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Mother’s Little Helper Review

Mother’s Little Helper from director B. Skow ominously opens with this title card:

Explanation of Mothers Little Helper song and porno

Alrighty then!

Mother's Little helper BoxcoverFrom the outset, Skow lets his audience know that we’re in for a nasty, wild ride that’s going to push the boundaries of feature porno. To be honest, I’m really not sure how to review this movie. Mother’s Little Helper has a lot to take in, and is one of Skow’s darkest movies yet. Having dealt with disability, kidnapping, grief, psychiatry, and family fantasies, Skow now tackles mental illness and pharmaceuticals as an homage to the Rolling Stones.

Here, the “little yellow pill” is anthropomorphized as a beautiful young Englishwoman in a yellow sundress, Emily, played by the stunning Ava DeLush. Emily is a ghostly presence, seducing housewife Angie (a deliciously unhinged Dana DeArmond) and haunting her family. This family includes Angie’s stepdaughter Bianca (a surprising, standout performance by Kasey Warner), Bianca’s father Mick (Evan Stone), and Mick’s ex-wife, pharmacist Claudine (Penny Pax gamely playing a role that might be a bit too old for her). On the periphery are Kasey’s boyfriend Pete (Dane Cross) and Keith (Alec Knight).

Scene 1 – Dana DeArmond and Alec Knight

Dana DeArmond in Mother's Little Helper
Dana DeArmond as Angie

The flick opens with Bianca and Mick begging Claudine to help Angie by bringing Emily back. We cut to Angie having a breakdown, sobbing on the floor with lipstick smeared all over her face, when Mick appears to help her. She accuses him of having murdered Emily, when he then reintroduces Angie to the yellow-clad Emily. Angie cries with relief and happiness, leading to an abrupt cut to Angie drinking from a bottle in a bedroom with Emily by her side, presumably in a flashback. Mother’s Little Helper is full of strange, abrupt, non-chronological edits, giving the audience a sense of disorientation and confusion. It might be annoying in any other movie, but under Skow’s vision, it works and serves a purpose. Keith appears in the doorway, bottle in hand and smirk on his face, and Emily orders Dana to “suck his knob.” Dana laughs and gamely crawls towards Keith, unbuttoning his pants and giving him a sloppy, gaggy, deepthroaty blowjob leading him to cum in her mouth. It’s a scene that doesn’t quite fit into the rest of Mother’s Little Helper, as Keith never appears again, but it serves to show how Angie’s illness and addiction to Emily leads to infidelity and burdens her family. Other than that, it’s a perfectly sexy BJ scene, and a great intro to Angie’s mania and Emily’s seductive control.


Scene 2 – Kasey Warner and Dane Cross

Kasey Warner and Dane Cross in Mother's Little Helper
Kasey Warner and Dane Cross as Bianca and Pete

We cut again to Mick chasing Angie down the hallway, pulling her dress up, and ripping a patch off her belly so that he can flush it down the toilet against her protests. We cut again to Bianca and boyfriend Pete making out on the couch. It’s a classic “teens fuck before mom and dad get home” scene, and it works beautifully here. Throughout the movie, Bianca shows more concern and compassion towards her stepmother than any other character, and giving her a chance to fuck and have fun and be a normal young woman is refreshing and sweet. I’d never really noticed 20 year-old actress Kasey Warner before Mother’s Little Helper, but she’s definitely someone that I’m looking forward to seeing more of. She has some of the best acting chops that I’ve seen since Carter Cruise, and her fuck skills are sexy as hell. This is probably my favorite scene of the movie, with Pete fingering Bianca’s pussy and giving her tons of head before she returns the favor. They fuck in cowgirl, reverse, doggy, and spoon, and even get a little rough with Pete slapping Bianca’s tits. The cumshot barely registered, but I didn’t mind at all. Skow films the scene brilliantly, keeping his subjects well framed and lit, a testament to his time spent as a fashion photographer.

After the fuckery is over, Mick and Angie come home in the midst of fighting over the car keys; a frantic Angie refuses to hand them over, screaming that Mick murdered Emily. Mick gets them back from her and Bianca and Pete run for cover.


Scene 3 – Dana DeArmond and Ava Dalush

Ava DeLush and Dana DeArmond in Mother's Little Helper
Ava DeLush and Dana DeArmond as Emily and Angie

Well, here’s a bit of a mindfuck. The next scene opens with a shirtless Mick sitting down to breakfast, when Angie comes downstairs, looking radiant and smiley in a blue shirtdress and pretty hair. Mick asks when she had time to make breakfast, seeing as how she’s been asleep for three days after kissing Emily. Apparently this is NBD, as Mick and Angie are all smiles; Angie climbs onto Mick’s lap for some kissing and softcore reverse cowgirl. You thought this would be the sex scene? Think again, because suddenly Emily appears over Mick’s shoulder and a cut leads to a Sapphic session between Emily and Angie on a wood paneled room lit with gold light. They make out on the couch, smearing lipstick all over each other’s faces, before Angie goes to tease Emily’s pussy. It’s an erotic, spitty, playful lesbian scene, with lots of eyebrow raising dirty talk (“I’m gonna take care of you. You’re my little angel.”) Dana and Emily fuck each other like madcap teenagers, sniffing each other’s feet and sucking each other’s toes, constantly changing positions. One standout moment was Emily smothering Angie with her gorgeous ass in 69. They’re very bouncy and smiley, almost devilish in their interactions. Now, I normally love pretty, dirty lesbian scenes, but this was probably my least favorite scenes of the whole movie. Dana and Ava are two performers that I love, but they never quite settle into each other or give the viewer time to enjoy individual moments. But that’s just me; I tend to enjoy slower lesbian scenes, but people who prefer to watch two ladies just tear into each other will probably love this.

Scene 4 – Evan Stone and Penny Pax

Penny Pax and Evan Stone in Mother's Little Helper
Penny Pax and Evan Stone as Claudine and Mick

As Dana cums, the action suddenly switches to some family scenes; Bianca hugs Claudine goodbye, the family and Emily maniacally laughing around the dinner table as they toast to Emily, and an unsettling conversation over breakfast where Angie forgets that Bianca is not her biological daughter. Claudine and her ex-husband Mick have a heart-to-heart over the situation; Claudine is jealous and confused about Angie’s relationship with Bianca, while Mick feebly tries to assure her that everything will be alright. Claudine takes this opportunity to seduce the ex that left her for a nut, and Skow’s bizarre editing shows that Mick’s cock is pretty much magically already out of his pants. She deepthroats his cock, moaning all the while, and he eats her ass while rubbing her clit. They have pretty standard porno sex; they don’t have a ton of chemistry, but they do look great together. I adore Penny Pax, but I think that this scene would have been stronger had Skow cast an older actress; maybe Dana Vespoli, Mercedes Carerra, or Cherie Deville, to name a few.


Scene 5 – Dana DeArmond, Ava Dalush, and Kasey Warner

Ava DeLush Kasey Warner Dana DeArmond in Mother's Little Helper
Ava Delush, Kasey Warner, and Dana DeArmond as Emily, Bianca, and Angie

So here’s where things get real weird. Without giving away the ending, Angie truly loses her grip on reality and cuts a swath of terror and betrayal through the family. Claudine, Mick, and Bianca meet, and Claudine insists that they have to kill Emily. Still feeling sympathy for her stepmother, Bianca pleads her case, until she walks in on Angie fucking Pete on the kitchen. Emotionally broken, Bianca falls to the calming, escapist seductions of Emily. It’s a madcap series of short scenes, and a testament to B. Skow’s ability to draw beautiful, believable performances from his cast. Kasey Warner in particular is excellent (it helps that she bears a striking resemblance to Shailene Woodley.) What happens next is a short (only about ten minutes long) but super weird and sexy threesome between Bianca, Angie, and ringleader Emily. Skow’s camera favors close-ups of his subjects’ bodies as they writhe around each other in blissful, hedonistic ecstasy. Angie and Bianca crowd around and worship Emily; at one point, Bianca tribs her while Angie sits on her face. It’s an improvement over the previous lesbian scene; the addition of a third woman anchors the performers, allowing them to settle into each others’ bodies. Despite its short length, this final scene is a superbly erotic and satisfying ending to Mother’s Little Helper.

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Ms. Grey – The Real 50 Shades

2015-06-30_8-05-58Ms. Grey is the long-awaited Severe Sex answer to the ridiculously popular 50 Shades empire. Unless you don’t own a television, lack access to the internet, or neglect to go outside, 50 Shades of Grey has been a part of popular media coverage since the release of the first installment of the book series, and even more so since the 2015 release of the first film. 50 Shades depicts a relationship between a heterosexual couple who engage in some BDSM activities, but also have a pretty messed up relationship outside of the bedroom. Regardless of whether you may like the books or film , there is no denying that the way Anastasia and Mr. Grey relate to each other has caused a huge debate over what are considered to be the best and safest practices within a relationship involving BDSM, as well as what constitutes as abuse, unsafe play, or is just plain cheesy. Directors Lily Cade and Dee Severe have created an alternative to the heterosexual narrative in the relationship between Cade and newcomer Dolly Leigh. Leigh really holds her own with Cade, which is saying a lot since Cade is an intense top, and a veteran performer and director. Other stars include Ela Darling, who is in my favorite scene from Femdom Dream Date (also from Severe Sex), Kasey Warner, and Skin Diamond.

2015-06-30_8-02-35Similarly to how the original movie sets its plot, Ms. Grey starts with Annabelle Irons, a young, naïve, and beautiful woman who is performing the excruciatingly intimidating task of interviewing the untouchable and highly successful Ms. Grey. Of course, Annabelle trips immediately when she walks into Ms. Grey’s office. She’s like a fawn learning to walk on Louboutins. After a minute or so, Annabelle’s questions get into the meat of who Kristin Grey really is. Is she a lesbian? Why is Kristin Grey never seen in public with any significant other? These questions make Grey become flippant and bored. Grey tells Annabelle to email her the rest of the questions, and if Annabelle wants to know more about her sexual preferences she can ask her in a more private way.

The next scene cuts to the hardware store where Annabelle works. Grey is there for some essentials for home improvement to her luxury penthouse, like duct tape, rope and zip ties. Annabelle asks what kind of project the items are for and Grey says “It’s for women. What are you doing with the rest of your evening?” Unlike most people, Annabelle is not deterred from such creepy banter. The next scene takes place in a lesbian bar where Skin Diamond is the bartender. Grey and Annabelle are in a corner chatting. Annabelle is looking over a slave contract. Asserting her authority, Grey tells the confused Annabelle, “I’m a business person. When I see something I want, I get it.” Annabelle seems game, but is not ready to sign the slave contract just yet. She tells Grey that she would like to test the product before she signs. Excited by Annabelle’s business savvy, Grey takes her to her house and begins to show her why she is considered one of the best service-tops in the game.

2015-06-30_8-03-02It’s bath time at Chez Grey, and Annabelle is strapped to the tile wall by Velcro restraints attached by suction cups. Grey begins by kissing and sucking on Annabelle’s nipples, pinching and pulling at them until little screams erupt from Annabelle. Annabelle is then blindfolded, legs spread with one leg attached to a strap on the wall. Grey uses one of the straps to whip Annabelle’s breasts. Grey spins around and starts going down on Annabelle, playing with one of her nipples, and making Annabelle scream even louder. Grey spins Annabelle around so that she can use a small cane on the backside of her thighs and ass. Grey rubs Annabelle off to orgasm, makes her lick her fingers, inserts a long butt plug with several balls into Annabelle’s ass, and then-while still blindfolded-makes Annabelle go down on her and get her off. You think they’re done, but they’re not. This scene is pretty long, and they get some good vagina smacks in, as well as more intense kissing to conclude a very enthusiastic scene.2015-06-30_8-03-52

Some of the highlights of this film are the “Red Room of Pain,” Skin Diamond (because she is Skin Diamond), a threesome with Kasey Warner, and Ela Darling, who needs to be in everything Severe Society does. The Cade/Severe “Red Room of Pain” is much more realistic, more in touch with what actually happens in a private BDSM relationship, and depicts kink in an intimate way that is exciting and definitely not phony. The issue with most “mainstream” depictions of kink or BDSM, is that the producers often either make a situation so cheesy, or so unbelievable that nobody cares about the characters because they seem weak, over-acted, or under-developed.2015-06-30_8-04-32

Luckily, Cade and Severe wanted to make a more believable version of 50 Shades and use their real-life experience to change what they saw as an anti-kink message. Both Cade and Severe do an interview at the end of the film, and they discuss their desire to change the characters from being fucked up kinksters to being real people who also happen to be into kink. Both women critique the relationship between Grey and Anastasia and change the dynamic slightly by the focus of the film being a lesbian relationship. Although, the dynamic isn’t really that different because Grey is still older, more economically stable, and way more sexually experienced than Annabelle, the type of kink the characters can get into is more developed than its mainstream counterpart.

2015-06-30_8-05-33Cade states that the original Mr. Grey was an emotionally cold, distant person who had relationship issues. He tried to control Annabelle outside the bedroom, and was wrong for not treating Anastasia with respect, not the fact that he liked to spank girls. Severe interjects, “Most people would not take a vanilla, naïve girl and push her off the deep end and make her sign a slave contract–nobody does that.” The Cade/Severe team follow the plot up to a point, but the story changes due to the agency that the writer’s have given Annabelle, which they found to be lacking in the mainstream version. Cade nicely explains how the difference between fantasy and reality can often cause confusion for people in relationships. She states that often, people are not always attracted to the nice people, the people that are in the same financial bracket as you. In fact, most people fantasize about the opposite. However, that is the type of thing that makes BDSM play good, it’s that aspect of fantasy, and also remembering that these activities are just play. The original 50 Shades implies that all fetishes come from a dark place, where that may not always –or often – be the case.

2015-06-30_8-06-38In addition to the interview with Cade and Severe, Dolly Leigh sat down with Jimmy Broadway to answer a few questions. These interviews are pretty rich with personal information, and they are a great companion to the film. One thing that these interviews provide is not only a portrait of the personalities behind the content, which is always interesting, but the interviews show the varying perspectives of kinky minds. Not all people who are interested in a particular fetish have the same ideas about why they like that thing, and not everyone will be in agreement about a particular fetish. As long as you treat people with respect, have their consent, and know how to properly use the instruments you wield, you should be able to have a great time and enjoy the fantasy-and not end up like Ms. Grey.