Tanya Tate’s Runaways

Tanya Tate’s Runaways definitely plays up the older/younger dynamic.  Some folks might not be so into it, but others find it totally erotic.  Regardless, there is some super hot lesbian sex that will satisfy your girl-girl sweet tooth.  While Tanya doesn’t necessarily play an actual mother, she plays the mommy figure as she brings in runaway girls to make them feel loved (and give them orgasms).

Tanya Tate's RunawaysFirst up, we have runaway Sasha Heart returning to Tanya Tate for sanction.  The two are chatting, solving life’s problems and Tanya introduces Sasha to a new young lady (Monica Rise) she recently brought into the house.  Leaving the two to their own devices, Sasha and Monica Rise get down to business on the marble kitchen counter.  Meek Monica gets ravished by Sasha and she isn’t sad about it!  Most notable is when Sasha is on all fours and Monica rubs her pussy from behind.  So hot!

Scene 3 brings the super sexy three-way starring Tanya Tate, Heather Starlet, and Brooklyn Lee.  Brooklyn Lee is a little on the angsty side to begin with, but she totally gets into the groove before long.  I love watching Brooklyn grind against Heather as Tanya eats her out from behind.  Everyone is moaning and getting it on in one big pile of pretty lady-flesh.  There’s nothing not worth loving and lusting after here.

I always love Filly Films pornos because the sex isn’t too soft, but it isn’t a spit filled choke fest either.  There is a time and place for all of that, but sometimes I just want hot sex without mascara running down faces.

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