She’s On Top

She's On Top

I don’t think any of you would be surprised to hear that I’m all about powerful women. There’s something about a woman who knows how to keep her sub in check and Rachel Kramer Bussel’s latest collection of erotic stories, She’s On Top, pays homage to these commanding goddesses and the men who willingly submit to them. Its eighteen stories vary greatly and include a number of scenarios that you can fantasize about or act out, if you’re so inclined.

My favorite story was one that I was very surprised to enjoy. I’m the type of girl who gets queasy over the smallest cut, so when I read the opening paragraph of Teresa Noelle Roberts’ Mark Of Ownership and the narrator pulled out a scalpel, I almost stopped reading. However, the story is a really intimate portrayal of a couples’ last night together. They’ve played together for years, but our hero knows that her loyal lap dog is in love with another woman and has to let him go. This tale isn’t about cutting or blood, although that’s the physical act these two are sharing, it’s about power, trust, and letting go. It was actually quite lovely, although I’m still pretty positive I don’t need to be cut.

Also worth mentioning are Lisette Ashton’s Victoria’s Hand and N.T. Morley’s Room 2201. Ashton’s story is set in London during the year 1890. When Algernon asks Victoria for her hand in marriage, she runs him through a sexual wringer to make sure he’ll know exactly who will be running the show. Morley’s tale shows how a good Dominatrix will get her loyal subject exactly what he needs, in this case permission to be fucked by another man.

This one opened my eyes to a whole new world of power play and I highly recommend it if you’re the least bit curious. This collection will excite both hot dommes and vanilla vixens alike!

-The Porn Librarian

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  1. Damn I want to buy that. I almost cried reading your three sentence summary of ‘Mark of Ownership.’

    And reading about a dominatrix forcing her man to allow another man to fuck him sounds fucking hot.

    Thanks for the great reviews

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