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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Lesbian Porn For Lesbians

Here at HotMoviesForHer, we pay attention to what the people want, so when we did some research and found out that a good majority of you are out there searching for lesbian porn for lesbian women, I jumped all over the opportunity to point you in the right direction. Below is a list of studios that create genuine lesbian content for lesbians and a few movies from each to start you off…

Pink And White Productions

It would be blasphemy not to start this list off with Pink And White Productions. Directed by Shine Louise Houston, P&W is known for its array of sexuality, genders, and genres. Everything from them is inclusive and fluid, with something for everyone to comfortably enjoy. Seriously, there’s a CrashPad for every single mood you can think of and some you can’t. I absolutely love it!  The influence Pink & White Productions has had on gender queer pornography, actors, and the industry as a whole cannot be ignored, and if you’re looking for authentic content absent of gender lines, there’s no better place to start. Below are three of my favorites to serve as a starting point…

Filly Films

What I love about Filly Films most is that they center their movies around women who enjoy sexual encounters with other women. For a lot of us whether the actress is actually a lesbian isn’t a factor when picking a movie. Instead we want to see someone enjoying the person they’re with, not thinking about the paycheck they’ll get to cash if they get through the scene. We’ve all seen the girl giving head for about 30 seconds using only the tip of her tongue with an expression on her face like she’s licking a sour apple, and then spend the rest of the time staring into the camera making “O” shapes with her mouth. That’s for the fellas. For us lesbos you gotta come with something real, something we can relate to and throw ourselves into the fantasy. Filly Films is great at that and A Girl’s Tale is the perfect place to start in my opinion.


With her rise to the top of genuine lesbian actresses (having real lesbian sex) Lily Cade‘s studio LilyCade.com must be on this list and I’ve gone on and on about her in this interview and too many movie reviews to count. Everyone’s favorite redhead has beat a lot of odds in this industry and once you really dive into some of her work it’s easy to see why. Her short red hair, raspy voice, and aggressiveness pull you in right away while her acting (and writing) brings every character she plays to life and keeps you glued to the screen. It’s impossible to name my favorite LilyCade.com titles (just about every one featuring Officer Cade is amazing) but here are a few that I keep on repeat.


Bree Mills and Stills By Alan are the power forces behind Girlsway and you’re truly missing out on something if you don’t check out their brilliant movies. They successfully fuse social issues and concerns, like the fear of catching gay (yup, that’s a thing) in with incredibly erotic lesbian porn. Like Filly Films, Girlsway casts a variety of actresses, a lot of whom aren’t lesbians, but what sets them apart for me is the writing and acting that goes into everything they produce. I write in my reviews all the time that it’s so easy to forget you’re watching a porno, even during sex scenes, because it feels like you’re watching a movie on the big screen. Seriously, you’re doing yourself an injustice if you never tune into The Turning and Project Pandora – A Psychosexual Lesbian Thriller, and below are three more that are near and dear to my heart. Have fun!

Viv Thomas

Viv Thomas takes a very different approach to lesbian sex. At first glance I want to say they’re more on the softer side of girl-girl action, what most people expect when they think of two girls having sex. Where this studio sets itself apart is its attention to detail and the intensely close-up camera work that I’ve grown to love. There’s also an artistic approach to the way they capture women exploring themselves and each other that just can’t be taken for granted. Just look at their box covers…


From the beautiful minds over at Kink.com comes UltimateSurrender.com, competitive girl-girl sexual wrestling, featuring hardcore face-sitting and strap-on sex. I love playful fighting and aggressive wrestling that turns into sex, so I can never get enough of Ultimate Surrender. Plus, they have actresses from all walks of life like Lily Cade, Ana Foxxx, and Andre Shakti getting all oiled up and fighting each other to the point of strap-on domination for the winner. Do I even need to say any more!?


OffWorld currently houses only 4 titles, but I like to think that’s because Magdalene St. Michaels is extremely busy pleasing women around the world non-stop and doesn’t always think to pull her handycam out. That’s right, the same Magdalene St. Michaels that Girlfriends Films has endeared in our hearts for years! There’s something about the way she looks at and caresses a woman that’s enough to send anybody over the edge. Check out my review of her Stranded series. You’re gonna love it…

Triangle Films

I didn’t know much about Triangle Films until I reviewed 2016’s Blue Collar Lesbians, but after watching that one I had to know more about Kathryn Annelle and her approach to top notch authentic lesbian porn. Since 2006, Triangle Films has been producing feature after feature of electrifying plots and incredible sex created by women for women. Loaded with fan favorites such as Jizz Lee, Dana DeArmond, Syd Blakovich, and Sasha Grey, how could you not want to know more about this studio!?


The one word that immediately comes to mind when thinking of AbbyWinters.com is “authentic.” Everything they do is genuine. Casting mostly European amateurs between 18 and 25 years of age, AbbyWinters manages to take you into the bedroom of every day girls and watch as they explore multiple positions (I always find it interesting that amateurs explore more made-for-porn positions than porn stars), and give and receive multiple orgasms all while keeping the atmosphere light and playful. I love the before and after interviews, and with a catalogue totaling over 300 movies, there’s always something new to find. For lesbians looking for authentic lesbian porn this is a really good studio to explore.


To top off the list we go back to the beautifully warped minds of those running Kink.com to WhippedAss.com. If you’re anything like me, you like to mix things up a bit and there’s no better place to start mixing shit together than WhippedAss. Lesbian Femdom at its finest is an understatement! You get everything from domination and discipline to humiliation smothering, but there a reason “ass” is a part of the studio name. They whip, cane, spank, slap, and do just about everything else you can think of to my favorite part of the female anatomy and it is beyond fun and sexy to watch. Start wherever you want with this studio because we all end up in orgasm heaven by the end!

These are 10 of my go-to studios for high quality authentic lesbian porn made with lesbian viewers in mind, but there are plenty more to me discovered on the site. Pick a starting point, dive in, and get those fingers nice, wet, and messy. Until next time, make sure to follow me on Twitter @authenticlezz1 for the latest on all things lesbo and some random shit that pops out of my mind from time to time.

The Authentic Lesbian Review: French Kiss

French Kiss box cover French Kiss from Viv Thomas is a soft and sensual movie with tongue kissing as the central theme. The cover art speaks volumes as far as what to expect. Each scene is filled with passionate kisses, longing, desire, and lust that leaves no room for words (literally, I heard two words the entire movie). The sets are bright and rather plain, allowing the performers to provide a natural contrast with their bodies. Usually plots and interviews where you get to know the performers or some type of verbal entertainment are my thing, but I did enjoy how quickly Guy Ranieri Sblattero got to the action. Both opening and ending credits roll right over the beginning and ending of the first and last scenes, giving you nonstop kissing and touching from the time you press Play.

Scene 1 – Leila Smith & Tiffany Doll

Leila Smith drove me crazy with her red hair! The shine from the natural window light and the contrast with Tiffany Doll’s long, dark, brunette hair was instant eye sex. The two start making out like they’ve been waiting to kiss each other for years, and even better, clothes are coming off 1:19 in! It doesn’t get any better than that! There’s no talking in this movie, but being one who is easily turned on by sound effects, I can tell you they did not slack on the audio. Because of how quiet the scene itself is you can’t help but be drawn in by the kissing sounds, the heavy breathing, and moaning as the two fondle each other’s clits. Tiffany sits cowgirl facing Leila, giving her one amazing view as she moans uncontrollably from the finger in her ass. Yup, butt stuff! Pleasant surprise if for no other reason than you don’t see a lot of it in lesbian porn, especially the visually sensual content. Anyway, Tiffany thoroughly enjoyed herself and Leila liked making her cum from the look on her face.

Leila Smith and Tiffany Doll in French Kiss by Viv Thomas

Finally we get some head! Tiffany fingers and licks Leila’s pussy to a climax and then sits on her face for a 69 sequence too good to be true. Both girls cum as they drive each other tongue crazy and force one another to scream out in pleasure. Leila’s face is priceless as Tiffany licks just the right spot! You could tell there was no acting there and both ladies enjoyed real orgasms, something rare in today’s industry. I was ready for a 5 minute smoke break after that, but when I saw their sexy bodies lock into the tribbing position I was back at attention. The closeness of their bodies and the intense eye contact mixed with the grinding and moaning was fucking hot! Naturally it ends with them kissing/licking each other’s juices from their chins, still with their bodies locked together. This is one of the best opening scenes I’ve seen in a long time as far as setting the tone for the rest of the movie. The action began quickly, it was rather simple, and the theme was as clear as day.

Scene 2 – Tiffany Doll & Jimena Lago

This time Tiffany is joined by the 21 year-old Spanish beauty Jimena Lago on an all-white set perfect for their olive tones. The kissing between these two really turned me on and again no time was wasted getting naked. I love that a movie centered on sucking face doesn’t skimp on the sex. Double win! For the first half of this scene, it’s all about Jimena as Tiffany teases and pleases her body in multiple positions. First, she fondles Jimena’s clit and eats her pussy before fingering her in the 69 position. Jimena’s moans were fucking fantastic! You could tell Tiffany was hitting her spot by the way she lost control more than a few times.

Tiffany Doll and Jimena Lago in French Kiss from Viv Thomas

Now it’s Jimena’s turn to get Tiffany off, and, eager to return the favor, she dives in face first. Pulling out all the stops, Jimena gets Tiffany’s pussy nice and wet then slides her fingers into her asshole. Just like with Leila, Tiffany goes crazy from the butt stuff and the entire thing is really intense. The pair ends the scene by bumping and grinding to one more orgasm and kissing themselves into ultimate relaxation mode.

Scene 3 – Leila Smith & Samia Duarte

Samia Duarte’s back tattoo is hot and I love the way she and Leila let their hands do the talking. Touching a woman’s naked body can be a stimulating experience to say the least, and Samia and Leila seem to be in a trance as they caress and study each other’s bodies with their finger tips. The kissing lived up to the hype as expected and they showed a little more love to the boobs in this scene than the previous two, which was nice. The rest of the scene follows the same format for the most part. I thought this would be a little boring as the movie went on, but the chemistry between the performers and real sex and passion that oozes from the screen kept me involved. Samia’s moaning was nonstop as they sucked and fingered each other’s pussies. Butt play continues to be a hidden gem as Leila fingers Samia’s ass until she cums and utters the only phrase heard throughout the entire flick: “Oh, shit!” That was pretty perfect. By the end of it neither lady was ready to stop so played with their own pussies until climaxing again. The scene ends with both satisfied women kissing through huge smiles on their faces. Smiling is always a good sign.

Leila Smith and Samia Duarte in French Kiss by Viv Thomas

Scene 4 – Samia Duarte & Tiffany Doll

There’s a lollipop in this scene and it threw me for a loop for a few minutes. It’s one of those things where it immediately looks awkward and in the way, like something you might try in real life once just to say you did it, but never try again. Plus putting those things inside your vagina, which they did not do, thankfully, is a sure way to find yourself sitting in a doctor’s office waiting for some ointment. No thank you! Now that I got that off my chest, Samia and Tiffany are absolutely gorgeous in this scene. Even the heels staying on didn’t bother me, although I do think it’s a health hazard.

Samia Duarte and Tiffany Doll in French Kiss from Viv Thomas

Tiffany starts by rubbing Samia’s clit while she stands against a table top and the orgasm is almost instant. She doesn’t back off though, instead fingering and licking Samia before she could catch her breath. The kissing came as somewhat of a 2nd thought in this scene and that was okay. I imagine that Tiffany just couldn’t wait to please Samia’s body, and since that’s a feeling I know all too well it really added to my fantasy and the scene. My favorite part is when it’s Samia’s turn to make Tiffany moan and scream and she does so while Tiffany is sitting on her lap. I love boobs, so boobs in my face is only a natural progression, and the closeness of the position created eye contact that sent me over the top. Not to mention Samia is fingering and fondling Tiffany while they grind up against each other. It only makes sense that Tiffany gets her asshole fingered since that’s her twist, and it was just as intense this time as it was previously. After they share multiple orgasms, some while sitting but most while standing, Samia and Tiffany put their clothes back on only to continue playing with each other’s clits through their panties. I’ve been there, you think you’re done but you just need to touch her one more time, so I found that to be incredibly hot. Lust at its best!

French Kiss is a lesbian movie that everyone will be able to enjoy! Check it out right here at HotMoviesForHer and browse through the rest of the Viv Thomas features. You won’t be disappointed.

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Free Porn Friday

Each week we make free clip galleries of three movies for our affiliates to use… so why not share some of those clips here?

Welcome to Free Porn Friday!

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Hope you enjoyed. Have a great weekend!


Free Porn Friday!

Each week we make free clip galleries of three movies for our affiliates to use… so why not share some of those clips here?

Welcome to Free Porn Friday!

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Free Porn Friday!

Each week we make free clip galleries of three movies for our affiliates to use… so why not share some of those clips here?

Welcome to Free Porn Friday!

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Summer Of Lust

While the real start of summer isn’t actually for another month, we all know that the unofficial beginning of the season is Memorial Day.  I mean, when you think about it, isn’t Memorial Day Weekend when the amusement parks open for the season?  I will always remember the last Monday in May as the day that the local park I grew up near would open the snack bar and start selling popsicles.  Ah, the fond memories of a porn reviewer…

Anyway, as you probably guessed it from either my long-winded introduction, or the fact that you are sitting at home on a Monday, probably lying around in your underpants, sweating because you refuse to turn the ac on until June, today is Memorial Day!  Woohoo!  Summer is upon us!!  To celebrate this holiday, and the fact that nearly all of us have off from work today, here is a fun in the sun porno to get your warm weather juices flowing!

Though I’ve never had the pleasure of doing it myself (that I can recall), I can imagine that sex in the sunshine would be one of the greatest things ever.  And Viv Thomas’  does an excellent job of illustrating that yes, I am probably right about that.  From the first scene with  and , it’s obvious that Viv Thomas is offering up high-quality action with attractive performers.  Right as they really start in on the fucking, some annoying buzz sound kicks on, which is a little distracting, but I think it’s just something in the environment that couldn’t be helped if they wanted to keep the integrity of the sexy noises, which I appreciate.

I am a little disappointed that scene two is set indoors, but then again, this movie is called Summer of Lust, so really, why wouldn’t it incorporate some air conditioned humping?  Plus, anything with  in it can’t be too disappointing.  He is way too hot to worry about anything else.  He and  go at it like bunnies with beautiful natural light streaming in the window by the bed.  One thing I was really kind of surprised about was that they pair were saying really sweet, loving things to each other. Even if it was part of the act, you don’t hear people in porn whispering “I’m going to miss you,” and “I love you” while they are boning.  At least I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before, unless it was explicitly stated that they were a couple.  Either way, just an observation from this peanut gallery.

The rest of the movie is shot outside by a pool and in the grass, which even further fuels my excitement for the summer.  Oh, and the fucking is pretty hot too.  I give this movie two sun-screen lathered thumbs up!

Watch “” Now!

Simply The Best

I hope you like hot Euro babe on Euro babe action because that’s what’s up with this Viv Thomas spectacular.  These lovely ladies are brought perfectly primped and ready for action.  They arrive at the house, have a few beverages and get better acquainted.

Simply The BestThe girlies split up and get the party started.  We start with a lovely little threesome on the couch.  They make quite the pretty pile of flesh lick and each others’ smooth pussies.  They quite enjoyed a bit of ass play as well – with their fingers and tongues getting the job done.  No matter how porny, there is something so hot about seeing a beautiful woman bent  over on the couch as she gets ravaged and worked over by two sexy ladies below.  It makes for quite the view.    I must add, while the animal rights activist in me is screaming, the alligator (?) skin couch is awesome!

Later, we move on to a little pool time fun where even more booty lovin’ goes down.  Sexin’ in the water presents it’s challenges, but these ladies manage to pull it off with grace and style.  Also, I was totally filled with jealousy while watching this scene.  The weather is oh so nice out and I would love hot and heavy action in the sun and pool!  I totally enjoyed their femme girl on girl romp.

Many are not into the whole uber femme thing in porno – or in life.  All good!  However, some are.  If you fall into the latter category then this is your movie.  Enjoy!

Watch Simply The Best now!




Story Of She

Oh Lexi Lowe, you crazy Brit you. We first meet Lexi while she is relaxing by the pool, enjoying her status as a kept woman in a Mediterranean mansion. Soon we learn that her life wasn’t always this bourgeoisie, and we get to hear the ‘rags-to-riches’ which got her to living in the lap of luxury. To be blunt about it – it’s all about pussy.

When her story begins, Lexi has never been with a woman, and downright freaks out the first time one touches her sexually. That same night, Lexi gets herself off while fantasizing about the friend that touched her pussy earlier in the day.

It doesn’t take her too long to realize that her attraction to women is growing, and she soon finds herself being ‘propositioned’ by a sexy businesswoman. I say ‘propositioned’ because neither woman actually talks about wanting to fuck each other, they just touch up on one another and find an excuse to head back to the businesswoman’s posh apartment. It takes the pair about two seconds to drop the pretenses and get their fuck on once they get in the door. And once Lexi has a taste of pussy, there is no going back for her.

Hungry for lady lovin’, Lexi spends the rest of the movie getting into her friends’ panties, until her friend Sasha introduces her to stripping and a bunch of lesbian cougars (you know, ‘older’ ladies that are looking for hot young things to get frisky with) that keeps her living the high life. Lexi and Sasha even have a super hot, champagne drenched three-way with a sexy cougar named Marilyn. Who doesn’t love a bit of sugar mama sweetness?

Thanks, Viv Thomas, for another amazing video full of beautiful women having incredible sex.

Watch “Story Of She” Now!

Anal Pleasure

While “Stick It In My Poop Shoot 45” seemed appetizing (not!), I thought that a movie called “Anal Pleasure” would be a little more up my alley, so to speak.  I am I huge anal advocate and while anything that has to do with enjoying the booty is a-ok with me, I still prefer to watch pornos that treat the ass with the respect it deserves.

Along with just doing anal adventuring, the performers in this Viv Thomas flick take the time to get into to action, kissing and groping each other’s entire bodies.  That, coupled with high quality video and beautiful “sets,” gives this movie a hotter edge than most.  Sure, that’s my own opinion, but isn’t that what you came here for anyway?

Within the first few minutes, we get two sexy people (Teena Dolly and James Brossman) getting straight to business and love up on each other wholly before heading to the booty – and before even taking off all of their clothes.  Sure I love a plot, but sometimes you just want to get down to it without having to know all the details of why they are fucking.  They are fucking… isn’t that enough?

When it comes to anal porn, I do really wish that they would show folks actually using lube.  It frustrates the hell out of me that people think they can just head to asstown without lubing up the highway.  Seriously people – when it comes to ass play, you need to use lube; and when you think you’ve used enough, use some more.  Yes, it’s true that porn is just fantasy, but I don’t think it would ruin the illusion to show folks using lube.  And it would probably really make a difference to the women who are experiencing super painful anal sex because their partner thinks that because women in porn take it with no lube, then their woman should be able to do the same.  Little do they know that these performers are having their assholes prepped with lube and action before the scene starts.  Just a thought, porn makers, from your friendly neighborhood sex educator.

I’m going to be perfectly honest with you here and say that my favorite part of this movie was that the editors/directors left in those little-bit-funny sounds that happen when air gets trapped in a vagina during vigorous thrusting in doggy-style.  You know, those “farty” sounds that happen… the ones that can totally mortify you if your partner isn’t mature enough to know what it is.  I really appreciate that those were left in there, as well as all the moaning and groaning.  I do love music in porn, but I also love when it’s left out to let the natural sounds come out.

All in all, Anal Pleasure was a total pleasure to watch. Thanks Viv Thomas!

Watch “Anal Pleasure” Now!

Top Five Tuesday: K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Through all of the blow jobs, pussy licking, fucking, butt play, threesomes, orgies, omelets (don’t ask) and other sex acts I have seen or may never see, sometimes I like to go back to plain old fashioned kissing. I love all of the down and dirty acts that take place, but it’s fun to just watch people make out. You get to see some true passion and I’m always down for that.

I’m taking a brief hiatus from talking about the dirty pervy stuff and making a list of kissing pornos that I need to feast my eyes on in the very near future. Other stuff goes down in these movies, but they each feature a good healthy dose of tonsil hockey.

Girls Kissing Girls Volume 7 Girls Kissing Girls Volume Seven: All of the movies from the Girls Kissing Girls series look super hot.  What sells me on this one is the box cover featuring Andy San Dimas and Dana DeArmond.  For me, these girls are hands down two of the hottest girls in the industry.  Getting to watch these 2 together is definitely a treat that I’m looking forward to.

The Art Of Kissing III The Art Of Kissing III: This movie comes from another great porno series.  From Viv Thomas, these gorgeous femmes truly show the beauty of kissing.  I took a peek at the opening shower session in scene 5 and I must say I wasn’t prepared for such ridiculous hotness.
KissMe Girl - Ann Marie and Alexandra KissMe Girl – Alexandra and Ann Marie: This short movie is perfect fit for summer time porn watching.  Looking super cute in their bikinis and jean shorts, these ladies get their smooch on under a tree.  From the looks of it, they have lots of chemistry and I totally look forward to checking them out.
The Kissing Game
The Kissing Game: My girl Kim Kane was on the box cover of this one, so I had to put it on the list.  The three way kissing scene looks like loads of fun to watch.  Plus, I’ll get another chance to watch the red headed Alexandra Ivy in action!
Aggressive Kissing Aggressive Kissing: From the amateur studio Porn For The People, Aggressive Kissing features all kissing all the time.  There aren’t any segues into finger banging or anything else.  Tyler and Alissa just make out and enjoy being pressed up against one another. I think most of us can relate to this scenario – when you lose time because you just can’t bear to unlock your lips.

I’d love to get your kissing porno suggestions!

– Ginger Leigh