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10 Reasons Why Women Watch Porn (Or Should)

Porn is the ultimate slice of cake. It can be tempting, revolting, or have different flavors (and if that’s what your into, it’s totally up to you). Sure, it’s known that men indulge quite a bit, but women are all up in that ish too, because, you know we also have the internet.


1. It’s like a 5 Hour energy shot for your sex drive when your partner(s) is/are getting boring or predictable or absent.








2. Spanking kind of hurts in real life. And [enter your secret fantasy here] would definitely hurt in real life.




3. That multi-speed, multi-angle, multi-attachment Dolphin 5000 vibrator pretty much requires the visual aid of porn to get you off since it’s starting to actually scare you even if you just hold it.











4. Your boy really needs to be taught new moves, and the pictures in your Kama Sutra book are just like…no.



5. Boobs are really, really pretty to look at.



6. The sitcom parodies, like now I can watch the geeky crush I have on The Big Bang Theory get dirty.


7. The lingerie can be flippin gorgeous and would look even better on you in real life.


8. Oh, it isss possible to bend that way. That’s funny.


9. Female porn stars pretty much have the best self-confidence, and you just gotta support that.


10. James Deen, duh.