Seven Minutes In Heaven 3 – Fuck Yeah!

Last weekend I hosted a party and at some point this super cute, very familiar-looking person came up to me, asking if they could possibly have a string of pennants we had hanging from the ceiling. Well, you know it doesn’t take a lot to charm me out of my p(enn)ants, so of course I gladly offered one up and ended up chatting with them for a while. And because my life is my life and work tends to follow me everywhere I go, it turns out that this person was Sealu Sideshow, of Seven Minutes In Heaven 3 – Fuck Yeah! Duh, that’s why they look so familiar! Not only have a seen them naked as a jay bird, getting pounded every which way but up, I’ve also heard them come longer and louder than almost anyone else I’ve ever seen fuck. And that, my friends, is quite the feat!

So, where did I see this amazing orgasm? In this very movie! Sealu Sideshow and the super sexy Drew Deveaux (also, I appreciate the alliteration) get down and dirty on the ground in scene three – slapping, smacking, sucking and fucking their way into screaming orgasms. Oh, and we can’t forget about the perfectly positioned Hitachi Wand that magically (like it’s name) appeared to bring about those long, loud moans. Seriously, that Hitachi is a miracle worker!

Speaking of not forgetting, I definitely can’t forget to mention that this fabulous flick is a Courtney Trouble original. The third installment of her delicious Seven Minutes In Heaven series, this movie continues to follow the theme of random folks meeting up to play spin the bottle and see who wants to fuck who. And the amount of raw chemistry that comes from allowing performers to pick their partners is nearly palpable to us viewers. It’s seriously that good.

As much as I really loved the Drew and Sealu scene, I think my favorite of the movie was scene 4, with Cyd Loverboy and Casey Grey. It’s all about Casey’s intense top attitude for me. While I may not have been initially attracted to her (long hair just doesn’t do it for me), her power and control over Cyd quickly had me drooling to see more. Luckily she is in a number of scenes in the movie and I could check her out with multiple partners. Score!

All in all, Courtney Trouble did it again, bringing us one hell of a sexy queer porn, complete with awesome performers, perfect pairings and, of course, some of the hottest sex I’ve seen in a while. Two thumbs up! Oh, and it didn’t hurt that she used Hunx and His Punx on the soundtrack! Swoon!

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