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Writers’ Roundup: Porn Stars We’d Love To Date

Porn can be a tough business. Not only does a performer have to work hard on their body, perfect their scene skills, and constantly promote themselves, they also have to deal with a lot of people who misunderstand them, unfairly categorize them, or troll them on social media. We all know not to feed trolls, so let’s celebrate this industry as best we can by lifting up these hard-working performers. Porn is about fun and fantasy, and we decided to fantasize about porn stars we think would make great partners. Of course, these stars are much more than their relationship … Continue reading Writers’ Roundup: Porn Stars We’d Love To Date

Kink School: Tips From A Master

If you follow this blog, you’ll know that we’re huge fans of fetish studio Severe Sex. Their BDSM education-based series, Kink School, is an excellent resource for anyone curious about the lifestyle or just looking to add kinky elements to their usual bedroom routine. After reviewing Tips From A Dominatrix when it came out over the summer, I was super excited to receive Tips From A Master. I was interested to see what insights were offered from the seasoned Maledoms compared with the advice given by the Dommes in Severe’s previous title. Scene One: Performer Interviews Like the former Kink School titles, this film begins with … Continue reading Kink School: Tips From A Master

Up and Coming Tattooed Stars

Summer is almost here, and with the warm weather comes the shedding of most of our clothing as we bare our backs, thighs, and upper arms to the world. It’s during this time of year that we get to show off any body modifications that may have been covered by layers of alpaca in order to endure the unbearably cold winter months. Just as tattoos have become more popular than they were in previous decades, the porn world has acquired an influx of tattooed performers who are helping to change what an “average” porn star looks like. Besides being a … Continue reading Up and Coming Tattooed Stars