Sugar High Glitter City

Back in the summer of 2001, when I was first dipping my pinky toes into the world of queer identity and just starting to pursue my love of the ladies, a friend and I went to the Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Fest to check out their annual porn offering. While I had hung out with gay men most of my adolescence, this was the first time I was really spending time with dykes and I was downright thrilled to be packed in a small theater with a billion other queer gals. Shit, I was getting all hot and bothered before the movie even began. That movie was, of course, Sugar High Glitter City – the first real lesbian porn I ever saw.

Can you even imagine that moment when you see people like yourself fucking on screen; that first time you feel represented? It’s funny to me when people talk about porn being so unrealistic and a negative portrayal of sex. Sure, that’s true of some porn (everything has a not-so-great side), but there are porno movies that tell it true to life – and this is one.  These are real queers with real bodies having amazingly hot sex without changing who they are and who they fuck. Fast-forward nearly nine years later, to a smut-peddling feminist pervert with a degree in sex education and a full submersion into a queer, lezzie dirty bird existence. I’m not even sure if I can imagine how I would be different without seeing this movie. What can I say?  All it takes is one aligning of the stars… naked, screwing stars.

It’s the future and sugar is outlawed (not so far from the truth these days…), but that doesn’t stop the hordes of sticky-fingered, cane-addicted dykes from doing whatever they need to do to keep their sugar bowls full – even sell their bodies. But don’t be fooled, the law enforcement in town isn’t just carrot sticks and fruit salad.  The corrupt cops trolling Glitter City are all about the sweet stuff too, and take it upon themselves to shake down the sugar hoes at every turn, using whatever means possible. It’s like taking candy from a…

The directing/producing duo of Shar Rednour and Jackie Strano is fucking fabulous. These two can seriously create some deliciously dirty dyke magic on screen. Each scene features super hot lezzie ladies really fucking – with raw passion and real orgasms. They work butch/femme dynamics in subtly, in a way that lets you know this is not just an act for the camera.  They also make sure to bring in the brightly colored cocks to emphasize that indeed, DYKES are fucking! Man, oh man, subversion is so fucking sexy!

Though all six sex scenes are insanely hot, I will say that my favorite of the bunch is scene 5.  Shar Rednour (Reverend Honey Dew) and Jackie Strano (crooked cop Blue) themselves get into the action. Maybe it’s because I know the pair are a couple off screen, or maybe it’s my adoration, but seriously – these two are one HOT item! Add Josephine X (Cherry Glaze) to the shuffle to turn up the heat and get that candy boiling!

On a different note, while I love me some sugar, I have to admit that the whole sugar as a drug/sex work for drugs angle leaves a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. I can’t help but feel a little uncomfortable about the whole story, but also kind of turned on at the same time. Mixing those taboos, along with the previously hushed expression of queer folks really getting busy, is totally fucking hot. The whole movie is one big scandal that raises my ethical flags… but not too high to kill the urge to hump the flag pole.

-J.D. Bauchery

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