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U.K. Porn Ban

Last month, a bill in the United Kingdom passed which requires internet service providers to block websites that provide “non-conventional” porn acts as defined by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC). While “non-conventional” isn’t entirely defined within the bill, most sources report that videos (or pictures) that depict spanking or any impact play that leaves marks, urine, or female ejaculation fall into the loosely defined “non-conventional” category. Besides being a bit Orwellian and possibly foreshadowing some repercussions in the States (I’m looking at you South Carolina-no digital device is gonna block my porn!), not allowing spanking that leaves marks in Britain is like denying a whole culture their one unifying kink. I’m sure not every Brit likes a bit of the slap and tickle, but if all the British spanking videos don’t convince you this is part of an English sexual experience, then maybe you should check out a few of our favorite British scenes below. In addition to some spanking, we’ve collected some of the U.K.’s top stars doing all the acts that will get these videos banned across the pond.

Urination, Sex in public, Toe Sucking (maybe this isn’t on the list)

Tanya Tate and Friends – Lesbian Jacuzzi Play – One of our all-time favorite English beauties, Tanya Tate, stars with fellow Englishwoman Sophie Dee and their hot lady-friend in this super wet and very “non-conventional” jacuzzi party.

Female Ejaculation

Speaking of the beautiful Sophie Dee, she hooks up with fellow Brit Keiran Lee and Kelly Divine for a wet afternoon on the veranda in She’s Gonna Squirt.

Spanking, Whipping or Caning that Leaves Marks, Female Ejaculation

Pascal White is known for his no-BS attitude towards shooting. He’s not a gentle flower, and he proves that in Spank Me Harder 2. Scene four with Miss Trixx breaks most of the rules on the UK banned list.

Gagging, Gagging, More Gagging, and Lots of Sloppy Lesbian Sex

So, this is an amazing two-part series and Samantha Bentley should get an Oscar for her performance in Hard in Love. I mean it, not just an AVN, but she gives her best performance of her career (so far) in these two films. The dynamic and messed up relationship between her and Angel Long is really fun to watch.

Public Masturbation

Scene 1 in On A Dogging Mission shows a unique aspect of Sahara Knite’s personality when we see how adventurous the young star is in the public parks and streets of England. Naughty, naughty Sahara.

Urination, Gagging, Female Ejaculation

Sexyscorpionxxx is THE QUEEN of British homemade porn. This scene of hers is probably going to be locked away in a vault somewhere deep below Buckingham Palace in the future. Definitely don’t miss Piss Gush Gag Fuck.


For more wonderful scenes from our friends in the United Kingdom, check out our UK category!

The Authentic Lesbian Review: Water Fetish With Jordan Kingsley

Water Fetish With Jordan Kingsley CoverFirst things first, Water Fetish With Jordan Kingsley is not a movie made by lesbians for lesbians nor is it a water fetish movie, or at least not what I think of as water fetish. What it is, is two extremely hot, big-boobed porn stars fucking the shit out of each other while water falls on them and it’s incredibly sexy.

Tanya Tate and Jordan Kingsley find themselves in a seductively dark and random space, and already they can’t keep their hands off each other. The camera pans in to show close ups of their fingers intertwined as they rub each other’s silky smooth legs to the tune of what sounds to me like smooth jazz with a New Jack Swing twist, and it’s surprisingly fitting. Staring directly into the camera for the first 3 minutes was faux to say the least (and completely for a male audience), but the camera angles are epic. I love the close-ups of their mouths while sucking on each other’s fingers biting each other’s lips.

Tanya, being the incredibly hot horn ball that she is, doesn’t waste any time getting the ball rolling. She goes down on Jordan almost immediately, and there’s a pretty cool close-up of that where you can see her playing with Jordan’s clit in her mouth. Major turn on if you ask me! From there the pair gets into my favorite power position with Tanya sitting behind Jordan fondling her clit and finger fucking her to an orgasm. With this position comes the water, and it was at this moment that I realized how fucking good these two look together! Of course, both Tanya and Jordan are known for their beauty, but something about the water enhanced it for me. Plus Jordan’s boobs are perfect. They’re definitely made for motor boating!

At the 6 minute mark, the music cuts off, and while I was a little sad for it to go, I knew shit was about to get intense. Jordan goes down on Tanya and the sound of the water hitting the ground is so clear I felt like I was standing in the scene. I’m big on sound to enhance my visuals (if you haven’t caught on already), so I found this very cool and it helped me dive deeper into the fantasy. Tanya’s accent also got me going, but that’s the case every time I hear her speak. On the same note, Jordan is wearing a cuff with O-rings on it, so when she goes to town fingering Tanya’s pussy I felt like Santa was sneaking up behind me. It isn’t terribly distracting, but I could have done without it. You be the judge:

From here, the freaky ladies go back and forth fingering and munching on each other and trading orgasms. I was expecting toys from the look and feel of the movie, but I was happy to be surprised. Two non-lesbian women enjoying each other’s bodies so much that no extras are needed fills me with pride for some reason (I think it lends credit to my theory that all women are sexually attracted to other women, but that’s a longer article for a different day) and definitely enhanced my pleasure. My favorite part of the entire flick is towards the end when Jordan begins fingering Tanya from behind. There’s never anything wrong with ass-up/face-down and further proof can be found right here! To make it even better, Jordan gets under Tanya to eat her out and the ride Tanya takes on her face is enough to make anyone scream!

Did you hear that slurping? Ahhh, the precious memories that sound returns to me!

Anyway, Tanya has an epic orgasm by the end of it all and fittingly the scene fades to black with a closeup of the girls’ wet mouths kissing and licking. Like I said before, this isn’t a movie made with lesbians in mind, so if that’s going to piss you off, stay away. But, if you’re like me and can stand the cliché “look into the camera” thing, and can get off to almost anything, especially two sexy, soaking wet, horny women sucking and fondling clit with no toys, then give Water Fetish With Jordan Kingsley a try. I doubt you’ll be disappointed!

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Best Cosplay Porn

When Sam Raimi’s smash hit Spider-Man swung into theaters in 2002, no one expected that it would provide the spark needed to reenergize the superhero genre, launch entire studios, and ignite the main stream public’s interest in all things geek. With countless nerd properties being rebooted, adapted, or re-imagined for mainstream consumption in theaters and on TV screens everywhere, fans spill into convention halls decked out in the costumes of their favorite characters. Yep, I’m talking about cosplayers, the nerds with the earnest, DIY ethos that drives them to lovingly craft the costumes of Boba Fett, Sailor Moon, and Powergirl, sometimes in painstaking detail. Naturally, the adult industry took notice, and the movement inspired tons of cosplay porn that imagines what happens when the convention floor closes and the attendees go back to their hotel rooms (hint: it’s fucking.)

Cosplay Queens & Tied Up Teens - movie

Cosplay Queens & Tied Up Teens

We’ve talked about Tanya Tate’s Sapphic cosplay adventure before, but it’s certainly worth revisiting. Liverpool native Tanya Tate is both a MILF and a superhero geek who runs her own cosplay site, in addition to directing smut for Filly Films. 2013’s Cosplay Queens & Tied Up Teens contains four scenes (plus BTS footage) of our favorite comic book villainesses sexually dominating the likes of Supergirl and Batgirl. It’s a fun little labor of love on the part of Tate, and an excellent excuse to introduce a little bit of kink into your girl-on-girl viewing action.



Skin Diamond's Nerdgasm - movieSkin Diamond’s Nerdgasm

Skin Diamond’s 2014 directorial debut offers up twodiscs of vignettes putting the likes of Ginny Weasley, The Doctor, a female Jedi and her young padawan, the Queen of the Damned, and many other favorites into compromising situations. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite scene from this set; Skin’s star power shines through every scene, and she really knows when to play up the eroticism and humor of each vignette.  Nerdgasm leaves me wanting more behind the camera work from Skin, hopefully with some of the nerdy kink that she’s known for!



Star Wars XXX - movieStar Wars XXX–A Porn Parody 

Axel Braun is the undisputed king of the high budget porn parody, and 2012’s Star Wars XXX stands out as his most ambitious undertaking to date. With a sprawling cast of performers and extras, CGI and green screens galore, and a flamboyant CP-30 voiced by Chi Chi LaRue, it’s a tongue in cheek adaptation of the first installment (you know–the good one) of Lucas’s legendary space opera (sorry y’all, there’s no slave Leia.) Seth Gamble steps into Mark Hamill’s shoes as Luke Skywalker, with Princess Leia played by the angelic Allie Haze, Rocco Reed as Han Solo, and Lexington Steel as Darth Vader. Are you freaked out by the thought of Leia fucking both Vader AND Luke? Fear not, the second disc contains a plot-only version!





WhoreLore - studio/seriesWhoreLore

Don’t worry fantasy nerds, there’s plenty for you too! While the WhoreLore series doesn’t pay homage to any specific franchise, it does have the same DIY spirit that is essential to cosplay culture. With everything from rogues, elves, pirates, and priestesses getting into swordfights, each episode of WhoreLore feels like LARPing with your pants off. Unfortunately, WhoreLore went the way of many geek shows and ended prematurely with only one six episode season. Watch the first episode starring Monica Mayhem and Christian XXX here!






Comic Book Freaks and Cosplay Geeks - movieComic Book Freaks and Cosplay Geeks

Obviously the release of Joanna Angel’s Comic Book Freaks and Cosplay Geeks was the reason for writing this post, and I am so okay with that. Cosplay Geeks is the most direct shout out to the fan culture that inspired it; instead of playing the characters that they are dressed as, the performers are playing the cosplayers who dress as those characters. It’s a loving send up to both geeks and the media that inspires them. I can’t decide which scene is my favorite; I’m a fan of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman comic series, so of course I loved watching Draven Star as Death of the Endless getting down with Tommy Pistol’s Lucifer. On the other hand, I have to agree with Bridget that dreamy Wolf Hudson as one of the mutant kangaroos from Tank Girl is pretty stand out. All in all, Angel serves up another terrific alt-porn offering with plenty of laughs and nudge-nudge-wink-wink references to keep fans wanting more. Be sure to check out Comic Book Freaks and Cosplay Geeks, exclusively on HotMoviesForHer.com through April 15th!

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The Only List of Legit Nerd Porn Babes Ever

What makes a nerd? Well, what makes a hipster? Yes, getting the label of actual nerd, geek, dork, dweeb or even goober is now just as saturated as any other stereotyping. But I’ll tell you what. Here, at this blog, we did some serious discussing, and as long as I could prove that years and actual knowledge went into the “nerd” title, than the stars in question got the seal of geek-proval. The link below is a video of pornstars that are not nerds (which is totally fine), with the exception of Bobbi Starr, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

If you get offended by Mario Bros. being the best game ever, then no clicky.

And with that, let’s get on with the name calling.

I didn’t rank them because they are all on the same level.

Okay seriously, here we go.



Bobbi Starr


I’m starting off light with Bobbi, because you kind of have to do some digging to find out just how she’s a nerd. Her website doesn’t advertise it, though if you check her Twitter profile it begins with “Former professional oboe player”. Moving onto more links, her Amazon Wish List features books, books, more books. Also, check out that video again. She knows her shit.

Bobbi’s definition of nerd // “A nerd is someone who pursues intellectual pleasures and is not ashamed of it. Dungeons & Dragons, high order math, computers, these are all hobbies that exist as more abstract concepts than things you can touch or feel.”

wish list item//Plants and Their Application to Ornament: A Nineteenth-Century Design Primer



April O’Neil


I admittedly didn’t know too much about April before this post. I had heard, but not seen. And now I’m so in love with her that I’m actually scared to watch her porn…I feel like I’m invading a part of her life I shouldn’t be watching! JK she has the best boobs and I get paid to watch porn. She’s littered with reasons she can be called one of the hottest nerds in porn. Title AWARDED.

name//from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

tumblr//pretty much a gallery of dr. who, E3, mystery novels, adventure time, etc.

hashtags//#omgE3      #prettysuregirlinredissummerglaumayyyybebutprobably      #imissmyglassessofuckingmuch      #bayonetta2      #needantiglarelens      #castlevania2      #mightymorphincameltoe      #triforce

example wish item//Operation – Star Wars Edition

good lord do i want to be pals with this chick.



Justine Joli


Justine also went by the name Swan, and hasn’t been seen on the scene as of late, which makes it a little hard to find her geekdom card. Trust, it’s still around. From her plethora of pictures with the Animaniacs (personal fave so I chose it above), Wolverine, Wesley from TNG fame, Adventure Time, Harry Potter, Superman, Spiderman to her calling for fans to help her buy a Google Glass, she’s legit. If you still don’t bite, she was also a video game reviewer and also known for her voicemail to play you William Gibson’s Neuromancer and Ginsberg.

cosplay wear// harley quinn, princess leia, link, starfleet red shirt, princess leia take two, motoko kusanagi

banned from san diego comic con?//yes



Tanya Tate



Tanya is the Cosplay QUEEN. Even before I even entered this industry, I had heard of her from my ex’s gaming obsessionHow she manages to juggle her company — Star PR, starring in her own and others’ films, public appearances, promoting her plethora of sites, and keep up in the world of Cosplay and comic industry, just…it leaves me speechless. Still awaiting word on if this busy babe ever sleeps. She has an entire site dedicated just to her passion of the geekdom, and after sorting through it, there’s just one conclusion – woman is an expert.

favorite characters//emma frost, ned stark, the hulk, dr. doom, she-ra

name// “It’s a Marvel thing. You know, like how Stan Lee used to remember his character’s names? They all had the same first and last name initials.”

reviews//comic book covers, funko pop dolls, superhero action figures, blu-ray films

example wish item//The Art of Zenescope Limited Edition V1



Misti Dawn



Before you get all, “MISTI DAWN ISN’T EVEN IN THE BIZ ANYMORE, EMJA”, I know, I know this. She “quit that crap in 2011”. But the epic name and whirlwind character and presence she created all has history, and herein lies the key to her empire – combining two of her passions: gaming and sexual things. Easily, without a doubt the babe that comes to mind when you think of “hottest sexy nerd girl”, she has become a legend and I must own up to that, even though she has stepped out of the porn star title. She is still sexy, and still nerdy, and so she makes the list, end of story. After all, she still has an Amazon Wish List!

about sex// “I think sex is a great thing, but like Spider-Man, with great power comes great responsibility.”

wish list item//PS3 The Last of Us

what she does now//the jarl of gingertude! and, she’s also a featured character (you can PLAY AS HER WHUT) in the upcoming first-person shooter Rise of the Triad as Thi Barrett.

It’s Time For A Twitter Battle! Tanya Tate vs Stormy Daniels

By now you should know that I’m a Twitter-obsessed porn lover. It’s my job, after all. So it’s only appropriate to battle it up between the best in the business.

Today’s Battle: Tanya Tate and Stormy Daniels, two ladies who both star and direct in the industry

B  A  T  T  L  E  !

WINNER: Tanya Tate!

Tanya has more followers, and even though her ratio is higher than Stormy’s, her actual tweet engagement is more favorable. Storm does tweet at the absolute peak time for engagement, though Tanya still manages to hold it down with mentions always at a high level.

You’re also the winner. Because both contestants are beloved and famous and worthy enough to make this blog.

Go Watch: Tanya Tate’s Brit School Brats

I’m going to come out and just admit this right away. I have a huge thing for school uniform sex. Like, huge. So maybe this review is a little biased, because I also have a thing for Samantha Bentley and British accents. But, as a straight girl, I took it upon myself to review something that would even out the bias – lesbian porn without strap-ons or dildos or vibrators. Although I recently posted the “Lesbians Reacting to Lesbian Porn” where they make it clear that most girl-on-girl porn is made for dudes, this is the classiest hardcore all-female sex sessions I’ve seen.

The plot is smooth, and opens with the explanation that Tanya Tate‘s niece, Samantha, is going to begin attending London Filly Finishing School to “learn how to act like a lady”. Yet three minutes into the movie, student Alyssa is being bent over the desk and forced to count her spankings for “being bad”. So much for acting like a lady (oh my God I’m going to love these girls). The spankings come right after headmistress Paige Turnah slowly lifts up Alyssa’s skirt and sensually kisses and tongues her round and perky ass. Let’s stop right there. This scene is breathtaking. Like, I-don’t-even-need-to-make-it-ten-minutes-in kinda breathtaking. And though how she handles Alyssa’s bum seems sweet and smooth, remember that this girl is getting punished, so there are a ton of demands, slaps, finger-banging and face-shoving.


The second scene stars Tanya creeping slyly into Carla Mai‘s room, assuming it was instead her niece’s. Carla is giving herself some serious solo love, which prompts Tanya to walk over and voice, “I don’t mind you carrying on…I’m just gonna watch”. Never trust that when you hear it, and luckily she didn’t remain un-involved for more than a few seconds. With Tanya’s massive rack sharing space with Carla’s reserved set, it’s just a beautiful, lovely picture of masturbation material. Like, please let me just touch. So soft. And the sucking of her nipples. Who doesn’t want to lick and suck Tanya Tate’s breasts?! Carla goes at it gently, but as if she’s doing it for all of us, and it kept my eyebrows raised in temptation.



When the threesome pops up, we get Faye Taylor succumbing to naughty Samantha’s pounce for some action. “I hate it here. I want to do something bad and get expelled,” Samantha pouts. Well, okay girl, get it wit your bad self! The resisting of Faye is a little cute, and isn’t so much resisting that you start to feel a little awkward. The awkward comes in when Tanya enters the room and Faye remarks that niece and auntie are about to lick all up over each other and isn’t that a little strange? Yes Faye, it is, but just ignore it, because it’s worth the play. The strangest part was when Samantha was pussy-grabbing her aunt with her mouth and Tanya looks down and mutters, “you’re so beautiful…you look just like your mum…” uhhhhhhhh…k. But I was quickly brought back into it when both Faye and Tanya sit Samantha back and go at her together. One girl getting licked and pleasured every which way by two others – that’s absolutely a great initiation to the school. Tanya also cums hard in this scene, much like when she was with Carla. I love that climax, and I know when it’s coming because her legs start to shake and her moaning and breathing just….oh good Lord it sends me right over the edge.



In the other punishment scene, Jess West is ordered to do some pleasuring when Katie K catches her doodling some hard-ons and sippin’ on some sort of alcoholic drinky-drink. Even the lingerie that Jess unleashes is ridiculously sexy, and just added to the hotness level. If you have an issue with A.D.D. or just love different positions, set this scene up first. I lost count of how many different ways they got to flip around together and how the variety of licking and fingering and moaning just turned me on more.



The movie in its entirety was one of the more believable in terms of porn plots, and that’s something I really value in movies. If I can picture myself in the scene and sigh and squeal along with the girls while imagining I’m included, I’m yours forever. This definitely keeps my interest piqued in more films that Tanya will direct in the future (she both directed and starred in it, and has done that before), and this particular release will get multiple plays (and releases) from me. Cheers, mates.



Amazon Wish List Awards

The ladies of porn work hard, and they deserve some love back from all the love they give to your love life (solo or participatory). The Amazon Wish List is their way of telling you how to do just that, and not just during the holidays or their birthdays. Below we present to you the winners of The Wish List, with some extras thrown in. All lists are active and have been updated this month. So whip out that wallet – one of these babes is asking for a drum set…


Best Butt Plug Need

Dani Daniels

It’s bejeweled and is listed as “highest priority”

she doesn’t have a twitter

Best Need for Shoes

Dana DeArmond

Doubt that she’s actually barefoot, but she has asked for over 20 pairs of shoes. And also wants some Disney-print tattoo tights.

this is her twitter

Best Carpet Need

Faye Reagan

Desperately needs some rugs, and I’m very confused on why she needs so many.

she doesn’t use twitter

Best Collection of Designer Needs

Jayden James

With a list that makes you want to sing “Gucci, Gucci, Louis, Louis, Fendi, Fendi, Prada“, items included name Gucci, Christian Louboutin, Michael Kors, Juicy Couture, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry.

hasn’t tweeted since 2010

Best Toy Need…For Pets

Tie: Ashley Graham and Alexis Texas

Ashley Graham wants you to pamper her cat

Alexis Texas needs a dog laser…and some glow-in-the-dark driveway pebbles.

Ashley’s twitter and Alexis’s twitter

Best Cereal That Is Awesome Need

Cadence St. John

Although this is sadly now unavailable, she really could use some Count Chocula to come her way. Perhaps she should list this instead?

her tweets are protected

Best Need to Learn a Language

Kristina Rose

Kristina wants to learn Spanish, and a lot of it.

this is her twitter

Best All-Around Butt Need

Angie Noir

More thongs than I can count, a “humongous” butt plug, a chair, and a shower enema system. Lady wants her tush pampered.

this is her twitter

Best Burning Man Need

Rilynn Rae

Besides her “New Life in LA” and “Work Stuff” lists, there’s a list dedicated to the early fall Burning Man festival, mostly composed of belly dance wear, and also a special compass. Smart.

rilynn’s twitter

Best Is This a Bathing Suit Or…

Kendall Karson

Pieces might be bathing suits or just bikini-and-bottom wear, I’m honestly not sure.

her twitter here

Best Little Monkey List

Ava Addams

In an effort to have her fans fully show they care, she whipped up an adorable list of things she wishes her son to have. There’s a Blue’s Clues vest on there that is just plum AWESOME.

ava’s twitter

Best Geek the Eff Out List

Tanya Tate

One of my personal favorites, Tanya lists so many comic book related items that I fell in love with her all over again.

best twitter ever

Best Need to Bling Out Her iPhone Greater Than The Sun

Sophia Fiore

Just about every iPhone bling case that has ever been made is listed on here. They are pretty and they sparkle, but my God.

her twitter

Easiest List to Purchase From

Remy LaCroix

This girl is both smart and simple to please; she’s asking for gift cards and only 25 more basic items, like American Apparel underthings.

remy’s twitter

Best I Seriously Want to Know if Someone Will Buy That Need

Tie: Kiera Winters and Charlee Chase

Kiera is asking for a drum set, but if you’re lacking $$$ she also wants a box of Hello Kitty bandages. Charlee has her eye all up on this sort-of-pro video camera.

kiera twitter charlee twitter

Best Need on Paige Turnah’s List

A rubber skirt. And Jelly Belly candles.

her twitter

Tanya Tate’s Runaways

Tanya Tate’s Runaways definitely plays up the older/younger dynamic.  Some folks might not be so into it, but others find it totally erotic.  Regardless, there is some super hot lesbian sex that will satisfy your girl-girl sweet tooth.  While Tanya doesn’t necessarily play an actual mother, she plays the mommy figure as she brings in runaway girls to make them feel loved (and give them orgasms).

Tanya Tate's RunawaysFirst up, we have runaway Sasha Heart returning to Tanya Tate for sanction.  The two are chatting, solving life’s problems and Tanya introduces Sasha to a new young lady (Monica Rise) she recently brought into the house.  Leaving the two to their own devices, Sasha and Monica Rise get down to business on the marble kitchen counter.  Meek Monica gets ravished by Sasha and she isn’t sad about it!  Most notable is when Sasha is on all fours and Monica rubs her pussy from behind.  So hot!

Scene 3 brings the super sexy three-way starring Tanya Tate, Heather Starlet, and Brooklyn Lee.  Brooklyn Lee is a little on the angsty side to begin with, but she totally gets into the groove before long.  I love watching Brooklyn grind against Heather as Tanya eats her out from behind.  Everyone is moaning and getting it on in one big pile of pretty lady-flesh.  There’s nothing not worth loving and lusting after here.

I always love Filly Films pornos because the sex isn’t too soft, but it isn’t a spit filled choke fest either.  There is a time and place for all of that, but sometimes I just want hot sex without mascara running down faces.

Watch Tanya Tate’s Runaways now!


Iron Man XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parody (Disc 1)

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a total nerd for comic book movies.  I’m not going to act like a I’ve read the actual comics, but I have an affection for the movies made after them and Iron Man is among my favorites.  I love Robert Downey Jr. in the role of Tony Stark (AKA Iron Man).  He is funny, charming, smart and I would totally fall for him if I was a comic book character.  If we’re choosing, I want to be Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff).

Iron Man XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parody (Disc 1) Unfortunately, Robert Downey Jr. isn’t in Iron Man XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parody, even though we would all really love to see his sexy-time moves.  Seth Gamble plays the part instead.  He does a decent job, but he lacks the confidence that Iron Man possesses.  I’m not mad at you, Seth.  We can’t all be the most valuable star in Hollywood!

Let’s talk about porno.  The threeway with Tony Stark, a bodyguard, and a reporter (Tanya Tate) in scene 1 is only okay.  The sex is pretty formulaic and Tanya is rarely, if ever, without a cock in her mouth.  Not that blowjobs are a bad thing, I just like a little variety at times.  Tony (Seth) has his glowing arc reactor in his chest during the scene and throughout the movie which is awesome.  The arc reactor is Iron Man’s power source and the only thing keeping him alive (for those of you who don’t know what the hell I’m talking about). The scene isn’t overly exciting, but it is a good display of Tanya Tate’s skills.

This parody doesn’t really parallel the Iron Man movies.  As the XXX story goes, Iron Man reveals his identity and his enemies come after him – The Hulk, Madame Masque, Justin Hammer, and Justin.  Black Widow is on Iron Man’s side.  Most notable is the sex scene starring The Hulk (Jordan Lane) and Black Widow (Chanel Preston).  It is pretty high energy and both performers really get into character.  I have the same complaint with this scene is the same as I did with the Hulk parody – his green body paint rubs off on Widow’s body.  It can’t be helped as I’m sure they used a waterbased paint for safety reasons.

We get to watch a pretty decent fight scene between some of characters in scene 6 and scene 7 features a super hot sex scene with Tony Stark and his assistant/ love of his life, Pepper Pots (Heather Starlet).  It is pretty gratifying since I’m sure most Iron Man fans want to know what it’s like when the two do it.  I know I do!  Overall, it is a decent parody that will keep you entertained.  It would be hard for anyone to come close to my beloved Iron Man movies so I have to give these folks credit for a job well done.

Check out a free clip from the fight scene!

 Watch Iron Man XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parody (Disc 1) now!