Strip Bowling

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“Mind in the Gutter.” What a great tag line.

While I’ve never thought to pair sex and bowling myself, I love that someone finally took the whole “gutter ball” reference to the dirty place it deserves. The Hot Alleys vs. The Big Pins in the strip bowling event of a lifetime.

The action is so hot that the ladies can’t even wait for the big game to get it on. Kelsey and Majella start in with each other while they apply their pre-bowl make-up, pulling off the shortest shorts I’ve ever seen and going straight for one another’s tits. I absolutely love that they are both still wearing their bowling shoes as the get busy. It totally makes the scene for me. That and Kelsey fucking Majella with some sort of modified bowling pin-shaped toy. Maybe it was a small pin, but really it looked more like one of those bathroom deodorizers that sit on top of the toilet tank. Whatever it is, I’m going to pretend it was a bowling pin, because that definitely helps keep me focused on the hotness.

Once they get the game going, these teams hold nothing back as they score one strike after another and slowly strip down to their skimpy panties and stiff cocks, respectively. And while they fuck up and down the lane and all over the alley, what I liked best was the awesome usage of background props to keep the sexin’ super interesting. Like when one naked lady rubs her pussy all over a smooth, round bowling ball. How fitting is that!? And we can’t forget the video arcade fucking – I love that Eric Masterson and Wendy Divine get busy atop one of those huge arcade games. I wish it was the Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat that I used to play, but from what I can tell from the video, it looks like they are screwing on “Dicks” or “Fucks.” Whatever it is, I love that there is an attached gun. I was keeping my fingers crossed that Divine would deep throat it, but alas, she was only interested in Masterson’s cock.

In the end, everyone was a winner… especially me, for getting to watch all the action. Two questions though – what was with the old lady sitting in the background… and why were there no gutters balls? I was really hoping for some hardcore gutter puns, or at least someone to bowl like I do (underhand and always in the gutter). Guess I’ll just have to deal with hardcore sex instead. The things I do for you guys.

-J.D. Bauchery

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