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Free Porn Friday!

Each week we make free clip galleries of three movies for our affiliates to use… so why not share some of those clips here?

Welcome to Free Porn Friday!

First up is UltimateSurrender.com’s , scene four, with and .

Check out the FREE GALLERY of clips from Ultimate Surrender – Featuring Isis Love and Rain DeGrey!


Second is Dane Jones’ , scene two, featuring and .

Check out the FREE GALLERY of clips from Taste Each Other!


And lastly, Alpha France’s , scene six, featuring Olinka and Gabriel Pontello.

Check out the FREE GALLERY of clips from Marilyn, My Sexy Love!

Hope you enjoyed. Have a great weekend!


Lover’s Touch

Sometimes all you need is one touch from your lover to make the rest of the world disappear.  Yes, that may sound a little cheesy, but honestly, I know for myself there are definitely times when a single touch has melted away the stress of the day and transformed a bad mood into something a little more… sexy.  And if we are lucky, that one graze leads to many, many more, and hopefully turns itself into some full blown hanky panky!  Today studio  brings us their interpretation of what can happen when that delicious singular action becomes so much more.

In true Dane Jones form, this flick is quick and to the point, with minimal plot, a basic background and a quickie time of 27 minutes.  The pair doesn’t bother with a whole romantic story before hopping into bed to do what they came to do.  They start out in the bed and the clothes come off within minutes, but don’t think that this is some wham bam movie. No, this pair keeps it sensual and sexy while they get hot and heavy.  It helps that both Adel and Richard are super attractive and have lots of chemistry from the get go.

The racy action begins with Richard kissing his way down Adel’s stomach and licking her breasts all over.  They grind into each other while still clothed, which is way hotter than it sounds, and then Richard makes his way down south to dive into Adel’s pussy face-first.  As soon as he comes up for air, Adel makes a grab for Richard’s cock and strokes it lovingly while his pants are around his thighs.  I do need to note that both of them are wearing totally white outfits, on a totally white bed.  It’s a little bizarre, but it’s easy to ignore and pay attention to the sex.

It isn’t long before Richard must have his cock inside Adel and they start to fuck, with him behind her as they both lay down.  Keeping the sexy momentum up, the couple switches positions often, putting Adel on top, as well as having her get it from behind in doggie-style – not to forget their short stay in missionary position.  There is a little dirty talk, but since it’s in another language (something eastern European, I believe), I have no idea what they are saying, which, to me, is a little disappointing.

What isn’t disappointing, though, is Adel’s mind-blowing orgasm.  Nope, no disappointment over here.

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Top Five Tuesday – Coffee and Porn Making My Dreams Come True!

As a porn blogger, inspiration comes from many places. You’d think it was all vagina this and penis that, but sometimes everyday activities help you choose what to write about or what dirty movie to watch. Today one of my most favorite things in the world has inspired my Top Five Tuesday – coffee! I love it, I love drinking it, smelling it, getting jacked up on it, etc. In fact, I’m going to pause here and grab a cup before I finish my list.

Fresh Coffee
Fresh CoffeeMmmm morning sex.  This is another hot and passionate Dane Jones flick that we here at HotMoviesForHer are fans of.  He brings her a cup of coffee bright and early which wakes her up enough to get busy under the sheets.
Coffee Break
Coffee BreakCoffee seems to be a pretty great segway to sex.  It allows for so many innuendos and and excuses to invite people up when it’s getting late.  In this VeryOldMovie, a smoking hot lady serves up a cup of coffee which leads her guest to tell her that she is just as hot as his cup of joe!  Naturally with a line like that they totally get it on! 
Carol's Coffee Craving Carol’s Coffee CravingI know what it is like to have an intense coffee craving, so intense that you might lose it on someone if I don’t get it immediately.  Some call it addiction and I’m okay with that.  Anywho, these folks have one of those cravings, but are unable to find coffee along with any of the apparatus that goes along with it.  Carol ends up getting spanked over it.  Her cheeks turn bright red, but she is giggling the entire time. I love how amused she is!
A Coffee In The Morning Turns Me On A Coffee In The Morning Turns Me OnI’m not going to act like a I don’t ejoy watching a beautiful woman enjoy a cup of coffee, but I’ll admit that I was a little disappointed in this porno.  I wanted more coffee action, or at least some creative use of coffee drinking while she got down with the solo lovin’.  She took a few sips, put the mug down and got to business.  It was lovely and all, but if coffee turns you on so much, why did you put it down so quickly?
Coffee, Tea Or Me Coffee, Tea Or Me – A total classic that even gets J.D’s stamp of approval!  The sex scenes are totally hot and there is a fun story to go along with them.  Airplane sex?  Hello!  I totally forgot about the coffee thing.  Sort of.  


Take Me

Dinah 2012 was a total blast and I was loving being all up in the mix with thousands of lesbians.  Seriously, I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced so many awesome ladies in one spot having so much fun together.  While it was awesome and I can never get enough of the all-girl action, I thought it was time to toss in a little hetero lovin’.  Changing things up never hurts and I certainly don’t want to give you guys too much of a good thing! Today’s female-male match up is Take Me from Dane Jones.

Take MeIt isn’t often that a porno description really grabs my attention, but there was a line that caught my eye in this one.  “Girls like Morgan don’t come along very often. Not only is she smoking hot, she also holds a Master’s degree and speaks four languages fluently.”  It does go on to talk about how much Morgan likes anal sex, but I loved the idea of her brain being cause for the turn on.  Sure, many of us turn to porn in a fit of horniness and need for visual stimulation during a hot and heavy solo session.  BUT, I like the idea of being drawn to someone’s brain even in a porno.  Smart people are hot and I’m totally into making them part of my smut.

In just over 20 minutes, we get to watch 2 long lost friends finally do the getting on they always wanted to do.  At first Morgan tries to resist Martin, but he is determined to live out his fantasies with her.  His persistence made me a little uncomfortable at first, but it soon becomes apparent that she is totally into sexing him.  Whew!

Martin has a rather nice cock – it isn’t huge and has some nice girth to it.  Apparently, Morgan liked it too.  When she rides him you can see her delicious white lady juices all over him.  I love knowing that he was making her feel so damn good!  Eventually, the two make spoons and Morgan guides his cock into her ass.  I have to say, I would have liked to have seen a little more lube used.  You can never have enough!  She climbs on top for a bit, then on to her knees for a little anal lovin’ from behind.  He cums on her ass while she massages her pussy and all is right in the world.

Take Me is yet another porno win from Dane Jones.  If you’re into hot hetero quickies (and butt sex), you’ll definitely enjoy this one.  I liked the little story line leading up to the sex and they absolutely had all the right moves.

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Round 2 From The Ladies – February Newsletter

Round 2 – From The Ladies!

Remember last month when we realized that HotMoviesForHer.com has a mailing system? It turns out many of you read the mailer and liked it! Heck, we might give this thing a go every month. For those of you who may have forgotten, in January we found out that thousands of you had signed up to get emails from us. Who knew, right? Since you took the time to click that email signup button, we decided that it would only be right for us to send you out a newsletter treat, chock full of interesting things that we’ve been up to!

So, what’s been going on?

– Guest blogger Sophia St. James offers up a trio of enticing interviews with Queer Menage a Trois.

– HotMovies4Her Sex Tips shares a little info on Shared Masturbation.

– The HM4Her Sex Toy Crew got their nerdy kink on with Handmade Periodic Table Leather Restraints from Project TransAction.

We would also like to welcome new studio Dane Jones to our pervy midst. They bring the passion of genuine intimacy and real orgasms to screen, all shot exclusively by professional filmmakers and photographers. Sounds hot, right? It totally is!

Dane Jones’ high-quality erotica mixes the amazingly sensual chemistry with seriously sexy hardcore action, making it the perfect addition to our collection of porn for couples.

Interested in knowing more? Take a look at HM4Her’s review of their movie Tenderness.

Welcome to the party, Dane Jones! We can’t wait to see what else you have up your extrememly sultry sleeves.

Oh, and just to let you know, there are exciting things abuzz in the HotMoviesForHer offices! Keep an eye out in April, because big things are coming…

And thank you for letting us stop in for a quick hello! Cheers til next time.


-JD and Ginger, the ladies of HotMoviesForHer.com

Fucked By A Stranger

So, I was pretty put off by this movie within the first few minutes.  This guy totally walks in and forces a kiss on a woman looking at an apartment for reant.  Inappropriate!  What the hell?  Alas, she melts.  Some may argue that this condones bad behavior.  To that I say this: porn is about fantasy and I know many women who have this fantasy.  Sure, some porn is much closer to reality than others, but isn’t playing make believe fun too?

Fucked By A StrangerI’m pretty into these Dane Jones pornos.  They’re short and some fiery passionate stuff goes down.  In this particular movie, the home invader doesn’t bother to fully remove her clothing before working her over with his tongue and eventually fucking her.  Who has time to take off their pants these days, anyway?  First with her legs in the air and then form behind,  he gives her a proper fucking which you can tell she is in to, but doesn’t over act.  The two move to the floor where each manage to get one pant leg off.  They go at it for a bit longer and he eventually splooges on her ass like any polite stranger would.

He gets dressed and leaves, but not before giving her a few thank you kisses on his way out.  At least he was sweet about the whole come in and use you for your sex thing.  I kid.  She is happy and looks like she could go for a little more, but she’ll be on her own to finish herself off.  It’s a pretty hot fantasy-come-to-real-(porno) life scenario and I totally dig the way they did it.  I think any woman, or man for that matter, would enjoy indulging their mental sexcapade with Fucked By  A Stranger.

Watch Fucked By A Stranger now!




Tenderness is not usually the first thing people go to when they think about porn.  Sure, some porn is super tender, but because the majority of dirty movies are pretty devoid of a most things soft and sweet, it’s usually forgotten.   And while tenderness is what kept me watching this movie, I have to admit that it was the giant soup can of a cock on the box cover.  I mean really, look at that thing!  Anyway, back to the tenderness…

I guess it makes sense that I would have never heard of this studio, Dane Jones, before, since it looks like this is the first movie we have in from them, and it only came in a few days ago.  From what I can tell, it looks like they offer up high-quality erotica – which is something that we do love around here at HM4Her.  We do like to have a good mix of tenderness and super smutty hardcore going on.   Welcome Dane Jones!

It’s pretty obvious that Martin and Silvie have chemistry together.  They ways that they touch each other never feel scripted or unnatural.  More like places they’ve put their hands many times before.  He spends a nice long time going down on her before he even takes his pants off.  Nice work, Martin.

I really love the part at about 11:20, when Silvie rubs Martin’s cock between her pussy lips as she rides him.  There is just something so extra hot about humping like that, when he isn’t even inside her.  Plus, it looks beautiful on screen.  The only bad part is that it only goes on for a few seconds before he enters her.  But once he does head inside, the action continues to be sexy and delicious all the way to the end.

And clocking in and under 30 minutes, this video is perfect for someone looking for something as quick and to the point as it is soft and sweet.  Otis Redding was right – you definitely want to try a little Tenderness!

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