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Good Little Girl Review

Good Little Girl caught my eye as soon as I saw it as an upcoming release. I see a lot of porn in any given day, and truthfully, a lot of it blends together when I have to decide what movie I want to review. Once you’ve seen one German chick getting gangbanged in a barn, you’ve kinda seen them all (or maybe I’m just jaded). So when studios go above and beyond to exceed expectations and give viewers an exciting experience, I tend to show a little favoritism.

Pretty Dirty's Good Little Girl

One studio that’s been standing out for their cinematic video quality, as well as their thrilling and dramatic plots, is Pretty Dirty. Every time I watch a movie of theirs, I know I’m getting treated to a fresh take on a sexy situation, and I’m never disappointed. However, one situation that’s not so sexy to me but is almost unavoidable these days is any movie with a “family fantasy” theme. With the faith that I have in Pretty Dirty’s ability to deliver an awesome plot, I chose to get out of my comfort zone and review their new taboo release, Good Little Girl.

Scene One: Bookworm Meets Charity

The film opens with “Bookworm” (played by the petite Piper Perri) describing her close and devoted relationship with her stepfather Mr. Chase (played by Steven St. Croix). After her mom died, her stepdad vowed to a life of celibacy, and in her mother’s absence, Bookworm’s stepdad became like a real father to her. Bookworm is a hardworking student (hence the name) who lives to make her stepdad proud.

Sitting down to breakfast one day, Bookworm sees a woman out the window rummaging through their trash. Once Mr. Chase leaves for work, Bookworm goes outside to see what the woman is doing. The hot-but-grungy babe seems startled by Bookworm and shies away from her at first, but after Bookworm offers her food, the hottie can’t turn away the assistance. The woman (played by Jessa Rhodes) introduces herself as Charity, a beautiful blonde runaway with big tits and an amazing body. She doesn’t explain why she’s homeless or anything, but Bookworm doesn’t ask. Once Charity sees how nice Bookworm’s living situation is, she quickly makes herself at home.

Charity is a confident and sexy chick who’s clearly been around the block a time or two. She is the exact opposite of Bookworm in many ways, but Bookworm is eager to impress the cool girl and agrees to skip school for the day to hang out with her. When Charity hints that they could be best friends, Bookworm is ready to do anything to make that happen. Although Bookworm is a virgin, Charity can’t wait to sap up her innocence.

Lesbians Pipper Perri and Jessa Rhodes

Jessa Rhodes and Piper Perri in Good Little Girl

Steven St Croix catches lesbian Good Little Girl

When Bookworm’s dad comes home and sees the two girls entangled in a lesbian tryst (in his bed, no less), he can’t help but be ferociously turned on and extremely confused. Who is the woman with Bookworm, and since when is his stepdaughter a lesbian?!

Scene Two: Charity Becomes Part of the Family

Mr. Chase carries a framed picture of his deceased wife (can you name the porn star in the frame?) with him everywhere to remind himself of his vow of celibacy. He clutches the photo with dear life after seeing his stepdaughter face-first in another girl’s pussy. After he’s calmed himself down, he invites the two girls down to have dinner. Charity wastes no time reaching underneath the dinner table to grip Mr. Chase’s cock. She’s a woman on a mission!

Despite ignoring Charity’s advances, Mr. Chase still needs to relieve himself. After dinner, he furiously jerks off onto a picture of his wife when Charity walks in the room. Soon, the celibacy pact he made with himself is a thing of the past as passion takes over his better instincts.

Steven St Croix Good Little Girl

Jessa Rhodes Steven St Croix

Jessa Rhodes Good Little Girl

While Charity’s ulterior motives are unclear, she sure knows how to corrupt a wholesome family!

Scene Three: Bookworm Discovers Dick

After discovering that her new “friend” Bookworm is a virgin, Charity is on a mission to bring this good girl down to her level of depravity. When Bookworm asks her about sex, Charity somehow convinces Bookworm that she needs to get laid immediately, now, and at all costs. Charity even suggests that she fuck Mr. Chase’s business partner and someone Bookworm refers to as “uncle.”

Teaching Bookworm her seductive ways and dressing her up as a slutty schoolgirl, Charity sends the innocent girl out to get deflowered. Bookworm is bolstered by her friendship with Charity and wants to emulate her in any way she can, even if that means becoming someone that she isn’t.

When she arrives at her uncle’s house, Bookworm flirtatiously touches his leg and not-so-subtly comes on to him. Once her uncle (played by the handsome Chad White) realizes what Bookworm is after, he asks her to leave. He’s never seen her like this. Once she makes pass after pass at him, however, he’s weakened by his niece’s seduction and gives in to her. Meanwhile, Charity is secretly filming the entire thing!

Piper Perri and Chad White

Piper Perri and Chad White sex

Piper Perri rides Chad White

Scene Four: Charity Pays Mr. Chase A Visit

Charity somehow winds up at Mr. Chase’s office and hints that she has something she needs to show him. Once the two are alone, Charity shows Mr. Chase the video of his stepdaughter and his business partner. Being the perverted person she is, Charity is excited by his distress and drops to her knees to suck his cock.

Jessa Rhodes Steven St. Croix

Jessa Rhodes Steven St. Croix

Jessa Rhodes Steven St. Croix

Scene Five: Good Little Girl No More

At this point, Charity has sufficiently torn this once-happy family apart. Mr. Chase is no longer celibate, Bookworm is no longer a virgin, and the family dynamic as they know it has been completely upended by this corrupt runaway.

When Charity returns home from fucking Mr. Chase, she musters up some fake tears and explains to Bookworm that her father “attacked her.” Bookworm is confused and frightened by her friend’s accusations of her stepdad and rushes to confront him. Busting down his door, she sees that Mr. Chase is in the middle of masturbating, and Bookworm is accidentally sprayed with his cum.

Hiding his face in shame, Mr. Chase explains to his stepdaughter that he knows what she’s been up to with Charity and that he’s been jealous. Not because he has the hots for Charity, but because when he sees Bookworm with another person he realized that he wished it were him. Appalled and delighted by her stepdad’s admission, Bookworm tells him that it’s okay and begins sucking his dick. It isn’t long before Charity realizes that her plan is working and joins the father-daughter duo for a seriously sinful threesome.

Piper Perri catches step-dad


blond threesome

I won’t give away the surprise ending, but I will say that Bookworm’s life will never be the same again. Although I’m not a fan of “family fantasy” as a whole, the plot and characters were so compelling in this movie that I couldn’t help but enjoy it. If you like taboo plots in your XXX, this movie is a must-see and one you’ll want to watch over and over.

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Stepdaddy Daydreams Review

From exciting new studio Taboo Dream comes Stepdaddy Daydreams, the go-to family fantasy father figure Tony D’s directorial debut alongside Steven Escolar. This ambitious project in an industry practically overwhelmed by taboo-themed films is a refreshing departure from the aforementioned releases for its unique art direction and subtle, dark undertones.

Life hasn’t been the same for Frank Walter (Tony D) after his wife left him. The only person left that seems to care whether or not he’s okay is his stepdaughter Lucy. Lucy is the only one providing Frank with any kind of comfort, giving him the strength to move on after his divorce. After experiencing lucid, sexual dreams about Lucy night after night, Frank looks into a new type of dream technology that allows him to control and direct his fantasies. Frank is done being the passive pushover; he wants to take care of Lucy while also disciplining her when she needs it.

Because this is a fantasy, the viewer follows Frank Walter’s stream of consciousness as he fantasizes about aspects of Lucy that he desires, depicted by varying types of young women. The part of Lucy is played by four relatively new adult performers. This is an interesting way to show how sexual fantasies develop over a period of time. By using four different performers, Frank Walter’s daydreams become progressively more precise, until he is no longer sure of the boundaries between fantasy and reality.

Scene One: Valerie White & Tony D

As the movie starts the viewer sees Valerie White, a young blonde in a bikini, dipping her painted toenails into a glistening pool. Frank sits on the other side, watching her and the viewer is unsure of their relationship. However, the viewer gets a peek into Frank’s state of mind when we see flashes of Valerie in different states of undress. As she poses for the camera, we begin to hear her talking to Frank. She tells him about a boyfriend she’s seeing and how he makes her feel insecure. We watch Frank move from one end of the pool to sit next to her, and he reassures her that he is a beautiful young woman. Valerie insists that there must be something wrong with her if this boy doesn’t like her. Frank tells her not to worry about young men. Most often, they don’t know what they’re talking about. This seems like a normal conversation between a caring stepdad and his vulnerable young stepdaughter, but as the dialogue continues, the viewer realizes that something is amiss.

The familial boundaries come crashing down within the exchange of two sentences: Valerie says that she knows that Frank’s been watching her, and Frank admits that his feelings for her may have changed since her mother left him. Both are embarrassed by these admissions, but their awkwardness endears them to one another. Soon, they begin to act upon those desires they’ve kept secret, and plunge into a deep and illicit entanglement.

“Lucy” and Frank have an erotic encounter, but the viewer becomes aware that this is not something that actually happened. In reality, Frank is laying on the couch watching TV and thinking about why his wife left him. As we come to find out, Frank’s wife left him because he is utterly and completely boring. He works from home doing some kind of unemployment insurance. His biggest venture out is to the post office and he doesn’t find it necessary to converse with friends and family. He realizes that his life is exactly what his wife said it was: boring.

Scene Two: Kharlie Stone & Tony D

Even though Frank’s life is boring, he does worry about his stepdaughter. Not only did he lose a wife, but she lost her mother. This turn of events could affect any young woman, but Lucy has been going out and not telling him where she’s been going. Her lack of communication sends his thoughts in a spiral and he worries that she might be doing something dangerous. As his thoughts turn towards Lucy’s safety, he begins to fantasize about her defiant nature.

In this scene, Lucy’s rebellious persona is played by brunette beauty Kharlie Stone. Frank asks Kharlie where she’s been all night. He tells her that he’s upset because she didn’t return any of his phone calls. Although he is not her father, he’s still very invested in her safety and her lack of communication is troubling. However, Kharlie is unimpressed by Frank’s devotion and finds his interrogative nature to be amusing. She antagonizes him by asking him if he really wants to know where she’s been. Frank’s head begins to hurt; he sees flashes of Kharlie before his eyes in different sexual positions, and then Kharlie tells him exactly where she’s been. “I’ve been fucking older men every night for weeks.” Frank can’t believe what he’s hearing, and he is unsure if this is actually what Kharlie said to him, but then Kharlie asks him in a naughty voice, “Are you gonna spank me, daddy?”

Scene Three: Holly Hendrix & Tony D

One thing that Frank had always known he lacked was discipline. While he had always seen himself as the provider, as the protector, he knew was not as aggressive and as confident as his wife wanted him to be. Thinking about his career and the attention he paid to getting ahead in his job made him realize that he put all of his aggressiveness into the wrong area of his life. If he could change one thing about his relationship with his wife, he would have been more dominant. He would have been more adamant about his sexual needs and would have expressed his sexual fantasies to her, instead of letting them fester deep down inside.

Lucy’s new incarnation takes the form of bodacious Holly Hendrix, who is a perfect match for the unexpressed aggressiveness of Frank’s latest fantasy. Holly taunts Frank by asking where her mother is, bringing out Frank’s desire to be dominated. While he has always wanted to be in control, this interaction with Lucy as Holly shows the viewer that it is always the submissive who is the dominant party. Holly begs Frank not to wake up from his daydream, but he can’t escape his sad reality.

Scene Four: Reagan Monroe & Tony D

Taking matters into his own hands, Frank decides to research a new dream technology he’s been hearing about lately. Frank speaks to a representative that explains that after implementing the lucid dream electronic, he will have full control of his subconscious fantasies and will be able to revisit them at any time he wishes. Finally, Frank can control Lucy the way he’s been dreaming about, and have her at his beck and call at any hour of the day. Once he gets his hands on the device, he is eager to try it. That night, he makes some time to use the device in the safest way possible. He lays down on the couch, puts the device over his ears, and begins to see bright white flashes that initially confuse him, until he sees a vision of Lucy. Suddenly, everything becomes crystal clear and he can hear Lucy reading to him out of her diary.

This is all too good to be true, as Lucy’s desires seem to mirror exactly what he’s always wanted her to say. Reagan Monroe is perfect as Lucy in this scene because she conveys the illicit desire that a young woman would have for an older, authoritative figure. As Lucy, Reagan is eager to please the man she admires most. As she begins to turn her need for affection from her stepdad into a fantastic validation of their affection for each other.

The lucid dreaming device seems like the answer to all of Frank’s problems. Finally, Frank is able to live his fantasies without endangering any of the people in his life. Unfortunately, Frank has become a danger to himself as he no longer understands the difference between reality and fantasy and his waking or subconscious mind. The viewer, too, has difficulty establishing whether or not the device has helped Frank learn to control his desires or if the device has endangered his health.

This is a HotMovies and HotMoviesforHer exclusive, make sure to watch the end. Tony D’s performance breaks the mold and leaves the viewer wanting to know more Frank and Lucy’s future. Watch Stepdaddy Daydreams now on HotMoviesforHer!


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Family Secrets Movie Review

Family Secrets boxcoverFilmed two years ago with star Kimberly Kane in the director’s chair, Vivid Premium’s taboo film noir Family Secrets has finally hit the streets. Kane stars Detective Jean Carver, the Olivia Benson to Detective Jim Valentine’s (Steven St. Croix’s) Elliot Stabler, with the added tension of an illicit sexual affair. When Detective Valentine’s step-daughter Vicky (Penny Pax) is found stabbed to death on a San Francisco beach, Carver takes up the case. In a spotlit interrogation room, she grills Vicky’s friends to piece together the series of (very sexy) events that led to the young woman’s death. Kane proves herself to be a masterful porno storyteller, keeping the action and the dialogue moving at a quick pace, and allowing the movie to clock in at a mercifully short 124 minutes. She quickly establishes the personas and motivations of her cast of characters, helped along by performers who can confidently deliver a line. The sex is the real star of the show here, with each fuck feeling entirely different from the next, yet still meshing with the overall moody tone of the flick.

Scene 1 – Kimberly Kane and Steven St. Croix

Kimberly Kane and Steven St, Croix 2Family Secrets opens with an artfully shot sequence showing a joyful Penny Pax dancing barefoot on a moonlit beach before she is approached by the hooded figure who ultimately ends her life. It’s a tactful bit of storytelling that immediately involves the viewer before we jump right into my favorite part, the fucking. Director Kimberly Kane’s sex scene with Steven St. Croix opens with the characters mid-fuck. It’s a surprisingly non-porno porn scene, wherein the detectives don’t open up for the camera much (save for some reverse cowgirl), instead opting to bang in pretty naturalistic positions. It’s a scene that curiously alternates between intimate eye contact (hot) and animalistic, almost hateful fucking, such as well Jim Valentine pins down Jean Carver’s head with a pillow and growls, “I don’t want to see your fucking face.” It works well and helps to establish the fraught relationship between the two crime solving partners, one of whom is married. After a post-coital cigarette and terse conversation, Jim returns home to his wife, played by Kylie Ireland, only to meet up with Jean again at the scene of his step-daughter’s murder. On working with Kane, Steven St. Croix had this to say:

“I was excited to work alongside Kimberly and [director of photography] Eli Cross as she definitely has ideas and a vision that isn’t standard porn fare. And knowing Eli could capture that made me confident this wouldn’t be a waste of my time. The story was a challenge for me as I had to have a connection with a daughter ( I have no children in real life) and to be able to play that loss in the scene where I discover her at the crime scene. In the end, I felt we made a real strong effort at creating an engaging story for viewers looking for a bit of sophistication in adult releases.”

Scene 2 – Claire Robbins and Princess Donna

Claire Robbins and Princess Donna 1After the discovery of Vicky Valentine’s body, Jean is on the hunt for the killer. The first suspect brought into Detective Carver’s interrogation room is Donna Huntington (Claire Robbins), a friend of Vicky and one of the last people to see her alive. Her moodiness contrasts sharply with Vicky’s joyful exuberance, especially as she fends off unwanted hetero advances from Jesse Valentine (Danny Wylde) and Ricky Sweeney (Richie Calhoun.) Her savior comes in the form the Mystery Woman (Princess Donna) who leads her quarry into the bathroom for some blistering femdom lesbian fucking. Princess Donna is a legend of kink, and I was thrilled to finally be able to see her in action. She takes incredible control of Claire, alternately spanking her round, panty-clad ass and servicing her pussy. Claire wrote to us about her experience on set:

“Working under Kimberly Kane’s direction was really amazing. It was great being able to see her able to bring her vision to life.  I really appreciate her moody aesthetic. My scene with Donna is actually one of my favorites! Kimberly told us generally what she was looking for and we were really able to go wild. I’m so excited that I can finally see the full feature.”

Princess Donna added, “I’ve always thought Kimberly was one of the coolest people in porn. I was thrilled to work with her…I’ve directed Kimberly a handful of times, and always had a crush on her. It was an honor to be a performer on her set and have the roles reversed! Claire is a gem. I absolutely love working with her!”

Scene 3 – Penny Pax and Tommy Pistol

Penny Pax and Tommy PistolAfter Donna Huntington’s story check out, Detective Carver brings in Rick Sweeney, Vicky’s artist boyfriend. When Vicky wanders off to that moonlit beach with a drifter named Vinnie (Tommy Pistol), Rick finds himself in possession of Vicky’s locket necklace, which isn’t so easy to explain away to Carver. Vicky and Vinnie then head to Vinnie’s seedy room, set with a mattress on the floor, bare light bulbs, and empty beer bottles. What follows is the most porno scene yet. Penny Pax’s body and puffy pussy are practically made to be devoured, and Tommy Pistol animalistically sucks her tits and eats her pussy while she jerks his cock with her feet. She whimpers the whole way through as they fuck the shit out of each other in that seedy bedroom.

Scene 4 – Penny Pax, Richie Calhoun, and Danny Wylde

Penny Pax Danny Wylde Richie CalhounUnfortunately for Rick, Detective Carver smells bullshit when he tries to pin Vicky Valentine’s murder on Vinnie the drifter, so she brings in Vicky’s step-brother, Jesse Valentine. This troubled young man with the disaffected monotone tells his version of events, which oddly doesn’t match up with Ricky’s. After Vicky kisses him to goad Ricky, the two leave him and he wanders off to his car. Detective Carver asserts that the kiss went further that night, and that Vicky’s relationship with Jesse became much more than sibling-like that night. The sex scene that follows shows a dirty threesome between the two step-siblings and Ricky in the nightclub, their bodies lit with lurid green and purple neon lights. Amid sloppy blowjobs and eager double penetration, the boys are completely enamored with Pax, and she’s deep in her element as she gives a standout performance. On working with Kimberly and Penny, Danny Wylde said:

“Shooting for Kimberly Kane is always a great time. She seems to dance at the edge of what’s acceptable, even by porn standards. This movie, in particular, has a pretty fucked up narrative. And I got to play an asshole, which is perhaps more fun than my typical ‘school boy’ porn performance. Plus, I fucked Penny Pax. She’s really good at fucking, so I can’t imagine that our scene is anything but hot.”

So, who killed Vicky Valentine? I won’t tell you. But if you want to know, you’ll only have to watch one of the best plot driven pornos I’ve seen in a while. With Kimberly Kane at the helm, Family Secrets tells a tight, uncomfortable story that looks and sounds great, featuring some of the best acting that you can find in porn. Above it all, Kane never loses sight of the fact that, when it comes down to it, it’s the fucking that matters here, and uses insanely hot sexual scenarios to drive her story. I’d name Family Secrets one of the best skin flicks of 2015, and I suggest that you don’t miss it.

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‘Scuse Me, Do You Have Change for a Dildo?

by Ashley Rosemont



Let’s just say right now, vending machines are a wonderful invention. I recall a recent episode of Mad Men (the AMC hit TV series that takes place in the 1960s) where the office manager Joan complains that the new vending machines will make the secretaries fat because they can get a snack any time they want. Hey, lighten up, Joan, that’s the point!


It’s true, they’re a convenience we are often happy to see, and not just because they can satiate our cravings for sugar and peanuts. Vending machines that dispense condoms, aspirin, mouthwash, lipstick and other sundries can make a night out on the town a bit more pleasant, if we find ourselves lacking something we need for a spur of the moment sleepover.


But if you live in a more sophisticated city than the one you probably live in, you’d be surprised by what you can obtain with a handful of change. Take the Europeans, who carry a little basket to go food shopping because they just grab what they’re having for dinner on the way home from work, along with a nice bottle of wine. So civilized! I’d love to be able to just tuck a baguette and a pork chop and a bottle of Cabernet in my woven bag as I walk down the cobbled streets in my high heels, tossing my shiny hair which smells of Chanel No. 5. Then again, you can also buy a fresh baguette from a vending machine. Vive la France!


But what if you’re not going straight home for dinner, but have a long boring train commute? Maybe you need some refreshment of the adult variety that doesn’t come in a bottle. This town in Italy has decided it’s not happy about the sex toys being sold in train station vending machines.


Come again? Yes, that seems to be the idea, as you can purchase a wide range of freaky playthings in one convenient coin-operated box. To be fair, the company who owns the vending machines says that Casarsa us the first town where there have been any complaints about the public display of sex toins available to anyone who can pop some coins or a bill in a slot.


Here’s the thing about vending machines; they confer a certain sense of anonymity. You’re not in a store with room for lots of other people, like your girlfriend, your mother, your high school English teacher or your rabbi. You may look around surreptitiously, but as long as you have your money handy, you can get your goods and disappear into the crowd. It feels just a little bit naughty, doesn’t it? Well, given what you can buy in vending machines these days, feeling guilty about a candy bar is the least of your worries. Imagine getting caught with a big black dildo? (or you know, blue or purple, whatever color you like)


The author of this blog post makes a good point, when he wonders what those offended by vending machines dispensing vibrators would make of the Japanese vending machines that sell used schoolgirls’ panties. No, really.  It’s true, even snopes.com says so!


You can actually buy a whole bunch of wonderful and unusual items in Japanese vending machines, as this article explains. Like toilet paper, eggs, beer, porn, sex toys, live lobsters, neckties, and ramen noodles. Really, this are exactly the sorts of things one should be able to buy in a vending machine; I mean, buying a live lobster at a grocery store is just kind of embarrassing if you think about it. I don’t want a bunch of people in line behind me at checkout line watching me buy a lobster, ya know?


Italy is not the only city to sell pocket rockets and ball gags to people with bulging pockets (hey! I meant bulging with COINS!); Holland has been selling sex toys from vending machines for years; and they’re called Vibrato-maats! The machines cater to both men and women, and sell an assortment of lubricants and lingerie, too.


But what about the United States, you’re wondering. Do I have to go all the way to Vegas to find a dildo in a vending machine? Well, maybe. Though most of our great states at least have a shop or two (or a hundred if you’re in New York City or San Francisco) to purchase such items freely. But you might have trouble buying sex toys in Alabama, where they’re illegal for purchase even for medical use, unless you use the drive-thru. And, until the law was recently overturned, sex toys were also banned for sale in Texas. This excellent article discusses the finer points of the legislation and precedent-setting court cases surrounding the banning of sex toys in America. Hard to believe you can buy guns and ammo at Walmart, but a sex toy has to be bought on the downlow…


Ashley Rosemont is a feature columnist for Sssh.com, the web’s original erotic site for women by women. She is a Renaissance woman of many talents, but tries to remain humble in the face of all the curveballs life throws her way. She has been a professional writer for over two decades, and specializes in writing on media, culture, health and sexuality.