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Free Porn Friday!

Each week we make free clip galleries of three movies for our affiliates to use… so why not share some of those clips here? Welcome to Free Porn Friday! First up is UltimateSurrender.com’s Ultimate Surrender – Featuring Isis Love and Rain DeGrey, scene four, with Isis Love and Rain Degrey. Check out the FREE GALLERY of clips from Ultimate Surrender – Featuring Isis Love and Rain DeGrey!   Second is Dane Jones’ Taste Each Other, scene two, featuring Martin and Veronika B. Check out the FREE GALLERY of clips from Taste Each Other!   And lastly, Alpha France’s Marilyn, My … Continue reading Free Porn Friday!

Lover’s Touch

Sometimes all you need is one touch from your lover to make the rest of the world disappear.  Yes, that may sound a little cheesy, but honestly, I know for myself there are definitely times when a single touch has melted away the stress of the day and transformed a bad mood into something a little more… sexy.  And if we are lucky, that one graze leads to many, many more, and hopefully turns itself into some full blown hanky panky!  Today studio Dane Jones brings us their interpretation of what can happen when that delicious singular action becomes so much … Continue reading Lover’s Touch

Top Five Tuesday – Coffee and Porn Making My Dreams Come True!

As a porn blogger, inspiration comes from many places. You’d think it was all vagina this and penis that, but sometimes everyday activities help you choose what to write about or what dirty movie to watch. Today one of my most favorite things in the world has inspired my Top Five Tuesday – coffee! I love it, I love drinking it, smelling it, getting jacked up on it, etc. In fact, I’m going to pause here and grab a cup before I finish my list. Fresh Coffee – Mmmm morning sex.  This is another hot and passionate Dane Jones flick … Continue reading Top Five Tuesday – Coffee and Porn Making My Dreams Come True!

Take Me

Dinah 2012 was a total blast and I was loving being all up in the mix with thousands of lesbians.  Seriously, I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced so many awesome ladies in one spot having so much fun together.  While it was awesome and I can never get enough of the all-girl action, I thought it was time to toss in a little hetero lovin’.  Changing things up never hurts and I certainly don’t want to give you guys too much of a good thing! Today’s female-male match up is Take Me from Dane Jones. It isn’t often that a … Continue reading Take Me

Round 2 From The Ladies – February Newsletter

Round 2 – From The Ladies! Remember last month when we realized that HotMoviesForHer.com has a mailing system? It turns out many of you read the mailer and liked it! Heck, we might give this thing a go every month. For those of you who may have forgotten, in January we found out that thousands of you had signed up to get emails from us. Who knew, right? Since you took the time to click that email signup button, we decided that it would only be right for us to send you out a newsletter treat, chock full of interesting … Continue reading Round 2 From The Ladies – February Newsletter

Fucked By A Stranger

So, I was pretty put off by this movie within the first few minutes.  This guy totally walks in and forces a kiss on a woman looking at an apartment for reant.  Inappropriate!  What the hell?  Alas, she melts.  Some may argue that this condones bad behavior.  To that I say this: porn is about fantasy and I know many women who have this fantasy.  Sure, some porn is much closer to reality than others, but isn’t playing make believe fun too? I’m pretty into these Dane Jones pornos.  They’re short and some fiery passionate stuff goes down.  In this … Continue reading Fucked By A Stranger


Tenderness is not usually the first thing people go to when they think about porn.  Sure, some porn is super tender, but because the majority of dirty movies are pretty devoid of a most things soft and sweet, it’s usually forgotten.   And while tenderness is what kept me watching this movie, I have to admit that it was the giant soup can of a cock on the box cover.  I mean really, look at that thing!  Anyway, back to the tenderness… I guess it makes sense that I would have never heard of this studio, Dane Jones, before, since it … Continue reading Tenderness