HotMovies4Her Tips – Eco-Friendly Earth Day Tips

While we may have missed Earth Day (as the 22nd ended up on a Sunday this year), we know that folks are showing more and more interest in keeping their lives green year-round. To celebrate both a belated Earth Day, as well as that dedication, we thought we’d offer up our HotMovies4Her tips, tools and tricks for eco-friendly action and the greenest orgasms around.

1) Rechargeable toys!  In the past few years, sex toy manufacturers have caught on that consumers are ready to toss their batteries in favor of toys that charge up over and over again.  Not only does it end up costing us less money (no batteries needed = no extra cost for those batteries), but it means that the landfills lose out on a whole bunch of old, dead batteries.  With less cost in the long run (the toy may be a little more $), less waste and usually a better quality product, the only downside is that you’ll have yet another electrical cord to have to look after.

2) Eco-Friendly sex toy materials.  While we’ve already gone over awesome toy materials, I want to reiterate how great they are for the environment as well.  Toy that are made of wood, glass, stainless steel and silicone are all super sturdy and will last a long, long, long time with proper care.  Unlike cheap toys that will fall apart easily, these toys result in less trash overall.  Plus they are all totally body safe – which is hugely important!

3) Take advantage of what’s around the house.  While buying new toys is fun, why not use what you already have?  Ice is a perfect sex toy for those folks who like temperature play and neck ties and silk scarves make great blindfolds and restraints.  Heck, even the faucet in the tub can be used to work yourself into a frenzy!  But don’t forget the cheapest and easiest sex toy of all – your hands!

4) Be mindful of where you are and what resources you are using.  Like getting busy in the car?  Make sure it’s turned off, with the air conditioning cut as well.  Really into shower sex? Have yourselves a hot quickie under the water, then move it to the bed to save on water. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, but all those little wasted resources add up to make a negative impact on our environment.  Have fun, but keep that in mind!

We hope you all had a safe and sexy Earth Day!


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