Steal Runway

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Sometimes a girl really just needs a little variety in her search for the big O, so this time I went with something a little more popular – Club Jenna’s “Steal Runway.” In my quest for better and better porn, naughtier niches and something to peak my rather jaded interests, I sometimes forget completely what the big porn studio’s movies are like and after I’d checked out an absolutely awesome title from Vivid Premium the other day, I was spoiling for more goodies from the big dogs.

Three minutes in and I’m not sure if there’s going to be any dialogue in “Steal Runway.” But then the dialogue makes a muted entrance right around the time that a pair of humongous honkers do; add in an excessive drug and alcohol cocktail, and we’re ready for the first sex scene of the movie. Or not – I’m dry as a bone and wondering exactly what was in the heroine’s illicit little mix that has her wet and screaming without any foreplay at all. Very wham bam, without even a thank you ma’am. The second scene is better (either that or I seriously favor brunettes), though the overall theme is still a pretty unpleasant one of trading sex for pittances. The scene is distinguished by being graced with a real female orgasm, yet it too lacks any female foreplay.

The whole blowjob, straight to sex, pop-shot all over the pliant female form thing seemed to be a set formula with the vast majority of these. Then in the fourth scene, girl gets some tongue – finally – I felt like jumping through the ceiling with her. After that things get a little more female friendly, if you’re into girl on girl action anyway.

Plot development in this movie is handled mostly in voiceovers during psychedelic scene changes. Best I can tell this movie is a not terribly unusual tale of an aspiring model that falls in with the wrong crowd and is soon trading sex for drugs and career favors. “Steal Runway” starts at the end and jumps around to key points in the leads life that lead up to the heroine’s tragic fall from grace.

Could “Steal Runway” get you off? Maybe, if this sort of quick in quick out floats your boat. Sadly this movie had a pretty big handicap from the start – it starts at the end – and the end is a massive boner killer. So the scenes would have had to be extra hot to make up for that unpleasant beginning, unfortunately they didn’t get anywhere close to that kind of fire. I’d say that with its limited plot, lukewarm characters and overly eager sex scenes, I’d pass “Steal Runway” over for almost anything else.


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