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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Election Day Positions


With election day here I thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of positions fit for everything that is the 2016 Presidential Election for the good ole US of A. Be careful, it’s all fun and shit today, but you might pay for it tomorrow…

The Squeeze


I figured we’d start with all the undecided voters out there since there’s a record amount this year. Just like Ariana Marie up there, you’re being squeezed with lots of pressure mounting from all sides. There are derogatory recordings and countless emails to sift through, with everybody from your momma and aunties to Jay-Z and Beyonce telling you to go out and vote. At first, you think you can handle it, but at this point the stress is almost unbearable and you just want it to be over! Don’t worry, it almost is. Just remember that at the end of the day, no matter which way you lean, there’s still a dick in your mouth, and it’s gonna be there for the next 4 years, so make sure at the very least it’s the dick of your choice!



For those of you unaware, that very strong man up there (with his boots still on…rude!) is Prince Yahshua, and he is manhandling the very beautiful Kagney Lynn Karter. When Prince gets his legs wrapped around you like that it’s over. You’re getting manhandled and there’s nothing you can do about it. From that position he may choose to flip you over into a pile driver or standing 69 but you won’t have any control over it. This election is manhandling the American people as I type! You feel like you’re making a choice and taking an active role in your future, but look at the choices…just like with Yahshua up there, you’re fucked.

Too Damn Much


In the closing weeks approaching Election Day I’ve seen anti Hillary Clinton television ads with her drawn as a cartoon figure pulling puppet strings with The Simpsons theme song playing in the background. I’ve seen drawn images of Donald Trump groping more pussies than I’ve ever witnessed in porn, and The New York Times vs. The Wall Street Journal battle has reached a new level of nuclear passive aggressive warfare. Everybody is doing too damn much just like that creative threesome up there! I mean, I can’t turn on the T.V., open a newspaper or magazine, or walk past a billboard without being subjected to one outrageous statement after the next, all filled with opinions that if you ask me are all wrong (I’m a philosophy major, I get to call your opinion wrong, accept it). Please, keep the creativity coming and the wheels spinning, but at some point we have to draw a line. Does that shit up there look safe to you!? Exactly, and neither is this election.

The Spidey-Blow


Ever since that damn Spider-Man movie everybody wants to do everything upside down. This entire election is upside down and has been since the very beginning. The choices leading up to Donald and Hillary weren’t great to begin with, which is how we find ourselves in this place. Bending over backwards trying to make the best decision for your future and those you love just to take a dick in the throat at the end of the day. Plus you wake up with back pain in the morning.

It Hurts


Jackie had fair warning. She knew what she was getting into before she got there. The information was out there and Lorenzo made himself available for questions and explanations. You can tell by the look on her face and how she tightens her body and keeps it that way while he fucks her in the ass. She’s bracing herself and yet here she is, experiencing pain and pleasure at the highest level possible (if you disagree you’ve obviously never had anything up your ass). That’s what we’re headed for over the next 4 years people. No matter which way you vote, you’re going to have the good with the bad. Emails and gropes, insults and non-explanations, walls and wars; this is our future, so tighten up, brace for the pain when it comes, and pray to whoever the fuck you pray to for an orgasm to quickly follow.

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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Why You Should Pay For Your Porn


When it comes to why you should pay for porn instead of watching free stuff on tube sites, most people already know the main arguments. The industry will die out if consumers don’t invest and support it, beloved performers will cease performing, you’re stealing and morally corrupting your soul… you know, the usual guilt-laced rhetoric. If you’re an honest and decent human being that will do the trick and you should be proud of yourself. Most of us aren’t honest and decent human beings however, and for those who fall into that category (my kindred), I have a list of five reasons you should pay for porn that will hopefully reach your cold, dark, unethical heart.

Build Up Your Staminastamina

Yes, most of us only need a good 8 to 10 minutes to successfully rub one out, and even then we’re leaving plenty of room to drag it out, but don’t you want to last longer? Especially when you’re actually with another person? Well, just like the old saying goes, practice makes perfect, and you can’t reach perfection with just a 10-minute clip. That’s where paying for porn pays off for you! On our site you can buy full movies, scenes, or pay by the minute, which means most of us will have a little time to spare. I like to spend my extra time watching the rest of the scene, and usually I get worked up all over again. Being more than just a one-and-done girl was that simple.

Hide Your History

history-hide-editPeople don’t like sharing their porn interests, and for good reason. You don’t necessarily want your girl, who happens to be battling an eating disorder, to know about your intense passion for BBW porn. You also don’t want your grandma, who needs to open your laptop whenever she straightens up the computer room, to find out you recently became fascinated with how a gummy blowjob, complete with dentures on the nightstand, feels. This is a lesson I learned the hard way, and one you don’t have to worry about when you pay for porn! Just like anything you pay for these days, paid adult sites like ours have preferences you can set to automatically clear or hide your history. Even if you leave the site up and logged in while you’re away, nosey little brother won’t be able to see what you were beaming to the Chromecast late last night.

No Ad Distractions

distractionI finally found what looks like the perfect female orgasm massage 7-minute clip and my mood is already set. The laptop is set up to avoid the sun glare from the window, my pillow is propped up and ready to provide ample support, the door is locked for those who were raised without manners and constantly forget to knock, and the authentic lesbian is ready for pleasure time! Sure, I had to browse through 17 pages of clips, but the leg work is done and I plan to be actively napping 15 minutes from now. I hit play and everything is going according to plan when suddenly out of the corner of my right eye I see an alien face fucking the shit out of a schoolgirl with his green penis that also happens to have a penis! What the fuck man?! I can’t stop looking now, it’s like a train wreck, but my mood is completely shot. Maybe some of you can masturbate while that shit is going on, but my attention span is way too fickle. Moment ruined.

Soooo Much Crazy Shit To Discover

balloon-coverWhen you pay for something you try to get the most out of it, and with porn it’s no different. The 2nd thing I did when my paid subscription started was browse through categories I’d never heard of or wanted to know more about. I didn’t know people were into fully dressed women popping balloons while smoking cigarettes, but I do now, and I think I’m a better person for it. I also never stopped to think that camel toe was a turn on for people, and while I knew foot fetishes were a happening thing, I had no idea people could lose their shit just watching random women walk around a park in various footwear. I’m telling you, it really puts a lot of things into perspective when you start wandering outside of your comfort zone, and I’m only scratching the surface here. Plus, you might find something you’re into that otherwise you never would have looked for on those unorganized, ad-filled tube sites.

You Can Make It Personal

personalOn HotMovies and HotMoviesforHer we recommend movies for you based on what you’ve previously watched, and while this might not sound like a big deal, it’s a huge time saver when you’re looking for something new, and it’s a way to make sure you see what you like regardless of how old or new it is. My favorite though is the live chat. Just like with web cam girls, this experience is completely tailored for your personal taste. It brings the fantasy to life even more when you hear a woman saying your name and speaking directly to you. I can’t even explain the rush from just thinking about it. You can’t get that experience if you don’t pay for it though, and trust me, it’s worth it! It’s like back in the day when everyone tried to make interactive DVDs, except it doesn’t suck.

I’m willing to bet I’ve appealed to your narcissistic and self-preserving personality since the moral and ethical arguments didn’t get through and, if you don’t already, hopefully you’ll start paying for your porn. You pay one way or another to nut anyway, so put on your Spike Lee ball cap do the right thing!


The Authentic Lesbian hails from Baltimore City and often finds herself wondering why people look at her funny when she’s talking about giant clits and the possibility of real alien amateur porn while waiting on the bus stop. If all or none of this interests you, you should follow her on twitter @authenticlezz1 because she’s in an invisible competition for followers with the rest of the Twitterverse, and right now it’s just sad.

The Authentic Lesbian: 8 Favorite Skin Diamond Lesbian Plot Based Scenes

Skin DiamondIn an attempt to get me to stop mentioning her name every 5 minutes, my editor (and probably half of the staff) suggested I compile a list of my top favorite Skin Diamond lesbian scenes. To any normal Diamond fan this might seem like a welcomed and somewhat easy task, however my INTENSE AND EXTREME love for her mixed with my OCD just wouldn’t allow it. I tried, people, I really did, and what I ended up with was a list of 48 titles where my beautiful favorite is in at least one scene. Obviously that wasn’t going to fly, but picking out a few and calling them her “top scenes,” even if it is just my opinion, made me too uncomfortable. There can’t be a top list because she’s fucking perfect in everything! That’s a fact not to be argued or tampered with…so instead, here is a list of 8 of my favorite Skin Diamond lesbian plot-based scenes, in no particular order, with 2 honorable mentions. For the record, I’m still twitching from narrowing this down.

First up, Skin’s scene with Lily Cade in Severe Sex’s masterful Ms. Grey. Kristen, played by Cade, runs into Skin, a former conquest, while she’s working at a bar, and things heat up rather quickly. It’s obvious Skin wants to be dominated by her former lover one more time and what follows is an amazing light femdom scene. I have too many favorites within this scene to keep count, but watching Cade throw a little slap & tickle Diamond’s way is the perfect place to start!

Her scene with Sinn Sage in Sweetheart Video‘s Lesbian Sorority was never in danger of not making the list. The tribbing alone in this scene is capable of generating at least 3 orgasms. Side Note: Sinn taught me everything I know about tribbing!

Killers with Emily Addison is a turn on from the jump off. First off, Skin’s running around with guns looking all Lara Croft sexy from the time this flick comes on, and as if that wasn’t enough (which it is) she gets captured and tied to a chair naked! Call me a weirdo, but my favorite part of this isn’t even sex related. Instead, I love when she head butts Emily and calls her a bitch. She’s so good at being a badass.

Scene 3 of Meet Bonnie with Asphyxia and Bonnie Rotten isn’t plot based, but the opening interview is one of the coolest I’ve seen that isn’t behind the scenes, and the scene is incredibly hot! Plus you can’t not include a Skin and Asphyxia scene. They have amazing chemistry and Bonnie just fits in perfectly. When she fucks Skin with a strap-on…oh to be Bonnie that day!

Erotic Blends 2 (I know, perfect title) from Triangle Films is definitely a personal favorite. Skin is getting ready to meet her partner Jiz Lee’s family for the first time and wants everything to be perfect. She’s anxious and nervous and really fucking cute! I could watch the opening sequence of her just running off her list of things to do a million times; the sex is a bonus after that. Seriously, look how adorably sexy that worried face is! How could you not fuck her to help her relax after that!?

Skin with Sincerre LeMore in Lesbian Hitchhiker 3 is when it all started. Sure, I’d seen her around here and there, but for some strange reason unbeknownst to me I never gave her a second thought. Then I saw her sexy yet shy character getting fucked by the super sexy LeMore and beyond turned on I was! I probably spent the next hour and a half looking up every Skin flick we had on the site.

Skin Diamond + Asa Akira = very happy Authentic Lezz! These are my #1 and #2 favorite stars, and in Girls Kissing Girls 9 I saw them together for the first time…FIREWORKS!

Skin as Michonne…YES! My favorite porn star playing favorite Walking Dead character…I must have been fucking fantastic in my past life because the porn gods continue to bless me by making my dreams come true. Even the terrible wig has a special place in my heart.

Honorable Mention 1: Scene 1 of Analized where Mick Blue is fucking the shit out of my boo. If I’m ever lucky enough to fuck Skin Diamond, I would use this scene as a reference point. I love the intensity that oozes out of the screen.

Honorable Mention 2: Skin pegging Owen Gray in Femdom Empire‘s Size Queens is, in my opinion, one of her best pegging scenes yet. Watching her fuck Owen while he’s bent over and tied up is just too much fun. Look at that huge grin on her face!

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6 Awesome Lesbian Strap-On Scenes

I’ve seen a lot of lesbian porn. Some of the movies are good, some a little lackluster, and a fraction of them I’ve found exceptionally wonderful. In my opinion, for a lesbian scene to be really successful it must have a few elements: the partners should have evident chemistry, there needs to be a fair amount of dirty talk, and-most importantly-the orgasms are real. I compiled a top list of my favorite lesbian strap-on scenes for your perusal.

  1. Kink School: A Guide To Anal Play (2015) – Severe Sex

Lily Cade & Lotus Lain

Kink School: A Guide to Anal Play videoThis scene is jam-packed with exciting girl-on-girl anal. Per Lily Cade’s style, nothing about this scene feels contrived or inauthentic. Lotus Lain’s got a great ass, and Cade gets right up in there like the expert she is. She starts off alternating between pussy and ass play to get Lain ready for the full penetration. With a purple butt-plug in Lain’s gorgeous ass, Cade begins fucking her passionately. Then, right before anal, Cade removes the plug and slowly massages the inside of Lane’s ass while simultaneously eating her pussy. I wish straight porn showed the amount of time and care it takes to properly penetrate someone’s ass. Cade does it the safe and sexy way, and the two girls continue to please each other until they both come plenty of times. Bonus, Lain’s a squirter and Cade really knows how to wield a strap-on!

  1. Pussy Whipped (2014) – Evil Angel-Aiden Starr

Aiden Starr & Arabelle Raphael

Aiden Starr's Pussy Whipped XXX movieWhat would this list be without my favorite femdom, Aiden Starr? In this scene, Starr starts off with some lovely controlled masturbation with her sub, Arabelle Raphael. Then, Starr removes Raphael’s latex panties and says my favorite line, “I want to shove a bunch of weird fucking objects in your ass, Arabelle.” And shove she does. Raphael obeys entirely like the good submissive she is. When Starr is done playing with Raphael’s holes, Starr pulls out a tentacle-shaped strap-on and face-fucks Raphael until Starr decides it’s finally time to fuck her. Starr relentlessly rams all of Raphael’s orifices and her sub is only too happy to oblige her. You really can’t beat Starr’s strap-on work and dirty talk; the entire Pussy Whipped series is a must-see!


  1. Tight Places – A Drop Of Color (2010) – Reel Queer Productions

Akira Raine, Brooklyn Skyy, Kohen & Vai

This foursome scene starts off with a super-hot make out session asNenna Joiner's Tight Places: A Drop of Color the four performers goof around and get each other excited for the awesome strap-on sex that’s about to happen. Akira Raine happily takes Brooklyn Skyy’s cock and rides it while Vai and Kohen are still getting warmed up. What I really appreciate about this scene is not only the vigor with which everyone fucks, but the genuine vibes between all of them. They’re really enjoying themselves and the sex proceeds naturally because of this. The camera angles allow for close-up inspection of the penetration as well as really nice distanced shots to display the players’ chemistry. While Raine and Skyy fuck like they’re possessed, Vai and Kohen keep things slow and sensual for the most part. It’s the best of both worlds! And it’s quite possible that Raine and Skyy broke the chair they were fucking in, but it’s worth it because it looked so damn good!

  1. Lesbian Adventures Strap-On Specialists Vol. 6 (2014) – Sweetheart Video

Bonnie Rotten & Dahlia Sky

Lesbian Adventures Strap-On Specialists Vol 6While all of this series is a must-see, I particularly enjoyed this scene because 1. Bonnie Rotten and Dahlia Sky are my major girl-crushes, and 2. Bonnie Rotten is one of the craziest squirters I’ve ever seen! As an added plus, the opening vignette is emotional, relatable, and a little humorous too. Rotten and Sky cum multiple times in this scene and, my god, they’re fucking on top of a pool table. I feel like there’s nothing more to be said here – it just doesn’t get hotter than that.



  1. The Crash Pad (2005) – Pink & White Productions

Dusty Ryder & Roxy RyderThe Crash Pad queer porn movie

This scene comes from the original Crash Pad, although, as Andi already mentioned, the whole series is extremely noteworthy for the feminist/genderqueer porn genre. Dusty Ryder and Roxy Ryder come together in the Crash Pad – a safe space free from judgment and sexual objectification – for an authentic lesbian sex scene that is a much-needed departure from the sea of faux-lesbians and women who don’t know what they’re doing in their harnesses. And yeah, I love squirting, and there’s plenty of that in this scene too! It’s just so gratifying watching women actually get off.


  1. James Deen’s 7 Sins – Pride (2014) – JamesDeen.com

Casey Calvert, Dana DeArmond, Dana Vespoli & Phoenix Marie

James Deen's 7 Deadly Sins: Pride xxx movieI intended to make this a top-five post but then my gal pal Judy Hologram sent me a link to this. At first I thought, where does James Deen belong in a lesbian strap-on post? Once I realized it was part of Deen’s 7 Sins series, I was simultaneously aroused and intrigued. In this artsy strap-on gangbang scene, the women are all wearing James Deen masks and strap-ons modeled after his member and the focus is on the lovely, totally-submissive Casey Calvert. Casey has all of her holes stuffed with the large dildos by the somber, masked Dana DeArmond, Dana Vespoli, and Phoenix Marie. This scene is an eerie and incredible take on the classic gangbang – mirroring the male aesthetic but maintaining an all-female D/s dynamic that still aims to please Calvert in the end. See why I couldn’t leave this off the list?

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HotMoviesForHer’s Top 100 Videos

Every once in a while I like to head over to HotMoviesForHer’s analytics and delve deep into the stats to see what you folks are actually watching.  Sure, we can babble til we’re blue in the face about porn, but what really matters is what you all are interested in viewing, so it’s important to us to be on top of knowing that info.

While I hanging around the stats the other day, I decided to take a look at the traffic for our main theater and see what movies have been winning big in the last year.  I could keep this delicious info to myself, but I thought you might like to see the most popular 100 movies on HotMoviesForHer in the last 365 (roughly) days!

Enjoy ten super sexy FREE clips on the 10s!



10. (I couldn’t make a video for this one, so I decided to go with #9)









What an awesome list!