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John Stagliano’s Hard in Love

John Stagliano's Hard In LoveJohn Stagliano is famous for his love of focusing on the derriere of his female performers.  He often casts women who use their sensuality to engage the viewer and affect intimacy.  The Hard In Love movies are  no different in their appreciation of the female form, but unlike Stagliano’s previous work, these scenes are a warped twist on his butt-centric male gaze.

Samantha Bentley and Misha Cross are real-life, very close friends as well as co-performers. While they were hanging out at the club Insomnia in Berlin they began discussing how wonderful that feeling of falling in love was. Their pitch to Stagliano, who was escorting them to the club that evening, was that the feeling of falling in love can be instantly changed by deceit, feelings of betrayal, or mixed communication, and a film showing this story arc between women would make for an especially intense film. Insomnia is Stagliano’s favorite fetish/alternative lifestyle club in the world and the combination of Cross and Bentley’s story with the club’s atmosphere convinced Stagliano of the unique opportunity he had in front of him. There is a ton of behind the scenes footage of Stagliano and his cast where you see the old ideas of Buttman meet the minds of Cross and Bentley.

John Stagliano directing John Stagliano directing

In Hard in Love, Cross and Bentley meet each other at Insomnia while Bentley is performing. They instantly know there is something between them and decide to continue seeing each other. But, Bentley is in a very dysfunctional work relationship with Angel Long (who is so good at being evil) and when Bentley tries to leave, Long declares war.

Things start to take a dark twist in Hard in Love II when Cross feels incredibly hurt that Bentley won’t leave Angel Long, so she starts a sequence of events that make both characters crash and burn rather quickly. Bentley has one of the best solo scenes EVER. Seriously, if she doesn’t win an award for this performance I will personally go to Vegas in January and protest. Bentley is taking the power back, you’re rooting for her, but as always happens in these love triangles, someone gets hurt.

Check out both Hard in Love and Hard in Love II. If you love a good story, lots of behind the scenes footage, and if you’re as happy to see women making movies that straddle the line between real life sex and fantasy obsession, then these are the films for you.

John Stagliano's Hard In Love John Stagliano's Hard In LoveJohn Stagliano's Hard In LoveJohn Stagliano's Hard In LoveJohn Stagliano's Hard In Love John Stagliano's Hard In LoveJohn Stagliano's Hard In Love John Stagliano's Hard In LoveJohn Stagliano's Hard In LoveJohn Stagliano's Hard In Love John Stagliano's Hard In Love Hard In Love II Hard In Love II Hard In Love II Hard In Love IIHard In Love IIWatch the gonzo-meets-affection set Hard In Love now on HotMoviesforHer.

Top Five Tuesday – Top AVN Picks For 2013!

The nominees for the 2012 AVN Awards have been released! This means we pick through the best of the best and give you our picks for who should win what. Really, this isn’t an end all be all list of favorites. There were many that I would pick, but this is only a top five list so I did my best. Bet of luck to everyone!

Voracious (Disc 1)

Vorracious: The First Season, John Stagliano/Evil Angel (Best Art Direction) –
This movie totally blew my face off.  (That’s what happens when I like something).  First of all, the vampires are amazing.  They’re fast, sexy, horny, blood thirsty, and… voracious.  The sex is intense – exactly what you’d expect from such creatures.  The opening scene alone starring Brooklyn Lee, Lea Lexis, and Manuel Ferrara is off the charts!  The ladies pretty much attack Manuel, but he doesn’t fight them off.  The imagery is sexy and scary yay art direction!
Joanna Angel
Joanna Angel – (Director Of The Year: Body Of Work) – Joanna Angel and queen on Burning Angel Entertainment directs porno (cum covered) gold all day and night.  She is one hell of a performer, but she killed it this year with movies like Baristas, Fuckabilly 2, Fuckenstein, and Asphyxia Heels The World.  They are hilarious and hot.  Joanna makes porn that speaks to my kind (and obiously that of many others).  She is creative, funny, and knows a thing or two about fuckin’.
Wasteland Wasteland I have slowly been reviewing this movies scene by scene.  It is definitely on my top list of all time favorite pornos.  Lily LaBeau and Lily Carter are great together – lots of tension, passion, emotion, and mind-blowing sex.  They’re easy on the eyes, but I am also impressed by the acting.  Not to mention, there is one crazy gangbang scene that will be hard for future pornos to top
Lily LaBeau Lily LaBeau (Female Performer Of The Year) – Oh Lily, you create many girl-boners.  Sorry, that was totally creepy.  I think she is a fantastical performer – she has great energy and is totally dirty.  I love that she is oh-so naughty underneath a soft innocent outside.  It just gets me. 
Belladonna's How To Fuck
Belladonna’s How To Fuck (Best Educational Release) –
When it comes to sex advice, I prefer to take it from the pros.  Can you think of anyone better than Belladonna?  She is the high queen of porn, and I am happy to watch and learn. Seriously, I took notes during the blowjob scene with Mark Wood in this movie.

Congrats to everyone and every movie that was nominated!

Voracious (Disc 1)

We are officially one week away from Halloween which means we are reviewing related movies everyday for the next week!  I’m starting this porno countdown to Halloween right with a sexy new title from John Stagliano.  Voracious is definitely making my vampire horror/porno loving eyes happy.  Just when you thought you’d had all of the blood sucking you can handle for one life time, Voracious makes you realize you have yet to reach your vampy limit.  I totally sound like a commercial, but it is just that good!

VoraciousFirst I have to say that I’ve never seen such a well cast porno.  Kudos to whoever was in charge of that department.  (Did I just use the word kudos?)  Brooklyn Lee and  Lea Lexis are the leads and make for a couple of amazing depraved vampires.  The unsuspecting human, Manuel Ferrera, thinks he is going to take a look at a house that is up for sale.  Brooklyn and Lea get him upstairs and make their move.  One of the things I love here is that Lea is wearing a tight shiny cat suit and stretching as if she is getting ready for an intense gymnastics routine.  You know, like you do when people are coming over to look at your house.  The two lady-vampires pounce and the sexin’ is on.  I am really into the overtones of female domination.  There isn’t any CBT, but the ladies are definitely in charge even when they are sucking his cock.  This is true for a good bit of this movie.  Love!  Manuel takes a lot of ass in his face, but definitely gets to fuck a lot.  The ladies are indeed voracious.  The video is sped up and there is a god bit of grunting, although it is never overdone.  They do a great job of really depicting the characters while keeping it hot and not too campy.

Before Brooklyn is able to sink her teeth into Manuel’s throat, Lea stops her and sends him on his way.  She must receive permission from the high-up vampire dude before biting anyone.  At the same time, Brooklyn plays the quintessential vampire that struggles with being a vampire role.

Scene 2 is definitely my favorite one of all. A big group of vampires is unleashed on a few ladies of the night.  If you’re a scary movie nerd like me, then you’ll probably love this scene too.  The vampires destroy their victims – at one point I’m pretty sure someone’s vag gets bitten.  Along with all of the craziness a priest, played by Steve Holmes, gets a blowjob under a tree.  I don’t want to give you the play by play because I don’t want to ruin it for you.  Yes, it’s that good!  Lots of blood and definitely some decent acting for a porno.

The story moves along and there is some conflict between the head vampire, played by the exquisitely cast Omar Galanti, and Brooklyn.  Meanwhile they bring him a victim who he and Lea promptly fuck before turning her into a midnight snack.  Next up, Brooklyn gets a good talking to and, rightfully so, a good fucking.  I witnessed some of the most creative ways to use nipple clamps ever!  There is lots of dirty group sex action here and Brooklyn definitely gets pushed to her limit.

I’m not going to get to much further into the details, but I have to say that I was totally jazzed to see Rocco Siffredi in the last scene.  A super hot foursome ensues before we get to see his fangs come out!  Watch the movie for yourself to see how it ends, but again, if you’re a horror movie nerd and porno lover, you’ll love it.

There are more episodes that I’ll definitely be reviewing in the future!  It is like watching awesome dirty sex happen in the middle of a good scary movie.  I love it!  I will warn you, there is a lot of anal sex, deep throating and other such acts.  You’re not going to want to watch this if you’re not into that sort of thing.  If you are, then get to watching!

Watch Voracious (Disc 1) now!


The Fashionistas

Two things came together in perfect synergy so I could review today’s movie: an absolutely empty office and a longer than usual amount of time to devote to my reviews. That all adds up to only one thing “The Fashionistas” a legendary award winning 4+ hour long porno I’ve been dying to take a crack at!

It all starts with a fashion show. What can I say, but that it’s obvious that the models used aren’t runway grade and neither are the clothes. The models are too curvy, sport obvious muscle and even a few unsightly rolls, the clothes are too short made from a material I can tell at a glance most closely resembles tshirt jersey cotton and nothing fills me with envy, desire or the usual shame that I’ve got too much ass for that particular outfit.

Things quickly heat up when the models are shoved off the stage by pleather wearing domes. I have to say watching that blond take a header off the stage after having her horrible outfit ripped off her body was definitely one of the better moments of none sex I’ve ever seen in a porno. These Dommes are there to offer a challenge to the designer watching the show on DVD.

Before long this wayward designer meets the usual buxom blond, who clumsily falls down right outside his hotel room door. Apparently she belongs to a vinyl clad Domme who slaps her and ushers her into the room after “bothering” their neighbor. The blond is spanked, loudly enough that the wayward designer is induced to investigate over their interconnecting balcony walls. The “Domme” here wears the outfit well but lacks the proper presence and her submissive lacks both manners and proper training.

While the sex that ensues shortly after the spanking is going on, I had to take a moment and admit that barely fifteen minutes in and I’m already loving this movie. The plot is better than its props and even its choice of actors and even if their concept of S&M is weak, almost as weak as their concept of a proper spanking, I feel perfectly justified in overlooking those small flaws as the story continues to unfold.

Sex break – I’m not usually a fan of the way Rocco Siffredi fucks and I’m still not but I must admit that Rocco’s particular style goes well with the themes of dominance and submission. Rocco is brutal, has always been brutal and will always probably be brutal, so I don’t find myself recommending his films often unless I’m talking to a femme I know really loves it hard, fast and nasty.

After Rocco’s debut fuckoff is – yay more plot! I love the way that most of the fashion world thinks of Rocco as a bit of a prick as well as the shifting politics and favors of the trade as Rocco tries to gain support for his new, fetish inspired, line. The dominant women in the film continue to come up short, the lines are right but there delivery isn’t sincere. Case in point: when the Domme Rocco met earlier shows back up as a simpering business head eager to please the big wig and get his approval of her ideas for his new line, I can practically feel her shivering submission. This lack of proper casting really begins to grate on the nerves; the powerful ‘bitches’ in this movie would have been better cast from the BDSM side of the industry for a much better effect. They could have still used the normal porn stars for the sex scenes, but their tops lack the real feel of command.

Thank dark gods for Belladonna and whoever is with her in the cage scenes. That blond – and that scene were definitely the best fetish moments of the film, the snarl on the blond’s face when she starts spanking, that was more like it! Later a couple of masked men also appear in the cage with Belladonna and that’s equally hot if you’re really into BDSM, the rest – not so much.

This review is getting nearly as long as the movie! What did I think over all? Plot gets a complete 100% from me, yes there were some holes that could have been catastrophic on anything but a porno but for a porno I’ve rarely seen anything so complex and full of depth. You really get to know and love/desire some of the characters, which is always what I’m looking for with a porn plot. The sex was varied enough and unique enough that there should be something for most, who like it rough. This is not a movie for people who like more loving or sensual sex scenes! But if you’re interested in BDSM but not fully part of the scene you’ll probably get a nice kick out of this one.