Orgasm! The Faces Of Ecstasy

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Studio: Libido Films Category: Instructional

Genitals always get center stage when it comes to porn. Penis in vagina, masturbation, even hands on breasts, but really, when does the face get any, well, face time? The rules change in this not quite porn, not quite performance art pleasurementry. Turning the focus to the face, directors Marianna Beck and Jack Hafferkamp filmed twenty-two adults, ranging ages 22-68, from the shoulders up to capture orgasms in an intensely intimate and erotic way.

I was blown away by this film. Sure I’ve watched plenty of people orgasm on screen and on my bed, but how often have I really only focused on a face? Never that I can recall. It’s so easy to get distracted by tensing bodies, moans and, of course, genitals. But when given only the face to watch, the experience becomes so much more than seeing someone get off. For me, it became engaging and arousing in a way that allowed me to not only see their faces and hear their sounds, but put my imagination to work as well, picturing their bodies and hands. Almost like taking the idea that someone can look sexier in underpants than totally naked to the next level. I’m not sure quite how to explain it, but all I know is that watching a face flush and eyes widen as an orgasm washes over someone was enough to make this seasoned reviewer a little weak in the knees.

If you’re looking for something wildly erotic and a little more thoughtful, be sure to check out this stellar addition to our site.

-J.D. Bauchery

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