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Top Five Tuesday – We Love Jiz (Lee)!

I know it’s only Tuesday, but I am already thinking about the weekend.  What are you up to this weekend?  Not sure yet?  Well, I already have my weekend planned out.  I’ll be in New York City, rocking out the GLBT Expo for HotMoviesForHer, with the boys from GayHotMovies (including stars Jimmy Durano and Trenton Ducati) and Jiz Lee, who will be signing for us.

Oh yeah, you read that right – JIZ LEE.  They are heading back to NYC to spend some time at the booth with us, signing autographs for fans and generally being awesome.  And because of that, I decided that I would get myself revved up to Jiz love with this new list of my favorite Jiz filled flicks.  Sure, I’ve done this before, but seriously, do you blame me for doing it again?

This is Jiz Lee going at it solo in a grimy bathroom.  Need I say more?  Shot with a green tint and background music that is clearly from the bar on the other side of the restroom door, this five minute Jiz jack comes off so deliciously seedy and totally scummy.  I love it.

–  brings us this four scene movie that features some of the hottest names in queer porn, including two of my favorite dirty birds ever –  and Jiz Lee! I can barely describe in words how awesome both April and Jiz look in this movie. Both done up in amazingly sexy (and hard to describe) styles, they bring a kinky intensity that is seriously riveting. Featuring a strapped-on mouth tray, double-headed dildo action and everything in between, this scene was the stand out of the bunch.
This being one of Jiz’s first pornos, I decided it needed to be included in this list.  Jiz is so fresh in the biz that they are listed under the nom de plume Beau Flex! Awww.  And lucky us, we get 2 different scenes starring the fantastic Lee – one with Courtney Trouble and one with Papi Coxxx and Wil Thrustwell.  The whole thing is amazingly goofy and fun, while still being so freaking hot!
Tristan Taormino talking about female orgasms?  Sign me up!  The entire movie is awesome, especially scene 4 with Jiz and Madison Young getting busy with gloves and a Hitachi Magic Wand.  You should definitely watch the whole thing, but if you happen to only have half an hour to play with, check out scene 4!

This movie has made the top five tuesday list more than a few times for a reason.  Seriously, Belladonna is magical.  Just like the last movie in this list, this whole video is one you need to watch, whether you are checking out Jiz, , April Flores,  or .  I’m serious, friends, you want to watch this one.

If you are in NYC, you should definitely come on by the Expo!!


Hot Pictures and Free Clips from Alpha Femmes – Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, pervs!  We here at HM4Her are pumped for the weekend and we thought we’d celebrate with a little somethin’ extra.  Also, we just got an email from director  with a couple of super hot picture from her movie Alpha Femmes, so we figured that the perfect match made in heaven would be a mix of pictures and free video clips – all featuring the queer hotness that is Alpha Femmes!  Who’s ready?

First up are Akira Raine and Puck Goodfellow, getting dirty on the stairs.  Yum.

Here’s what I had to say about it back when I originally reviewed Alpha Femmes:

With Akira’s evil temptress looks and Puck’s nerdy submissive nature, this scene just shines.  Even though I’m not super into face slapping and humiliation, I enjoy the scene thoroughly and am able to see Puck really appreciating every slap and insult.  Man, I love watching performers really get off!  I’m so glad Devia focused in on Puck’s face so much.  And lastly, condoms on feet for foot play– what a fucking brilliant idea!

And here is a little bit of the action…

That is some serious sexiness!

Next are Cadence St. John and Sarah Lee Sinful, smoking, shaving and sexin’ it up in black and white, with just a little color.

Again with what I had to say in my review:

I wasn’t even ready for the amazing hotness of scene 2!  The black and white, with just the littlest bit of color – so so awesome.  Sarah Lee Sinful shaves Cadence St. john’s pussy bare, and then goes at it with lube and a gloved hand, followed by her strapped-on purple cock.  I also love that they are randomly in a back yard, among the trees and bushes.

Ashley Blue and Syd Blakovich rock scene 3, offering up twenty-plus minutes of kink-tastic fun.

Ashley Blue and Syd Blakovich rule scene three with a swagger that I can barely handle.  Four words – Syd in sock garters.  Can you take it?!?  So HOT! Sock garters and a giant strapped-on cock.  There is something so fabulous about the lighting and camera lens that brings a new, refreshing style to porno.  And if there is something I can appreciate, it’s something new and refreshing!  And I haven’t even gotten to the mouth strap-on!  I can’t even fantasize about things this hot!

And last, but definitely not least, April Flores and Jiz Lee come together for a totally delicious ending to this fantastic movie.

And lastly, scene four, with two of my favorite dirty birds ever – April Flores and Jiz Lee!  I can barely describe in words how awesome both April and Jiz look in this movie.  Both done up in amazingly sexy (and hard to describe) styles, they bring a kinky intensity that is seriously riveting.  Featuring a strapped-on mouth tray, double-headed dildo action and everything in between, this scene was the stand out of the bunch.

What a way to start the weekend! Have a good one.


Greetings From HotMoviesForHer – January

Greetings From The Ladies!

As it turns out, HotMoviesForHer.com has a mailing system! Who knew?! And apparently over the last six or so years, a bunch of you have signed up to get emails and offers from us. Well, guess what – here we are with an awesome mailer AND an offer just to thank you for saying yes to our emails… even if you can barely remember signing up…

When you log in, use the code ‘Mailer’ to get 20 free minutes on HotMoviesForHer.com!

Here are a few exciting things we’ve posted in the last few days:

– The Oscars of porn hit Vegas this past weekend. Here is a list of our Top Five 2012 AVN Award Winners.

– Celebrating our recent #PornParty, we asked Alpha Femmes director Anna Devia our standard 20 Questions.

– HotMovies4Her Tips features four sexy ways to warm things up.


Also, we could not be more thrilled about newly posted Cabaret Desire, by Erika Lust! One of most exciting, sex-positive directors out there, Erika Lust has been dishing out seriously amazing movies that are perfect for women, men and whoever else is into erotic delights!

This latest masterpiece has sensual readings and steamiest sex come together at a magical, bohemian place called the Cabaret Desire. Mmm, even the name makes us a little warm under the collar. Definitely spend some time at this delicious destination!

Thanks for letting us stop in for a quick hello! Hope to see you again soon.



-JD and Ginger, the ladies of HotMoviesForHer.com


Alpha Femmes #PornParty Highlights

Last night we joined up with Sinclair Sexsmith and hosted one hell of an amazing #PornParty!  After offering up free minutes to anyone who wanted to watch along, we hunkered down, each at our own computers, and turned on Anna Devia’s Alpha Femmes at all at the same time.

Not only did a bunch of folks tune in to watch, but lots of people live tweeted the mass porno viewing as well!  PLUS we had Director Anna Devia and a few of the movie’s stars (including Akira Raine and Cadence St. John) tweeting along and giving behind-the-scenes info.  What fun, right?

While the whole thing was seriously fun (I guess I can’t really complain about taking work home, right?), I wanted to highlight some of my favorite tweets of the night.

In no particular order:

Pretty hilarious, right?  Definitely take a look at the movie to see what we were all talking about.

Thanks again to Sinclair Sexsmith and Anna Devia for making this as awesome as possible.  We can’t wait til next time!  Any movie suggestions?


#PornParty Tonight! Watch AlphaFemmes FREE and Tweet!

Who’s ready to party!?!  That’s right, the night is finally here – Sinclair Sexsmith (@mrsexsmith) and HotMoviesForHer.com (@hotmovies4her) are hosting #PornParty… and you are totally invited!

Tonight at 9pm EST/6pm PST, join in the hot queer porn fun as we all take to HotMoviesForHer.com and watch Anna Devia’s Alpha Femmes, all the while tweeting together about the movie under the hashtag #pornparty.

Best part?  We are offering up Alpha Femmes for FREE!  All you need to do is set up an account at HotMoviesForHer.com (you will need a credit card for age verification, we won’t charge it) and use the offer code ‘AlphaFemmes’ for 90 FREE minutes.

Again, that offer code is ‘AlphaFemmes’

If you already have an account, when you login in, there will be a space to put in an offer code to add the minutes to your account.

*If it’s not clear, you watch from wherever you are and tune into twitter to join the party.  There is no physical porn party happening.  It’s all digital!

As well, director Anna Devia (@AnnaDevia) will be live tweeting along with us, giving behind-the-scenes info on the movie and generally being a porno badass.  And who knows which of Alpha Femme’s delicious stars may stop by?  I guess you’ll have to join in to find out!

AND Anna Devia is giving away 5 copies of her signed DVD (signed by Syd Blakovich and Akira Raine) to folks who follow her… announced as soon as we hit play, so follow away!

And just because they are awesome you should totally follow all of the awesome stars of this film @fatty_d, @sydblakovich, @jizlee, @playwithpuck, @girlvert, @sarahleesinful, @akiraraine, @cadencestjohn!  Because who doesn’t love queer porn?!?

Who’s ready??  We Are!

Hope to see you there!


20 Questions With… Anna Devia, Director of Alpha Femmes

Next week HotMoviesForHer and Sinclair Sexsmith will be hosting another Porn Party, with the fabulous Alpha Femmes as our movie of choice.  To help us celebrate, Alpha Femme’s director Anna Devia stopped in to answer our 20 Questions and give us a sneak peak into the woman behind such a hot piece of porno!

1. How (and when) did you get started in the industry?
In 1998, I started shooting erotic & fetish art photography and building a body of work. After I moved from Texas to LA in 2000, I continued shooting & started selling content, doing portfolio development for models, head shots, catalogs, private commissions, gallery shows, etc. In 2008, I moved to Oakland and worked as a sex educator for Babeland. Fueled by all the porn I was watching at work constantly, and just the natural evolution of my photography, I decided to start making films. So I created Anna Devia Productions and released Alpha Femmes and here I am.

2. If you weren’t in the adult industry, what would you be doing?
My work is not limited to adult. I do work in the healing arts as well, which is also about “the body” but on the completely non-sexual end of the spectrum.

3. What’s the best thing you’ve learned or best advice you’ve received from industry?
I’ve learned the difference between the “scene” and the “industry.”

4. What’s the funniest thing that’s happened while filming?
Construction workers next door to the house where we were filming were getting sneak peeks of the action through this big picture window during one of the scenes. One guy was standing behind a beam on the second floor peeping around it.

5. What do you think is the biggest misconception about women in the industry?
That we’re victims, rather than warriors

6. What did you do today?
Massage appointment, therapy appointment, hair appointment

7. What would you rather have done today?
I’d rather have been on a yacht in some amazing tropical locale, sipping cocktails while lounging under an umbrella.

8. If you could do a movie with anyone (living or brought back from the dead) who would it be?
Kenneth Anger, and with his permission of course lest he curse me, I’d like to title it “Hollyweird Babylon.”

9. Who is your favorite adult performer?

10. You’ve got 20 bucks left to your name; what would you do with it?
Buy us a coupla pints?

11. If you were president, what’s the first thing you’d change?
I’d hit the history eraser button.

12. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?
If I told you then it might destroy my mystique ;)~

13. Which is your favorite project that you’ve worked on?
Alpha Femmes was an amazing process from conception through production. I brought 4 of my fantasies to life, down to every detail, and it came out truly beautiful & intense & amazingly fucking hot!

14. If you could have 1 superpower what would it be?
Time-travel, so I could go back and experience different historical periods, and have vintage sex. And also so I could travel into the future, and hopefully have sex with 3-titted aliens. Is that a superpower?

15. Meat or veggie?
Vegetarian for 17+years

16. What is your favorite book?
New York Girls by Richard Kern

17. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Lack of manners, it’s my southern upbringing

18. What is your best piece of sex advice for women?
Hitachi Magic Wand!

19. What is your favorite adult movie?
Don’t be silly! Alpha Femmes, of course!

20. Tell me one thing you’ve never told anyone else.
Hmm, I find eating sliced peaches in light syrup to be a very sensual act.

We can’t wait for the Porn Party on Monday!  Come watch Alpha Femmes with us, and Anna Devia, for FREE!  (Check back on Monday for the code!)


Porn Party is Back – Watch Porn For Free and Tweet About It!

Sinclair Sexsmith is back with another awesome Porn Party – and HotMoviesForHer is hosting!

Join in the sexy fun as a bunch of porn-lovin’ twitter folks all take to the internet at the same time and watch the same porno movie on HotMoviesForHer while tweeting about it with others using the hashtag #pornparty.

We get this party started on Monday, January 16th at 9pm EST/6pm PST!

And the best part is… you’ll be able to watch on HotMoviesForHer.com for FREE!!!  That’s right, HM4Her will offer up a special offer code (TBA) on the day of the event that will give each viewer who uses it 90 free minutes to watch our specific choice.

Sounds pretty awesome, huh?  Not only will there commentary and discussion going on, director Anna Devia will be joining in with special behind-the-scenes info and more.  We may even get a few of the film’s stars to come along for the ride.

So, what’s the movie…?

Alpha Femmes by Anna Devia!  An amazing queer flick featuring all the hotness of Jiz Lee, Syd Blakovich, Puck Goodfellow, Akira Raine, Sarah Lee Sinful, Ashley Blue, April Flores and Cadence St. John.

Take a looksie at the boxcover description:

Anna Devia brings her latex-clad fetish femmes to life in her stunning, directorial debut, entitled “Alpha femmes”. Starring April Flores, Ashley Blue, Akira Raine, & Sarah Lee Sinful as the beautifully brutal Alpha Femmes, along with Jiz Lee, Syd Blakovich, Puck Goodfellow, and Cadence St. John as their submissive counterparts. Featuring 4 kinky & queer vignettes, including…

Relentless Mistress Akira with Puck Goodfellow as her boot-worshipping, foot fetish subboi…

Smoldering hot Sarah Lee’s smoking & shaving fetish scene with Cadence St. John…

LA’s anal superstar Ashley Blue & SF’s badass Syd Blakovich in a steamy dildo-gagged anal facefuck…

…and BBW goddess April Flores, with Jiz Lee as her exotic pet in this exquisitely erotic saki-fueled scene, set against the backdrop of a rainy Japanese garden.

And check out my own review as well!

Again, here are the details:

Alpha Femmes #pornparty on Twitter
Monday, January 16th, 9pm EST/6pm PST
FREE code will be announced earlier in the day.
Hosted by Sinclair Sexsmith and HotMoviesForHer.com

We can’t wait to see you there!


Pervy Performances Win: Feminist Porn Awards Recap 3

We are finally back with out third and final recap of Good For Her’s Feminist Porn Awards, which recently took place in Toronto!  For those not in the know, the FPA’s celebrate the best of the best in hot ethical smut and the folks who make it.  Pretty awesome, huh?

When I last left off, I was just heading over the the awards with the fantastic April Flores and her husband Carlos Batts.  We got there for the VIP (Very Important Perverts) party and got a chance to hang out for a bit before the crowds started piling in.  And hold crap were there crowds – the place was seriously packed out.  Standing room only.  But before that happened, I made sure to snap a few pictures with some of my favorite porno folks!  Oh, and my apologies on the dark pictures.  I only had my iphone with me, like a total jackhole.

First up was the rockstar that is Jiz Lee.  It was so nice to see Jiz again, exactly on time for ‘our every six-months meet up’ (for the last three years, we hang out at the FPAs and the New York Sex Bloggers’ Calendar Party, which are six months apart).  They are doing so much, porno-wise that it’s so nice to catch up every once in a while and hear all about their travels.  Good stuff!  Jiz was also in 12 (I believe that’s the number) of the nominated movies.  Jiz = pure awesomeness.

Also fucking awesome,  sex author/educator/smut maker, Tristan Taormino.

Tristan is such a amazing sex educator and total badass of the field/industry.  I am seriously in awe every time I get to be in the same room as her.  And after her awesomely rousing speech the previous evening, it was even more exciting to spend some time chatting.  Not only did Tristan announce Best Bi Movie and Steamiest Romantic Movie, she won Hottest Kink Movie for Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex 2!!  If you’ve seen the movie, you totally know why it won – holy hottness!

I was also super excited to meet star Sophia St. James, who is seriously a force to be reckoned with.  I mean, look at her – she is a goddess!  And the sweetest lady in the whole world!

We had been talking over twitter and Facebook for week about meeting up and once I saw her at the awards, I couldn’t help myself but to bounce over to her and nearly hump her leg… or just give a super warm hello (though I want to hump her leg…).  I love love love that she got into queer porn after she found it online when she way laid up with a broken knee and elbow.  Not the broken bones part, but the discovery. How awesome.  AND Sophia’s directorial debut, Twisted Getaway, received an honorable mention!  So fantastic!

And because the lighting was so much better in the bathroom, I swiped a picture with Tina Horn in there as well.

How hot is that gold dress, right?  Love it!  Tina and I talked a bunch about sex education, cause that’s how we roll, and mused about how QueerPorn.TV, her fantastic project with Courtney Trouble, was basically porn from the Feminist Porn Awards last year.  How full circle is it that QPTV was one of the honored websites this year?!  So awesome.  Tina is just one of those bad-ass folks that can get shit done and turn her ideas into reality.  On that note (since they are both super bad-asses), I need to mention that Courtney Trouble wasn’t able to come this year and she was super sorely missed.

Also got my annual requisite shot with Awards organizer, Alison Lee, which made me quite happy. Continue reading Pervy Performances Win: Feminist Porn Awards Recap 3

Top Five Tuesday – 2011 Feminist Porn Award Noms!

Can you beleive it’s that time of year again?? The fabulous folks over at Good For Her have released the annual nomination list for the Feminist Porn Awards – and holy cow are there some hot tamales on the list!!!  For today’s Top Five Tuesday, I took on the near-impossible job of  narrowing that delicious list down to five seriously awesome picks that top my own personal spank bank.  While I wanted to include almost every movie, here are the five that make me sweat extra hard.

Alpha Femmes: Oh Anna Devia, with this one movie, you have wooed me so fucking hard.  It takes a lot to impress a jaded porn reviewer like myself, and you have done one hell of a job raising my temperature!  I think one of my favorite things about this awesomely kinky queer fuckfest is the pairing.  Each and every scene has such rockin’ chemistry and features the perfect duo.  From Akira and Puck in scene one to April and Jiz in the last scene, this movie flows awesome and features folks that definitely want to be fucking each other! 


Open Invitation: A Real Swinger’s Party In San Francisco: Starting off as a scripted, plot-heavy porno, this flick follows an in-a-rut couple (James Deen and India Summer) as they accidentally stumble into the sexy underbelly of the swingers/open relationship scene in San Francisco. Once the story is nailed as firmly as all of its players (heh), the director switches gears and integrates a real SF swinging party into the mix, with non-porn people and industry pros fucking alongside each other.  I love the story/real dynamic and can’t wait to see what else comes from director Ilana Rothman!
Pregnant With Desire: I’ve never really thought of pregnant women in a sexual way before. Not that they aren’t beautiful and sexual – I’ve just never thought about it. But, now that this flick has come my way, I feel like my eyes have been open to the appeal of hot mamas-to-be.  Not only that – but queers and preggo chicks!  And interviews!  Kinkster (and brand new mama) Madison Young is seriously amazing and everything she touches is gold.  I’m really hoping for a part 2!
Heads Up – The Official Guide To Fellatio: You know how I feel about sex education, so how could I not include a bad-ass intructional?  Especially when it’s a educational date with the fabulous Carol Queen, the Executive Director and co-founder of the Center for Sex & Culture and the staff sexologist for Good Vibrations (who she’s worked with for 20+ years)!  In a nutshell – the woman is amazing. And so is her porno! 

Along with Queen giving us lowdown on going down, real couples and porn performers alike take the stage to give us a demo of exactly how they get it on orally. These sexy romps also include interviews with the performers, discussing how they enjoy giving and receiving fellatio. The conversations definitely round out the instructional experience, while the visuals keep the action nice and engaging.

Tight Places – A Drop Of Color : As all the Reel Queer movies do, Tight Places turns porn on its ear and removes all the boundaries of mainstream porn, bringing marginalized communities to the forefront in the sexiest way possible. This particular flick features an entire cast of queer folks of color – presenting an amazing hot array of sexuality – minus exploitation or some of the weird dynamics that mainstream porn can have (and I don’t mean all mainstream porn.)  Plus it features Vai, who I have a total porno crush on!

Some other noms I totally recommend are:

Life, Love, Lust
Her Little Secret
Billy Castro Does The Mission
Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex 2

and so many more… just take a look at the full list yourself!


Happy Lady Porn Day – Movies for Women!

Happy Lady Porn Day!  That’s right, today is Lady Porn Day – a specific day dedicated to exploring porn and masturbation for women!  So exciting, right?  Rachel Rabbit Write of RabbitWrite.com saw the crazy stigma around women watching dirty movies and decided to do something about, which led to this fabulous online campaign of smut appreciation.

So many bloggers and porno folks are getting into the action, including Jiz Lee, Violet Blue, Lux Alptraum, and a ton more! Just check out the hashtag #LadyPornDay postings on twitter!

In honor of the work folks are doing to celebrate and educate about the awesomeness of lady porn, here are some of my personal favorite sex positive, female friendly movies – specifically one that I think will change women’s ideas of what porn is all about! Continue reading Happy Lady Porn Day – Movies for Women!