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Authentic Lesbian Review: Blue Collar Lesbians

Blue Collar Lesbians CoverBlue Collar Lesbians is a sweaty, sexy, power tool, work garage flick from Triangle Films featuring an all star cast. From the box cover I could already tell the blue collar theme was strong with this one, and the fact that they’re in some type of workshop with machines and power tools lying around in the background was fantastic visually. I like when the cover helps get the point and overall theme across, and so far I like what I see, but does Blue Collar Lesbians live up to the Authentic Lesbian standards…

Scene 1 – Ariel X & Syd Blakovich

Good God, Ariel X is hot! She’s standing in her workshop airbrushing something I can’t pay much attention to because her ass in those jeans! In walks Syd Blakovich and I couldn’t be happier to see anyone else. I haven’t seen Syd since Madison Young’s The Many Shades Of Juliette March for Filly Films (I live under a rock). Anyway, Syd wants to know when her couches are going to be done. She just moved and needs something to sit on. The two walk over to the couch where Ariel begins to explain and illustrate how much work still needs to be done. They sit on the couch, Syd’s hand ends up on Ariel’s thigh, a huge smile crosses Ariel’s face, and we have lift off.


I always enjoy watching Syd perform because I can relate to what she does. She takes her time building up to the serious stuff with the perfect amount of foreplay. The neck and boobs get plenty of attention to ensure Ariel reaches maximum wetness before her pants are even pulled down, and once the moans reveal she’s ready, we get to see her pretty pussy. This woman is hot all over! Syd fingers, fondles, and licks Ariel to a body shaking orgasm and even lightly chokes her to send Ariel over the top. Only 7 minutes in and girls are already creaming everywhere. Yay Team Lesbians!


Ariel definitely holds her own when it’s time to please Syd. After basically ripping her pants off, Ariel gets a taste of Syd’s good stuff and then decides she wants it from the back. Finger fucking Syd from behind seemed to turn Ariel on just as much as it did Syd. She moans and groans while humping the air, obviously turned on by Syd’s reaction to her fingers, and by the 12 minute mark both beautiful ladies are ready for round 2. They jump into 69 which quickly turns into hot and heavy scissoring with Ariel leading the way on top. At times it seems like she may be over exaggerating with the pleasure sounds, but as someone who used to date a girl who would get extremely turned on by the sound of her own moaning, this can definitely be appreciated. Especially when you have the wetness and body shakes to go along with it, so the scene is never in danger of being ruined by a “fake” performance.



The pair continues to flip in and out of positions, exploring and pleasing each other’s bodies, with one highlight being Syd eating Ariel’s booty like groceries and Ariel losing complete control. My favorite part of the scene though is when Syd holds Ariel down, hand around her neck, and titty fucks the shit out of her! That’s why you gotta love Syd man… she never leaves you wanting more because she puts it all out there! Ariel enjoyed the light domination, and I walked away more enthused about clit-to-tit stimulation than ever before. They both cum again and Syd wraps it up by placing gentle kisses all over Ariel’s body, making her shake and squirm even more. Classic lesbo move…


Scene 2 – Ariel X & Syd Blakovich & Kimberly Kane

I wasn’t sure how I would react when this scene began because we’re in the same setting with the same theme and we just watched 2 out of 3 of the stars perform with each other (and I’m pretty sure Ariel is wearing the same jeans…that ass!). I went in a little more cautious than usual, but since the previous scene with Ariel and Syd was so good I at least felt like I wouldn’t be bored. What I didn’t account for was how much of an impact Kimberly Kane would add to the dynamic. I wasn’t very familiar with Kimberly’s work until now, but she definitely inspired post scene research.


Back in Ariel’s workshop Syd is still complaining about those damn couches. Ariel’s busy on another project when in walks Kimberly. Turns out Syd is pretty behind at work too, because Kimberly wants to know why her car is still out of commission after sitting in Syd’s shop for a few days. Ariel and Kimberly joke about Syd being a lazy pain in the ass and naturally decide a tag-team style threesome is in order (seems like a better option than actually working). The two jump Syd on her unfinished couch and begin taking her clothes off. Lucky bastard! Whenever I’m called a lazy pain in the ass it never ends in me getting my bones jumped. Anyway, they talk shit to her, hold her down with her shirt intentionally covering her eyes, suck her boobs, and fondle her clit… now that’s a proper punishment! Ariel smothers Syd while Kimberly goes to town on her pussy, licking her senseless. All three ladies look amazingly hot together and right about now is when I noticed the rock music still playing in the background. Not that annoying, but slightly distracting.


Syd and Ariel flip the script on Kimberly, licking her from head to toe. Syd eats her pussy while Ariel focuses on her beautiful boobs. I’ve never gotten head from two chicks at the same time before but I’ve heard about it and today, I’ve seen it! The things this image did to my imagination are almost unfair. Can you imagine what this feels like!? Just knowing two chicks are down there at the same time is enough to send me over the top!


Kimberly literally goes crazy over Syd giving her head. She moans how good it is and in true girl fashion says “Don’t you love her hair? It’s awesome. Perfect length.” as she grabs it and holds on for dear life. Of course Syd eats that shit up and uses it as motivation to bring on orgasm after orgasm followed by the shakes (I love the shakes!). Throughout the scene I became more and more in love with Kimberly Kane. She talks the entire time and is fucking hilarious, but in real life, this is her way of having sex and I fell for it. At one point she calls out anyone to just sit on her face and more than welcomes Ariel when she takes her up on the offer. The two scissor for a while afterwards and once again Ariel getting off was absolutely amazing to watch. Amidst the heavy breathing and intense moans of pleasure you begin to realize why no work gets done in this place. These girls don’t go for just one quickie and get back to work. No no no, this is all or nothing, and when they decide to end things with Syd fingering both Ariel and Kimberly at the same time while giving them head I seriously didn’t think I’d make it through the rest without… well, you know. I mean, the girls even had to be told by the director to wrap things up, which I found to be incredibly hot because I got lost in the scene right along with them. This is one of the best lesbian threesomes I’ve watched in a while!


Scene 3 – Kimberly Kane & Veruca James


Enter Kimberly Kane’s workshop. Beautifully decorated with posters of cars and hot girls in bikinis, fully loaded with power tools and large machines, and currently occupied by two sexy ladies who don’t mind midday distractions. Veruca James is there to pick up a table that Ariel X left for her. When Kimberly finds out she’s an interior decorator, she offers to trade “kisses & stuff” for her services. Naturally Veruca accepts those terms (who wouldn’t!?) and they start making out. Then BOOM… that fucking music is back and this time it’s extremely annoying. Kimberly and Veruca are exchanging words and giggling and as much as I strained, I couldn’t fully follow along because the music not only lasted way too long into the action, it was louder in this scene than the previous two. Eventually it went off, but after tit stimulation, clothes coming off, pussy licking, and fingering. It was distracting without a doubt. Anyway, for some reason Veruca James reminded me of Kirsten Dunst in Bring It On, really cute and always smiling with a pussy to match. Kimberly wastes no time getting her fingers up in there and when she eats Veruca’s ass she couldn’t contain the outburst. Kimberly flips her over to rinse and repeat from behind and the view is just incredible.


I told you! Look at her face! That about says it all. Kimberly brings her same enthusiasm and hilarious charm to the scene from the very beginning, and when she “hops up on this sex bench” I knew I was in for a good one. Veruca returns the many blessings just received by licking and fingering Kimberly’s ass, forcing her to cry out. Veruca likes Kimberly’s ass so much she declares it magical and continues to indulge. I can tell that these two are having fun and I really enjoyed it. They seem completely comfortable exploring each other’s bodies and their conversation is fluid and natural. It’s nice when it happens like that.


This is my favorite scene of the movie so far and the scissoring to top it off confirmed that for me. They continue the butt stuff for a while with the slapping and smothering being particularly hot. Kimberly calls Veruca a piglet because of how much she loves it down there and you can hear Veruca get even more turned on by it. They explore a few more positions before discussing the rustic machine theme décor Kimberly has going on and deciding to keep it central to the shop. Nothing like women who can handle business and sex at the same time! Veruca ends up on top and all things sweaty and good came to life! The eye contact was on point, the deep moans were an audible turn on, the conversation matched the pace and the laughter enforced the fun, lighthearted underlying tone. I absolutely loved these two performing together! I could watch this scene a million times and be equally, if not more turned on each time.


Scene 4 – Kimberly Kane & Syd Blakovich

I was more than ready for Syd and Kimberly! Kimberly is always entertaining and verbalizes what she wants and we already know Syd’s tongue is one of her best friends from scene 2, so I couldn’t wait for this to start! Syd complains about not having her couches from Ariel yet, blah blah blah, clothes are off! Syd gets down to business ASAP, eating Kimberly out, sucking on her nipples, and groping her breasts. Kimberly is just as pleased as before and goes right over the cliff and into the deep end when Syd tosses her over and eats her ass out. The camera closeups are pure genius again, getting right up in there during crucial moments so you feel like you’re in the scene.


Syd begins undressing and we have our first and only strap of the movie. Now I’m super excited! I had to stop myself from fast forwarding a few times, but I made it through. Kimberly’s ass is nice and red from Syd slapping it and I found that to be visually stimulating. They fuck missionary for a while with Syd holding Kimberly down while she fucks her. Kimberly’s eyes roll back in her head at one point and that sent me sky high! Being on either end is a dream come true for me and I felt Kimberly’s orgasm through the screen, no bullshit!


Syd pounds away when they fuck doggy style and the roughness was a nice touch to say the least. She gives Kimberly a break by sitting on her face but making her keep the dildo inside her pussy. I absolutely love the way Syd rides Kimberly’s face like she’s taking what she earned. It’s time for her to bust a nut and man was it a good one! Literally dripping in sweat as she thrust back and forth across Kimberly’s tongue, Syd is a woman on a mission! I must have watched this part 5 or 6 times.


They jump into 69 with Syd on top, and the view is really pretty with Kimberly’s mouth wide open, unable to concentrate, with Syd’s colorful back tats on full display. Like I said, Kimberly can hardly focus on giving Syd head because she’s just that good, but when Syd starts fingering her it’s pretty much a wrap. She kept trying so there’s your A for effort, but the body quivers had the final say. I’m a huge teaser, even after the fact, so I thoroughly appreciated Syd taking the time to lightly rub her fingers up and down Kimberly’s body while holding her hands over her head so she couldn’t squirm away. She even whips her tongue out one more time, licking Kimberly everywhere and spending extra time on her armpits, sending Kimberly off into pure bliss.


Overall, Blue Collar Lesbians is a great movie. Aside from the music playing too long into the scenes and being particularly loud in the 3rd scene, everything fits the theme and the sex is spot-on because of the great casting. Watch it and comment below to let me know what you think about it.

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Best Of Porn 2015

Here at HotMoviesForHer HQ, our staff of professional porn watchers clock in thousands of hours of porn watching throughout the year. Sure, plenty of it will make us afraid to ever visit Germany, will familiarize us with the anatomy of the lower digestive system, or make just make us consider joining a convent. But every year, there’s a few movies and stars that we actually want to watch when we get home that prove to us that the adult industry still has artists, visionaries, and people who are just really good at fucking. I asked my colleagues what they thought was the best that the porn biz had to offer in 2015, and here’s what they said:

Andi G

FemDom Dream DateMy favorite movie of the year was Femdom Dream directed by Dee Severe for her studio, Severe Sex. Dee and her husband Jimmy Broadway have produced some really great films, everything from kink instruction to superhero films. I really like Femdom Dream Date because it was funny, sexy, and relatable. If you have ever been on a dating site you know the struggles that the protagonist, Dominick Kross is going through. Especially, if you have ever tried one of the fetish or kink dating sites, this movie pins down the stereotypes of experiences you probably went through. All Dominick wants is to find a kinky chick to explore with, but he ends up on some pretty wacky dates, and in a few messed up (and sort of scary) situations. You really feel sorry for the guy, and you want him to be happy. Without giving too much away, because you really should watch this film all the way through, Ela Darling needs several awards for her performance in this film. She is fantastic. Not only is the sex hot, but she plays this character that I have impersonated several times while explaining this movie to others. This is a must see. And, Femdom Dream Date  is up for an AVN this year, so I’m not alone in thinking this was an amazing flick.

The Authentic Lesbian

Fuck the Police BoxcoverBest Movie: Fuck The Police is a perfect mix of comedy, action and sex, plus the entire cast was amazing.

Best Actress: Skin Diamond, because she’s Skin Diamond and if you need any other explanation, you’re not human.

Best Actor: Jaxton Wheeler did a really good job in TS Sister In Law in my opinion.



A Thing Of BeautyBest Movie: I’m going to go with A Thing Of Beauty because I really liked the creepy Faustian angle Dana Vespoli went with for this. Something about Satan makes everything scary, but kinda hot at the same time…

Best Actress: Adriana Chechik, because nobody has that much enthusiasm for anal 24/7.

Best Actor: Kurt Lockwood in Gardener



Dee Viant

Best Movie: TIE between Levi Cash’s Director’s Cut: VIP at AVN and Wanderlust from PornFidelity.

wanderlsutEven when I like porn videos, I rarely watch them more than once. However, I’ve repeatedly watched both of these videos. VIP at AVN and Wanderlust are totally different from one another, but they both have carefree and playful airs to them. What they have in common is that I would watch both videos even if they didn’t have sex in them.

VIP at AVN is an especially fun watch as a past attendee of the AVN AEE; it captures the unpredictable fun of being at the AVN, with footage of a number of porn pros clowning around between the sex scenes. Levi Cash really hit the ground running in 2015 with Manipulative Media, and it’s been super cool watching his movies get better and better with every new release. As much as I love the entire movie, the Rahyndee James/Levi Cash scene is my favorite. Their chemistry is unstoppable.

Wanderlust is simply one of the most beautiful movies I’ve seen all year between mainstream and porn offerings. When I saw the stills for this, I was already smitten. Wanderlust, while absolutely being a hardcore movie, feels really intimate. It reminds me of long, summer days in the South, listening to obscure bands while having sex in the middle of the afternoon. The production value is amazing and there’s nothing “porny” about its appearance.

saya song
Saya Song

Best Actress: My fave actress I’ve discovered this year is Saya Song. I first saw her in Jizz My Glasses and I think she has awesome energy and enthusiasm. I hope she rocks porn in 2016.

Best Actor: Sebastian Keys! When it comes to fetish and BDSM films, Sebastian Keys is amazing to watch as a top or a bottom. I love this ginger motherfucker. He’s the only guy on Earth who I could still like even if he had a man bun.

Honorable Mention (2014 release): Whore Hole by Foxhouse Films. This is my favorite porn video of all time. The first time I watched it, I was literally breathless. Wow. This is just everything-but not for everyone.

Judy Hologram

Family Secrets boxcoverBest Movie: My favorite movie of 2015 came onto my radar late in the year, but Family Secrets from Vivid stole the show from everything else that I saw. Backed by director Kimberly Kane’s slick, economical story telling, a powerhouse supporting cast, and face-meltingly hot fucking, Family Secrets turned to be one of the best high-end pornos of the year.

Best Actress: It’s been well established that I’m a huge Dana Vespoli fangirl, so she’s an obvious pick for lady of the year. As far as I’m concerned she’s got it all: beauty, brains, her own studio, serious acting and directing chops, a booty to die for, and she fucks like her life depends on it. Although Family Secrets was ultimately my favorite movie of 2015, Vespoli directed or starred in tons of high quality smut all year, including The Turning, the Real Sex Diary series, and Fluid Volume 3. She gets pretty twisted, crafting scenarios that push the boundaries of what’s acceptable or normal, even for porn, and I love her all the more for it.

Best Actor: I get excited every time that I see that Steven St. Croix is in a movie. That daddy can GET IT.

Janie Mack

Emma MarxBest Movie: The Submission of Emma Marx – Boundaries – One of the best told stories of the year, targets a very wanting audience, and it’s directed by Jacky St. James – I need say no more!

Best Actress: Siri, purely because she’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.

Best Actor: Tommy Pistol, because he’s the most talented, picks the coolest roles, and was probably the most prolific actor of the year,  and was featured in just about every movie.

After 2015’s incredible year in porno, we can’t wait to see what our favorite naked people dish out in 2016! Happy New Year, you perverts!

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Family Secrets Movie Review

Family Secrets boxcoverFilmed two years ago with star Kimberly Kane in the director’s chair, Vivid Premium’s taboo film noir Family Secrets has finally hit the streets. Kane stars Detective Jean Carver, the Olivia Benson to Detective Jim Valentine’s (Steven St. Croix’s) Elliot Stabler, with the added tension of an illicit sexual affair. When Detective Valentine’s step-daughter Vicky (Penny Pax) is found stabbed to death on a San Francisco beach, Carver takes up the case. In a spotlit interrogation room, she grills Vicky’s friends to piece together the series of (very sexy) events that led to the young woman’s death. Kane proves herself to be a masterful porno storyteller, keeping the action and the dialogue moving at a quick pace, and allowing the movie to clock in at a mercifully short 124 minutes. She quickly establishes the personas and motivations of her cast of characters, helped along by performers who can confidently deliver a line. The sex is the real star of the show here, with each fuck feeling entirely different from the next, yet still meshing with the overall moody tone of the flick.

Scene 1 – Kimberly Kane and Steven St. Croix

Kimberly Kane and Steven St, Croix 2Family Secrets opens with an artfully shot sequence showing a joyful Penny Pax dancing barefoot on a moonlit beach before she is approached by the hooded figure who ultimately ends her life. It’s a tactful bit of storytelling that immediately involves the viewer before we jump right into my favorite part, the fucking. Director Kimberly Kane’s sex scene with Steven St. Croix opens with the characters mid-fuck. It’s a surprisingly non-porno porn scene, wherein the detectives don’t open up for the camera much (save for some reverse cowgirl), instead opting to bang in pretty naturalistic positions. It’s a scene that curiously alternates between intimate eye contact (hot) and animalistic, almost hateful fucking, such as well Jim Valentine pins down Jean Carver’s head with a pillow and growls, “I don’t want to see your fucking face.” It works well and helps to establish the fraught relationship between the two crime solving partners, one of whom is married. After a post-coital cigarette and terse conversation, Jim returns home to his wife, played by Kylie Ireland, only to meet up with Jean again at the scene of his step-daughter’s murder. On working with Kane, Steven St. Croix had this to say:

“I was excited to work alongside Kimberly and [director of photography] Eli Cross as she definitely has ideas and a vision that isn’t standard porn fare. And knowing Eli could capture that made me confident this wouldn’t be a waste of my time. The story was a challenge for me as I had to have a connection with a daughter ( I have no children in real life) and to be able to play that loss in the scene where I discover her at the crime scene. In the end, I felt we made a real strong effort at creating an engaging story for viewers looking for a bit of sophistication in adult releases.”

Scene 2 – Claire Robbins and Princess Donna

Claire Robbins and Princess Donna 1After the discovery of Vicky Valentine’s body, Jean is on the hunt for the killer. The first suspect brought into Detective Carver’s interrogation room is Donna Huntington (Claire Robbins), a friend of Vicky and one of the last people to see her alive. Her moodiness contrasts sharply with Vicky’s joyful exuberance, especially as she fends off unwanted hetero advances from Jesse Valentine (Danny Wylde) and Ricky Sweeney (Richie Calhoun.) Her savior comes in the form the Mystery Woman (Princess Donna) who leads her quarry into the bathroom for some blistering femdom lesbian fucking. Princess Donna is a legend of kink, and I was thrilled to finally be able to see her in action. She takes incredible control of Claire, alternately spanking her round, panty-clad ass and servicing her pussy. Claire wrote to us about her experience on set:

“Working under Kimberly Kane’s direction was really amazing. It was great being able to see her able to bring her vision to life.  I really appreciate her moody aesthetic. My scene with Donna is actually one of my favorites! Kimberly told us generally what she was looking for and we were really able to go wild. I’m so excited that I can finally see the full feature.”

Princess Donna added, “I’ve always thought Kimberly was one of the coolest people in porn. I was thrilled to work with her…I’ve directed Kimberly a handful of times, and always had a crush on her. It was an honor to be a performer on her set and have the roles reversed! Claire is a gem. I absolutely love working with her!”

Scene 3 – Penny Pax and Tommy Pistol

Penny Pax and Tommy PistolAfter Donna Huntington’s story check out, Detective Carver brings in Rick Sweeney, Vicky’s artist boyfriend. When Vicky wanders off to that moonlit beach with a drifter named Vinnie (Tommy Pistol), Rick finds himself in possession of Vicky’s locket necklace, which isn’t so easy to explain away to Carver. Vicky and Vinnie then head to Vinnie’s seedy room, set with a mattress on the floor, bare light bulbs, and empty beer bottles. What follows is the most porno scene yet. Penny Pax’s body and puffy pussy are practically made to be devoured, and Tommy Pistol animalistically sucks her tits and eats her pussy while she jerks his cock with her feet. She whimpers the whole way through as they fuck the shit out of each other in that seedy bedroom.

Scene 4 – Penny Pax, Richie Calhoun, and Danny Wylde

Penny Pax Danny Wylde Richie CalhounUnfortunately for Rick, Detective Carver smells bullshit when he tries to pin Vicky Valentine’s murder on Vinnie the drifter, so she brings in Vicky’s step-brother, Jesse Valentine. This troubled young man with the disaffected monotone tells his version of events, which oddly doesn’t match up with Ricky’s. After Vicky kisses him to goad Ricky, the two leave him and he wanders off to his car. Detective Carver asserts that the kiss went further that night, and that Vicky’s relationship with Jesse became much more than sibling-like that night. The sex scene that follows shows a dirty threesome between the two step-siblings and Ricky in the nightclub, their bodies lit with lurid green and purple neon lights. Amid sloppy blowjobs and eager double penetration, the boys are completely enamored with Pax, and she’s deep in her element as she gives a standout performance. On working with Kimberly and Penny, Danny Wylde said:

“Shooting for Kimberly Kane is always a great time. She seems to dance at the edge of what’s acceptable, even by porn standards. This movie, in particular, has a pretty fucked up narrative. And I got to play an asshole, which is perhaps more fun than my typical ‘school boy’ porn performance. Plus, I fucked Penny Pax. She’s really good at fucking, so I can’t imagine that our scene is anything but hot.”

So, who killed Vicky Valentine? I won’t tell you. But if you want to know, you’ll only have to watch one of the best plot driven pornos I’ve seen in a while. With Kimberly Kane at the helm, Family Secrets tells a tight, uncomfortable story that looks and sounds great, featuring some of the best acting that you can find in porn. Above it all, Kane never loses sight of the fact that, when it comes down to it, it’s the fucking that matters here, and uses insanely hot sexual scenarios to drive her story. I’d name Family Secrets one of the best skin flicks of 2015, and I suggest that you don’t miss it.

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Top Five Tuesday: New Sensations Romance Movies That Make Me Swoon

Back in the ’70s and early ’80s plot-based porn was king and some of the biggest titles in porn were shown at mainstream theaters.  Yep, those porns were movie movies and just happened to offer up hardcore sex.  Well super plot-heavy porns are back in style and one studio that’s really churning out high quality sexy action is , the sensual branch of New Sensations.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – these flicks are basically Hallmark movies with sex included.  If Lifetime got into the porno biz, these movies would be what we’d get.  They are sweet, silly, dramatic and just the tiniest bit gloomy at times.  So today I thought we’d celebrate the porny goodness of these flicks with my Top Five New Sensations Romance Movies!

There are many things that come to mind when I think about porn, but traumatic brain injury isn’t one of them.  Maybe I’m the only one, because the good folks over at New Sensations Romance thought that starting out a dirty movie with a woman (Samantha Ryan) in a coma was the way to go.  Turns out they were right, as the action only gets hotter and hotter as she wakes up, heals and falls for her hospital roommate.  But then again, who wouldn’t go head over heals for Danny Mountain?

– What lengths would you go to when it comes to finding love?  When Allie Haze loses her beloved puppy, neighbor Xander Corvus comes to the rescue to help find him – putting up posters and search for him.  But what Allie doesn’t know is that Xander has actually swiped her dog so that he could get close to her by helping out.  She finds out and is furious, but since this is a porno, it of course ends in getting busy.  As a side note, in my opinion, stealing a person’s dog is pretty much the same as stealing their child.  Maybe it’s because I am a dog owner and not a mom, but still – I was not impressed with Xander’s plan.
 – You know the old saying “those that can’t do teach”?  Well, according to this plotty flick, those who cannot maintain a relationship should definitely be a relationship advice columnist.  Giovanni Francisco plays a man who still shares a house with his ex-fiance Natasha Nice. They fight all the time and he cock blocks every date she has, making it boldly obvious that they are clearly still in love with each other, which, of course, we find out in the end. Oh those unpredictable, crazy kids. Still, it’s pretty cute… like a Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks movie with lots of hardcore banging.
Cooking and romance seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly (though I don’t know first hand, because that’s really all I can “cook.”), so it only makes sense that New Sensations Media would take a page out of Like Water For Chocolate‘s book and create a story surrounding a chef (Samantha Ryan) who infuses the emotions she is feeling into whatever dish she is creating. Yum!

Organ donation and porn – in the same flick?  Not something I usually go for, but when it’s New Sensations Romance behind the wheel, I trust that I’ll have a good time.  Bobbi Starr is still intensely grieving the untimely death of her husband, when her employees (Kimberly KaneZoe Voss and Allie Haze) decide that the best way to give her closure is to connect her with the folks who received her husband’s organs when he died.  Sure that’s super illegal and unethical, but in porn everything flies.  Not to worry, Bobbi doesn’t have sex with any of them, which might have been really weird, but she does find them dates (read: sex) with the employees that urged her to go out in the first place.  Definitely a cute flick!

Don’t you love a good story?  Check out if you do!


A Little Part Of Me

With all the cold weather outside, it’s no wonder that these days I’ve got cuddling under the blankets on my mind.  And of course all that snuggling leads me to thinking about love, which in turn has me craving plot-driven, romantic pornos.  That’s right, folks, we are in that mode – and here to help with our desire is , a new sensual  branch off of New Sensations, full of story-based smut with a heart.  I am so ready!

Before we start the review, just a quick warning of sorts.  I’ll be the first to admit that New Sensations Romance movies are a little… depressing.  All their stories revolve around bad things happening, like death and comas, and how people bounce back and love again.  I guess they are a little like Lifetime movies, but with hardcore sex.  They do become uplifting after a while, but it’s always a bit gloomy in the beginning, which is not something you expect from your porno.

Today we are watching , featuring the amazing  as a widow that is still intensely grieving a year after her husband’s untimely death.  In a bid to help pull Bobbi back into the world of the living, her three coworkers ( and ) decide that one way she can get closure is to meet all of the people that received her husband’s donated organs.  While getting those names is usually highly restricted, one of Bobbi’s friends finds a way around the system and the journey begins.

What I expected from this movie is that Bobbi would go around meeting these people and fuck them one by one.  That may be what would happen in any other porn, but New Sensations Romance movies are a little classier than that.  As Bobbi meets each of the people, she slowly starts to get some much needed closure and at the same time hooks each of the insanely handsome organ recipients ( and  – yum) with her coworkers.  Finally at the end we see Bobbi get her action, with , her husband’s best friend.  Yep, full circle.

Seriously, Danny Mountain, Michael Vegas and Rocco Reed are some of the hottest men in the industry.  They may not have the most acting skills, but once the pants come off… that’s when we get all the good stuff.  And, of course, I can’t say enough good things about Bobbi Starr, Kimberly Kane, Zoe Voss and Allie Haze.  They are all so amazingly sexy and do a pretty nice job with the acting as well.  I mean, no one is winning an Oscar here, but an AVN, sure.

All in all, this is a great movie with a touching story that isn’t too cheesy and an awesome cast.  Two thumbs up.

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Top Five Tuesday – Lily LaBeau Lesbian Scenes

I’m not sure if you know this about me, but I’m a huge Lily LaBeau fan. She is fabulous in both girl-girl and hetero scenes. In all of the behind the scenes footage I’ve seen of her she seems like a totally sweet down-to-earth lady.  I was watching a short interview with her and her man, Danny Wylde, and it inspired to do my Top Five Tuesday post on this awesome porno star.

Her Little Secret
Her Little Secret I’m not going to lie, I’ve only ever watched the scene starring Lily and Marie Luv.  It’s freaking hot!  Lily is a receptionist at a spa and in trying to book more appointments, the ladies continuously try to sweet talk Lily into changing the schedule around.  Marie does the best job of persuading her when she fucks Lily.  The moment where LaBeau asks Marie to sit on her face is magic!  Thank you, Triangle Films, for bringing these two performers together for all the world to see.
Belladonna's Dirty Panties
Belladonna’s Dirty Panties I love you, Belladonna, and your ever pervy (though retired) ways!  This porno is all about delightfully used panties and creative ways to infuse them into a hot fuck session.  Lily blindfolds and gags Kim Kane with her underpants all while licking and fucking her pussy.  Sniffing Lily’s panties is what Kane digs most.  This is no surprise seeing as how she is a dirty birdie from Dirty Birdsville!
Lily Cade's Live Nerd Girls Lily Cade’s Live Nerd Girls Double Lily hotness!  Lily LaBeau and Lily Cade flirt their way through a game of Dungeons and Dragons when finally they’re left alone they make with the real life sexing.  Cade drives LaBeau crazy with her every touch – be it with her fingertips or palm.  LaBeau’s sweet face looks as if she can’t even believe what Cade is doing to her.  LaBeau turns the tables and has Cade shuddering and moaning when she uses her expert mouth on her.
Sinn Sage Loves Girls Sinn Sage Loves GirlsThis movie is definitely one of my favorite (fill in the blank) Loves Girls pornos.  Sinn Sage totally works Lily over in a ridiculously hot shower scene.  She straps on a dildo and fucks her every which way.  Watching Lily double over as Sinn goes down on her is totally awesome and you can tell Lily is all about it.  I could go on, but you can read my review here.
Girl Crush Vol. 2 Girl Crush Vol. 2This is probably one of the first movies that turned me on to Lily and her lady-lovin’ ways.  Her scene with Andy San Dimas is stellar (minus the Ugs that Andy doesn’t take off).  They get down to business on a white shag rug and blow each others’ minds.  I love watching Lily grind on Andy’s pussy.  Hot!  This movies is really well shot, and far more real than I expected.

Awakening To Love

There are many things I think of when I hear the word “porn,” but traumatic brain injury isn’t one of them.  Though when it comes to plot-driven dirty movies, anything is possible, so really having your main character in a coma isn’t too far a stretch.  Sure, that’s more “soap opera” than “porno,” but really the only different between the two is the sex, right?

Studio New Sensations comes at us with something, well, new – a super sexy romance series that offers up steamy storylines and tender passion to set our bits aflame.  The first New Sensations Romance that HM4Her received is , a sweet story featuring Samantha Ryan and Danny Mountain.  The basic premise of this flick opens with Theresa () and her boyfriend Stuart () on the eve of their engagement, fucking their brains out.  The next morning Stuart proposes and gives Theresa an engagement right.  After squealing on the phone with her best friend, Theresa makes her way to work, when all of a sudden she is hit by a car and is rushed to the hospital where she lays in a coma.

While Theresa is suddenly comatose, her new fiancé promises to stay by her side, which he does, while her best friend Julie () puts on a brave face at the hospital, but needs some warmth and support at home -aka. sex with her hot boyfriend Matthew (Tony Desergio).  While my first response to my best friend being in a coma may not be to go bone my boyfriend, I suppose that everyone deals with grief differently.  And it’s also true that we should be very thankful that they deal with it this way, because the sex is super hot.  Seriously, Misty Stone is such a babe!

Slowly over the months that Theresa is in a coma, her man Stuart comes around less and less.  It is too hard for him to see her like this and finally he takes his ring back, begs her comatose body to forgive him and leaves for good.  So much for that forever promise, huh?  The next frame opens with Theresa coming out of her coma eight months after her accident.  She is scared and alone, with only the comfort of her nurse , (appearing in a non-sex role).  Soon she meets her roommate Nate () and they form a strong bond.  So strong, in fact, that Theresa is devastated when they are about to release him from the hospital.

So, what does Nate do as Theresa is weeping?  Confess his love for her, of course, which leads the pair into one year later, when they are having a deliciously sexy tryst on their wedding night (assumed by the tossed aside veil).  The sex is loving and chemistry runs through the whole thing as if Ryan and Mountain are actually in love and consummating their marriage.  The last piece of the movie (before the behind the scenes) has Theresa talking about how life is sometimes unfair, but how it usually knows best.  Ain’t that the truth!  The only thing that would have made this movie better would have been Nurse Kane getting it on with the doctor ()!

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Top Five Tuesday: D-I-N-A-H!

Hello and welcome to Tuesday! We are pretty excited that it’s Tuesday because it means we are leaving tomorrow to head to Palm Springs for Dinah Shore Weekend! This will be my very first year attending and I couldn’t be more ready. J.D. and I will be set up in a cabana armed with lots of goodies and ready to chat it up with all of the ladies.  To get us off on an exciting foot, here is the Top Five Tuesday D-I-N-A-H edition!

Dana Vespoli's Slammin' Girls
Dana Vespoli’s Slammin’ GirlsDear lord, this movie is hot.  The girl on girl action is superb and exactly what you’d expect from Filly Films.  Be sure to watch to the very end because Lily Cade and Kayla Carrera are going to blow your face off with just the right amount of roughness.
The Interns 2
The Interns 2: I love a little corporate love triangle action!  The dynamic between powerful business women and their interns is super hot and makes you want to button up your blazer and get to work.  Dana De Armond is so that boss that makes you nervous and horny at the same time.      
Nostalgia NostalgiaThis is so my dream team of performers.  April Flores, Kim Kane, Madison Young and Syd Blakovich to name a few.  Director Courtney Trouble recreates Old school porno scenes and gives them a modern day “edge”.  All I really know is that the strap-on action in scene 2 kind of makes me wiggle in my seat.
After Party After PartyThis title is oh so appropriate for Dinah Shore!  One can only hope that they will be attending after parties with this much hotness going down.  You can’t really go wrong the these Lesbea flicks.  The women are beautiful, the sex is passionate and they’re over in about 20 minutes.  You get all of the hot lesbian porno action you need with plenty of time to get back to the pool for a late night swim!
Heavenly Spire Volume 2 - Ash & Bos & Bronc & Deluxx Heavenly Spire Volume 2 – Ash & Bos & Bronc & DeluxxIt’s another 20 minute porno gem.  This Pink And White Productions movie brings on some seriously intense gender bending porno action.  This is another 20 minute movie that leaves with enough time to get back to the party!


Belladonna’s Party Of Feet 3 (Disc 1)

Some days you want the same old in-and-out, and other days you fancy something totally different.  Today is a different day here at HM4Her, and I knew just the person to turn to – Belladonna, of course.  Whether she is presenting extra large items to willing assholes (literally) or bringing her unique brand of bizarre to the screen, Bella’s work is always interesting, sexy and something totally out of the ordinary.  We are so lucky to have her in the industry.

This time Belladonna is returning to one of her favorite parts of the body – the feet.  A foot masquerade, you could even say.  This fancy foot party features some of the sexiest names in porn, including Kimberly KaneJessie Andrews (2012 AVN award winner for Best Actress), Lily LaBeau, Kristina Rose, Sinn Sage, and, of course, Belladonna herself.  All dressed in fetishy finery, the group begins with a little decadent dining, at a table laid with wine and silver domes over their dishes.  Before taking in the delights, they all must first apply generous coats of a dark pink lipstick provided for them.  The Matriarch (Belladonna) comes in to give a small speech, letting the four seated ladies know that they have been hand-selected from a pool of over 100 women to be a part of evening.  She wants them to know how lucky they are, which, I’m sure they do once the party really begins.

The silver domes come up to reveal a very special feast… feet. A pair for every lady, each toe wriggling and waiting in anticipation.  The women dig in immediately, rubbing and caressing their own special set.  They lick and suck each toe in ecstasy.  And once they have massaged and imbibed every since inch of the flesh, they break into the toppings, covering delicious toes in whipped cream and chocolate sauce.  Nope, no clothes come off. There is no foot-breast action.  Just mouths and hands working on perfectly pedicured feet – for the first half of the movie (about 45 minutes).

When the foot feast is finished, the ladies follow Matriarch Belladonna to an amazing display of naked women – all for their delight.  Each woman’s face is covered with an ornate mask, as they all descend upon each other, some going for pussies, some for faces and many for feet.  They just didn’t get enough in the first half of the film.  Even Miss Belladonna gets in on some of the orgy action, enjoying her own personal plaything.  While this is going on, there are masked women wandering around with 8mm cameras, taking footage (ha!) of the debauchery going down.

The whole thing is very random and has a tinge of strange floating through it, with the masks and disembodied feet.  It’s all done in a very tasteful, artistic way.  This is just the kind of stuff you get when you go for Belladonna.  And honestly, thank goodness for that!

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Top Five Tuesday: Dear Porn, Will You Be My Valentine?

This year I’ll be hanging out all by myself on Valentine’s Day. My boo is out of town, but i’ll be damned if I’m going to sit at home and sulk. That really isn’t my style, anyway. Instead I’m going to go home, make myself a romantic dinner, put on some comfy pajamas and watch my favorite pornos. You probably think I’m just getting paid to say that. Well, I am, but I’m actually going to go home and watch porn. I might as well show my self a little love, right? If you’re alone, or with a friend, I suggest you do the same.

Here are my Valentine porno picks:

Bobbi's World Bobbi’s World: This was the first of the Bobbi Starr Productions pornos that I had the pleasure of watching.  It is depraved in all the right ways and I love knowing that there is a woman behind all of the madness.  Bobbie Starr directs from outside and inside the action giving us a dose of her beautifully perverse mind with some of my favorite dirty birdies including Kim Kane and Danny Wylde. She made the best use curling irons and ball gags that I’ve ever seen.
No Fauxxx: Jiz Lee No Fauxxx: Jizz Lee – There really isn’t ever a time that I don’t love Jiz Lee, but this 6 minute porno quickie hold a special place in my heart.  I get to watch Jiz masturbate the fuck out of herself in the bathroom at a night club.  She sits on the toilet and gets herself off.  Fuck off!  It is so hot.
Handyman Volume 4 Handyman 4 – This is a another solo masturbation flick, but this one involves boys, 2 of which happen to be Chris Strokes and Dane Cross.  They know how to work the ladies (Chris also works the guys), but getting to watch them all alone is a treat for the eyes.  Yay for boys with nice wangs!
Vampire Sisters Vampire Sisters – You may or may not have heard (read) me talk about how director Maria Beatty can do no wrong.  This is one of many of her masterpieces.  I love this one in particular because it is dark, dirty and satisfies my nerdy love for vampires.  There is something about a touch of blood in my porno that puts a poof in my pants.  It is beautifully shot and the music is ethereal and totally fitting.  Love!
Asa Akira Is Insatiable 2 Asa Akire Is Insatiable 2 – I reviewed this movie not too long ago.  It won a fuck ton of AVN awards and rightfully so.  You never know if certain titles are worthy of such acclaim, but this one definitely does. There is no denying that Asa is a beautiful lady, but man does she like it rough!  The opening scene with Nacho Vidal (swoon) is enough to turn you right onto a little puddle of yum.  He dominates her, but knows just how to kiss it and make it all better.  What I really love is that she discusses each scene and how she felt.  I love knowing that performers are into what they’re doing and that they have a genuine love for sex be it sensual, rough or all of it mixed together! 

If you’re hanging out solo tonight like me, I suggest getting your porno on. You might as well give yourself a little love!

Happy Valentine’s Day!