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John Stagliano’s Hard in Love

John Stagliano is famous for his love of focusing on the derriere of his female performers.  He often casts women who use their sensuality to engage the viewer and affect intimacy.  The Hard In Love movies are  no different in their appreciation of the female form, but unlike Stagliano’s previous work, these scenes are a warped twist on his butt-centric male gaze. Samantha Bentley and Misha Cross are real-life, very close friends as well as co-performers. While they were hanging out at the club Insomnia in Berlin they began discussing how wonderful that feeling of falling in love was. Their … Continue reading John Stagliano’s Hard in Love

Top Five Tuesday – Top AVN Picks For 2013!

The nominees for the 2012 AVN Awards have been released! This means we pick through the best of the best and give you our picks for who should win what. Really, this isn’t an end all be all list of favorites. There were many that I would pick, but this is only a top five list so I did my best. Bet of luck to everyone! Vorracious: The First Season, John Stagliano/Evil Angel (Best Art Direction) – This movie totally blew my face off.  (That’s what happens when I like something).  First of all, the vampires are amazing.  They’re fast, … Continue reading Top Five Tuesday – Top AVN Picks For 2013!

Voracious (Disc 1)

We are officially one week away from Halloween which means we are reviewing related movies everyday for the next week!  I’m starting this porno countdown to Halloween right with a sexy new title from John Stagliano.  Voracious is definitely making my vampire horror/porno loving eyes happy.  Just when you thought you’d had all of the blood sucking you can handle for one life time, Voracious makes you realize you have yet to reach your vampy limit.  I totally sound like a commercial, but it is just that good! First I have to say that I’ve never seen such a well … Continue reading Voracious (Disc 1)

The Fashionistas

Two things came together in perfect synergy so I could review today’s movie: an absolutely empty office and a longer than usual amount of time to devote to my reviews. That all adds up to only one thing “The Fashionistas” a legendary award winning 4+ hour long porno I’ve been dying to take a crack at! It all starts with a fashion show. What can I say, but that it’s obvious that the models used aren’t runway grade and neither are the clothes. The models are too curvy, sport obvious muscle and even a few unsightly rolls, the clothes are … Continue reading The Fashionistas