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Studio: Abigail-Productions Category: Lesbian

So, I watch a ton of porn. I mean hell, it’s my job. So, when I say this, you know that I have lots of movies under my belt. This is one of the few pornos I’ve seen that is 100% awesome. No bad scenes. Seriously! An hour and fifteen minutes of total hotness – no joke. Madison Young is doing something right, because I haven’t watched a flick of hers I haven’t loved.

Basic gist: When her wife is stuck with a “layover” (aka. Fucking some chick), Mrs. Robinson (Selina Raven) decides to hit the town and get her own freak on – starting with her daughter’s friend Jiz Lee. I’ve never seen Jiz look so shy! But she gets over that real soon as she plows into Mrs. R and makes her cum all over the place. Then Mrs. Robison makes her way over to a key party and joins in on some super hot femmes fucking. Holy double penetrating strap-ons! And an butt plug with a gem in it! What a fun scene! Next up Sadie Lune and Anja get busy with a blindfold, a vibe and a very nice pink cock. I’m not sure why, but I didn’t think I was going to like this scene all that much. Boy was I wrong! With all that hardcore pounding and moaning, how could I not like it? The final scene was probably my favorite as Trouble Royale (named Tee in the movie) takes her real life girlfriend, Pepper, on the couch… wearing a Nixon mask. What. The. Fuck. Ok, it comes off after a few minutes, but still, it totally made the scene for me. Trouble is so sexy too, with her perfect curves and super cute tattoos (we both have cupcakes!).

Seriously, here’s to you Mrs. Robinson! Wanna fuck?

-J.D. Bauchery

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