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Top Five Tuesday – Election Day 2012 Edition!

You are either living under a rock (or not living in America) if you don’t know that today is election day here in the States and that we are voting for president this year.  I know I, for one, am seriously ready for this election to be done with – not only to finally know for sure who will be leading us for the next four years, but also so we can actually talk about something else.  Though I am so totally over hearing about politics (even though I am a political person and have strong views about the election), I thought we would end this election season with a little porno pizzazz!  Check out our Top 5 Political Porns!

 – Goes together like peanut butter and jelly, right?  Also, it’s actually true that there have been many political decisions made with something sexual behind them – like approving a bill in hopes to cover up an affair scandal.  If I’m not mistaken, I believe Larry Flynt actually just came out with a book about it, which is fitting to mention since this is a movie.

This classic political satire is 1970’s fantastic, with  (of Deep Throat fame) in a fictional campaign to become president.  If you need something awesome to get your mind off of the news coverage of this election, you’ve come to the right place!
Sure, this is a throwback from the 2008 election with our good ol’ hockey mom VP hopeful, Sarah Palin, but hey, it’s pop culture now.  Lisa Ann’s popularity went through the roof as soon as she busted out her skirt suits and chipper Alaskan accent – and then busted out of both of them.  Plus this flick won an AVN Award for Clever Title of the Year.
 I couldn’t get through this list without adding at least one of the Obama porns that came out during the 2008 election.  I haven’t seen any new ones this time around, so I just swiped this oldie-but-goodie to grace our pervy political picks.  I admit that it’s a little on the tacky side, but the alternative was worse, and I refuse to watch Obama Is Nailin’ Palin because that is just disturbing.
And lastly we have another dated beauty, which isn’t a classic really because it’s from the ’90s, though I guess that’s starting to push it’s way into classic status, huh?  Anyway, this cunning candidate is ready to get votes any way, which includes stuffing more than the ballot box.  Luckily he has some constituents that are willing to help, whatever it takes.  Yum.

Take a break from watching CNN and relax with a little political porn!


2 Out Of 2 Porn Bloggers Agree…

Voting is totally sexy. Go out get your vote on!

And just to show you how hot voting is, HotMoviesForHer is offering 10 FREE minutes of porn to everyone who exercised their voting muscles today.  Just use the code “VOTE2012” when you log in. (We are using the honor system, so make us proud!)

And though we don’t live in California and are unable to cast our ballot on this issue, HotMoviesForHer would definitely be voting NO on Measure B.  Check out this awesome Huffington Post article from Tristan Taormino explaining why Measure B is a bad idea.


Bring Nina Hartley to SXSW – There’s Still Time!

(Photo via Fleshbot)

Help bring porn icon (and HMFH favorite) Nina Hartley to Austin’s annual music/film/interactive conference and festival, South by Southwest (SXSW).  The fabulous Ms. Hartley is proposing a panel discussion on the world of porn and what she’s experienced in the 25 year span of her career.  Check out the description:

With a career spanning over 25 years, Adult film star Nina Hartley has seen it all – from the explosion of VHS to the advent of internet porn. In this session, we’ll be discussing how the web has been both a blessing and a curse for industry players and how that’s now changing thanks to social networking technology.

The cool thing about SXSW is that they let the attendees choose what panels they want.  So head over to their website and vote for Nina Hartley’s panel so she can bring these awesome topics to SXSW!

– What is the history of porn on the internet?
– How has it evolved?
– How has the internet offered more access to sexual information and what is its affect on the general public?
– How has more increased access to pornography changed the ways in which society views it?
– How has social networking altered the consumption of porn online?

Unfortunately we were a little late to the table with this one and voting actually ends TODAY at end of day, so be sure to get your vote in before it’s too late!

Yay Nina!  Please help her get to SXSW2010!  And if you are in a really generous mood, feel free to help me get there too… like with a plane ticket and hotel.  Haha. I keed, I keed.

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-J.D. Bauchery