The Meeting – Kacie’s POV

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Everything started when I was on spring break from University. I was alone at the hotel _____ in New York City. I was excited to be staying somewhere other than my shitty dorm. I got as much as I could pay for – a room with one queen sized bed – and I was happy. I wasn’t expecting to meet anyone on this trip, let alone someone I would later spend the rest of my life with. I checked in around noon and decided to get ready for an afternoon out and about the city. What I had in mind was my shoulder length black hair straight and teased, a pair of ripped jeans and another one of my ripped up tee-shirts. What? I like to show skin. But as it came to be… I would never make it to my own room…. with my clothes on.

I had just checked into the hotel and was on my way to my elevator, my rolling suitcase dragging behind me. I heard eager footsteps behind me, I expected it to be one of the stupid New York City boys coming to make a move. I ignored it and stepped into the elevator automatically putting my back against the wall. To my surprise it was a girl who walked in. She was adorable!

Her short blonde hair was spiked into a fohawk and topped with a beanie, she wore a brightly colored polo shirt and dark jeans. I was immediately interested in her. She started to lean close to me, her eyes on my face with a huge smile. I thought she was about to kiss me! But she ended up pressing the 10th floor button instead. I stared into her eyes, a beautiful green. I couldn’t look away. I bit my lip and tried to control my breathing. What was with this girl that got me so…hot?

“Hey. I’m Erica.” She finally spoke – my god her voice was like music – as the elevator doors closed in front of us. We were the only ones there. “Your floor?”

“I-I’m Kacie…urm…I’m on the 10th floor too.” I stuttered. She turned her head and smirked, as if I couldn’t see it. Maybe I should find a way into her room tonight…  I crossed my arms over my chest and looked at one of the walls of the smallest elevators I’ve ever been in. I snuck a few glances at Erica who couldn’t control that little smirk on her face as I saw her eyes flicker to my rainbow bracelet.

“What are you doing in New York?” she asked

“Vacation for a week,” I answered simply, shrugging my shoulders.

“Alone?” The hope in her voice was impossible to ignore.

I looked down at my feet in an attempt to hide my red cheeks. “Y-yes.”

“Me too,” she replied casually. How could she be so calm? “I was thinking of checking out the gay scene in the City. Do you know anything about it here?”   She leaned closer to me, I bit my lip and tried to stay still while the urge to kiss her perfect lips tortured my mind.

“Actually no,” I spoke clearly. “I was thinking of checking it out too.”

It was quiet for a moment before I felt her hands running confidently over my bare skin. “I like your shirt.” She smiled, touching the fabric. I shivered. “Where did you get it?”

I tried to speak, but I didn’t trust my voice. I took a few seconds before answering. “I actually made it.”

She seemed to be surprised as she leaned closer and very boldly ran her hands over my sides. “This is really great.”

I didn’t hear her one bit, I was staring into her eyes the urge running through my brain had taken over and I was going to kiss her. She looked back into my eyes with an emotion I’ve never seen before. I knew I fell for her right then and there. I sucked part of my lip into my mouth, biting at it as she looked down at me.

I felt her hand lifting my chin so my lips could meet hers. I didn’t refuse so she took advantage of it and kissed me. Within minutes my need for her was going stronger, we still had six floors left to go before ours. I silently lifted my foot up and hit the break to the elevator. She was too occupied to notice.

I felt her push me roughly against the wall of the elevator, I couldn’t help a low surprised gasp from escaping my lips. I smirked up at her and snapped my teeth playfully at her nose.  She didn’t take well to that. Apparently she liked being in control.

“None of that, missy. I’M the one in control here.” She could tell how bad I needed her. I knew it.

She started kissing me roughly, biting viciously at my lips. I loved being so vulnerable, like I was hers to take. She kissed and bit down my neck and up to my jaw. I sighed lightly, the sound of her name. This drove her crazy, she bit my neck hard and I moaned softly.
The lights went out in the elevator – a side effect to me hitting the break – and she grinned at me. I smirked back up at her before she continued to ravish my neck. My breath became heavy just as she suddenly pulled off my shirt. But right as my hands became free of her grasp, they were on the wall again, her hand gripping harder on my wrists.

Her lips found mine, then my neck as her hands started to move all over my body. I was only vaguely aware of her hands trailing around the sides of my breasts. I tore away from her to slide off her shirt. She was heavenly. Her hands found my body again, this time her fingers scratched around the top of my jeans. I put my hands on her shoulders and scratched at them as I felt her hand slide slowly into my pants as she unbuttoned them. I scratched at her harder, showing how much I needed her, how much she was teasing me. She was tracing circles around my pussy while I kissed and bit at her breasts. Finally I felt one of her fingers sliding the length of my pussy, pausing at my clit. I moaned lowly, the sound of her name. I felt pressure on it then it was gone and back again. I gasped lowly and my eyes rolled back into my head.

She rubbed and teased my clit as her teeth ran up and down my neck. I couldn’t keep myself quiet. “Erica…” I mumbled. “Please”. She could feel and now hear how turned on I was. I felt one of her fingers slip inside of me. I gasped in surprise as she moved it in and out of me roughly. She seemed to be enjoying herself as much as I was considering her heavy breathing. My hips began to move with her hand as low short moans escaped my open mouth. “Yes.”

Before I knew it she was yanking off my jeans and I was stripping her down. We fell to the floor laughing breathlessly. She pinned me on the floor with such force it turned me on more. Her hands were caressing my bare chest as they slowly moved down towards my aching pussy. One of her hands stayed to toy with my right breast as she started where she left off, fucking me hard with one finger and rubbing my clit with another.

“Gah!” I gasped. “Yes! Erica fuck me harder!” My hips matched the rhythm of her hand as she surprisingly obeyed my command. I scratched at her back now I wouldn’t be surprised if I drew blood.

Erica started to kiss down my body. I was getting wetter thinking about what was to come next. I groaned lowly.

“Erica please…!” I begged. I finally could feel her hot breath on my pussy. Finally!! She licked my clit very briefly and desisded to tease me by licking up my right thigh. I took a hold of her hair and pulled at it. She started to lick my pussy and bite my swollen lips not daring to go near my clit. I moved my arms down to rest on her head. I ended up gripping her short blonde hair in my hands. She flicked my clit with her tongue. “Oh yes.” I moaned. “Keep going.”

She inserted a finger inside of me as her tongue traced circles around my clit. I pulled at her hair hard as my hips meet every single one of her movements. I felt like I couldn’t breathe as she fucked me like that. I was close to the edge. I could feel it.

“Are you mine?” She growled.

“Yes!” I moaned loudly. “I’m all yours, Erica. Just take me, send me over the edge and make me cum in this elevator!!!”Erica licked me one last time, roughly shoving her fingers in and out of my wet pussy.

“Erica yes! Fuck yes! I’m almost there. Yeah just like that.” I moaned her name over and over again as the climax took over my entire body, I arched my back as my muscles tensed. Finally I fell back into her arms, blissful.

Her arms wound around me as I slowed my breathing. We lay there, naked on the floor of the stalled elevator. I was in love with a stranger.

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