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Skyping With April Flores – A Video Interview

One of the biggest bummers about being on the East Coast is that we are so far away from all the action happening on the porno-laden West Coast, and we don’t get to spend a lot of time hanging out with the awesome stars that live out there.  Like take April Flores for example.  The only time I get to see that fabulous zaftig beauty is that the Feminist Porn Awards, which are once a year, and the trip is definitely not long enough to satiate my need for the amazingness that is April.

Thankfully we have the internet to help us connect with faraway friends.  With the magic of Skype on our side, Ginger and I were able to sit down at the computer yesterday and have ourselves a lovely video interview with April about , her fantastic new movie with director/husband !

A quick note that yes, we realize that it’s a little bit low rent.  After spending the morning with the IT team setting up a program to record Skype, it ended up not working correctly last minute and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna give up a chance to chat with April Flores (or waste her time), so we just filmed the screen with my phone.  Hell, I would have Macgyver-ed that business with a piece of gum and a bobby pin if it needed to happen to make everything work out.  So apologies to the video quality, but hey, we all get to see and hear April Flores, so really, I’m not that sorry.

Man, that lady is charming!  You should definitely go read my review of April Flores World and check out this gallery of FREE clips from the movie.  You won’t be sorry!



April Flores World

I can’t tell you how excited I am for this movie. I mean really, is there any place I’d rather be more than April Flores’ World?  I think not. There’s been buzz about this C. Batts FLY movie for a while, but it’s only now that I finally have the time to sit down and give it the proper attention it deserves.  Oh April, I am so ready!

First things first, I need to stress that this movie is not your typical porno.  Not only is there very little sex happening, we get a chance to see  in a whole different light and experience her shining personality on screen.  As much as I love me some April Flores perversions (and I so, so do), I am so excited to see more than just her super hot body being featured.

Don’t get me wrong, I am overjoyed to watch her get busy, but I can turn on any porno with April and see her fucking.  This movie is so special because it’s something totally different.  In fact, from what I’ve heard from April and  (the director/April’s husband), this movie is a completely intentional stray from the norm, dedicated to offering April in a previously unseen way.  Maybe it’s because I watch so much porn, but I am honestly thrilled to see something different – especially from a duo as artistic and unexpected as April and Carlos. Onward to the action!

While I’m not really into wet and messy porn (I am a Virgo, after all), I totally love watching this opening scene with April and her friend Christa, as they get into an all out pie fight and hang out on a busy sidewalk covered in whipped cream.  The whole thing is very PG-13 on the surface, but oozes with sexual tension and sweet, girly giggles.  It’s sexy and fun in a way that doesn’t scream “fetish,” but definitely gets it across to those in the pervy know.  It may be a little analyze-y on my part, but I see that opening as a way to introduce that no one is taking themselves too porno seriously here, which I see as a good thing.  After all, there is a LOT of very earnest “sexy” porn out there… sometimes you need to find what makes you laugh to stand out.

About fifteen minutes into the movie, we get a first glimpse of April doing anything overtly sexual.  She poses for a picture, rubbing her tits and sucking on a dildo.  That only goes on for a few minutes before we head into a behind the scenes at April’s photo shoot with Bizarre Magazine.  The pictures from the shoot are actually really awesome, so it’s neat to see what happened back stage, including all the blooper-y stuff.  What can I say, I like the realness.

When I got to scene 3, I was actually pretty excited because if I’m not mistaken, this jerk off action was filmed during the Feminist Porn Awards trip of 2011 – and this was down the hall from my room.  And if this was when I’m thinking it was, I was actually getting ready to do an interview with April right afterwards.  Anyway, sorry for my trip down memory lane, back to the hotness.  Tina Horn shoots a scene of April, dressed in a lacy bra and fishnets give a super sexy dildo blowjob.  Yum.

Alright, I need to stop writing about every scene in detail, because this review is going to be nine pages long if I don’t.  What I really want to convey in this write-up is the tone of the movie, which is avant garde and highly erotic, while still being light and fun.  April gets a chance to really show her charming personality, which, for me, only enhances my hard on for her.  We should all consider ourselves lucky to have a chance to spend a little time getting to know this side of April Flores.  Two thumbs up from this peanut gallery.

Watch “” Now!

Top Five Movies I Want To Watch!

Reviewing porno is a tricky business.  For every movie that I choose to watch, there are three others that catch my eye but must fall to the wayside for that day.  And, of course, because I am my scatter-brained self, I totally forget that they are even there in the first place.  That’s right – ! have an overabundance of awesome porn to watch.  Woe is me, right?  Anyway, to remind myself of all the fantastic newer movies I need to check out, I am making the list into a Top Five Tuesday of Movies I Want To Watch so that you can take a look as well and let me know if these are movies that I need to review right away.  Comment away!

 – I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not really sure what to expect from April Flores World.  From the screen shots it looks like a collection of various kinds of scenes, focusing more on interviews and behind-the-scenes action, with a little masturbation and sex thrown in as well.  I got an email from April giving me a heads up that it’s very different that the other movies that she and her pornographer husband, Carlos Batts, have made and that it is a more artistic film featuring her personality more than her sexual expression. 

As much as I LOVE me some Belladonna and her footie delights, it was actually Ginger Leigh that pointed out that I should include this on the list.  I had originally picked a different movie which ended up being one that I had actually reviewed (a nod to the aforementioned scatter-brain), so I went looking for another title and Ginger offered up this one, as she reviewed it and loved it.  So on the list it goes!  Thanks Gingie!
 T-Wood Pictures gives us another super sexy trans masculine movie chock full of some of the steamiest screen grabs I’ve seen in a minute.  I did a quick scan through this flick a few weeks back when we got it in so that I could post some really delicious pictures and a free clip.  I also called it a “transman-sterpeice,” which I think not only is hilarious, but really says it all.  Thanks T-Wood, you never let me down!
Star Wars XXX – A Porn Parody (Disc 1) While I totally refuse to watch this movie until I see the actual Star Wars from the ’70s (yeah, I know, I can’t believe it either), I am so curious to see how they parody one of the most famous movies of all time. I’m sure there are a ton of awesome effects and costumes included with the super hot sexy action that  brings to the screen.  It’s only a plus that the movie’s roster offers up a ton of the hottest names in porn.  Can’t wait!  
I had been hearing great things about Juicy Pink Box way before we started offering their movies and was happy to hop on the  bandwagon as soon as their titles hit our site.  While I’ve totally enjoyed each of the movies I’ve watched, I really cannot believe I haven’t checked this one out yet.  I mean, c’mon, it won a Feminist Porn Award this year for Hottest Lesbian Vignette.  I have got to get on the ball with this hotness!!

Take a look and let me know what to review first!


Wrapping Up 2011, HotMoviesForHer Style!

Well, it’s that time again – the end of the year.  Can you believe 2011 is already coming to a close?  It’s been a bust last twelves months here at HM4Her, with lots of changes, including a farewell from The Porn Librarian and welcoming Ginger Leigh into the fold.  We’ve also reviewed a ton of movies and toys this year, as well as juggling all the fun of traveling for work and managing the craziness of our own personal lives.  So to do it up right, here is a very special round up, featuring the top five movies we’ve each reviewed this year, along with our top five toys/life/whatever picks.  Let’s get to it!

First up is Ginger Leigh!

Top Five Movies:

Bobbi’s World I am so feeling Bobbi Starr‘s movies.  They are shot from her POV and from the outside of the action.  I’d say she took a page out of Belladonna’s book, but absolutely brings her own brand of hotness. Plus, the scene starring Bobbi and Kim Kane make me wish I was a curling iron.  Just sayin’.
The Return Of The Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls – This was one of those pornos that I watched with my jaw gently resting on my keyboard.  It is seriously hot all the way around.  Director Maria Beatty is at the top of my list when it comes to superb feminist smut.  I love it.  All of it. The chemistry between performers in this movie is out of this world and I’m so very thankful that it exists.
Belladonna: Manhandled 4Belladonna can do no wrong. Any of her movies could easily fit into this list.  I think what makes this one so special is the opening scene with Bella herself and Ramone Nomar.  He roughs her up right and the sound of his voice totally makes me swoon.  Or perhaps it’s that dark hallway scene starring James Deen.  Orrr maybe it’s the way Mr. Pete mixes merciless slaps with sweet kisses. Or maybe it’s…
No Fauxxx: Jiz Lee – I believe quoting the last paragraph of my review will suffice here. “Director Courtney Trouble reigns supreme when it comes to queer porn and giving the big middle finger to gender rules and boundaries.  If this sounds like your kind of jam, you should watch No Fauxxx: Jiz Lee.  It’s Jiz fucking Lee masturbating in a public restroom.  What the hell else do you want?”
Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex 3: Adrianna’s Dangerous MindJ.D. and reviewed this movie scene by scene.  It is amazingly dirty, but sex positive and awesome.  Adrianna Nicole loves it rough and knows how to communicate what she likes… a girl after my own heart.  Thank you, Tristan Taormino, for making great porn.

Top Five Toys/Life/Whatever:

Working for HotMoviesForHer – I started writing for HotMoviesForHer in February of 2011.  It has been one of the best work experiences ever.  I love working for a sex positive porn site for women.  I get to spread the good word on porno to women everywhere, but on personal level I find it pretty damn empowering.  Also, I get to work with J.D. everyday.  I’m really lucky to have such an amazing co-worker and friend.
The RodeoH – Hands down, the most comfortable harness I have ever slipped over my cheeks!  The RodeoH is a brief that also acts as a strap-on harness.  It looks sexy and feels great on.  Excluding super heavy dildos, it is top notch in function. 
Danny Wylde’s Bieber Funded Wishlist: It is no secret that I am a big fan of Danny Wylde.  Earlier this year, I stumbled across his Bieber Wish List on his blog.  Long story short, if you purchased an item for him on his Amazon Wish List you got a video of Danny dressed as Justin Bieber, singing and jacking off.  Sold!  He was super nice and the video was hysterical… and hot.  His blog isn’t all about pop stars and masturbation.  He has some great incite on the industry and life in general.  You should check it out.
Burlesque– No, not the Christina Aguilara/ Cher movie… ick.  I’m talking about performing.  While performing is always one of the biggest loves in my life, this year (for reasons i’m not going to get into) I realized just how much I love it and how very alive I am when I am on stage.  It has been a great year for the show as a whole, but personally I have grown and it feels pretty damn good.
The Mayer Hawthorne Concert–   Life.  Changing.  Show.  Mayer’s concert rocked my soul the core.  He sounded even better live than recorded AND I got to meet him after the show! He was a super nice dude and I will never ever forget it.  This was definitely one of the biggest highlights of my year.

Next Up is J.D. Bauchery!

Top Five Movies:

ArtcoreNot only does director Carlos Batts offer up the amazing hotness that is a Courtney Trouble / Kelly Shibari / April Flores (his wife!) masturbation three-way, we also get April and Drew Deveaux bangin’ a little while later. Seriously, does the man sneak into my fantasies and bring them to the porno screen? Because I can’t think of combos I’d like to watch more.
The Female Voyeur – I was looking forward to this Petra Joy movie since I had heard about it, which was way before we got it on the site. Joy’s amazing feminist porn always offers up deliciously strong, sexually charged ladies in her flicks and this newest movie does not disappoint.
Belladonna’s Spontaneass (Disc 1):She really did try to stay away, but alas, you invite people to come do a blowjob movie, and you are Belladonna, you WILL get involved. This amazing orgy movie is called Spontaneass because that’s just what it was, a totally spontaneous fuckfest that spawned out of Bella filming an innocent blowjob movie while on hiatus from porno. Thank Goodness that she couldn’t help herself because this is one of the HOTTEST movies of the year. Trust me.
Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide To Female Orgasms-Tristan Taormino can do no wrong in my mind. Seriously, this woman is the epitome of sexy sex educator, bringing the knowledge of instructional porn into the heat of super hot high quality porn. There aren’t too many directors I would trust with truly representing female orgasms, but Tristan gets my two thumbs up. Not to mention performers Dylan Ryan, Jiz Lee, Adrianna Nicole, James Deen, Madison Young are more.
Queer Porn TV: James Darling + Wolf Hudson Part OneWolf Hudson and James Darling go at it in a bathtub in one of the queerest romps I’ve ever encountered. What I wrote in the review sums the whole thing up, I think: “James Darling sucks cock like a serious champ. He doesn’t just like it – he LIVES for it. I’ve never seen someone’s eyes roll back in pleasure quite like this; especially as a giver and not a receiver. You can totally tell that Darling is getting off himself as he goes to town on Wolf’s rock hard dick. Truly a treat to watch.” YUM.

Top Five Toys/Life/Whatever:

Jackhammer JesusThis blasphemously awesome dildo came to me from Divine Interventions to review right as Easter rolled around, making my holiday one to remember. I mean really, who doesn’t love a huge silicone cock with a rendering of Jesus on the cross molded onto it? I know this Jew found it mighty amazing… and so did my pussy.
Meeting My Man – Back in March of this year, I was out at a local queer artist showcase event when I ran into this guy I’ve known for about 10 years as an acquaintance. One thing lead to another and we ended up staying out til 4 in the morning and smooching in the first stirrings of daylight. Fast forward to present, when this amazing man and I just moved in together and are creating a home and family of animal offspring. I am so lucky to have met such an amazing queer fellow who is just as pervy and ridiculous as I am, and I am grateful every day.
Tristan Butt Plug: Anal queen/ sex educator Tristan Taormino developed a signature butt plug for silicone toy makers Vixen Creations. I’m pretty sure there is nothing I would trust more going up my butt.
ScrewSmart – The adult sex education collaborative I co-run with two amazing women is just entering it’s second year, and we could not be happier about the work we’ve been doing. Not only are we offering workshops, but we’ve been performing regularly and even taught and performed up in Canada this year, making us international adventurers!
Meeting and Interviewing Buck Angel – Earlier in the year, I had the great pleasure of meeting and interviewing the fantastic Buck Angel, the man with a pussy. Along with being a pioneer in the trans porn industry, Buck is an educator, activist and all around awesome guy. It was a dream come true!

Have a very happy new year!

Ginger and J.D.

April Flores Blowjob Video

Sometimes porn brings out the bells and whistles, flooding the screen with fancy sets and scores of performers waiting to get their fuck on.  And sometimes porn keeps it nice and simple, offering up just one amazingly sexy performer blowing her director/husband has he films it, POV-style.  While I enjoy both types of movies, there is definitely something extra to be said about the more low-key approach.

The stakes get even higher when I tell you that this one awesome performer is none other than the fantastic April Flores.  That’s right, the curvy redhead (like fire engine red) dominates the screen with only her man Carlos Batts’ penis guest appearing to join her.  We don’t even get to see any of him other than his wang, but really, the more April the better, so I’m not complaining.

Most of this quickie (less than 14 minutes) is spent with April’s mouth full to the brim of cock, with only a little variation bringing her massive tits into the mix.  I mean, why blow the whole time when you have the perfect cleavage to sandwich a wiener into?

I love love love how April keeps her eyes either firmly on the camera or buried in the delicious dish of the day.  She is a girl after my own heart, after all.  There is a “never get enough” quality that I really appreciate, as Flores only wants more and more of that stiff cock. Yum.  Plus I really love the flower in her hair.
Two big thumbs up for April Flores!

Watch “April Flores Blowjob Video” Now!

Behind The Red Door – Scene 4

After Ginger Leigh reviewed the first few scenes from this awesome movie, I just knew I had to hop on the bandwagon and get to checking out this awesome movie.  Already on the fourth scene, we already know how wicked hot April Flores is in this flick.  This specific scene features the zaftig porno goddess getting busy with Ashley Blue, or as the movie labels them – Doll #18 & Doll #12.

Starting off on a couch, the pair gets all fondly together for the camera and make sure to give plenty of attention to each other’s tits and mouths.  Soon they get into lots of delicious pussy licking action and treats like that on the floor in front of the couch.  Toys even begin to come out! So many big toys – silicone dils, glass; in vags and butts!  Yum and yum!

My favorite part of this scene is the artsy feel of it.  The film is sped up just a touch, giving the whole thing an awesome, chopping feel.  It’s also shot with some sort of fishbowl lens, which also adds an extra layer to the artistic feel.  Then again, this flick is directed by award-winning director/photographer Carlos Batts, who is known especially for his high art slant and making unique, interesting films (plus he’s married to star April Flores).  I would expect nothing less from him.

Another hit from Heartcore Films!

Watch “Behind The Red Door” Now!

Behind The Red Door – Scene 1

Behind The Red Door is one of those movies that I just have to review form beginning to end. Worried that I wouldn’t do it justice by focusing on one or two scenes, J.D. suggested I take my time and review this movie one scene at a time. Great idea!

Behind The Red DoorAll of the performers in this HeartCore Films movie turn sex into both sport and art. They commit to every movement and fuck with all of their being. Sensual, athletic (at times) and fluid come to mind.

The first scene stars April Flores and Syd Blakovich in a fantastical display of sex that makes me wish I was a boot-print bed spread. These two devour each other in pretty much the same way I devour flourless chocolate cake with chocolate ganache frosting. It’s pretty intense and the chemistry is off the charts.

April and Syd feast on each others’ pussies and give me all of the hot foot action I could ask for. April spends a good deal of time sucking on Syd’s toesies while simultaneously foot fucking her. Along the way, Syd continuously gets lost in April’s big beautiful tits and grinds her way on top of them. She works her way up and eventually straddles April’s face and comes on her face and breasts. Female ejaculation is indeed a thing of joy. And dear god did Syd look amazing squatting over April’s face. I loved looking at her strong bad ass tattooed body. I’m not trying to reduce her to parts, but strength is just sexy.

Before I wrap this up I have to say that these two bust out some fantastic toys. The Pure Wand, Eleven and Hitachi all make appearances and bring about convulsions of the best kind. They destroy each other.

As always, Carlos Batts did a great job of directing this scene, although Syd Blakovich and April Flores didn’t need much direction. These two screwed like it was their last day on earth. The scene was full of sweat, pleasure and commitment to each and every act. Syd and April locked in on each other and didn’t let go until they just couldn’t take it anymore. However, I get the idea that with a little break and perhaps a snack, they could go for round two.

Sitting Down With April Flores and Carlos Batts, Part 2

Welcome back to the second part of our awesome interview with star April Flores and her husband, director Carlos Batts!  A few weeks back we spent a delicious hour all together in my hotel room in Toronto (for the Feminist Porn Awards) where the pair sat for an interview (get your minds out of the gutter…) and answered all these random questions I threw at them. Bless their pervy hearts for not walking out.

So, take a look at the first part to this interview, then check out part two!

Oh, and definitely watch their latest movie, Artcore!  You won’t be sorry!


Sitting Down With April Flores and Carlos Batts, Part 1

Last month when I headed north for the Feminist Porn Awards, I was lucky enough to not only get to spend a little quality time with the fabulous April Flores, I got to meet her amazing husband, director Carlos Batts as well!  It turned out that I was staying at the same hotel as them and latched on to their awesomeness, hanging out with them during the events of the weekend.  Did I mention how much I love my job??

Anyway, one of the great things they did that weekend was come to my room and shoot a little video.  Ok, not THAT kind of video (hey, a girl can dream) – an interview!  A few months back, we interviewed the pair at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, which was fantastic, but I wasn’t actually able to be there to conduct the interview (I just sent my questions with our people that were there), so I knew I had to lure them into my room to get the scoop myself.  Also, the last time we interviewed them, it was pretty much all about their latest movie, Artcore, which is awesome, but I wanted to talk about other stuff too. Continue reading Sitting Down With April Flores and Carlos Batts, Part 1

Pervy Performances Win: Feminist Porn Awards Recap 3

We are finally back with out third and final recap of Good For Her’s Feminist Porn Awards, which recently took place in Toronto!  For those not in the know, the FPA’s celebrate the best of the best in hot ethical smut and the folks who make it.  Pretty awesome, huh?

When I last left off, I was just heading over the the awards with the fantastic April Flores and her husband Carlos Batts.  We got there for the VIP (Very Important Perverts) party and got a chance to hang out for a bit before the crowds started piling in.  And hold crap were there crowds – the place was seriously packed out.  Standing room only.  But before that happened, I made sure to snap a few pictures with some of my favorite porno folks!  Oh, and my apologies on the dark pictures.  I only had my iphone with me, like a total jackhole.

First up was the rockstar that is Jiz Lee.  It was so nice to see Jiz again, exactly on time for ‘our every six-months meet up’ (for the last three years, we hang out at the FPAs and the New York Sex Bloggers’ Calendar Party, which are six months apart).  They are doing so much, porno-wise that it’s so nice to catch up every once in a while and hear all about their travels.  Good stuff!  Jiz was also in 12 (I believe that’s the number) of the nominated movies.  Jiz = pure awesomeness.

Also fucking awesome,  sex author/educator/smut maker, Tristan Taormino.

Tristan is such a amazing sex educator and total badass of the field/industry.  I am seriously in awe every time I get to be in the same room as her.  And after her awesomely rousing speech the previous evening, it was even more exciting to spend some time chatting.  Not only did Tristan announce Best Bi Movie and Steamiest Romantic Movie, she won Hottest Kink Movie for Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex 2!!  If you’ve seen the movie, you totally know why it won – holy hottness!

I was also super excited to meet star Sophia St. James, who is seriously a force to be reckoned with.  I mean, look at her – she is a goddess!  And the sweetest lady in the whole world!

We had been talking over twitter and Facebook for week about meeting up and once I saw her at the awards, I couldn’t help myself but to bounce over to her and nearly hump her leg… or just give a super warm hello (though I want to hump her leg…).  I love love love that she got into queer porn after she found it online when she way laid up with a broken knee and elbow.  Not the broken bones part, but the discovery. How awesome.  AND Sophia’s directorial debut, Twisted Getaway, received an honorable mention!  So fantastic!

And because the lighting was so much better in the bathroom, I swiped a picture with Tina Horn in there as well.

How hot is that gold dress, right?  Love it!  Tina and I talked a bunch about sex education, cause that’s how we roll, and mused about how QueerPorn.TV, her fantastic project with Courtney Trouble, was basically porn from the Feminist Porn Awards last year.  How full circle is it that QPTV was one of the honored websites this year?!  So awesome.  Tina is just one of those bad-ass folks that can get shit done and turn her ideas into reality.  On that note (since they are both super bad-asses), I need to mention that Courtney Trouble wasn’t able to come this year and she was super sorely missed.

Also got my annual requisite shot with Awards organizer, Alison Lee, which made me quite happy. Continue reading Pervy Performances Win: Feminist Porn Awards Recap 3