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Top Five Tuesday: Top Pornos To Watch On Halloween!

We’ve been hunkered down riding out Hurricane Sandy here in the great city of Philadelphia for the last couple of days. We made it through safely and feel strongly that the porno must go on! There is no way we were going to let a little wind and rain stop us from one of our favorite posts of the year: Top Five Halloween Pornos! Halloween XXX Porn Parody – While this porno isn’t new, it is a must-have on any top Halloween smut list.  Lily La Beau is sought after by Michael Myers and she is totally into banging him … Continue reading Top Five Tuesday: Top Pornos To Watch On Halloween!


Holy crap, guys! It’s finally here – the week I’ve been waiting for since summer started dwindling down. It’s the week leading up to Halloween, and if you’ve been following us smut peddlers for the last few years, you know that this is the week we dig deep into the depths of the site and pull out all the juicy horror porns to review! That’s right, we watch the creepiest, crawliest dirty flicks and bring the findings straight to your eyeballs. Pretty ghastly, huh? I am so excited! Those pervy punks over at Burning Angel Entertainment are back with yet another … Continue reading Fuckenstein

Tails From The Zipper

It’s not really the time of year that we traditionally review horror porn (it’s why I love October so much!), but when I stumbled across Tails From The Zipper in our WTF? Category, I just knew it had to be today’s review.  I mean really, with a description like this, can you see why I wouldn’t be able to pass it by? “Tails From The Zipper offers a chilling change of pace from the usual adult fare: You like sex with a SCREAM? Want some HORROR with your HUMPING? How about something CREEPY with you CLIMAX? Come see what’s behind these … Continue reading Tails From The Zipper

The Human Sexipede

I think I actually squealed the first time I heard about this awesome porno parody. I’ve been a total Human Centipede follower since I first found out about it last year and obviously saw it the minute I could convince friends to watch with me (I don’t do horror alone). I am a big fan of both the concept and execution, which isn’t always easy when it comes to a new, unheard of scary story plot line. Basically, the quick story is: a mad doctor gathers three tourists (two American women and one Japanese guy) and sews them together by … Continue reading The Human Sexipede

Flesh For The Beast (Unrated)

Happy Halloween week!  I am so excited for this first horror porn review of the year! Alright, I’m gonna cut to the chase with this one. I’m not even totally sure if I would call this movie porn really. It’s more of a softcore sexy flick with tons of naked lady flesh, but not one cock shot to spare. In fact, I don’t think the dudes even take their shirts off at all. But what this movie lacks in sexy quota, it totally makes up in blood, guts and gore, which for me is a completely valid exchange. Of course … Continue reading Flesh For The Beast (Unrated)

One Lone Lesbian Agrees… The Human Sexipede!!

Alright, I was sicko out of almost everyone I know that truly liked The Human Centipede.  Yep, I’m talkin’ about that screwed up horror flick about a crazy German doctor attaching three people by their digestive tracks.  What can I say? I love me an inventive horror plot! So, when I heard that porno was taking on the awesomeness that is The Human Centipede, I was so freaking in you wouldn’t believe it.  And look what I found today – the trailer! So here it is in all it’s glory – The Human Sexipede! I am seriously in my happy … Continue reading One Lone Lesbian Agrees… The Human Sexipede!!

Bella Branches Out – Horror Film Style!

Our beloved Belladonna is branching out from porn to drop in on a different genre – horror! That’s right, Bella has signed on to be a part of the film Stripped, a  horror flick about to brothers and a friend going out on a birthday adventure which turns gruesome after they become trapped in a house with a “family” of malevolent women. Sounds pretty intense/awesome, right?  I can not wait to see what kind of character Belladonna ends up playing.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she is one of the villains.  It just seems so much hotter! Writers Justina … Continue reading Bella Branches Out – Horror Film Style!

Zombie Nation

Studio: Television X Category: Features At this point in my life, I don’t think I’d be that impressed if real zombies started roaming the world… unless they were porno zombies that were looking to eat cock/pussy instead of brains. Ok fine, they can still crave brains, but I definitely need to see some fucking first. A sexy bits appetizer, if you will. Bone appétit! I think this means that I’ve officially watched way too much zombie porn this season, but really, is there such a thing as too much zombie porn? I think not… especially since Halloween is tomorrow! Since … Continue reading Zombie Nation

FrankenHunter – Queen Of The Porno Zombies

Studio: Vidway Category: Fantasy & Supernatural It took me a while to pick this movie out of the bunch to review for today. Halloween reviews are some of my favorite of the year, and I wanted to be sure I was choosing something especially scary/amazing. I literally stopped and started 4 or 5 movies because they just weren’t right. I mean really, there was one that didn’t get down and dirty until 30 minutes in. While that’s usually fine, this important review needs a little something more. Something like Queen of the Porno Zombies! Seriously, this movie could a video … Continue reading FrankenHunter – Queen Of The Porno Zombies