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Studio: Rascal Video Category: Gay

Just in case any of you were wondering, I am still totally in lesbian love with Johnny Hazzard.

Recently, I watched Johnny Hazzard Feed the Need, just to make sure the magic wasn’t gone. This flick is basically a collection of hot Rascal scenes that Hazzard “stumbles” upon in the stock room. Being a big perv, he watches them and is so turned on that he ravished Adam Faust. It’s pretty elaborate for a porn plot, but I was able to follow along.

Anyways, as expected, the scenes are all pretty hot. If you’re a size queen, I recommend you check out the first starrying Ricky Martinez and his gigantic uncut cock. Rascal men are all pretty hung, but Martinez is in a league of his own. I’ve seen plenty of auto-fellatio during my tenure here, but this dude doesn’t even have to try to suck his own dick. I was pretty impressed with Nick Savage’s ability to bottom for this big boy.

Of course, I’m going to talk about the final scene which stars my boyfriend and Adam Faust. I really like Faust because he’s a red head and I have a secret lesbian crush on red headed men. Both men are covered in hot tattoos and apparently up for anything. A lot of gay porn seems to feature a top banging a bottom, but these versatile boys take turns sucking and fucking. It’s a hot scene with lots of cock sucking and ass rimming for all of you oral enthusiasts.

This is snother good movie from a studio that has never disappointed me. If you’re looking for hot man sex, I recommend you check it out.
-The Porn Librarian

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