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Fucking Against Fascism: A Review

After a two-year industry hiatus, genderqueer porn pioneer Courtney Trouble and trans-lesbian filmmaker Chelsea Poe have returned to inject the world of XXX with some much-needed deviation from the norm. TROUBLE Films‘ latest release, Fucking Against Fascism, takes the already-revolutionary act of making pornography and adds an underlying social commentary on the way we consume sexual media. While the title initially mystifies, I interpreted the “fascist” regime being alluded to here as the cis/hetero/predominately Caucasian porn industry that Trouble, Poe, and their cast are rejecting, and ultimately, fucking against by existing outside of those confines.

Fucking Against Fascism from TROUBLE Films

If you’re sick and tired of the same old porn being made day in and day out, Fucking Against Fascism will be a refreshing watch.

Scene One: Chelsea Poe

The scene opens with notable trans performer, Chelsea Poe, stepping into a bathtub roiling with blackish-gray water. Chelsea is a BDSM dream wearing black lipstick in her all-black latex outfit with long latex gloves, a collar, and a ball-gag around her neck to match. The camera angles and uneven focus serve to immediately inform the viewer that this isn’t your average porn; this movie is an exercise in DIY sexual self-expression. There is a haunting audio of some kind of speech playing in the background as Chelsea lowers herself into the bathwater and lasciviously eyes a large black dildo sitting on the edge of the tub. She immediately begins stroking and sucking the dildo with fervor, slicking the sides and head with a healthy amount of spit while allowing herself to take the toy as far into her throat as it’ll go, until she’s enthusiastically and repeatedly gagging herself. As she looks up and makes eye contact with the camera, subliminal-style messages flash momentarily on the screen, reading “IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT” almost quicker than you can blink.

Next, Chelsea repositions the toy onto the side of the tub and prepares to fuck herself with it. She torturously moans while backing her ass onto the dildo, stroking her cock and placing the gag in her mouth all at the same time. The water is pitch-black now as Chelsea rides the dildo in a variety of positions while masturbating herself. A voice behind the camera begins suggestively encouraging Chelsea, referring to the submissive star as a “little slut,” to which she nods in total agreement. The subliminal message, “I WANT THIS” flashes on the screen a few times as the masturbation encouragement ramps up. Soon, Chelsea can’t help but to spew streams of cum all over the place as messages of “THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE” and “THIS IS WHAT I AM” intermittently ping onto the screen. We get the naughty visual of Chelsea’s milky cum floating in the black water before the scene ends in orgasmic ecstasy.

Scene Two: Courtney Trouble & Jade Phillips

The second scene opens with an industrial, trance-like beat guiding the action as Courtney Trouble and Jade Phillips make out on a bed. I haven’t seen Jade in a scene before, but the FTM performer is very handsome and, judging by the way Courtney animalistically gropes at him to undress him, we are in complete agreement. After removing some clothes, it’s revealed that Jade is wearing a strap-on harness complete with a girthy, flesh-toned dildo that Courtney promptly begins stroking and sucking. Jade undresses Courtney and gets behind them, with Courtney’s bountiful booty quaking along with each thrust. The entangled lovers switch positions a few times, showcasing both Jade and Courtney’s bodies writhing in passion, before Jade lavishes Courtney’s pussy with some serious manual stimulation. It’s both a tender and intensely erotic scene, ending with glimpses of Courtney’s explosive orgasm interspliced with footage of the couple kissing.

Scene Three: Lyric Seal & Suzie Spindrift

Lyric Seal and Suzie Spindrift are shuffling through a deck of Tarot cards on a bed. They look like any two friends doing a casual Tarot reading, when the screen splits in two. On the left side of the screen, Lyric and Suzie continue carrying out the Tarot reading as normal. On the right side of the screen, the couple begins engaging in a very different and totally-queer type of reading… of each other’s bodies. While Tarot readings are riveting and interesting all on their own, let’s focus on the sex, shall we?

Suzie flips Lyric onto their stomach and pulls down their pants, revealing Lyric’s bare ass which is ripe for a spanking. Soon, the two are undressed and caressing each other’s pussies, rubbing tits and clits, and slapping each other’s thighs. Suzie straddles Lyric in reverse-cowgirl position, brandishing a rigid dildo which gets inserted into Suzie while she stimulates her clit with a Magic Wand. This pushes Suzie over the edge, and with Lyric’s verbal and manual encouragement, Suzie finishes the scene by shuddering and squirting all over herself.

Scene Four: Sinn Sage, Courtney Trouble & Chelsea Poe

Scene Four is a delightful threesome starring three renowned queer porn stars. The scene opens with the beautiful, all-natural Sinn Sage laying with legs spread as Chelsea Poe gorges herself on Sinn’s pussy. Sinn can’t help but to squirm around as Chelsea’s mouth locks on to her sweet spot, and Courtney assists the action by pushing Chelsea’s face in deeper. The screen splits into almost kaleidoscopic fragments, showing different angles of action as it unfolds.

Chelsea and Courtney take turns aggressively grinding on each other while Sinn straps up. Sinn and Chelsea encircle Courtney from either side, with Sinn strap-fucking and sucking on Courtney’s tits simultaneously. Soon, Chelsea and Sinn decide to make things even kinkier for Courtney, spreading their legs and plunging gloved fingers into their slick and eager pussy. Courtney lavishes in the attention, encouraging Sinn and Chelsea to get even rougher with her, to the point that they begin quite literally “beating the pussy up.” Next, it’s Chelsea’s turn to be the center of attention, as Courtney straps up as well to put her into an Eiffel Tower position. Fucking Chelsea from behind while Sinn’s strap is in her mouth, Chelsea is airtight and loving it. After Chelsea’s had her fun, it’s time to give Sinn one last orgasm, and Courtney and Chelsea are ready to give her their all. Only until all three of them are spent, exhausted, and soaked in each other’s bodily fluids are they ready to call it quits.

Fucking Against Fascism is an exploration in what it means to be on the fringes of an overwhelmingly homogeneous industry, living authentically and inclusively in your sexuality. In 2018, I think we could all make more time to appreciate, engage, and celebrate what makes each of us unique. To me, that’s what this movie speaks to beyond the obviously hot sex.

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Interview With Chelsea Poe

Fetish FvckdollsFetish Fvckdolls, the latest from Chelsea Poe and TROUBLE Films, is a breath of fresh air around the office. It’s surprisingly rare to see transwomen bottoming in BDSM scenes, but Chelsea Poe and company use their brand of artistic, experimental pornography to bust down barriers and make the porn that needs to made, filling in the gaps left by mainstream studios. It’s also way fucking hot. Chelsea was kind enough to grant us an interview about Fetish Fvckdolls, trans and queer activism, and what’s next.

 Chelsea PoeJudy Hologram: Introduce yourself! Who is Chelsea Poe?

Chelsea Poe: I’m a queer, experimental, femme artist who has been making porn for the last 3 years.

JH: You came up in the punk scene and have been very vocal about how trans and queer performers need to be more DIY in their approach to making porn. What went into getting Fetish Fvckdolls made?

CP: The whole concept behind Fetish Fvckdolls was years of trans performers getting shut out at major BDSM companies and being told there’s no interest in trans BDSM. For real life submissive trans women like Stefani [Special], myself, and countless other trans women we figured if we didn’t make it, it wouldn’t exist. So the whole concept of this project was everyone coming together to try to create a trans BDSM film. Stefani produced her own scene, I did a collaboration with Foxhouse Films & then I directed and shot Kelly [Lox]’s scene with Ramses Rodstein.

JH: Did you run into any challenges getting this movie made?

CP: Since I started producing films with Fucking Mystic in 2013, you start to learn there will always be things that go wrong when producing films and the most important thing is just to push forward to release the best piece of art you can. Overall, there’s nothing I can remember going wrong or causing enough stress that I can really remember it now, so that’s probably a good thing.

JH: Why is it important for you to depict transwomen in submissive/slave roles?

CP: My actual real life role is a being a slave/submissive so it just kind of naturally came to me when I was coming up with ideas for future projects. Everything that I do on camera is a depiction of part of my sexuality, at least at this point in my career I kind of view performing like performance art where I want to share these experiences with a audience to kind of further what trans women are allowed to do in porn. Largely when I got into the industry the majority of gigs for trans women were solo shoots and I simply really enjoy extreme porn and think other trans women who do deserve to see trans women in those roles.

Fetish FvckdollsJH: What went into your casting decisions for Fetish Fvckdolls?

CP: I contacted Kelli & Stefani pretty early on about this project right after I shot with Foxhouse without a real plan of what this film was going to be. Courtney Trouble and I thought a trans masc on trans femme scene with Ramses and Kelli would be a super great fit, then Stefani performed with her real life Domme Mistress Kara.

JH: Do you see the second scene (with you, Alyx Fox, and Suzie Spindrift) as a cuckqueening scene? If you do, that’s especially awesome; I don’t see nearly enough cuckqueening in porn.

CP: I actually don’t identify as a cuckqueen. I’m super into humiliation and giving up power when submitting so I can totally get off in a scene like that, but I don’t consider myself a cuckqueen. I think it was Foxhouse’s intent for having it to be a cuckqueen scene, but after getting squirted on nearly 30 times, I always felt looking back at it, it has some intense lesbian bukkake vibes like something you would see on German Goo Girls (a really intense German bukkake site).

JH: Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this was your first time directing. What was the experience like? Do you think you’ll continue that pursuit?

CP: I actually co-directed Fucking Mystic then produced The Submissive Mixtape so coming into shooting and directing Kelli’s scene felt pretty natural, but that was the first scene I was behind the camera so I had a few moments of doubt, but I am really in love with Courtney Trouble’s edit of the scene.

JH: Who are your porno muses and role models?

CP:  My biggest role models in porn are Sasha Grey, Stoya, Mandy Morbid, Jiz Lee, and Courtney Trouble. They’ve all been extremely unique performers who did what they wanted on their terms and actively used their role in the industry to improve condition and/or speak out. I feel like if I can contribute 1/4th of what they have in their careers, I can make a big difference in trans porn.

Chelsea Poe and Courtney TroubleJH: You recently tweeted about how much more comfortable you are on a queer run set as opposed to a studio run set. What do you look for in a set that puts you at ease?

CP: Largely my queer sets are my punk friends and I trying to make a project together just to make something. When you’re on a mainstream set, there’s power dynamics, you might be asked to perform at the middle of the night because you’re receiving “x” amount of money and they simply don’t care about a collaboration or the model’s well being. There’s natural power dynamics that go into mainstream shoots, rather it’s about which girl on set is going to be on the cover, who is getting top billing, who is getting paid what, who is getting more lines, etc. I feel like after being on some really negative mainstream experiences in the last year, I’ve been more mindful as a director to really try to keep it feeling like a collaborative art project that isn’t about any one person’s vision.

JH: How has porn starring transwomen changed in the past few years? Do you think you’ve influenced the genre? What changes would you like to see in the future?

CP: Just what trans women can do now is night and day from when I got into the industry 3 years ago. I think I have been able to have a decent amount of influence because I do work with a indie company who largely lets me put out the content in the way I want to put it out so we have been able to take risks and prove you can think outside of the box with trans porn. I think the more and more performer/producers making their own content the better and more diverse trans porn will be in the future. I believe studio porn is slowly dying across the industry and performers making their own content is the future of porn.

Chelsea Poe TransSensual My TS StudentJH: In the past year you’ve become something of a fixture over at TransSensual. Nica’s movies are very different from the alt-porn that you usually appear in. What has it been like making that kind of switch?

CP: I think being able to do TransSensual films in New England is a really good outlet in addition to what I’ve been producing on my own for TROUBLE Films. I’ve been able to work with a lot of amazing performers for TransSensual and it has given me a little bit more mainstream credibility than some roles I’ve really been able to sink my teeth into. I really hope to work for TransSensual again in the future because I really really enjoy the films they put out and the way they market them.

JH: Are there any non-porno things (art, music, movies, video games, books, etc.) inspire or influence you as a performer?

CP: I’m super into queercore bands, my friends are mostly artists, musicians, and filmmakers. I’m surrounded by radical politics living in Oakland, surrounded by Silicon Valley, and always kind of traveling is what I believe is influencing me the most right now. I believe these elements are always going to work their way into my films whether I try to or not. The coolest thing in the last 3 years of making films has been talking to people who make other media and trying to take what their ethic is and try to put it towards my films.

Chelsea PoeJH: When you’re not performing or participating in activism, what do you like to do?

CP: I’ve basically been traveling and making films for the 2 years so I feel like I don’t have much downtime away from art, porn, or activism. Largely when I’m home in Oakland, I’m a homebody and pretty big on watching documentaries. Apart from that I’ve dabbled with golf and I have a noise band named Arondeus.

JH: What advice do you have for new queer and trans performers?

CP: My biggest advice industry wide is find a way to make content yourself so you never have to rely on someone else giving you work. Porn is a fickle industry and if you want a way to make money off yourself, the best way to do so is owning the footage. I think producing your own footage can help you as a performer as well because you have more invested into your performance than a few hundred dollars from a director.

JH: Are there any other performers that you haven’t gotten to work with yet who you’re hoping to perform with in the future?

CP: There’s quite a few I really hope to work with. Vex [Ashley], Stoya, Sinn Sage, Venus Lux, & Goddess Soma.

JH: What makes you feel sexiest?

CP: I think subbing makes me feel the sexiest, like just that moment of giving up power is really sexy to me.

Chelsea PoeJH: What’s coming up next for you?

CP: I’m releasing a slave training film called The Training of Poe this month, I just wrapped my full length directorial debut that should be out before this year is up, and there may be a possible screening tour to go with it on the east coast/midwest.

JH: Any final words?

CP: I just want to say how great HotMovies has been towards TROUBLE Films and myself, really appreciate the support and everyone at HotMovies & HotMoviesForHer.

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Top Drawer Sex Toys In Porn

Njoy Eleven

I like porn. I like sex toys. I like sex toys in porn.

But what takes me right out of the moment is seeing porn stars jacking each other off with a nasty jelly dildo, a weak ass vibrator, or a floppy grocery store banana. It’s not sexy or cute. So when I happen upon a porno where the stars and studios have invested in some body safe, non-porous toys made from beautiful materials, I have to squee a little bit. I literally get turned on just reading about or shopping for top drawer sex toys, but seeing them put to good fucking use is enough to turn me into a little puddle of lustiness.

So dear readers, I scoured HotMoviesForHer to find the best scenes featuring some of my favorite top drawer sex toys in porn!

Crash Pad Series Episode 85 – Juliette March

Juliette March uses the Double Trouble sex toy in Crash Pad 85Juliette March (and her beautifully bruised ass!) stars in this solo scene from The Crash Pad. The Hitachi magic wand has been in pornos since dinosaurs roamed the earth, and features prominently here, but Juliette has tons of other goodies to play with. Besides clipping clothes pins to her perky nipples and swollen labia, she also slips an Njoy buttplug into her ass and fucks herself with a gorgeous black Double Trouble (named for director Courtney Trouble) from Fucking Sculptures! [UPDATE: Crash Pad reached out to inform us that Juliette was not actually using a piece from Fucking Sculptures. It was a toy from Juliette’s personal collection, and our best guess is that it is a Spectral from Good Vibrations.]

Crash Pad Series Episode 41 – Dylan Ryan & Jiz Lee

Crash Pad Series Episode 41 - Dylan Ryan & Jiz Lee use the njoy Eleven sex toy togetherNjoy makes another appearance at the Crash Pad in Episode 41. The amazing Jiz Lee pulls the massive Njoy Eleven from its leather purse, and Dylan Ryan gasps at its size (eleven inches!) weight (2.75 pounds!) and girth (two inch diameter at its thickest!!!) Jiz wastes no time putting the big end in Dylan’s pussy, and then gets on the smaller end for some double dil action. Dylan gasps, “This is amazing” over and over again, and I can’t help but believe her.

Dana Vespoli’s Real Sex Diary 3

Dana Vespoli's Real Sex Diary 3Scene four of Dana Vespoli’s Real Sex Diary 3 isn’t my favorite of the movie, but I did perk up a bit when Chanel Preston pulls out her impressive Njoy collection: the Pure Wand and the Eleven. Dana puts the Pure Wand in her ass and enjoys its fullness, and Chanel inserts the large end of the Eleven; they put their legs over their heads and chill with the toys inside of them. It’s not the best use of such great toys, but its always fun to see them pop up!

Fuckstyles Vol. 2: Dirty Fucks

Fuckstyles Vol. 2: Dirty FucksScene 7 stars trans* performers James Darling and Papi Coxxx, each sporting some impressively girthy strap-ons (unfortunately I can’t identify the brands by sights.) Later in the scene, James sucks on the head of the Njoy Eleven and rolls a condom onto it with his mouth. He bends over and offers his holes to Papi, who obligingly fucks him with the smaller, ribbed end, asking him if he prefers shorter or longer strokes. He moans with pleasure, enjoying its unyielding size and shouting fuckword after fuckword.

Lesbian Curves 3: Soft Girls & Strap Ons

Lesbian Curves 3: Soft Girls & Strap OnsThis is another flick from Trouble Films, and is probably the first time I ever saw an Njoy toy put to good use in a porno. Butchy Maxine Holloway dominates candy-colored BBW femme Kitty Stryker, gagging her with an o-ring and clipping clothespins to her pierced nipples. She fucks her with a pink Ola from Minna Life, a cool G-spotting silicone vibe with a squeezeable pad that allows you to control the vibrations. After Kitty’s warmed up by the Ola, Maxine fucks her with a strap-on (again, I unfortunately couldn’t identify what dildo or harness she used.) Once Kitty cums, it’s Maxine’s turn with the toys. Kitty kneels before her and fucks her brains out with the Pure Wand while Maxine buzzes her own clit with the old standby Hitachi. It’s a wonderfully memorable scene; I first watched it about a year and a half ago and never forgot about it.

Occupy My Ass

Occupy My AssThis anal extravaganza from director/star Bobbi Starr has a great variety of awesome toys, all the better for occupying the aforementioned asses. Bobbi uses the Tantus Ripple on Lily LaBeau in Scene 1, as well as some gorgeous glass toys, and maaaaybe the Ringo (a 5” plug from Tantus) as well. Dana DeArmond’s Njoy Eleven finds itself in Sarah Shevon’s ass in scene 3. On Disc 2, the brilliant Aiden Starr dominates Arabelle Raphael’s ass with some glass toys and some giant black monstrosity. When she pulls with a pretty purple Tantus Silk, it seems almost meek by comparison.

BONUS: Belladonna Sexual Explorer

Belladonna Sexual ExplorerSo the toys in question don’t actually get used here, but in scene 5 Dana DeArmond proudly shows off some of her favorites from her sex toy collection to the legendary Belladonna. Naturally there’s a Hitachi, but there’s also the massive Njoy Pure Plug 2.0 and Njoy Eleven. She also owns two Tantus dildos, including Hank.

Sex toys can be an iffy, unregulated business, and pretty much the only film media that they show up in is pornography. As an advocate for body safe toys made by companies focused on pleasure and sex positivity, it’s always welcome to see porn showing off toys from great companies like Njoy, Fucking Sculptures, Crystal Delights, and Tantus, to name a few.

Watch more porn for women featuring sex toys here on HotMoviesForHer!

Judy Hologram wants an Njoy Eleven so that she can keep it under her pillow and smash skulls if there’s ever a break-in. You can follow her on Twitter @JudyHologram and the rest of us @HotMoviesForHer.

Queer Porn TV: Dylan Ryan + Tina Horn

My, my, hello Butch Friday! Hello on this Tuesday afternoon!  While I don’t usually think of  as a particularly butch queer, she certainly falls into the role of Butch Friday perfectly in this  flick.  Paired with a submissive , Butch Friday gets her bossy top on nicely – and quickly, starting the movie off with Tina’s face ground into her demin-covered cock. Yum.  Within two minutes of the opening , Dylan has her giant cock out and drenched in Tina’s spit, with Tina repeating “yes, sir” over and over again.

If I’m not mistaken, this is one of the last few  TROUBLE Films that we have left to review.  We just can’t help but want to watch them often.  I mean really, can you blame us?  Just take a peek at any of their movies and you tell me that this isn’t one of our biggest job perks.  Anyway, back to the action!

Butch Friday has Tina face down, ass up on a bench, with her butt cheeks hanging out and bright red from her smacks.  Soon she picks up a delicious, long, leather flogger and goes to town keeping Tina’s cheeks crimson.  The ass beating goes on for a while, enhanced by the soundtrack of Tina’s moans and squeals.  Dylan knows what she is doing, which is so freaking sexy.  There is nothing hotter than a knowledgeable top!

After ten minutes of whooped ass, Tina gets down on her knees and deep throats Dylan’s long dick easily.  Seriously, that girl makes it look so easy.  I guess that’s what happens when you want something so badly.  She keeps looking at Dylan lovingly, all the while gagging and choking on her big, black cock.  Tina aims to please, and please she does – both Dylan and myself.

It’s not too long before Tina is back on the bench, getting finger fucked and smacked around a little more.  Soon a sex swing comes into the mix and Tina is tied down and teased over and over again before finally getting it hardcore from Dylan’s hot cock.  This gives pussy pounding a new name and I, for one, could not be happier about it.

This was 26 minutes of my day that I would be happy to repeat on a regular basis.  Thanks Queer Porn TV!

Watch “” Now!

Puppet Feet, Sophia St. James, Skateboard Kink Freak – My Top J.D. Porn Reviews

My partner in lady porn, J.D, has been out of town all week and I am missing her like crazy!  To show my love, I am posting little bits from 3 of my favorite reviews written by my co-worker/ work wife/ friend/ porno and sex ed guru.  You’re here to read about XXX movies and not my slight co-dependency on the HotMoviesForHer queen bee, so I’ll get to it!

Puppet Feet – “A black curtain and a pair of feet/legs up to mid-calf, turned upside down so that the soles of the feet are facing the ceiling.  Puppet FeetAlright, the stage is all set… but for what…  Well, for cheesy pick up lines, ‘yo mama’ slams and a number of not-quite-funny blond jokes – all told from one foot to the other.  Yep… this is a porn review…

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying anything negative about foot fetishes, or any other fetishes for that matter.  All I’m saying is that without any sort of sexy activity or context, really, it was super hard for me to see this as anything bigger than just feet telling each other ‘yo mama’ jokes.  I’m sure there are a bunch of people that get off to just the thought of feet laughing at each other’s blond jokes, but I think it may just be tricky to fully grasp the eroticism of that unless this is what gets you hot.”

No Fauxxx: Sophia St. James – “All soft curves and big, full breasts, St. James is so No Fauxxx: Sophia St Jamesfucking hot!  She whines and moans right through the screen, making the viewers squirm right along.  And since this is a TROUBLE Films flick directed by Courtney Trouble, you know that every single bit of action is 100% real.

One of the things I love most about Trouble’s movies is that she is big into making sure that her films feature diverse bodies – and not in an exploit-y, porno way.  Sophia is a West Indian femme queer with an awesomely hot BBW body and just is what she is, without the box cover screaming some awful body-negative, racially-motivated crap.  I’m not saying that all porn does that, but yes, I see some that does, and I feel the need to tout the studios that don’t buy into that mentality.  So thanks, Trouble.  And thank you Sophia St. James.  I plan to bring this flick home for the weekend!”

Skateboard Kink Freak – “I am surprised that even with my extensive porn watching, I’ve Skateboard Kink Freakonly just discovered the awesomeness that is Michelle Aston. Heading to the porno screen after years as a scientist, Aston is the ultimate cross-genre star with her hand in everything from “mature” porn (meaning she’s over 35) to alt and kink, looking especially comfortable in hardcore lesbian flicks. A pervy, tattooed smarty pants with a half shaved head and a love for licking pussy? Now that’s my kind of lady! And as hot as she sounds on paper, Michelle Aston is even better on screen.

…Always the scientist, Aston uses physics to her benefit as she rolls the tied up Amber back and forth on her hard silicone cock. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather see this skateboard trick than a half-landed kick flip any day.”
*This is on old review. I know how much J.D. Loves Michelle Aston and I was excited to come across her MA review!

I hope you enjoy these reviews as much as I do!





Top Five Tuesday – Movies I’d Like To Be In

Today while thinking of a topic for this week’s Top Five Tuesday, I decided to count the number of Top Fives that I have written since we started the weekly post back in 2008.  As it turns out, this today marks the 100th Top Five Tuesday that I have had the pleasure of offering up to the masses.  How exciting!  But how does one celebrate a milestone like this?  I mean, there are no Hallmark cards for an event of this magnitude (or are there?).  I decided that instead of talking about my favorite porno movies, that today I would list the Top Five dirty movies that I actually wish I was in!  Yes, it’s a little different than our usual picks, but it makes the most sense for this special 100th JD Top Five Tuesday.

Queer Porn TV: Courtney Trouble And Mr. Grey Part One:  I am a huge fan of queered masculinity, as well as power play, so it only makes sense that I would be totally into filling in for  in this  flick.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to be dominated by , proprietor of ASLAN Leather, and have their brains fucked out?  Sounds like a dream day to me!

: While some folks may think this is a weird pick, since it’s not only a masturbation movie, but one that only shoots from the shoulders up as well, I think it’s totally awesome.  There is something so super sexy about focusing on the delicious physical side effects of getting off – like the beautiful blush that spreads across your chest and cheeks, and the ways that a face contorts in pleasure.  I think those things are amazing and I would be honored to be part of such a unique project.
Belladonna's How To Fuck Belladonna’s How To Fuck (Disc 1): For this movie, there isn’t as much of a desire to get laid as there is to just hang out with .  Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to Belladonna, consider me bent over, but more than that, I really want to spend time just sitting around with the awesomeness that is Belladonna.  Is it just me, or do other people think she would be super fun to chat with?  Plus, I always want to hang out in instructional porno land!
: This movie mixes three of my favorite things: sex, queers and candy.  How could I not add it to this list?  Along with having a major hard on for Shar Rednour, I think the plot for this porn is really cute and it looks like it was a seriously fun set to work on.  I’m ready for my lollipop. Yum.
: Yes,  is my sexuality/sex ed hero, but that’s not the only reason I’d want to be in this awesomely hot rough sex extravaganza.  Each of the scenes in this movie are based entirely on real fantasies that the female performers wanted to act out.  How freaking hot is that?!?  It doesn’t matter to me whether I’d be performing in my own fantasy or one of the ones presented here, just sign me up!

Here’s to writing another 100 Top Fives for you guys!


Masturbation Month Is Here – Top Five Solo Sexin’ Selections

Happy Masturbation Month!!  That’s right, May is the dedicated month to celebrate the awesome act of self love, and we smut peddlers are ready to help with the cause.  Not only do we have a butt load of titles for you to get all hot and sweaty to (by “butt load” I mean more than 160,000 movies), here are 20 FREE MINUTES to add to your account.  Just use the offer code “RubOneOut” for your viewing pleasure.  And to get things started, here our quick and dirty top five favorite solo sexin’ selections!

No Fauxxx: Sophia St James I don’t have enough time in the day or space on this post to talk about how much I love this No Fauxxx quickie.  Sophia St. James is an amazing queer woman of color with a zaftig body that moistens the panties as first glance.  Seriously, this woman is a BABE, and watching her get off with an njoy Eleven and an issue of Original Plumbing (a trans masculine zine) is pretty much my wet dream come to life.  Thanks Sophia and TROUBLE Films!

Stories Of Oh! Part 1“Six sexy tales of women in charge of their pleasure!”  The initial description of this awesome collection of vignettes is the exact reason why I love it so much.  Of course I enjoy all types of porn movies, but it’s really the flicks where women take their sexual pleasure into their own hands (be it through masturbation or just being an active participant) that get me extra excited. PLUS – there is a scene of someone jerking off with tools!! SOLD!
Bottoms Up Orgasms – When it comes to masturbation, there are tons of different ways to do it. But when we are talking about rubbing one out on screen, we don’t always get a ton of variety. Porno tends to feature solo lady lovin’ as a strictly spread eagle affair with women flat on their backs, which, to be honest, can get old after a while. Luckily female-focused studio Femorg decided to switch it up a bit and offer up a video of ladies having all the ass-up orgasms they could ever want!
Orgasm! The Faces Of Ecstasy – This movie blows me away! Sure I’ve watched plenty of people orgasm on screen, and on my bed, but how often have I really only focused on a face? Not too often. It’s so easy to get distracted by tensing bodies, moans and, of course, genitals. But when given only the face to watch, the experience becomes so much more than seeing someone get off. This pornumentary offers up 22 masturbation-fueled “O” faces that are sure to remind you just how sexy the whole body can be!
Barcelona Sex ProjectWe all know that I have a major hard on for anything Erika Lust offers up, so obviously her amazing masturbation-focused flick would totally make my top five list!  A mix of documentary-style interviews and delicious jerk off footage of both men and women, this is a masturbation masterpiece if I ever saw one.  Trust me, you want to watch this!

Now, get to celebrating!


Looking For Trouble Wherever We Go – HM4Her Goes Mobile!

We’ve been hinting at big changes that are coming up here at HotMoviesForHer.com.  You know, like this one.  Well, I am happy to come clean and just say it – the HotMovies family is going mobile!  That’s right, we are available on all your devices, be they iPhones, iPads, Kindle Fires or Androids.  Get ready to take us on the go!

And check out our latest in a series of ads about the big news!

Damn, how fucking hot is that?  For those of you not in the know, that’s queer director/performer Courtney Trouble on the business end of Scout Valentine‘s cock.  And yes, we are so looking for Trouble. Yum.

Oh, and the movie is Queer Porn TV: Courtney Trouble and Scout Valentine.

Give that QR code a scan with your devices’ QR Readers to head directly to the mobile site.  And if that QR code is too small for your device, try this one instead.

Thanks for Evolving with HotMoviesForHer!!

– JD

Ps.  Who needs to hire hand models when you have bloggers on hand?  The mitts in that image are all mine!


Porno Prom Date and Slutty Music – Link Love Is Here!

Happy Humpday!  Welcome back to the midweek stretch!  It’s already been a busy one around here at HM4Her as us porno bloggers get ready to hit California for The Dinah 2012.  This time next week we will be flying into Palm Springs, ready to hand out free porno!  But for now, we smut peddlers are ready for a celebration – humpday style!  So sit back, enjoy the warm weather, and let’s get our Link Love on!

–  Minnesota teenager Mike Stone wanted to find a date to prom.  So what did he do?  He took to twitter earlier this week and asked hundreds of porn stars to go with him.  I guess it worked for some military guy and whatever celebrity that was.  I did just get an email saying that Fleshlight offered to fly one of their Fleshlight Girls out there to attend the dance with him.  Nice work Mike!

– A new study offers that exercise-induced orgasm is, in fact, a totally real thing.  Point thee to a gym STAT!

XRCO announced the 2012 Hall of Fame inductees, which includes Jenna Haze, Jesse Jane and (personal favorite) Tristan Taormino!  Woohoo!  Congrats all!

– With warmer weather comes the temptation to get busy outside, but before heading to the woods, take a look at Em and Lo’s  10 Rules For Doing It In The Great Outdoors.

Did LiLo (Lindsay Lohan, for those of you who don’t obsessively read gossip blogs) really pay pornstar Voodoo (Alex Torres) for sex, and did they really have it in the house while her dad was sleeping upstairs?  So many questions!

– The Frisky gives us twelve new slang phrases for dirty acts, including my personal new favorite “Going to the boneyard.”

GoodVibes Mag reviews Hylton Coxwell’s book Vulva 101, a photo book of pussy portraits.  WANT!

Rick Santorum hates porn (because he wants everyone to suffer under his reign…), but apparently he welcomed contributions from a company steeped in pornoness.  Uh Oh. Tricky Ricky…

Surviving first dates, with help from the internetz.

–  TROUBLE Films just picked up distro for Tobi Hill-Meyers movies, including Doing It Ourselves: The Trans Women Porn Project!  Very exciting!

– And lastly, a couple of Reformed Whores respond to Rush Limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke a slut.  Amazing.


Hope this gets you through til the weekend!


2012 Feminist Porn Award Nominees Announced!

It’s that time of year again!  The Feminist Porn Awards are right around the corner and this year’s nominees have just been announced.

What?  You say you’ve never heard of the Feminist Porn Awards?!  Well, sit down and let me school you before we bust out the noms.  The Feminist Porn Awards (or FPAs) is an annual event that showcases the best of the best in porn made for and by forward-thinking feminist folks of all genders (though the movies have to have a woman’s hand in the production, writing, directing, etc.). The FPAs are the do all and say all when it comes to porn created specifically with women in mind.HotMoviesforHer is so thrilled to be sponsoring the awards again this year!  We are literally counting the days to the ceremony!  That’s right, I will be at the awards in Toronto, April 19th & 20th, representing HM4Her!

Alright, without further adieu, your 2012 nominees!!

A Night at Kinky General – Severe Society Films (Severe Society Films)
Adventures of Evil Dia – Severe Society Films (Severe Society Films)
Anchor Anatomic
– Courtney Trouble  (TROUBLE Films)
Babes In Bondage 4
– Julie Simone (Julie Simone Productions)
– Jincey Lumpkin (Juicy Pink Box)
Brunch Bunch: Queerly SF
– Ian Sparks (Brazen Garage Squad LLC / 
           Dolores Park  Studios)
Cabaret Desire
– Erika Lust (Lust Films)
Dirty Movie Deadline
– JoyBear Pictures (JoyBear Pictures)
– N Maxwell Lander (N Maxwell Lander)
Expert Guide To Advanced Anal Sex
– Tristan Taormino (Vivid Ed)
Extra Credit
– Tristan Taormino  (The Smitten Kitten)
Fucking Different XXX
Maria Beatty, Courtney Trouble, Emilie Jouvet, Manuela Kay, Bruce La Bruce, Todd Verow, Jurgen Bruning, Kristian Petersen (Jurgen Bruning)
FUCKSTYLES (of the queer and famous)
Courtney Trouble & Tina Horn  (TROUBLE Films)
Gush: The Official Guide to the G-Spot and Female Ejaculation
– Jackie Strano & Dr. Carol Queen (Good Releasing / Good Vibrations)
Hard Working Girls
– Lily Cade (Filly Films)
Hella Brown
Nenna (Feelmore Entertainment)
– Jincey Lumpkin (Juicy Pink Box)
Julie Simone Is A Dominatrix
– Julie Simone (Julie Simone Productions)
Live Nerd Girls
Lily Cade (Filly Films)
Live Sex Show
– Courtney Trouble  (TROUBLE Films)
– JoyBear Pictures (JoyBear Pictures)
Mommy Is Coming
– Cheryl Dunye  (Jurgen Bruning)
Mouiller – Get Wet
– AfroDisiac  (Cherry Juiceboxxx Productions)
Naked Love – Ea’s Garden
– Sarah Koppel  (Koppel Animation)
Padded Submissives
– Severe Society Films (Severe Society Films)
Pervy Photographer
– Ruby Day  (Ruby Day Productions)
Bren Ryder (Bren Ryder)
Sexing The Transman
– Buck Angel (Buck Angel Entertainment)
Submissive Slut
– Julie Simone (Julie Simone Productions)
Switch Hometown Hotties
– Carrie Gray (Carrie Gray)
Switch Pride Live
– Carrie Gray (House of Switch)
Taxi Vol. 2
– Jincey Lumpkin (Juicy Pink Box)
The Female Voyeur
– Petra Joy (Petra Joy Ltd)
Last Tango
– Nica Noelle (Mile High)
The Masseuse
– Nica Noelle (Mile High)
The Thought of Her
– Louise Lush (Indigo Lush Films)
– Jincey Lumpkin (Juicy Pink Box)
Through A Looking Glass
(Ripley Mirandola & Lolix – Bathysphere productions)
Trans Women and Strap-Ons
Tobi Hill-Meyer  (queerporntube)
Trespass –
Maggie Mayhem – (Mayhem Multimedia)
Vicious Strap On Bitches
 – Julie Simone (Julie Simone Productions)

Website Nominations:

Congrats to all the noms!!!  Woohoo!