Locked Up

I really wanted to love this movie.  The whole prison set up was exciting to me and Filly Films pornos usually get the job done.  Needless to say, I was pretty hopeful that this was going to be a 5 star lesbian porno session.  Locked Up wasn’t terrible, but I found myself fast forwarding through most of the dialogue.  I love a good plot and some raunchy dirty talk, but I found it to be excessive and useless.  The conversations sounded like strings of mismatched one-liners rather than smooth dialogue used to immerse the viewer into the scenes.  I hate to be so negative, but I have to keep it real.

Locked UpThere were redeeming moments in the sex that made the porno worth watching.  The first scene features 2 inmates on cleaning duty – one new and one veteran.  At first I wasn’t sure if they actually were inmates because they were wearing those (cute) old Dickies dresses.  They weren’t really wearing or doing anything that let me know who exactly they were supposed to be.  It wasn’t until a guard came in at the very end of the scene that I knew for sure who they were.  Anyway, I wasn’t sad about watching the two tall curvaceous blondes do it on the desk.  They were both easy on the eyes and had asses that wouldn’t quit.  I’m not exactly sure what it was that they weren’t quitting, but it worked.  Their desk-top sex and pussy-eating fiesta was fun to watch, plus they both seemed genuinely into each other.  Gold stars in my porno book.

Scene 3 was by far the scene I enjoyed the most.  I liked the prison guard/ new inmate scenario.  It gave me more of what I was looking for compared to the other scenes.  After some banter, the guard pulls out her big black strapped on cock and proceeds to fuck the inmate’s mouth.  Hot!  This went on for quite a while and was followed by a good strap-on fuck session.  I loved watching the blonde inmate get nailed behind the metal bars.  It was exactly the image I wanted from a movie titled Locked Up.  Can you blame me?

If you’re able to let go of the dialogue, you’ll probably enjoy this movie.  If you’re looking for a believable prison themed porno to get off to, this isn’t the one.  For that I suggest checking out River Rock Women’s Prison.

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