Butch Boi Lansing Raw

Studio: Butch Boi Category: Trans – F2M

I never thought I’d hear myself saying this, but I wonder how much money it would cost for a plane ticket to Lansing, Michigan? Who knew there was such a dearth of sexy butches, drag kings and FTM fellows out in The Great Lakes State? Not I. But alas, this city seems to be brimming with fine queers. And lucky for us, Butch Boi has harnessed (total pun intended) the hotness of the state capital into thirty-three minutes of fabulous queer XXX action.

From fucking atop a washing machine in the opening moments, to about twenty minutes of additional still photos after the movie, this flick pretty much tops the list of amateur queer/trans porn I’ve ever seen. In fact, it’s the D.I.Y. feel makes it so good for me. Whether or not this is really the case, the movie looks like a bunch of friends got together and decided to make a porn of how they fuck, complete with all the giggling, passion and excitement that comes along with screwing your buddies. The whole thing has a sort of 8mm film feel and even though there is music, you can still hear dialogue and laughing in the background, which I love. All in all, it looks like everyone was having a really good time.

While I really liked all the scenes and think they each had something special to offer, my favorite of the bunch was definitely scene 4. A quick note before I talk about the scene: I don’t know how these performers identify, so I’m gonna stick with vague, male-ish descriptors and gender neutral pronouns and go from there. Ok, back to the sex! The scene starts with two folks standing up and fucking. The dude getting it is up in the air, with legs up and wrapped around the dick wielding stud, with an additional guy helping hold up our fucked buddy. Pretty awesome so far, right? There was just something about the freedom of motion and swinging thrusts that really made the scene that much hotter. The loud grunting, moaning and thumping base just added to that ultra steamy sex appeal. I just love the fact that it was a threesome with only one naked person. Plus, the action goes right into an amazing shower scene, which was definitely my second favorite of the six.

All in all, this movie is a fun and sexy reminder that you don’t need big budgets, professional lighting or fancy cameras to bring super hot action to the screen. If you’ve got the passion and the performers, you’ve got an awesome porno right there. Oh, and it reminds me to book my flight…

I can’t wait to see more from Butch Boi!

-J.D. Bauchery

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