Dirty Little Secrets

I love the Penthouse Letters series, so it only makes sense to watch the volume that was essentially declared the best of the year when it was nominated for a 2011 AVN Award.

I assume everyone in the world is familiar with Penthouse Letters, but if any of you never had the chance to peek though Penthouse magazines that were stashed in the back of some closet, one of the most infamous features of the magazine are the letters written by true-life readers. Lucky for us, Penthouse is now bringing these steamy fantasies played out by gorgeous XXX stars to your PC screen.

In Dirty Little Secrets, you’ll see a woman meet a mysterious love while vacationing in Italy, a lawyer using her sexuality to win over a judge, a woman take on a group of college friends, the old lady friends go lesbo thing and a maid get serviced by the man of the house.

If any of those fantasies sound familiar or enticing, you’ll love the way director Kelly Holland brings each to the screen. These vignettes are top of the line all the way – gorgeous stars, beautiful sets with good lighting and each simple plot is acted out enough to satisfy the viewers need for story.

My favorite scene was the first, probably because I was lucky enough to live this common fantasy out back in my college days and it brings back all sorts of XXX memories! Katarina Kat is waiting for her boyfriend to join her in Italy, but instead she meets a fine Italian stud with the body of a Greek God! Seriously, you could do laundry on this dudes abs. I love the garden setting, although it did get lost a bit as I watched this guy pound away at Kat’s kitty.

While I admit the scene is a little romance novel-y, the sex is hot and it’s a pretty common fantasy. I mean, why bang the dude you’ve been fighting with for the last 20 days of what was supposed to be the trip of lifetime when you could get it on with a guy with a sexy accent!

This series is one of my favorites to recommend to people who are interested in watching straight porn for the first time. Dirty Little Secrets is a fine example of why it’s so great. Really hot sex with just enough plot thrown in to pique your interest!

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