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Top Five Tuesday – Election Day 2012 Edition!

You are either living under a rock (or not living in America) if you don’t know that today is election day here in the States and that we are voting for president this year.  I know I, for one, am seriously ready for this election to be done with – not only to finally know for sure who will be leading us for the next four years, but also so we can actually talk about something else.  Though I am so totally over hearing about politics (even though I am a political person and have strong views about the election), … Continue reading Top Five Tuesday – Election Day 2012 Edition!

Larry Flynt Says Strike!?!

Image courtesy of Intermezzo We all laughed when Larry Flynt of Hustler and Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild appealed to congress for a slice of the bailout pie in January. It was a brilliant joke or toilet humor just a little too soon, depending on who you talked to. No one really paid any attention to Larry and Joe at least partly because it’s hard to take porn guys seriously, especially the ‘big’ porn moguls when they’re asking for a handout. But lately Larry is taking a different stand to make his point and he’s being taken a good … Continue reading Larry Flynt Says Strike!?!

Larry Flynt is Pissed

Hustler mag man and free speech activist Larry Flynt is back in the courthouse.  This time, though, he is other the other side, suing his nephews Jimmy and Dustin for tarnishing the family name.  Seriously.  Big poppa Flynt is pissed at the pair for putting out crappy porn using the Flynt name.  After he fired them from his porn empire for unproductivity (and giving them both one hell of a severence), they decided to make it big in the industry themselves.  Making low-rent movies, according to their uncle.  And though Larry thinks that their fledgling business will fail anyway, he’s pissed at … Continue reading Larry Flynt is Pissed

Palin Porno News

Hustler publisher Larry Flynt has never been one to back down from controversy, so I’m not really surprised to hear that Hustler has a Sarah Palin porno spoof in the works. I’m guessing Nailin’ Paylin starring Lisa Ann will be one of about a dozen, but this one’s got me excited because you know they’ll do it right. Here’s an excerpt from the piece over on AVN.com: “Nailin’ Paylin will take the viewer on a naughty adventure to the wild side of that sexy Alaska governor,” the company announced in a press release. “Sara Paylin will not only be showing … Continue reading Palin Porno News