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Angie Rowntree Shares Tips to a Successful Relationship for Couples Appreciation Month

Angie and Colin RowntreeApril is National Couples Appreciation month, which was “founded by Blissful Escapes ‘to encourage couples to do something special to re-enforce and celebrate their relationship.’” Rather than spending money on fleeting items like cards or flowers, the spirit of National Couples Month proffers that it’s really the little things that can show your loved one exactly how much you care. By telling them you love them for no reason at all, cooking “them dinner just because it’s Wednesday,” or giving them a passionate kiss out of the blue, couples can reconnect and revitalize their relationship without the need for expensive and unnecessary grand gestures.

In honor of National Couples Month, HotMoviesForHer reached out to Angie Rowntree, sex-positive pornographer, founder of Sssh.com, the oldest porn site ever created specifically for women, and one-half of Angie and Colin Rowntree, one of the most celebrated and successful couples in the adult industry.Angie Rowntree filming

Together since the early 1990s, and married 22 years, these industry powerhouses who not only make their marriage work, but have also mastered the rare ability of cohesively working together as well. In an industry where marriages are often fleeting, these two have provided a shining image for how to make a marriage work, no matter what the world around them might throw their way.

We asked Angie to give us some insight into how they keep their romance alive as they navigate the porn industry as a couple and a team.  Here’s what she shared with us!

“Our marriage is strong for the same reasons a lot of lasting marriages are strong; there’s a high degree of shared interests, mutual respect and profound trust and most importantly COMMUNICATION. We’re very comfortable with each other, which enables us to be very open, very frank, even when we disagree – which happens plenty, believe me.

I believe the fact we both work in the adult industry helps a lot. It means we have a shared understanding, and we don’t have to wonder or guess at what each other’s professional lives are like, because we already know. While there are huge differences between the content each of us produces, Colin and I appreciate each other’s perspective and method.

More important than any of the above is love, of course. I still get a huge smile on my face every time I think about when we first met, when I was immediately charmed by Colin and there was this instant connection. All these years later, I still feel that connection every day. I’m not sure I can explain it, exactly – and I’m not sure I’d want to. A little mystery can go a long way in sustaining passion, after all.”

Now that gives all of us here at HotMoviesForHer some serious #RelationshipGoals!

To learn more about Angie and the empowering work she does on a daily basis, visit Sssh.com or check out some of her husband’s incredible films (Wasteland) here on HotMoviesForHer.com!


Wasteland Movie Review

We started to review Wasteland a while ago, but haven’t seemed to finish.  I have been looking for an excuse to watch this movie, so when I noticed we had half of the movie reviewed and not the other, I got excited.  You can catch up on the part of the review you missed Wasteland Review Part 1 and Wasteland Review Part 2.

I will give a brief synopsis of what you missed if you don’t want to jump around.

There are two versions of Wasteland.  Disc 1 has the plot oriented version with shortened sex scenes and Disc 2 has no talking and cuts right to chase.

The two main characters of the movie are friends from high school who grew up in Tucson, AZ.  The movie begins as Anna (Lily Carter) travels from AZ to LA to visit her friend she hasn’t seen in 5 years Jacki (Lily LaBeau).  Jacki moved to LA to follow her acting career but as she tells Anna, “I’ve changed, you’ll see”.  Anna is a bit of a slut and so far in the movie has had sex with a stranger in a bar bathroom and that same evening on the way home she hooks up with a random guy she met on the street.  As she is hooking up with the guy in the back alley Anna begs her to go home and she pulls Anna in to give the guy a blowjob on the street while she fondles Anna from behind.  Anna gets mad; they walk home with Jacki following her saying “I’m sorry” the whole way.  When they get home, they have some makeup sex.  It is so obvious to me that Anna is in love with Jacki and Jacki is oblivious to this fact, or she just doesn’t care.  I am still waiting for an explanation on why Jacki left Tucson, but they haven’t said yet.  There are some random flashbacks of a fire and some cuts to an old lady, so I’m interested to see where this is headed and get these questions answered.

Scene 3

Anna is upset with Jacki because she opened up to her and told her she was upset when Jacki left Tucson because she was so lost when she left.  Jacki replied that she missed her too, for two weeks, and then she moved on.  Anna storms out of the room and locks herself in the bathroom.  More makeup sex, only this time Anna tried to fight it and it turned into some cute girl wrestling, chasing, play until they pounce on each other on the bed passionately.  This time the sex is slow and loving unlike the sex Jacki has in the bathroom and the alley earlier in the movie. After the sex they lay in each other’s arms silently staring into the others eyes.  Jacki finally opens up and says that Anna was always the special one and tells her sometimes she thinks that there is something wrong with her, and she feels like she isn’t a girl or a boy and she is just some weird species that is not like everyone else.  She then says she is antsy and wants to do something, so they move into the pool. We finally get some answers to the flashbacks and the obvious sexual/love tension between the two girls.  Now they are fighting and Jacki says they are not friends, they never were and Anna was not there for her when she needed her and storms off.

Scene 4

Now Jacki is waking up Anna and all seems well in the world now that Jacki is sober.  They are reminiscing, and flashback to when they were teenagers at a campfire.  Anna is flirting with a guy, she walks away to use the bathroom and that quickly Jacki takes Anna’s guy to the cabin.  Anna comes back and goes to find them and catches them having sex in the cabin.  (Can we say, terrible friend?)  Anna watches the whole time from the window.  This guy is good; he rips off Jackie’s t-shirt straight down the middle before she deep throats him.  Now they are fucking on a nightstand and it’s loud and raw and banging on the floor and against the wall.  Anna is still outside the window  looking sad.  Now it cuts back to today, and Anna is telling Jacki what she saw and how she felt.  Jacki asks her “Why did you come here.”  Seems like a good question considering their crazy relationship.  Anna’s answer? “I’m so tired, tired of everything.”  More explanation about the girls past and their feelings towards one another. This seems to have gotten through to Jacki and they are passionately kissing again.   Jacki goes down on Anna in a chair.

Scene 5

The girls are helping each other get dressed, putting on makeup and putting on rubber/latex dresses; Anna in red, Jacki in black.  They both look smoking hot and they go to a club.  Jacki tells Anna to wait 5 minutes then come find her, and then walks away after kissing 2 girls at a large door.  Anna heads into the club.  The music is loud, Anna walks through the dancers looking for Jacki, she finds a woman wearing a black latex cat suit and begins dancing with her.  She appears to have forgotten about Jacki as the girl leads her out of the club and down a hallway into a large room with only a woman giving a man a blowjob in the middle of it.  Anna is being fingered by the lady in black up against the wall.  She is covering her mouth holding in her pants and moans.  The man in the middle of the room cums in the girls face, while Anna’s mystery woman leads her into another room with only a man getting head in it.  The woman in black is fingering Anna from behind as she watches the woman in the middle of the room gag as she deep throats.    He cums in her mouth as she rubs his balls.  The lady in red leads Anna into another room with just a table.  She has Anna finger herself while she is choking at her and yelling at her to cum.  They then kiss passionately and she sends Anna back on her way into the long hallway to the club.  Anna finds a door and walks in and there are a bunch of people in masks watching someone else have sex.  Anna pushes her way to the front and it appears that it’s Jacki in a huge gangbang.  As Anna is watching, the guys in the crowd approach her and start fondling and kissing her neck.  She looks empty as she watches her friend in the gangbang, but is soon looking like she enjoying herself.  She jumps right into the gangbang with her friend.  If you are into gangbangs and voyeurism, this is the scene for you.  There is something really hot about the guys in the background just watching this all go down (pun intended).

The girls are back home wrapped in each other’s arms in bed, Anna wakes up and starts having flashbacks of what just happened in the last 24 hours. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie.  The sex is phenomenal and plentiful; the acting is surprisingly really great, and not just for porn.  Lily Carter did a fantastic job and I will look out for her more often because of how great this movie was.

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