Open For Business – Tales of Office Sex

Open For Business - Tales of Office Sex

I believe that one of the turning points in my life was when I realized I was checking out ladies in suits instead of girls with shaved heads on bikes. This was probably around the time that I decided I should go to grad school instead of living in a hippie commune with my awesome, but dirty, friends. It was this life altering realization that allowed me to enjoy Alison Tyler’s Open For Business – Tales of Office Sex so damn much! Twenty-two sexy stories of women with corner offices and expensive suits that demand as much of a lover as they do from those they supervise. Ok, not every tale stars the type of power woman I worship, but most of my favorites do!

One thing that I love about this collection is that so many of the relationships revolve around power or secrecy. I’d be remiss if I didn’t highlight Donna George Storey’s Sex, Lies, and Library Books. As someone who’s spent their fair share of time working in a university library, I was transported back to slow summer days pouring over the stacks. I could almost smell the books as Melanie and Liam get it on in a lost corner of the library. Storey does a great job of taking a common fantasy and spicing it up by sharing Melanie’s secret desires as Liam obliviously serves her.

My only complaint is that I’d read a handful of these stories before, including Lisette Ashton’s That Monday Morning Feeling. I raved about this story of an indecent morning commute in my review for I is for Indecent, and found it just as titillating the second time around. The good news is that most people don’t read as much erotica as I do, so you most likely won’t run into the same problem. However, having read a few of the stories before does in no way take away from the success of the book as a whole. Tyler has done a great job of assembling a variety of hot stories that will make your 6am alarm seem a little less harsh.

If you’ve ever thought of the possibilities of asking a co-worker to pull your office door shut behind them, you’ll love this collection. Some of the best writers in the business offer you endless reasons to get up and go into the office.

Add this excellent book to your collection!

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