Sex Toys for the Holidays

Now that we’re in the midst of the Holiday season of 2014, we’re all scrambling to find the perfect gift for our special someone, or even just a treat for ourselves! Kids aren’t the only people who look forward to finding toys under the tree, so I visited Philadelphia’s Kink Shoppe, a sex positive and gender neutral adult toy and fetish boutique and spoke to Caitlin, a sex educator and customer service representative.… More

The Hottest Men of Porn Who Are Not James Deen-Part 2


Introducing Your Latest Masturbation Fantasies!

Last year we compiled a list of our favorite men of porn, but both our readers and I felt that we made a few egregious omissions. I’m here to rectify this and give you five more hung hotties to populate your diddle dreams!


Tyler Nixon

So Tyler’s twenty seven, but can pretty easily pull off being barely legal.… More

Happy Endings for Girls, Homemade Sex on Kinect in the Morning Quickie

Today’s Morning Quickie is brought to you by the Z-Pack, which is helping me recover from my nasty bout of a tonsil infection, which is why I wasn’t here last week, which is why you were so bored. Let’s hear it for antibiotics!


The folks over at YourTango posted an article a while ago that I’d love to find out is still happening.… More

MASTER-bation May: A Mix Tape for Masturbating

In just a few short days, the nation will gather on porches everywhere to celebrate Memorial Day and the cum coming of summer. But until the 31st actually sees its sundown, we still have eight more days to bang out National Masturbation Month.

So whether you’re a go-hard, get-it-the-eff-done stroker, a candles-make-it-perfect sensitive, or a procrastibator (procrastinate by masturbating), MASTER the moment with this mix that I have set up for you.… More

May is National Masturbation Month

To celebrate Masturbation Month, Sssh and The Screaming O have teamed up to observe National Masturbation Month with a giveaway of Screaming O Bullet Vibes for the first 250 lucky new members who sign up during the month of May.



By Fiona Wilde.  

It’s National Masturbation Month, and depending on your viewpoint this is an idea that is either a stroke of genius or rubs you the wrong way.… More

Happy Easter Fucking!

Incase you didn’t know, Easter porn is totally a thing. Yep. To be honest though, it’s pretty much just pornstars in bunny ears, fucking like out of control rabbits. But hey, I’d rather see that than fucking that literally themed itself around celebrating the resurrection of Christ. Imagine it. Go on.… More