Feeldoe Slim

I’ve had my eye on the Feeldoe by Tantus for about a billion years. I’ve heard so many great things about them, plus I love trying out anything that’s unique. When I pulled it out of the packaging, I got even more excited as my mind raced with the possibilities.

I mean, here’s a strap-on cock that I don’t need a harness for that also has an insertable vibrating bullet. As if that wasn’t enough, I noticed the ridges that were obviously designed to stimulate the clit of whoever’s wearing this bad boy. Plus, that curved shaft was obviously built to hit the g-spot (or p-spot if you’re a banging a dude, ladies.) I couldn’t wait to try it out!

For those of you aren’t familiar with this newish style of dildo, let me quickly explain. The Feeldoe has two insertable ends – the smaller one is inserted by the top and held in place with the PC muscle. Once in place, the longer, more phallic end is used to penetrate whatever you want! I should note that you can also wear the small end anally, if you don’t have a vagina or just because you want to. Either way, you end up with a hands and harness free cock to play with!

There are four versions of the Feeldoe – each has the same shape and features, they just vary in size. I got the Feeldoe Slim, which is obviously a bit smaller than the rest, because I thought it would allow for a little more variety (butt sex). Despite being the smallest version, it’s still a pretty good size with 6.5 insertable inches for the receiver. The bulb end, which is inserted by whoever is wielding the cock, is 3.5 inches, and the circumference is just about 4.5 inches. I mean, if you’re a size queen, you’ll probably want to go with the Feeldoe Stout and it’s extra inch of girth, but I think this is a pretty average size.

Anyways, now that you’ve got the picture, let me say that this toy is freaking awesome! I was a little unsure about how complicated it would be to use this one effectively, but if you’re comfortable in a harness and follow our advice regarding kegel exercises, it’s a piece of cake. I mean, it takes a little getting used to, but the 15 minutes of giggling was well worth what followed once we were both confident regarding this one. I personally found that any we could use this in virtually any position, we were only limited by our imaginations.

While I think I would have been plenty happy with out all of the bells and whistles the Feeldoe has, I have to say that they really help to make this one of my favorite toys. I mean, the same time penetration is amazing, but when combined with the clit stimulator and a multi-speed vibe, it’s mind blowing. And by the way, the smaller end makes for a pretty fantastic handle too.

Since it’s made by Tantus, you should already know that it’s made out of medical grade silicone, which is definitely made to last. It’s completely hypoallergenic and can be sterilized by boiling for a few minutes.

While this toy totally rocks my dyke world, it’s really great for anyone. If you’ve been wondering if it’s the right toy for you, it probably is.

Rock out with you Silicone Cock out with your own Feeldoe!

3 thoughts on “Feeldoe Slim”

  1. I recently got the Feeldoe Stout in red and I think my eyes may have been bigger than my pussy . . . it’s pretty big!

    I guess I’ll have to work my way up to it and find a size queen to f*ck in the meantime.

  2. I bought one for my girlfriend to use on my ass. It is a nice size, and quite firm, almost uncomfortably hard. It doesnt stay in place too well, and is not easy to fit to a harness. It is possible to use without a harness, but my girlfriend cums hard and squirts it out on a good O, and that totally breaks the mood.
    The maker of this toy should design a harness specifically made for it.
    All in all, a great idea that still needs refinement.

  3. First time me and my gf used this was absolutely wonderful however it’s kinda painful putting it in and taking it out.

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