Skyping With April Flores – A Video Interview

One of the biggest bummers about being on the East Coast is that we are so far away from all the action happening on the porno-laden West Coast, and we don’t get to spend a lot of time hanging out with the awesome stars that live out there.  Like take April Flores for example.  The only time I get to see that fabulous zaftig beauty is that the Feminist Porn Awards, which are once a year, and the trip is definitely not long enough to satiate my need for the amazingness that is April.

Thankfully we have the internet to help us connect with faraway friends.  With the magic of Skype on our side, Ginger and I were able to sit down at the computer yesterday and have ourselves a lovely video interview with April about , her fantastic new movie with director/husband !

A quick note that yes, we realize that it’s a little bit low rent.  After spending the morning with the IT team setting up a program to record Skype, it ended up not working correctly last minute and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna give up a chance to chat with April Flores (or waste her time), so we just filmed the screen with my phone.  Hell, I would have Macgyver-ed that business with a piece of gum and a bobby pin if it needed to happen to make everything work out.  So apologies to the video quality, but hey, we all get to see and hear April Flores, so really, I’m not that sorry.

Man, that lady is charming!  You should definitely go read my review of April Flores World and check out this gallery of FREE clips from the movie.  You won’t be sorry!



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