Drill Baby Drill

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I swore to myself I wasn’t going to watch any more Palin porn. It hurts my stomach to think about that woman, but when I found that there was a fucking machine AND Tommy Gunn in this one, I couldn’t resist.

I’m going to come out and just say that the Palin jokes are kind of old at this point. I think I’ve personally reached a tipping point, but fortunately the fucking definitely makes up for it. India Summers plays “Tara Nailin” and while she’s no Lisa Ann, she definitely does a good job of portraying the former governor of Alaska. Plus, she gets nailed by an impact drill mounted dildo – impressive!

I know this is no big shocker, but my favorite scene is the third with Gunn and Rachel Roxxx, who is playing Palin’s puck bunny nanny. Gunn is a hockey player and spectacular as always. He starts off in full gear before Roxxx undresses him and he goes to town on her. I love the way she buries her face in his gear as he does her from behind, it’s apparent she loves sweaty hockey dudes! My only complaint about his scene, which is awesome, is that at some point Roxxx ends up wearing the hockey jersey. While this sounds kind of fun and sexy, it was just way too big and I prefer my porn stars buck naked.

I also loved the final scene with Nailin, Chris Johnson and the aforementioned fucking machine. Whether it’s Johnson or the dildo drilling Nailin, it’s super awesome. The entire scene has a ton of energy and who hasn’t thought about Nailin riding a big power tool at some point?

I have to admit I have a sort of love/hate relationship with this porno just because of my intense disgust regarding the woman it’s spoofing. It’s a really hot flick that’s funny and well-done – it just kind of hurts my stomach to think about Palin at all. If you’re looking for hot sex, political humor and are able to let go of things unlike me, you’ll definitely love it!
-The Porn Librarian

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