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My Black Personal Trainer Review

When you think of getting in shape and working out, it doesn’t sound like you would have a good time. Most people think of the grueling repetitions, the sore muscles, and, if you’re a woman, there’s a possibility that you’re self conscious working out among so many. The outcome of the hard work is great, but it’s not enough to keep a person motivated to work out, right? Zero Tolerance Entertainment may have just found the perfect solution with My Black Personal Trainer.

Dana Dearmond, Lauren Phillips, Lea Lexis, Melissa Moore, and Nadia Styles have the right idea with this one! If I had someone like Isiah Maxwell and Jovan Jordan (just to name a few) over-seeing the well being of my body, I would take advantage of ALL they have to offer too! All of these women start their sessions out stretching, lunging, and doing core workouts before the real cardio workout begins!

Scene One:

Lauren needs Jovan Jordan’s help balancing on a workout ball before he shows her his deep pelvic thrust technique in every position to test her progress and see how tight her core really is.

Scene Two:

Meanwhile, Jon Jon stretches Melissa out just a bit more after watching her lunge in tights. With her amazing rack and tight tush… I can’t say I blame the man!

Scene Three:

Prince Yashua is more than helpful when he pushes Dana to the limits by showing her there’s no pain but only pleasure to gain when he drills her in doggy, missionary, cowgirl, and spoon positions before he gives her a protein shake that’s one of a kind.

Scene Four:

You can tell what’s on the sexy Isiah’s mind while he oversees Lea’s warm-up. The rain provides a perfect excuse to take the session indoors so he can show her a new way to stretch those gams, quads, and glutes – on his massive dick (heh, heh, heh).

Scene Five:

Nadia knows she’s sex personified, maybe that’s why instead of working out she performs a strip tease to entice Moe Johnson. These two just get right down to business which kind of threw me off. While there’s no mistake that the action was SIZZLING HOT, the last should’ve featured Mo working Nadia out before he WORKED her out you know? There’s was a sense of puck-like mischief with the fellas during the movie that came to a crashing halt with this couple. I would still overall recommend this movie to anyone who wanted to get worked over while getting worked out.

They say that next to laughter, sex is the best calorie burner, and these ladies and gents burned more than their fair share in this adult feature dedicated to the physical and sexual well-being of others.

Watch My Black Personal Trainer on HMFH now!

The 2014 of Sex Toys From the Best of 2013

2013 was my year of sexual toy revolution. I put so many novelties up, around, and on my hoo-hah-and-bits that you would think I should still be just vibrating…just sitting here…vibrating. But I’m not. Because I invested my time in only the most trusted companies and most desired doohickies. So what I’m going to do here is reward the best of the bunch and then review what’s coming from them in 2014, because VALENTINE’S DAY SITUATIONS are on their way and you best be prepared. Because, orgasms. And love. And lusty “if there’s ever a day to let you go in that hole I guess it’s today” conversations.


Almost all (if not every single freaking one) of these toys can be purchased here. If you have trouble finding one, tweet me or follow up in the comments and I’ll get you your fix.



Pipedream Products

I dub thee best for: Beginners’ Fetish Play

Best of 2013

All of their Ceramix collection. Featuring “an eco-friendly alternative to plastic, rubber, or silicone sex toys,” the Ceramix family can come in either the massager form or can be filled with water for temperature play. These two choices allow you to stimulate your sexual sense with vibration or temperature, all while using a different material that is new to your boo (your vag or bum). Ceramix No. 4 even just snagged the XBiz award for Non-Powered Sex Toy of the year. My favorite feature is that every one of the nine models look like came straight out of Alice in Wonderland’s sexual toy box. I’m a sucker for appearances.

Pipedream Ceramix Collection


What’s coming in 2014 (heh)

Icicles! Pipedream recently added 28 new hand-blown glass massager collection, bringing the total number to over 60 pieces. With such an extensive assortment, what could they even possibly add? My favorite might just be Icicles No. 49, the leather flogger that doubles as a glass anal plug. I’m a super light fetish fan, but this will do the trick regardless of sensitivity to the idea. You’ll definitely see a massive amount of glass anal plugs and bulb-like wands for interesting penetration. I see that becoming a major trend for 2014, and Pipedream is onto the game as well.

Pipedream Icicles Wand



Blush Novelties

I dub thee best for: Dildo play

Best of 2013

Totally a tie-up. I fell madly in love (as did my hoo-ha) with both the Naturally Yours Wild Ride and the Real Nude Suko playthings. The Wild Ride is indeed a wild ride; it features an intense nine iches of powerful vibrations. And while I wouldn’t recommend using it when peepy people are around (it makes a bit of noise), I do recommend shower use since it’s waterproof. I love it so much I told people to buy one for the holidays, and it’s the only sex toy that every single friend I know is aware of its existence in my collection. The Suko, on the other hand, is my best kept secret. I think it’s the closest thing I have to a real, actual penis, so I keep it hidden from my boyfriend. It’s on the bigger side (eight inches), and suction-cups itself to the wall so I can go at my own speed. Lube that sucker up and take off as crazy as you wanna be.

Blush Novelties Suko Dildo


What’s coming in 2014 

Personally, Blush is one of the greatest companies I’d have the pleasure of communicating with, and everything from the packaging to the user experience is impeccable, beautiful, and exciting. So with 2014 coming up I was really excited to hear what was in store for us. So, with this introduction of the newest Blush product I feel like I should be screaming, BECAUSE THEY ARE COCKS. DONGS. MASSIVE DICKS THAT ARE MOLDED UP TO 14 INCHES OF THICK PENIS. YOU HAVE VEINS. YOU HAVE RIBS. YOU HAVE GIRTH. YOU HAVE AN ANGRY THROBBING (it’s not but it very well could be) MEMBER READY TO FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF YOU. The newest line, Hard Steel, is impressive and bulging. And I love every part of it and can’t wait to try it out myself, since I’m a size goddess. As much as I loved Suko, it’s a princess wand compared to the below. Get ready for pooowwwaaahhhh.

Blush Novelties Hard Steel



Topco Sales

I dub thee best for: CyberSkin

Best of 2013

Well, we’re mixed again. This year I tried, and loved, tons of products from the UltraZone line, such as the Infinite vibe and Midnight Sun vibrating cock ring (damn good for couples’ play). Both provided a smooth, quiet, even, buzzy experience that led to multiple orgasms. With their wheel-function speed control and button controls (they differ on devices), it was easy to change the fun up, and they were pleasantly strong. The real fun came from the CyberSkin Big Ass Bang. As a woman with a vagina, I couldn’t fuck it. But I had the time of my life poking and smacking the material that had to have been created in Asgard. It’s crazy amazing and addictive. But after the entire office finished having their photographic love affair with the butt, it needed to be reviewed. So I found someone to review it. You know what, this takes the cake on product of the year in terms of fuckability.


What’s coming in 2014 

The unleashing of the Farrah Abraham! Or her molded sexual parts, that is. Crafted back in the chill of Autumn 2013, we were told by Topco that we should expect her pleasure line to hit shelves and then penises in January of 2014. It’s the 29th. I still see no Farrah parts. But, with the Farrah’d CyberSkin preview popping up around the internet, our eyes are peeled to the novelty news for the drop date.

Topco Mold of Farrah Abraham




I dub thee best for: Massagers

Best of 2013

nsnovelties stands for New Sensations Novelties (or well, that’s what it should stand for because it’s the same family). And with the popular studio line from New Sensations entitled The Romance Series, it’s no surprise to me that their sex toy line is one of the best in personal massagers. They win Best Of with Muse, their tiny rechargeable bunny that is meant for complete clitoral bliss. From the tiny LED light ups to the steady power punch on your baby bits to the RECHARGEABLE factor, Muse sits right out their on my night stand for all to see and question about. I could not be happy about my career without having one and bragging daily about it. If ever you’ve wanted a squee toy that makes you happy to look at and to play with, Muse is it, and for that it was my favorite of the entire year.



What’s coming in 2014 

The in-it-to-win-it company is expanding on one of their most popular toys from the men’s line, the Renegade Pleasure Rocker. It was created penetrate and stimulate the prostate, while also massaging those gentle family jewels. It looks intense, and word is that it feels even more so. What nsnovelties did was just even the playing field, and they did so by releasing one for women — the Femme Vibrating G-Spot Rocker. Where the Renegade hits the prostate, Femme diddles your G-Spot and vibrates your clit. If you are one of the many that still hasn’t found the secret O-Town wonder, this could be just the thing for ya.

Femme Rocker


Crystal Delights

I dub thee best for: Classy glassy anal plugs

Best of 2013

I never would have known about the magical art that is Crystal Delights if it hadn’t been for the amazing Tasha Reign. Back in the fall, we at HotMovies interviewed her after she had a local exotic dance performance. Inquiring on her next big move, she mentioned that she had recently partnered up with Crystal Delights, an erotic toy company that featured glass butt plugs, and she was going to deliver lush, pastel-colored pony tails. We were curious immediately. After receiving the Reignbow Pony Tail from CD, we couldn’t stop our instant passion and showing-off skills. Everything they offer on their site is art — smooth, handmade glass and only the most artisan offerings in pony “hair”, feathers, fur, and faux fur. Another wonderful discovery was how easy the plugs were to wear. I had never tried one before, but insertion with lube was simple, and I felt sextastic and new throughout the entire experience. Also, the swirls of powdery glittery that statically float through the bulbs are again, magical. Swoon.



What’s coming in 2014 

Where we highlight the sugary swishes of candy-colored tails above, Crystal Delights is wowing us in the future with svelte, sophisticated tresses of natural hair color. It was easy to feel like a pampered pony princess with the explosion of the Reignbow tails in 2013, but now you can feel like a straight-up badass sex minx. Match your hair, match your cosplay, or throw on high heels and some wicked eyeliner — the point is, you will be in demand with these in. The bulbs are the same size, so they fit beginners or experts, and best of all, you can be in the upper echelon of pony tail wonderment.


Natural Colored Tails from Crystal Delight


Evolved Novelties

I dub thee best for: Something for everyone

Best of 2013

Evolved really does feature something for everyone, no matter who you are or what you like to fuck (just keep it legal, okay?). Stemming from Zero Tolerance Entertainment, Evolved carries that same edgy appeal that their studio productions excel in. Have you heard about my most favoritest parody ever, Game of Bones: Winter is Cumming? That was Zero Tolerance. And who doesn’t love Game of Thrones?! If you don’t, we are now enemies. So with their mass appeal toward everyone that loves sex, you’ll find their number one of the year — The Bendable You Too. The BYT is like a gymnastics sex nympho. It bends, and formfits to please your clit, g-spot, prostate, butt, nips, balls, whatever you need. The vibrations are powerful, and it can even be used underwater. Have fun with this in a couples romp or a solo sesh; this little guy aims to please you no matter what it takes or where it takes you.

Bendable You Too

 What’s coming in 2014

Evolved is constantly evolving (get it), so you never really know what you’re going to get from them. Keep yourself in the know by following their What’s New page.


The Screaming O

I dub thee best for: Novelties and Gift Bags

Best of 2013

Not even a contest, their Best of 2013 won over the world and myself. The MustachiO did more than obliterate the industry with smiles, it caught the eye of the mainstream intrigue as well. Having just won an honor at the XBIZ 2014 Awards for Best Discreet Pleasure Product of the Year, the really big splash was when they stood out among plenty of competition during the height of the Movember movement in 2013. It vibrates, and any person with a face can wear it and use it while performing a sexy move on a partner. Combining novelty with such an important movement is ingenious, as everyone got to participate in such an important charitable cause.

The Screaming O's MustachiO


What’s coming in 2014

As I mentioned in the Best For headline, The Screaming O is wildly popular with its assortment of sexy little knick knacks that they bundle into gift bags, and Valentine’s Day promises the best of the bunch. The Valentine Essential Gift Bag comes packed with tiny vibrating joys and a personal favorite, the Climax Cream (I swear by using this with the AmigOs vibe which is ADORABLE), and even a couple branded condoms. What else can you expect to be buzzed by? Tons of bright, popping, fun vibes and cock rings! The je ne sais quois of The Screaming O lives within the fun and fancy free vision of their toys. They don’t take themselves as novelties seriously, they’re made to have fun and capture the happiness of the screaming orgasm. Their new lines will continue to do precisely that.

The Screaming O

Of note: Some sex toy companies are not represented here that you may be familiar with. This is due to quality or testing issues, and only HotMoviesForHer.com approved businesses are featured.

Free Porn Friday

Each week we make free clip galleries of three movies for our affiliates to use… so why not share some of those clips here?

Welcome to Free Porn Friday!

First up is Girlfriends Films’ , scene two, with Billie Sweet and Dante (F).


Second is Burning Angel Entertainment’s , scene four, featuring Lily Lane and Ramon Nomar.


And lastly, Zero Tolerance Entertainment’s , scene two.

Hope you enjoyed. Have a great weekend!


Dr. Ava’s Guide To Oral Sex For Couples (Disc 1)

I’d like to think I know how to get myself and others off, but sometimes I’m seized with fucker’s remorse, and I want to brush up on my skills. Thankfully, Zero Tolerance Entertainment‘s instructional video, Dr. Ava’s Guide To Oral Sex For Couples* is here for those of us who feel a little rusty in the deep dive department.

I loved this video, although not for its intended purposes. This inoffensive, rough gem is filmed with soft focus lenses, and stars India Summer and Marco Banderasas they cavort on a fuzzy blanket amongst lit candles. Dr. Ava’s purring, seductive voice guides us through each scene and oral sex technique, but I couldn’t stop laughing at her voice overs. I don’t know what a “better” alternative is, but the delivery is so very clinical and romantic. I’m more into the seedy Stuntgirl aesthetic.

I’m sure Dr. Ava wants her viewers to relax and enjoy oral pleasure, but I just could not imagine watching this video and then mimicking some of the techniques. Specifically, I cannot yet comprehend the pleasure I’d get from a technique called Banana Nibblers. India Summer is supposed to be enjoying a sexy snack with her lover, but all I can see is her giving that nanner a mouthy, wet beej warmup. It’s just so wet with spit. Then he puts the other half in his mouth and he gently face fucks her with the banana. Who is taking this seriously? This is odd looking and, frankly, as the “no food while fucking” type, gross. And if the banana isn’t bad enough, Dr. Ava suggests using a hot dog as well. Cold? Hot? Didn’t every high school have a hot dog girl? Why would you ever sign up for that role now???

Seriously, I laughed myself to tears during the banana scene and my coworkers had to ask what was wrong. You tell me if I’m the one who’s nuts here:

Then there’s a technique called Ate Ball. It does not involve a scrotum, but does feature a cherry tomato. The goal is to maneuver the cherry tomato around your mate’s body with your mouth and tongue to drive them wild before the main event. However, if you watch Marco’s face, you’d swear he was a patient of.

Condoms are encouraged, as part of The Condom Fashion Show, and the blow & roll is clearly explained by Dr. Ava and illustrated by India. Personally, a condom fashion show sounds like a lot of work and not much fun. But Janie Germaphobe is here to remind you that condoms are not your enemy. They’re just not most people’s favorite part of the love act.

Another technique called Hide the Honey involves a blindfold and a bottle of the good old fashioned sticky Pooh Bear treat. Honey goes where you want your lover’s tongue to go, after they sniff their way to the sweet spot. So, of course, India dabs the honey right on her perineum. Good choice! According to Dr. Ava, the perineum orgasm is such a thing. Additionally, because she could tell I was having a freakout when India dabbed the honey between her legs, Dr. Ava does mention that foods cannot go inside the vagina lest the pH balance of your cooch get out of whack, leaving you with a yeast infection.

The last technique I’ll mention is the Boobie Blow, “clinically called cleavage fornication.” Clearly Dr. Ava is not even about to call this act by its most common alias, the Tit Fuck. And my, what a graceful tit fuck India and Marco share. India doesn’t even smash her boobs together during this demonstration. I had no idea you could get away with a tit fuck without smashing your boobs like flesh marshmallows around your mate’s dick.

All in all, Dr. Ava doesn’t have bad advice. I’m probably not the audience this guide was made for. It’s very polite. It’s gentle. If I weren’t as comfortable with putting my friend’s junk in my mouth, I could see how this video might be helpful. However, I’m probably a prime candidate for an evening with .

*A more accurate title would be Dr. Ava’s Guide To Oral Sex For Cisgender Hetero Couples (With Fine Interior Decorating).

Watch “Dr. Ava’s Guide To Oral Sex For Couples (Disc 1)” Now!

Free Porn Friday – Merry Christmas Edition!

Each week we make free clip galleries of three movies for our affiliates to use… so why not share some of those clips here?

Welcome to Free Porn Friday!  This week we are, of course, offering up super sexy Christmas movies!  Happy Ho Ho Holidays!

First up is Zero Tolerance Entertainment’s new holiday classic, .

Check out the FREE GALLERY of clips from A Christmas Orgy!


Second is On The Mark Productions’ , scene three, featuring  and . Ho Ho Hot!

Check out the FREE GALLERY of clips from Stuffing My XXX Stocking 1!


And lastly, Third Degree’s , scene five, featuring  and .

Check out the FREE GALLERY of clips from Holiday Office Party!

Hope you enjoyed. Have a very merry Christmas weekend!!

-JD and Ginger

Top Five Tuesday – Workout Porno Picks

Let’s get physical, physical. I wanna get physical, let’s get into physical. Let me hear your body talk, your body talk. Let me hear your body talk.

I’ll give you three guesses as to what this week’s Top Five Tuesday is all about… That’s right, we are featuring our Top Five Workout Porno Picks.  I’m interested in getting back into my gym routine and I need a little inspiration to get me motivated!

 – When I think about gym porn, I usually go straight to fantasies of people screwing on gym equipment (which I think it really fucking hot!), but why not incorporate group workout classes into the mix?  and it turns out that this orgy video is perfect for helping me cultivate that fantasy.  A whole women’s wrestling team training turns debaucherous as these sporty ladies get down and dirty all over the mats.  Yep, my brain is coming up with all sorts of step class stories as I type this.

Could I really pass up a movie called “Let’s Get Physical” after quoting Olivia Newton John at the beginning of this post?  I mean really, it would practically be illegal to ignore this super ’80s video.  While there isn’t much gym sex going on here, it still makes the list on sheer title privilege.
 – Speaking of titles, this movie has a really stupid one, I know, but if you can overlook it, there is a whole lot of hotness going on once you turn it on.  You know how I feel about fucking on gym equipment, and this flick features four scenes of folks getting down on the weight machines – including a special scene with a blowjob and a big, pink exercise ball.  That’s scene 4, for all you people that just got a little tingle in your bottom when you read that last sentence.
There is no way that we could make a list of hot workout pornos without including at least one hot gay gym bunny pick.  Tight muscle bottoms get worked over by hard body tops, both in the locker room and out on the gym floor.  Oh, and in the steam room. How could I forget about that extra steamy steam room romp in scene 1?
Sometimes all you need is a gym buddy to help motivate you to work out. Emily and Veronica are trying their hardest to incorporate the gym into their daily routine, but soon their leg lifts turn sensual and one thing leads to another… Let’s just say that they no longer need motivation to get into a full body workout!

I don’t know about you, but I am definitely feeling inspired! Time for some pelvic tilts and squats.


Girlvana 4 (Disc 2)

I wanted to see what the big hulabaloo was over Lisa Ann.  She is in a ton of our movies and is one of the most popular stars on HotMovies and HotMoviesForHer.  She can be found in all sorts of MILFtastic and regular-tastic flicks.  I haven’t avoided this  ravishing lady on purpose, there are just so many other pornos on the list.  Girlvana 4 is an all girl spectacular and is filled with ladies of all ages.

Girlvana 4 (Disc 2)I’ll admit it, I came for Lisa Ann and I left with Sasha Grey.

I went straight for scene 2 starring Lisa (school teacher) and Ann Marie Rios (willing pupil) in need of attaining a little extra credit.  I know.  Yawn.  But, there’s nothing wrong with revisiting the age old porno tale of teacher and teacher’s pet.  The two go at it on the desk and let’s face it, I’ll never not watch hot desk sex.  There are lots of moans and oh’s and ooooohs’ and slurps and other juicy sounds.  I give her credit, Lisa Ann is hot.  She is incredibly easy on the eyes and definitely knows her way around the lady parts.  It was porny, not that it was a surprise, but worth mentioning just so you know.  They seemed to enjoy each other and left no vagina untouched.  Lisa Ann definitely showed me what she was working with a

I let the movie play to the next scene.  Oh Sasha Grey, you never disappoint.  You’re always fun to watch.  Whether you’re with boys or girls, or the movie is soft core or hard core or anywhere in between, you make magic happen.

Scene 3 starring Sasha Grey and AnnaBelle Lee was just lovely.  Sasha Grey went to town betwixt Anna Belle’s thighs and it was glorious.  There wasn’t anything out of the ordinary going on here – no clowns on tricycles or anything, but it was good old fashioned girl on girl lovin’ without the over the top noises like the previous scene.  We could still see and hear the enjoyment, it was just without the overdramatic moans and spit bubble sounds.  Sasha, being more of the giver here, had the adorable AnnaBelle all a flutter and overcome with what-the-fuckness.  Good times were had by all.

Girlvana 4 is a solid girl-on-girl flick starring sexy ladies that you know and love.  You pretty much get our standard porno fare, but it will absolutely satisfy you!

Watch Girlvana 4 (Disc 2) now!



Dowtown Girls Volume 3

“When you’re alone, and life is making you lonely, you can always go – downtown.  When you’ve got worries, all the noise and the hurry, seems to help, I know – downtown…”  Yep, downtown, where things are great, especially when you have hot ladies that are raring to go – and that’s just what you get in Downtown Girls Volume 3.

Not only does this Zero Tolerance Entertainment flick feature some of the hottest performers in the industry, it shows them having super sexy romps in a variety of “downtown” themed vignettes.  To be honest, I’m not quite sure what they means by “downtown” themed, other than possibly sophisticated, but other than a few words quickly scrolling along the screen, the whole “downtown” thing doesn’t even come into play.  What it all comes down to is lots of pussy pounding, hip thrusting action that results in an assortment of deliciously powerful orgasms all over the screen.

I think my favorite of the five scenes was definitely scene 4, with Tommy Pistol and Angel Vain.  There is something so dopey and charming about Pistol that is a total turn on, especially when he starts repeating over and over again “Oh my god, your pussy is amazing. Oh my god, your pussy is awesome.”  It’s like he hasn’t has sex a million and a half times.  How endearing is that?  Or is it just me?  Either way, the sex they have is really fucking hot – mixing up a bunch of different positions and activities, which is always a treat.  It’s not listed as a “hot scene” for nothing!

 Watch “Downtown Girls Volume 3” Now!

Official Jerry Springer Parody

Oh, Jerry Springer, they turned you into a porno parody!  Hilarious.  While making a sex-filled spoof of a trash-tacular talk show isn’t exactly the leap of the century, (as much as it is just a really hilarious idea), I really have to give it to Zero Tolerance for mixing the perfect amount of drag-out cat fights and hardcore sexy action.

Whether it’s cousins fighting over the same man or just the pole girl (though I’m not exactly sure why there is a woman pole dancing on the side of the stage…) getting it hard from an eager audience member – everyone is getting the fuck of their lifetime!

Scene three is especially hot for me, as you can still hear Mr. Pete and Tori Lux getting on in the background while Anthony Rosano and Vicki Chase are on screen.  I love me some background moans!  Of course I can’t gloss over the insane blowjob going on at that time as well.  Vivki Chase is a serious cock sucking champ and swallows Rosano’s (Jerry Springer) dick like it’s going out of style.  So much spitting, gagging and deep throating – what’s not to love?  In fact, there seems to be a plethora of blow jobs in this movie!  I’m sure it’s probably not so many more than other porns, but for some reason it just struck me that this flick is lousy with cock/mouth action.  Looks like I picked a winner!

On one last note, honestly, I think they could have gotten the real Jerry Springer to play himself. Sure, Anthony Rosano is great, but I doubt Springer’s phone is ringing off the hook, so I think they totally could have sprung for the real deal.  Just sayin’.

Official The Silence Of The Lambs Parody

Every once in a while I can’t help but check out a parody to see if people are even trying any more. I think we can all agree that many studios aren’t putting that much effort into their spoofs at this point.

Official The Silence Of The lambs Parodyt

Thankfully, there are a handful of people who take pornifying pop culture seriously and there are still good movies being released like this one!

I have to say that I love the fact that the XXX starts off with Kagney Linn Karter (playing Jodie Foster’s character) getting it on with Isis Taylor. While the scene didn’t blow my mind, I (along with every other lesbian) have viewed every character Foster plays as a lesbian since the mid eighties and was pleased to have my POV validated in this porno!

I would have thought the scene was pretty damn hot if it weren’t for that purple double dong. Zero Tolerance needs to splurge for some better toys. I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing that dong was not body-safe and that’s a turn off for me.

The best scene was definitely the fifth, probably because I had a college roommate who did a great impression of him. Mark Wood did a really great job as the character and I liked Riley Evans also. While it was weird, if you stop thinking about context, the scene is pretty damn hot. Both stars fuck like champs, although I’m still pondering the rubber duckie??

BTW, the Lector sex scene was just creepy. I kept waiting for it to get gorey – can you imagine if Burning Angel would have shot this film?? There would have been buckets of blood!

This one won’t win Parody of the Year at next year’s AVNs, but it is definitely one to see if you loved the original or are a fan of the genre. I personally was a little too creeped out by sometimes to enjoy the fucking as much as I’d like, but as a fan of the original, I had a good time with this one.