date with him, and I’m very… I wouldn’t say spiritual, but I’d say conscious. I don’t meet a lot people who are like that, so I basically met the male version of myself, which never happens, and we went on a date! He just didn’t care what people thought, he was fun, he could be so open! He was just an open book, he wasn’t hiding anything, he could just be himself, and I felt like I could be myself. It was just amazing. We clicked so well. The chemistry was so great. We had sex, and I don’t ever meet civilians like that, so this was a very rare thing, but it was the best sex I’ve ever had. And then for the bad date, this guy talked about himself in the third person.


Yeah! He would refer to himself all the time, a lot of ego, he dominated the whole conversation. He loved power. I was pretty fed up with it. It was the total opposite of the first guy, which makes me totally miss him! Like, why can’t you clone yourself? Natural selection, come on guys!

Yeah that last one sounds pretty bad…

But at least I won’t forget his name!

You’ve said that you were in a BDSM relationship for a short while. Was that just a one time thing, or is it a lifestyle that you plan on pursing?

I did it and it was the best relationship I’ve ever had. There were some problems of course, just like in any other relationship, but it was the most intimate. It actually made me realize that I still like BDSM, but I don’t think of myself as a submissive anymore. I do like that aspect of it, and I’m still a natural submissive, but I do like DD/lg, which is Daddy Dom/little girl. It’s basically about the guy being the caregiver, and the girl being little. In life you have all of these responsibilities, and it feels good to let go. Especially if the person is very wise, intelligent, caring, and kind, and that’s basically the only kind of guy who can do that job. So that’s a very rare thing to find, let alone sharing a kink with someone. That’s hard, if they’re not interested in that. Even if you don’t necessarily have a daddy, you can still be a little and you can still have your little space. You’re still adulting all the time, but you can let go and have that child-like energy to you. I think it’s a really cool thing. It’s like an escape.

I feel like that’s the kink of the hour, you know? Everybody’s calling everybody “daddy” now and it’s pretty cool that it’s becoming more, I don’t want to say mainstream, but people are more aware of it.

Yeah, I just wish that people would know that when they say “daddy,” a lot of people either think of [family fantasy] or they think “boss man.” Like “ooh, daddy, ooh six-figures, daddy.” Or sugar daddy! But they don’t think of “daddy, take care of your little girl.” Make sure I’m doing the right thing, and make sure I’m getting enough sleep. It’s nice to have someone want to do those things for you. It’s really caring, and I’m not used to that. I wanted that because my BDSM relationship wasn’t caring enough; it was too strict, and I needed something a little bit more gentle. Hopefully since it is becoming more mainstream, people will see the different aspects of it.

How did you choose your performer name?

I chose it in less than an hour. I went online and looked at random porn names and added them together until I found one that I liked. I had a list. I chose it because it sounded super bubbly and fun and not really that realistic. I liked it! And when I got into the industry I didn’t really like it because it was “Star” and I thought it sounded too porny. But then I went to AVN and a guy said, “Oh, your name is Violet Starr! Stars are measured in color and violet is really hot. So you’re like a burning star!” I thought, “Okay, it means something, I like it again!”

You have said before that your favorite performance so far was with Logan Pierce in Young & Curious from Digital Sin. What about that scene really stood out to you?

He is really romantic and good at paying attention to detail. That’s the main thing that I like about him. He can be really rough, but he respects your boundaries. I’ve had people be rough and they’re too rough, or they’re rough but they’re not rough enough. He’s perfect. He pays attention to your reaction and what you say and what you want. He listens to your limits. He’s also a fun person to be around. He can play into a conversation very well, and I like that. It makes the day on set really fun, rather than a guy just treating me like a piece of meat. You know? My pussy’s not gonna get wet! [laughing] I need a little bit more than that!

Yeah, he’s super cute.

Oh yeah, he’s very extremely attractive!

What can you tell us about your upcoming performance in the Teens Like It Rough series?

It was amazing and really cool to act like the innocent girl who has always had vanilla sex and then turned into something completely different, because that actually happened. To reminisce and relive that was really awesome.

So you drew on your life experiences?

Exactly! I love when I can bring it into real life because it helps with the sex a lot. It feels real. I really, really enjoyed that scene.

Do you have any upcoming projects that you’re excited about that you want your fans to know about?

Yeah! I’m going to be doing interracial on June 1st. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say the company name, but it’s coming out soon. Also, I’m starting my own website with the network CrushGirls, so we’re working on a bunch of content. It’s exciting; I have a bunch of side hustles going on. It keeps me busy. And when I’m not working, I’m always working on that. The busier I am, the happier I am.

Can I ask who you’re doing interracial with?

I actually don’t know yet! I’m so excited to find out though!

Who would be your dream first interracial partner?

Probably Jason Brown or Ricky Johnson.

Anything you want to say to your fans or any last words?

All I have to say is ‘Thank you,’ because if they didn’t watch me then I wouldn’t be here. I just appreciate all the support I can get, and I love what they love me for.

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Kay Brandt Interview: Director Of The Baumgartners Series

The second installment of the Baumgartners saga, Adventures With The Baumgartners , is beautifully filmed in a dream location with super star couple, Mick Blue and Anikka Albrite. Based off of author Selena Kitt’s bestselling book series and directed by award-winning powerhouse Kay Brandt, Adventures shows the continued growth between Doc and Mrs. Baumgartner as a sexual and happily married couple and introduces us to some new characters as well.

In Adventures With The Baumgartners, we meet two new couples that enjoy experimenting with open relationships and partner-swapping. The movie portrays these couples as having very happy and healthy attitudes towards non-monogamy. We asked Kay Brandt to tell us about her experience filming the series and her thoughts on non-traditional relationships.

Do you feel that polyamorous or non-monogamous relationships are becoming more commonplace and socially acceptable?

No, I don’t feel that way at all. A massive shift in consciousness and acceptance would have to take place in society first for polyamorous relationships to go mainstream, and I don’t think we’re even close to being there collectively. It’s been how many decades for gay rights and the entire LGBQT movement to find true societal acceptance? There’s too much religion dictating the importance of one-on-one, and there’s safety in tradition. To be cool with the three adults living in the house next door, and not question or judge when seeing them openly loving each other on their front lawns requires a very evolved way of thinking and judging others, and we’re just not there yet. And we may never be. That’s why polyamorous relationships make great foundations for storytelling in both movies and books. It’s a fantasy situation, and what so many people would want to do if given the freedom to at least explore it. When you think about it, having a third person in any situation where emotions are on the table and love is shared would probably drastically reduce the divorce rate. Especially if the three-way scenario’s one male and two women. Women do better when there’s a bestie close by to buffer moods, wants, and needs. It makes perfect sense to me.

What were the most important aspects of Doc and Mrs. B’s non-monogamous relationship that you wanted to be exemplified onscreen?

Their love for each other. Selena created a deeply in love and very happy couple in Doc and Carrie. They were written as a loving, trusting husband and wife where the open boundaries feel like natural extensions of their love. There’s a magical aspect to their love because Carrie feels entirely safe openly exploring her sexuality and passionate needs without worrying about how Doc will handle it. He’s so super okay with it all, and constantly lets Carrie know she’s his one and only, even when his dick’s in another woman’s pussy. That’s where the magic in their relationship exists – both Doc and Carrie are getting their needs met and everyone is safe and happy. I feel like I captured that dynamic in the movie and so much of that honest translation from book to screen was due to Anikka and Mick being similar to the characters in real life.

You write about different types of relationships within the film. Open relationships, threesomes, and foursomes are shown in a loving and exciting way. What would you say is the main focus of your dialogue when you write about these characters navigating these types of sexual situations?

See, the thing is, it’s not all my dialogue – it’s Selena’s. In Babysitting the Baumgartners, I literally transcribed the novel into script word for word. The dialogue spoken came directly from the book, which was written by Selena Kitt. Selena approved the script before I made the film, and I wanted it that way. I wanted her to be happy. We’re talking about a novel that’s sold millions of copies and put Selena on the map as an erotic novelist in a big way. I pulled as much content from the book as I could realistically film and kept the integrity of the original story. That was important to me because part of the intent in making a New York Times bestselling novel into an X-rated film was to connect with Selena’s readership base. For so many of her dedicated readers, bringing the Baumgartners to life was like seeing a fantasy come true, and I didn’t want to disappoint them. For Adventures though, the book was in process and in first-draft stage when I had to start writing the script. We’d decided that instead of filming the next book in the series, we’d create a brand new one. Creatively, Selena and I collaborated from start to finish with Adventures, which means together we decided how many sex scenes there should be (ten) and what they should be (boy/girl, BGG, BGGG, three GG, and more). I loved that we decided to make one of ten scenes between one male and three females because I’d never directed a scene like that before and I wanted the challenge. And a challenge it was, indeed. Four on a bed can sometimes look and feel like a game of Twister, and it’s tough for the camera crew, too.

Is there a difference you have experienced when writing for a heterosexual storyline versus a lesbian-themed narrative? What is the most challenging aspect of writing about any relationship for you?

Depth of honesty and emotion are first and foremost for me, and that goes for farcical comedy, too, like what happened in the movies I wrote/directed for the Mother-Daughter Exchange Club series when I was working for Girlfriends Films. In my all-girl 2012 Cherry movies, there’s a firestorm of emotions going on, and same for my boy-girl movie, Safe Landings. So, no, I haven’t found a difference writing lesbian or hetero material. Love is love, sex is sex, and emotions are emotions. These aspects don’t change due to sexual orientation. Not for me, anyway.

In Adventures, we see Sara Luvv’s character, Ronnie, really take what she learned from the Baumgartners’ relationship and apply it to her own romantic life. However, Ronnie’s love triangle between Vince and Gretchen gets somewhat entangled when Gretchen has jealous feelings over Ronnie’s other relationship. Do you have any advice on handling jealousy for couples in open relationships?

Oh my gosh, no, I don’t have advice to give on jealousy. It’s such a raw and common reaction that doesn’t respond to rational thought or analysis. It’s the bug that stirs within. But, my assessment on poly couples is that they aren’t jealous people to begin with, therefore, it’s not an issue. I think it would be tremendously difficult to be poly if you’re someone who suffers with jealousy. Trust, like in traditional relationships, must be the strongest part between all involved. Without trust, you can’t build a solid foundation for anything to work or grow.

How did you become involved with Adam & Eve?

I emailed them. Simple as that. And it took a few years before I made my first movie for them, Safe Landings.

In addition to your directorial role with Adam & Eve, you are a bestselling author of erotic fiction. What made you want to begin writing erotic literature and how did you begin presenting stage plays?

I’m a storyteller, so, it was natural for me to find a channel of expression other than writing screenplays. There were professional circumstances beyond my control that led to the transition from writing one format to another, and at the time I felt an overwhelming need to go “long form” and write manuscripts. And writing manuscripts as opposed to screenplays was very freeing creatively because I wasn’t restricted by structure, and I mean the structural format used when writing for screen, not books. Screenplays are rigid formats where less is more usually. Books are the exact opposite. It was like a hurricane was let loose in my soul when I was writing my first manuscript, and story after story flew out. Now, several years after my first book was published, I’m amazed at all the content I’ve produced and grateful I had the opportunity to devote time to the art and craft of book writing. It was an important road to explore and shockingly, it brought me right back into movie making.

When I produced my first stage play, it didn’t seem like a big undertaking, but it was. At the time, more and more writers and actors were producing their own plays, and so I thought I should too. This was before social media and YouTube and, as creatives, we had limited modes of showing off what our talents were if not cast in a movie or television show back in the 1990s. Too much creative downtime was the catalyst that spurred me to write plays and produce them. It was fairly inexpensive to do, and the results were mostly rewarding, and opened other doors for work. That’s the name of the creative game, to keep work coming in.

You released your first horror novella, Soles, in 2016. What was different about writing horror as opposed to writing an erotic novel?

When I write erotica, the story leads to sex because the characters are in pursuit of it. Soles is about a young man’s need to confront his demons. There’s the main difference. But writing is writing. Really, writing sex is just about using select words to describe an act, and it’s the same thing for writing horror, or any other genre. I had a story to tell, and it just happened to be Roland’s (the lead character in Soles), and sex didn’t fit into the overall tale. My next horror novel, Cutters is erotic, though, and will contain graphic sex as well as violence.

The World of Cherry book series has a ton of wonderful reviews and so many people have remarked upon the fictional world within the club as being incredibly realistic. The books translated so well into a film series. When writing erotic fiction, do you write with the intention of adapting the books into films?

I didn’t adapt The World of Cherry books. The two Cherry movies came first. So, the movies translated well into books, which is probably a first for erotica as well as mainstream films.

You’ve adapted two of Selena Kitt’s novels for the screen. Not only did you adapt Babysitting the Baumgartners, but previous to that release you filmed Safe Landings. How were you first introduced to Selena Kitt and her work?

Selena owns an indie publishing company, Excessica. When I’d completed my first manuscript, I sent query letters to publishers, received a few rejections, and a few invites. Selena’s invitation to publish through Excessica was the offer I picked and I’m so glad I did. It was truly meant to be. Making her books into films was the furthest thing from my mind at the time. I’d done research on Excessica and Selena, and was impressed by what I discovered about her and her businesses. Excessica has a good rep in erotica, and that’s important when it comes to attracting avid readers who want quality, and then add in Selena’s popularity – joining up with her was a no-brainer.

What about the Baumgartners characters appealed to you when you first read Selena Kitt’s book?

They were real yet living in a wonderful fantasy. They were sexual, passionate, and loving. What’s not to like?

After the overwhelming success of the first Baumgartners film, what made you want to continue the Baumgartners’ story?

Um, the overwhelming success – that’s why. And the fact that there are more books in the series as well as other potential ways to continue the story in new directions, like what we did with Adventures. And perhaps creating movies based on subplot characters, like Daphne and Ari played by Edyn Blair and Derrick Pierce. We touched a nerve by bringing such a beloved book to screen, and turned on a new fanbase – book readers as opposed to movie watchers. There’s plenty of fresh ideas for us to explore by continuing the series.

Critics and audiences were blown away at the concept of Forked. Combining a cooking reality show with porn stars, and having them cook their own personal recipes has never been done before. And we certainly learned a lot from watching Dick Chibbles in the kitchen. Forked won at XBIZ and AVN this year, in addition to receiving two XCritic Pick titles. AVN just announced Forked as their critic’s pick and is featured in this month’s publication. What was your inspiration for the porn/reality cooking show concept?

My inspiration was to do something completely fresh and new, to experiment, and to prove movies like Forked are needed and wanted. There’s an undeniable curiosity about adult stars, hence the popularity of performers on Twitter. And I wanted to celebrate another side of adult – the human side – where performers reveal more about themselves because, to me, that’s interesting. It’s almost taboo watching adult stars just be who they are, without the heavy facade of only being sexual creatures, and that turns me on. And that two-day shoot making Forked was the toughest one I’ve ever done because so much work went into it. It took me four days just to buy all the groceries before we filmed! There was so much magic on set and the cast was so happy to be cooking AND having sex. They loved having the opportunity to be so candid and have fun together, not simply fuck. They actually “thank” each other on camera – when does that happen in porn?

Do you plan to do any more reality-based movies in the future?

I would love to! I have a couple of ideas for different reality-type shows. And of course, I’d absolutely LOVE to make more Forked movies.

Do you have plans to make a third Baumgartners movie?

Selena and I are prepped to make more, as in, we have good ideas about where to take future installments if Adam & Eve wants to continue with the series.

What are the upcoming projects from Kay Brandt that we can look forward to?

In May I’ll be filming a new movie based on my upcoming novel, Naked. I don’t want to give too much away yet, but Naked is a very original concept and I’m looking forward to the challenge of adapting one of my own novels again.

I also have more books coming out this year, including the sequel to my first BDSM book, At Mother’s Command. A few weeks ago my novelette, “Hotwives and their Dirty Desires” was published and is selling strongly. I’ll be guesting on more radio shows and podcasts as well as updating my own YouTube channel.

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Darker Side Of Desire – Is Submission Anti-Feminist?

 is having the time of her life falling in love with . From the very first kiss she knew that something amazing was happening between them. The sex is passionate. Their connection is strong. Cassidy has never fell this hard and fast for someone, but uncertainty is creeping around the edges of her thoughts. Many people may have insecurities pop up when getting to know a new partner, but Cassidy wonders if Mickey will ever fully accept her if he knows who she “really” is.



Cassidy is the thoughtful, sincere, and trust-worthy woman that she presents to the world, but in her mind she is living another type of sexual reality. She dreams of being tied up and spanked. Maybe she would be pushed to do things just outside of her frame of knowledge sexually. When Cassidy has fantasies about this kind of role playing, the set is always in a dungeon-type place, with chains and bondage equipment. She often thinks of a recurring couple having sex in this way. The woman is a tall blonde () and the man is dark and mysterious (), egging his partner to submit to his every whim.  Cassidy is afraid she’ll never be able to tell Mickey that she would like to explore this part of herself with him. She thinks he would completely remove her from his life for fear that she was a deviant.



To be fair, Cassidy is not unreasonable in her fear of being completely honest with Mickey. One night while Mickey was over at her house hanging out with her and her roommates, Mickey affirmed Cassidy’s suspicion that he wouldn’t be open to trying anything too kinky. The four of them were playing a drinking game involving sexual experience questions.  The questions became more personal and outrageous, and  asked the group if anyone had ever been tied up and spanked. According to the rules of the game, if you had done the activity in question you had to do a shot. Only  answered yes to Riley’s question. To everyone’s surprise, Riley flipped out on Gia for answering truthfully. Riley chidded Gia for being “un-feminist” for letting a man tie her up and do those things to her. Even though Gia tried to answer that she had actually felt liberated in her ability to freely give her power over to her partner (even though only momentarily), Riley refused to listen to Gia’s story and became angry that Gia would let a man treat her like that. Gia became visibly upset and left the party. Mickey seemed to agree with what Riley was saying, and from that point on, Cassidy knew that she couldn’t be truthful with Mickey about her secret BDSM desires.




The following day, Cassidy decided to ask Gia about her experience with BDSM. Gia was hesitant to talk about it because she felt very judged from last night’s discussion, but she told Cassidy about her relationship with an older Dom (who showed her the ropes of kink-play. Gia said it was a beautiful relationship and that she had never connected with someone like that before, especially in a sexual manner. Unfortunately, Gia judged herself harsher than others probably judged her. She thought she was weird fr liking it, and she ended the relationship. She had regretted it ever since. After listening to Gia’s story, Cassidy realised that she needed to be honest with Mickey about her desire to try new things in bed, and she got the address to where Gia’s old boyfriend used to take her when they hooked up. The space was a dungeon that was available for rentals. Cassidy asked Mickey to meet her there so she could tell him about Gia’s experience and how she wanted to try this area of kink. When Mickey arrived he was taken back by the dungeon atmosphere and equipment. While Mickey doesn’t say no to the idea of exploring BDSM, and he also admits he didn’t necessarily agree with Riley’s outburst the other night, Mickey’s hesitance is obvious, and Cassidy doesn’t hear from him for another week.


Meanwhile, Riley and her boyfriend,  are discussing a paper that Riley just received an A grade on. Riley argued for the empowerment of women by allowing themselves the freedom to pursue submission with a partner. Although, Riley says she doesn’t believe a word of her own paper. She was hoping to get insight to Gia’s experience, so she crafted a counter-argument to her own in order to better understand Gia’s point of view. Michael is impressed with Riley’s intellectual capability to frame her own counter-argument, and get a good grade on it, but he thinks she may not fully understand how power exchange works in relationships. In order to better understand this, Michael suggests that she tie him up and dominate him. If domination happens naturally in the patriarchal society, maybe their roleplaying will be rewarding and cathartic for both of them. To both of their delights, Michael and Riley learn a lot about themselves through dominance and submission play, so much so that Riley even submits to Michael. He even promises her that this type of game is just for them and their little secret.



Cassidy finally hears back from Mickey a week after she invites him to the dungeon. He leaves her a few notes along the path to the main dungeon room, which instruct her to change into lingerie and put on a blindfold. Though Mickey was confused about his own feelings at first regarding impact play, D/s, and other types of kink-play, he says he needed some time to work out what role this kind of sexual fantasy would have in his own sexual philosophy and feminist ideology. He came to the conclusion that if both he and Cassidy were willing and communicative partners there would be no way that things could get into a dark place. If both of them wanted to experiment with bondage and discipline, then both of them were able to handle this kind of kink with love and openness, and have fun learning about it together as a team.



Clowns, BDSM & More: Dark Perversions 5 Review

From the mind of PornFidelity’s Ryan Madison comes the fifth installment of their Dark Perversions series. Dark Perversions 5 takes PornFidelity’s stunning 4K visuals, next-level costume and set design, and Madison’s signature rough-yet-agile fucking style and adds an eerie undertone that makes the eroticism behind dominance and submission almost spooky. If you have a fear of clowns, tempt fate by watching the first scene; being simultaneously scared and turned on is worth it!

Scene One: Lilly Ford & Ryan Madison

The scene begins with Ryan Madison dressed head-to-toe like a clown, but not the type of clown you’d see at a carnival; Madison looks straight out of a Stephen King novel. Madison is prowling about in an aggressive manner, and we soon see that he’s spying on a young woman in a flowy babydoll dress.

Madison as the creepy clown approaches the girl, who we see is the beautiful, fresh-faced Lilly Ford. The clown gestures for her to take a balloon from him. Wonderment eclipses Lilly’s face and, instead of running for her life like she should, she takes the clown by the hand and lets him lead her down a very dirty path.

In the bedroom, Ryan Madison does not shed his clown costume and stays completely in character. He manhandles Lilly in his usual fashion, but what’s interesting about this scene is the voracious nature with which Lilly is able to keep up with him. For every hard thrust he gives her, she’s able to take it and give him back an equal expression of fulfilled lust. While the dynamic in this scene is clearly a little D/s, Lilly can take as good as she gets. Madison incorporating the balloons anywhere he can in the scene is also a pretty fun, quirky touch. This is a hot scene and a must-watch if you can get past the clown thing!

Scene Two: Amber Ivy & Ryan Madison

I haven’t seen Amber Ivy in a minute, so I was excited to watch her be dominated by Madison in this scene. He drags the sexy redhead through the house crawling on her knees, collared, chained, and wearing handcuffs, so we know we’re in for a rough scene. Madison wastes no time shoving his thick cock down her throat and making her gag, but Amber can handle a little face-fucking. He alternates groping her pussy with choking her with his dick until she can’t take it anymore, then we see the breast pump. Madison applies the suction tube to Amber’s soft nipples and begins pumping them hard and swollen. Not long after, he takes her to the bedroom where they fuck like rabbits. Amber may be acting submissive in this scene, but she can ride a dick like a master.

Scene Three: Aaliyah Love & Isiah Maxwell

Aaliyah Love is the epitome of the bored housewife. Every day she wakes up, masturbates, pretends to listen to people, masturbates, eats, masturbates, and goes to bed. Going to bed is her favorite part of the day though, because that’s when she’s able to spend time with the man in her dreams. She doesn’t know his name or where he comes from, but every night she dreams of the same man making passionate love to her. The sex in her dreams is so good that waking life can’t compare.

While this scene doesn’t have the power dynamic of the first two scenes, it more than makes up for that in raw chemistry. The plot, as well as Isiah Maxwell himself, are very female-friendly. This is a good scene if you want to watch good, not necessarily rough, sex.

Scene Four: Jared Grey & Sandee Westgate

Big-breasted, beautiful Sandee Westgate steps into the shower, but unbeknownst to her she’s being watched on video camera by a stalker, Jared Grey. Jared jerks himself off watching Sandee soap herself up and down. When she steps out of the shower, she hears strange ambient noises coming from the other room. Naked and afraid, literally, Sandee goes into the spare room and is met by exposed lightbulbs and more scary noises. Suddenly, Jared appears behind Sandee and instantly devours her. The sex is hot, romantic, and _extremely_ passionate, which makes sense considering that Sandee and Jared are married in real life!

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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Porn Stars Are Athletes Too

In the early 2000s, or what I like to refer to as the Bring It On era, I found myself engaged in a debate over whether cheerleaders were athletes or not. Before then I had never given much thought to questioning if they were or weren’t, I thought it was obvious they were, and now I’m faced with the same question in regards to porn stars. With all the madness that comes along with March and our annual PornTourn competition, we decided to attack the question head on.

What Is an Athlete?

Webster defines the word athlete as “a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina.” The key words in that definition are “trained” and “skilled.” Anyone can go out and shoot hoops, but the training and skill levels are what separate athletes from everybody else.  This is where I think we forget about porn stars. On any given night, you can see a video clip of Stephen Curry or James Harden working on their handles in a gym for hours. Turn on NFL Network and you’ll get a glimpse of the next big college prospect bench pressing two times their body weight and talking about the off-field work that we viewers rarely get to see. What we aren’t privy to is all the work porn stars put in behind the scene. Think about it, we never get to see Prince Yahshua’s push up routine before flipping chicks over with his dick still inside, or watch the beautifully buff women of Iron Belles during a regular gym workout that doesn’t involve face smothering some skinny chump (I say that with all the love in my heart). Some might argue that with porn stars nobody wants to witness the unsexy hard work that they put into their bodies, but I live for behind the scenes footage so that reasoning doesn’t work. Others might admit to a similarity here or there but deny that porn stars are on the same athletic level as semi-pro and pro athletes. I’d argue they’re wrong.

High Level Consistency

Nobody wants to be the guy that only wins the championship once. That’s like only serving one term as President. I mean, yay, accomplishment, but winning and being great is about consistency and what goes into maintaining it. You can’t mention the word consistent in porn circles without then mentioning Nina Hartley. Look at that figure! You don’t get a body like that just having great sex, although I’m sure it helps. But diet and routine (along with genetics) get the credit per Nina, and that alone is more than some of us can handle. Trying not to eat bacon three times a day is struggle enough for me. But believe it or not, Nina Hartley isn’t the type to hit the gym regularly for vigorous cardio and she isn’t the only one. In a recent interview with Misty Stone I learned she doesn’t go out of her way to maintain her beautiful figure either. A balanced diet, amazing hygiene before and after shoots, and a little luck gets the credit per Misty.

Just like in sports, the same routine, or lack of one, can’t be applied across the board to obtain success. Because something works for one doesn’t mean it will work for others, and what comes easy for some won’t come easy for others. Tasha Reign gave OC Weekly the inside scoop on her pre-porn rituals and after letting the guys know it’s not as sexy as the fantasy she ultimately produces, she goes straight into how she cares for her body. It’s no secret that sex is one of the best (and usually free) workouts around, but some of the positions porn stars put themselves into goes way above what us amateurs try nightly. To keep up with the demand, Tasha keeps a group Pilates or yoga class on her schedule, maintains a vegetarian diet, and makes sure to get at least eight hours of sleep at night (sounds like the Tom Brady way of life). In 2010 Asa Akira admitted to Cosmopolitan that if she could, she’d work out every day of the week, but since scheduling would never allow that, she settles for a few days a week of boot camp training (which is insanely intense!) supplemented with yoga, and lots of dressing-free salads. Similarly, Jesse Andrews participates in boot camp training and hiking while throwing in fun physical activities like bowling and dodgeball and keeping a healthy diet free of bread, milk, and my personal favorite, McDonald’s. She juices a lot, and tries to eat kale at least once a day all in the name of adult entertainment. I thought I was doing something by making everything in my Starbucks order “skinny,” but these stars blow me out of the water.

I noticed that almost every performer I came across participated in some form of a physical stretching exercise like Pilates, yoga, or tai chi. When I was little my father put me in ballet classes, which was torture because I was not a girly girl and hated everything pink. When I begged and cried for him to take me out he explained his reasoning. Ballet would provide a foundation of footwork that I could take and build from to further better my overall basketball game. Once I heard and understood that, you couldn’t get me to skip a ballet class. I wanted to be the greatest basketball player to ever play for Pat Summit down in Tennessee and if ballet was going to help get me there I’d sleep in my tutu (ballet, you totally dropped the ball here). Because of the rigorous activity porn stars’ bodies must go through daily I think the boot camp, yoga, and Pilates become extremely important and necessary for some. Think about the positions they put themselves into and it’ll all make sense.

While Dana DeArmond doesn’t have to do much to keep herself looking fit, she did admit that foot worship scenes are very close to a core workout for her because while giving a footjob you must keep your middle balanced while stroking with your legs. Chanel Preston, who stays away from too much cardio for fear of being too skinny, talks about how much of a workout wearing a strap-on is, and I for one appreciate the hell out of that. Pelvic thrusting is one of my absolute favorite things to do, but squatting is one of my least favorite things to do, and fucking a chick with a strap is nothing if not squat class 101 (102 for us overachievers). And just about every female porn star ever asked about working out talked about posing, modeling, and lugging around a lot of shit, which got my wheels spinning…

Porn stars, like cheerleaders and gymnasts fall into the category of having to look good while putting their athleticism on display. The most I worried about when it came to appearance was if my sneakers and head band matched, and I bet Sam Cassell and Tyrone Hill can say the same thing. Appearing attractive while performing isn’t something many athletes have to think about. Adult performers, however, have it at the top of their morning list and are responsible for bringing their own wardrobe to set, which can consist of everything from 3 different outfits and 2 pair of heels to match, to that plus a suitcase filled with whips, chains, and a strap-on, which are heavier than they look. In pro sports, you don’t have to bring your own equipment and in college sports a lot of that is taken away, especially for stars. You’ll never see coach K showing up to a tourney game with a bag of balls for shoot around just like you’ll never see Usain Bolt cleaning up the track after a hard rain. Porn stars are expected to travel with most of their own shit though (if you’ve ever traveled with a woman you know the horror this could be), twist and conform their bodies into positions we’re too scared to do more than fantasize about, appear attractive to a wide audience, and look like they’re enjoying it. Imagine that was in the work contract you signed! I would be screwed. Sure Tina Thompson, the 1st overall pick in WNBA history, took it upon herself to wear red MAC Diva lipstick during every game, but that was more about luck and later in her career making a statement about women who play professional sports. For porn stars, something as simple as red lipstick, and looking good wearing it while sucking dick, is often a job requirement, and after viewing a million photos of yourself naked, keeping a positive body image and attitude can’t be the easiest thing in the world.

Siouxsie Q, who performs in a lot of hardcore BDSM titles, wrote an article for SF Weekly this year in which she talks about getting back into the adult industry and preparing for a shoot with everyone’s favorite queer, Andre Shakti. “Although I’ve missed getting paid to have sex with hot people, the epic hair and makeup, and the silly costumes and dialogue, the main thing I’ve missed about the adult film is the athletic lifestyle. When I was performing full time, I devoted much of my week to yoga, weight training, cardio, and a strict diet, but now that my life is more about policy papers and political action committees, there’s not much time for crafting my porn star bod. To get ready to be naked in front of the camera again, I’ve had to convince myself that I’m living in a training sequence from an inspirational sports movie from the 80s. This involves a great deal of hard-boiled eggs and running around my neighborhood at 7 a.m. in a waist-training corset. It’s not easy or glamorous, but neither is being a porn star.” Can you imagine that shit!? Siouxsie was only out of the game for about a year, and even though she’s heavy into BDSM, 7am runs in a waist corset!? That’s serious dedication right there, but I think my favorite part is that she actually missed the athletic lifestyle. The game is won in practice and conditioning, and athletes expected to perform with high consistency know this. Porn stars are no exception and Siouxsie Q’s example of commitment to preparation illustrates this perfectly. Not only is working out and eating healthy a constant, but upkeep like shaving, makeup, and all that jazz have to be top priorities too. With all the work adult entertainers put into their craft they deserve to be paid and acknowledged for it. This brings me to my next point…


For the most part professional athletes are paid very handsomely for their talents and the work that goes into them. Hell, some are paid way too much (Brock Osweiler, Kwame Brown, Andy Dalton) just because of the promise that they might be great, but when it comes to porn stars, they get the NCAA treatment regardless if they’re pro , semi-pro, or amateur playing in the d-league. The only thing missing is the outward appreciation college athletes get. Look at Rico Strong up there. He wasn’t born with those muscles, and even the fellas have to take a little time to appreciate the physique. Nobody wants to watch Fat Bastard (or Mike Myers for that matter) bang anything, no matter how hot she is, but do you think any of that turned into dollar signs for Rico? Despite all that bad ass ink I’m going to bet that answer is no, and that’s a shame. Male porn stars are pretty much only there to provide the dick in straight flicks, and on the surface that’s all they’re really good for. But there’s a lot that goes into the upkeep of that dick and the body it’s attached to.

Take the beloved Johnny Sins for example. To start his daily routine, Johnny stretches with a few kick backs and pushups before attacking those abs we all know and love with 12 reps of dead lifts, 24 reps of bicycles, and 12 reps of squat jump tuck. In fact, his routine and physique gained so much recognition that he started instructing in and selling workout videos (seriously, look at his YouTube page). And that’s on top of his whole grain diet in which he stays away from microwaves and eats every two to three hours to keep his metabolism going. That seems like a lot for someone who is essentially a prop on set who just needs to keep it hard for hours and then cum when he’s told. You’d think there would at least be some type of handshake or pat on the back when it’s all said and done since this is the guy who banged the hot babe while lifting her over his head, which just happens to be your favorite position to fantasize about and makes you cum every single time, but nope! The dude is responsible for maintaining a certain look, keeping his junk up for an insane amount of time (diet plays a factor here), busting a nut on cue, lifting chicks with big asses and even bigger titties (weight lifting, ugh), and nobody buys his jersey or shakes his hand. Plus his check is smaller than his female co-stars every single time, and if you’re a minority it’s even less! If it wasn’t for the sex I don’t think guys would even show up, and I can’t blame them.

Speaking of all the sex that makes it so worth it, James Deen talked to GQ back in 2013 and shed light on just how much of a workout it is. “In the film world, people don’t realize you’re not just having sex. Sex on camera can be anywhere from 20 minutes to four hours. It all depends on the production and type of scene. It’s also not just standard sex like, ‘let’s just make each other’s bodies feel good,’ its physical entertainment style sex.” That doesn’t sound as great as it looks especially the stop and go of it all, and it really makes you think about how much work goes in to sex for entertainment. The performer is responsible for making sure we have a good time, and while it falls on everyone in the scene, men in straight movies bear that burden, although they often go unappreciated (straight women who enjoy porn feel this pain too). I can’t imagine someone stopping me in the middle of a good time with Kira Noir to pose for the camera and after it’s all said and done I don’t even get a “great job Authentic Lezz!” I understand that these guys get to fuck some of the hottest, freakiest, downright irresistible women walking the face of the earth (at least that’s what we think), but employee recognition goes a long way and it’s not like the guys aren’t working hard for it. The way Ryan Madison fucks is nothing less than exhausting and to think he’s stopping and changing angles and actually working in the middle of it all literally is enough to blow my mind. That man puts the energizer bunny to shame!

A Means to an End

Athletics of any kind are encouraged in today’s society more than ever before. Not only does being athletic promote a healthy lifestyle, but team activities teach us how to depend on each other, work together, overcome adversity, and succeed as a unit. It helps in the workplace and in one’s social life, but today being athletic and playing a sport has taken on a new and bigger role. That shit pays for college! Higher education has become big business that most of us can’t afford, but we’re constantly told we need it (similar to what’s going on with home buying in today’s economy, but I digress). That piece of paper opens up a world of opportunities and if you can sing, dance, run, jump, or anything else that people are willing to pay to watch you do to get it then by all means GO… unless it’s porn. Enter Belle Knox. Intelligent enough to get accepted into Duke University, Knox began her adult actress career in 2013 to help pay for her $60,000/year tuition. Pornography allowed her to control her schedule so she wouldn’t miss classes but still make enough money to survive, a constant struggle for working college students, while ensuring she wouldn’t be trapped in debt upon graduation. On top of that she entered a profession where she could travel, meet and learn from all types of diverse people, explore her sexuality and body image, something all young women go through, and be subjected to medical testing to ensure her safety, something us non-porn star college kids didn’t do enough. What parent wouldn’t be proud of her as a daughter!?

Despite what, when laid out, many would consider major accomplishments and smart thinking on her part, Belle Knox faced a lot of criticism because of her career choice. Besides being ousted and harassed by the frat boys watching porn in the first place, she lost respect from some of her professors and peers, and had to explain her lifestyle and job to staff. Apparently providing adult entertainment to the masses is not an acceptable way to make a living, although watching it bears no ill judgments from society (that double standard kills me!). Sit back and imagine if the dean of your kid’s school called them into a meeting to explain why they work one place instead of another and then made judgments based on that one thing. I’m telling you now, I’d be happily in prison watching graduation on Twitter Live using a burner phone somebody snuck me because that dean’s face would no longer look the way God intended. For the life of me I will never understand many of the ridiculous stereotypes that follow sex workers, but the one that really grinds my gears is that somehow your preppy snot nosed kid is being negatively influenced or put in danger. Countless porn stars have studied at and walked college campuses before, during, and after their career, and not one of them (to my researched knowledge) has ever harmed anyone. In fact, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to have Brandi Love (Central Michigan), Bree Olsen (Indiana Purdue), Carter Cruise (East Carolina University), Lexington Steele (Syracuse), Stoya (Delaware College of Art & Design), and Joanna Angel (Rutgers) on campus. The experience they have across the board, life lessons they can share, and the immense success they’ve all enjoyed are priceless to anyone they stop and talk to.

It’s time we recognize adult entertainers as professional athletes and give them the credit they deserve. Hopefully you pay for porn, and that’s great because they worked hard to provide you with a quality product you can jizz all over, but it goes beyond that. The way we view and think about porn stars on a day-to-day basis needs to escalate to a level where we begin to consider workouts, diet, make-up, wardrobe, and the expectations we place on them that we wouldn’t be able to meet ourselves, because it really is a lifestyle that they must adhere to on and off camera. It’s bad enough there’s no union, health care, or HR departments stars can rally around on the same level as us office dwellers, so the least we can do is acknowledge everything that they do to make themselves great and us horny.

That’s all for now, but for more from the great mind of the Authentic Lesbian, follow me on Twitter @authenticlezz1 and remember, sex is positive, sex is your friend, and sex can pay the bills!

Kelli Lox Interview

Some people just bounce off the screen with enthusiasm and charm, and Kelli Lox is definitely one of those people. A natural performer, Kelli has collaborated with some of the most influential directors and performers in porn, and has championed a new era of trans content; content that transcends labels and invites a wide audience. We were very excited to ask Kelli questions about her career trajectory and the state of trans issues outside of the industry. Her answers are some of the most thoughtful, poignant, but also hopeful responses that we have had the privilege of printing.

HotMoviesForHer: While doing research on you, and revisiting some of my favorite films with you in them, like Real Fucking Girls and Fetish Fvckdolls, it is obvious why you have been nominated for so many prestigious awards. You have been nominated for Best Hardcore Performer at the Transgender Erotica Awards this year, as well as Transsexual Performer of the Year at both AVN and XBIZ. Did you get into the adult business with the intention of being a household name? What were your goals when you started performing?

Kelli Lox: I think mainly I was drawn to a chance at becoming semi-famous. I looked at Domino Presley and said “I want to follow in her footsteps” and I did! When I started, she had almost 50 thousand followers on Twitter, so I set that as my goal. Now I have like 63 thousand, well over that number, and she’s got over 100 thousand! But yeah, I looked at it as a way to make money and have fun. Getting paid to have sex with beautiful people is a pretty sweet deal whichever way you slice it (haha). And, the business side, the community side, the network of trans peers we’ve been building year after year, it’s pretty special and it’s a special time for us, too, so it feels great to be a part of that. We’re like the most visible group of the most visible group of the most visible group. Me for example, woman of color, queer, porn star, trans, etc, that’s like 4 or 5 marginalized groups right there. I think the richness of experience for me is being a real life face for that specific experience at this time in our society when we are finally talking about all those things – sex work, race, transgender issues, etc for the first time. It feels like I might be remembered for a minute. You could say that fame is an empty pursuit but, according to my mom, the Aztecs say there’s a third and final death that occurs when you’re forgotten. Haha- But seriously I’m an artist and if I weren’t starring in adult films I’d be in a band, and if I weren’t in a band I’d be a painter or a digital artist or something.

You talked about doing nude modeling when you were in college and how that experience made you more comfortable with being nude in public. Had you transitioned at that time? What clicked for you in those classes? What made you think you were ready to explore more of the adult entertainment professions?

You know, it’s actually funny, I was just thinking about this the other day. In college, I modeled nude for the drawing classes at the art school. And yes, every time I’m asked “So, how did you get into porn?” which every interview asks (hahaha except you, good job!) any time I’m asked that in an interview, I always mention that. But a few days ago I was thinking about a side gig I also had at that time. The local inhabitants of the town had a drawing class every few weeks as well, and they were booking me to model for those. So I was good at it, and I was getting a lot of work. Now the thing is, I was a boy back then. A boy with long beautiful brown hair. I acted like a normal boy, but anyone who looked could probably tell I had a femme bud inside me that wanted to blossom, hahaha I mean, I danced ballet. But, I was still a few years away from even beginning to transition. So I would ride a male-female edge as a personal narrative, and long story short, I cut my hair one day. Went to my side gig, the community drawing class. It went fine except the main guy who hired me was pissed. He never hired me again after that. It wasn’t until later when I had thought about it, that I realized why. He loved my long beautiful brown hair. HAHA Isn’t that cute? He never hired me again because he liked me more when I looked like a girl.

Not only your film work, but your personal interests and skills are really unique. You’ve taken ballet, you play musical instruments, you speak different languages, and you are a great performer. Can you elaborate on how your skills and interests off screen have influenced roles or projects you decide to work on?

Wow, you’re good! Thanks. Yes, I think it was Asa Akira who said something along the lines of “Porn stars aren’t, like, victims. many of us are intelligent women who choose this as a personal career, not as a result of some desperation or damage. Like, many of us we were raised well and come from nice families.” I read that a few years ago and it really clicked for me, because I realized we don’t have to fit into any “what kind of person becomes a porn star?” answer. Who becomes a porn star? I can look around and say “We do.” So that helped me feel more comfortable sharing things about me that are unique or interesting. The thing is, a lot of industry trans girls are a bit terrified of sharing their interests on twitter. Like, “I want to tell everyone I’m learning a song on the piano – wait – is that…sexy?” or “I want to talk about my miniature train building hobby – wait – will people make fun of me?” So, I like to show that, yes, it’s okay to be a multidimensional person with a variety of skills and interests that have nothing whatsoever to do with sex or being transgender. At the end of the day, I think it all just makes me an interesting person who people like to work with. I’m trying to think of a time when I’ve had to speak another language in a video and I don’t think there’s been one. But I do play soccer, and once, for Joey Silvera’s Rogue Adventures 38, we drove to a park and I dressed up in colorful soccer gear and kicked a ball around. Hahaha. It was cute. Then I “got home from practice” and proceeded to undress on the bed. You know the rest. Then there’s also Fetish Fvckdolls of course, where I wore ballerina gear. I can’t actually dance en pointe, but I did dance ballet my whole life up until I transitioned.

Speaking of playing musical instruments, what do you play and what is your musical background? Can we hear your music anywhere?

I have been in a ton of bands of all sorts, from death metal, 80s cover, and folk, to ska funk. I usually played drums and keyboards, and sang. My soundcloud is and i have a few original songs on there and I also did a few remixes of Suzanne Vega songs. Nowadays I mostly play the keyboard and sing or make music on my computer, but my drumset is at my friend’s house and sometimes we jam there, and I’d love to be in a band again someday. I miss the fun of making up parts to each other’s songs, creating music together.

You have talked about the type of personality needed in order to be a porn performer. What do you think are important personality traits or characteristics that are needed to be in porn?

Super impressed by your questions by the way =) Yeah, I read that the human brain can overpower disgust in a moment of sexual activity. Suddenly, things that would normally seem gross are super hot. Long story short, muggles aren’t ready for butt jelly. Also, civilians make everything about them. As a porn performer you have to be comfortable around sweat, vaginal fluid, cum, lube, buttholes, and saliva, and lots of people watching and feel SEXY and not icky or weird. And the objective is to produce a good scene. I think normal people can’t do that. They can’t face the non-sanctity of sex and they get grossed out too easily and they can’t put their heart and body and mind into their art like that. We’re special!

In the last few years there has been a huge upsurge in mainstream media covering porn performers. Several stories look at what a typical day in the industry is, or how feminism and porn are not mutually exclusive. What questions do you think need to be asked of performers that aren’t being asked? What issues get swept under the rug for the sake of sensationalism?

Wow. Well, I think there’s a lot of intersectionality that needs to be explored in the social landscape. Like, a black trans woman living in rural America who is in an abusive relationship, but wants to go back to college, or a queer Muslim girl who lives in Seattle and is scared to come out. What are the needs of that particular person that are never met because she’s on the erased edge of multiple social control systems? What kind of support networks are needed and how can we build them? I don’t know! But we need to ask it. Personally, here in Berkeley, California, I kind of live in a bubble; I forget that vast swaths of this country are full of people who say I either don’t exist or shouldn’t be allowed to. So yeah, I think trans women of color living in rural America are one of our most vulnerable populations today and there should be more support networks for them. So yeah, a white cis-woman talking about feminism and porn isn’t intersectional enough anymore, it’s already boring. Those people should give voice to their peers who are of color or trans. Those are the voices that need to be heard right now. And yeah, there may be an article with the headline “27 Trans Women of Color Murdered Already in 2017” and I’m realistic about the fact that all anyone clicks on are articles about white women who show their boobs to prove feminists can have boobs and show them and still be feminists. Nothing against white girls boobs, but yawn, you know what I mean? People are getting murdered over here.

What would you like to see from cis-female activists, or just civilians that would make you feel like we were moving in a more unified direction?

1. Hire trans women. Hire the fuck out of us! Specifically seek us out for jobs, scholarships, and professional positions. Mention that you’re looking specifically for us in your outreach. Rent us your houses, your apartments, and your rooms. Post notices on your properties and in your businesses that state we are welcome and can expect to feel safe and respected.
2. Give your voice to us! Instead of researching trans issues and writing an article about us, hire one of us to write the article. Instead of seeing yourself as an insider to or ambassador for trans women’s issues, shut up and pass the microphone to us and let us speak for ourselves. Cast actual trans women actresses in roles of trans women in films. Get actual trans women to participate in panels about transgender issues. On Twitter, instead of reading our tweets and then tweeting your support of us, tell people to follow us and retweet our tweets. We don’t need more cis white males saying they support us, we need to replace them and stand where they stood, and be given the voice that they had. Instead of cis white women stating they support us, they should invite us onstage and then sit down while we speak.


What is the role of Trans activism in porn for you? Is porn political?

I don’t really know. My take on my own activism, personally, has been that I don’t need to prepare a statement or promote any viewpoint or position. I have remained visible when others told me to hide, insisted on being included when others attempted to erase me, stood up when others were too scared to, and – just being visible and never letting the big bad world scare me away, that’s enough to ask of one person, because that’s really hard. It has been really hard. So, I don’t put pressure on myself to be “an activist” or “political.” My continued existence every day here on this planet is political. I am making a trail breaking and provocative statement just by breathing and not getting murdered. LITERALLY HALF of trans girls have been murdered or attempted suicide. The fact that I am still here is pretty fucking rare, so I don’t have to go out of my way to make a statement. The fact that I didn’t crawl away in shame long ago is statement enough. For now.

From your experience as a trans performer, how can porn media help to promote trans performers? What issues have you seen within adult industry media that need to be addressed?

The porn industry needs to get a bit farther ahead of the curve on this. First of all, there needs to be more inclusion of trans women on the major labels and by the major studios, and lesbian porn needs to cast more trans women in lesbian porn. As everyone knows, there is a stigma that is attached to working with trans women. I think it’s because we’re still associated with gay males. and anyone who does gay male scenes is automatically higher risk. Which is complete bullshit, especially for girls like me who mostly shoot with genetic females. I don’t have sex with gay men. But what can be done to de-stigmatize us? I think that’s what I’m doing, just by talking about it and pushing for elimination of that invisible wall that systematically keeps us out of mainstream porn. Second, the awards shows should shift from the bare minimum they currently do and really showcase diverse trans women in their special features, on stage, and in their staff or project teams. I mean, AVN made a statement that trans women can use the women’s bathrooms at their awards show, and there’s no way they expect anyone to bake them cookies for that. They should have trans women in their promotional materials, trans women working at the registration tables, trans women presenting awards, and female performers who happen to be trans being profiled for the pay-per-view specials etc. Take the fucking lead already.

If budget, location, and casting were not issues, what would be your dream project to work on?

Kelli Lox Academy for Wayward Tgirls. The Kelli Lox Academy. A boarding house and foundation for college scholarships for trans girls who are attending college.

I’ve read you have a thing for cute toes. What is your favorite color nail polish for toes?

It’s true, I love cute girls with cute toes. Probably purple sparkly would be my favorite color.

What do you hope to accomplish in the industry?

I just want to feel like I made a difference. And I have already, I have kind of done something different. I mean, how many other transsexual female performers are there who have natural boobs and primarily shoot with females? I’m prrrrretty sure me and Chelsea Poe are the only ones.

How can your fans best support you?

Buy me gift cards on! Or order things off my wishlist:

(Kelli’s Wish List Link:

Interview with Eliza Allure

Eliza Allure has amassed an enormous fanbase over the course of her career in the adult industry, and it’s certainly no surprise why. Bubbly, intelligent, and downright dirty, Eliza Allure is any man’s dream woman with some seriously kickin’ curves! We got the opportunity to speak with the beautiful BBW superstar about her career, home life, and the difficulties of the plus-sized porn industry, and Allure was wonderfully candid with us.

HMFH: We’re so excited to be speaking with you. Since 2014 you were nominated for BBW of the Year and Social Media Star, an award that BBW stars don’t often get recognition for. You’re gorgeous, gaining weight, and looking better than ever. What are some of your favorite ways to pamper yourself?

I have really had to make time for my beauty routines and to help me de-stress. I have a toddler and recently turned thirty so it’s more important then ever. Every month I book myself a massage and facial. I’m obsessed with microderm, dermaplaning, and hydra facials. I love getting my nails and toes done every two weeks and I get my individual eyelashes done every three weeks. I also just got my eyebrows micro-bladed so I literally can roll out of bed with no makeup and get on webcam.

I’m a bigger girl myself. What sex positions do you find work best for your body type?

I guess that just depends if I’m being lazy or not lol. I love riding on top to achieve my orgasm, but to start off with I prefer doggie-style.

On your website you describe Eliza Allure as your “porn alter-ego.” How is Eliza Allure different from you in your downtime?

While I certainly try to be true to myself in how I conduct business, Eliza is a fantasy. I get to be super dirty and do anything I like as Eliza. In my downtime I prefer to hang out at home with my kid. I’m very much the one you would want your mom to meet. I pride myself on manners and morals. All my good friends would tell you I’m pretty boring.

What are some of your offscreen kinks?

I love women. Most men think I’m lying as a way to get them to stop hitting on me, but if I’m turned on I’m either thinking of my own body or looking at a sexy female.

Your filmography is incredibly diverse. You shoot lesbian, interracial, trans, anal, group sex, etc. If you had to shoot one type of scene for the rest of your career, what would it be and why?

I guess group sex so I can still do all of the other type of scenes in one.

You’re open with your fans about your quest to gain weight. What size/weight are you hoping to achieve?

They can join my site ( to feed me and find out my goal weight.

What’s an average day like in a feeder/feedee relationship?

All my feeders are mostly from the U.K. So they will send me money to buy whatever type of food they want to see me eat, and then I either eat it for them on, or I go on Skype and get 100% of the profit. They want to discuss my eating habits, how lazy I am, see my body jiggle, especially my belly. Sometimes they have very specific fantasies surrounding my gain. For instance, one fan likes to pretend to abduct me then feed me till I’m over 600lbs.A few years ago you performed pregnant. What was that experience like?

I liked that it was unique but being pregnant in general was difficult for me. I don’t like shooting when I’m not feeling well because I want to give my fans the best, and I know it won’t translate well onscreen if I am.

You’ve seen the industry change so much since you have been working. What challenges have you had to overcome as a BBW performer?

I have definitely been at the forefront of pushing for change in the BBW industry. A lot of people who have been in it for a decade are threatened by me because I am all about model education so we all go into our scenes with open eyes and are less likely to be taken advantage of. The three major companies shooting BBW porn are all run by men. These men take advantage of models in so many different ways and up until now no one has cared or stood up for the girls. If a model spoke out against the abuse, the men are quick to discredit her as bitter and crazy. No model should be shortchanged on her check. No model should have their content stolen from them by producers. No model should show up to set expecting to shoot a lesbian scene and it turns out to be a full-on orgy which the producer doesn’t want to pay her extra for. Most importantly, no model should ever have to sleep with a producer. All three producers expect the models to fuck them offset or give them blowjobs, sometimes even before the shoot. Currently all of that is going on and will continue to unless we hold men accountable for their actions and force them to do business in a reputable manner.

Some bigger-name models have tried to discredit me even when they know what I’m talking about is true, quite simply because those certain models are benefiting from it. So recently I created my own ( which will be in January, and all winners will be chosen by fans only. There won’t be opportunities for the men in power to use it to coerce sex from these women. This is just one of the many projects I’m undertaking along with to give the models a safe and fun environment to mingle with fans and make money. I’ve had models come to my events and try to start trouble so that the event is kicked out of those clubs. I had to get a restraining order on one model who came to my night and punched me in the face in front of everyone. Most recently I had to ask a model to not attend my last strip night because she was talking badly about all the other girls attending that no one else would have showed up if she went. So what did she do? She proved me and all the models right about her and she started talking to a guy who was threatening to shoot up any events around that time. This model professes to care for other girls who attended the night but was willing to get them killed. These situations are completely serious and I have a zero-tolerance policy for any model causing drama, doing drugs, or anyone who has a pimp. We can expel the stigma of the porn industry if we all stick to our morals and ban together.

If you could offer any kind of advice to new BBW starlets entering the business, what would it be?

Check out my blog I have for new models (

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