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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Porn Stars Are Athletes Too

In the early 2000s, or what I like to refer to as the Bring It On era, I found myself engaged in a debate over whether cheerleaders were athletes or not. Before then I had never given much thought to questioning if they were or weren’t, I thought it was obvious they were, and now I’m faced with the same question in regards to porn stars. With all the madness that comes along with March and our annual PornTourn competition, we decided to attack the question head on.

What Is an Athlete?

Webster defines the word athlete as “a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina.” The key words in that definition are “trained” and “skilled.” Anyone can go out and shoot hoops, but the training and skill levels are what separate athletes from everybody else.  This is where I think we forget about porn stars. On any given night, you can see a video clip of Stephen Curry or James Harden working on their handles in a gym for hours. Turn on NFL Network and you’ll get a glimpse of the next big college prospect bench pressing two times their body weight and talking about the off-field work that we viewers rarely get to see. What we aren’t privy to is all the work porn stars put in behind the scene. Think about it, we never get to see Prince Yahshua’s push up routine before flipping chicks over with his dick still inside, or watch the beautifully buff women of Iron Belles during a regular gym workout that doesn’t involve face smothering some skinny chump (I say that with all the love in my heart). Some might argue that with porn stars nobody wants to witness the unsexy hard work that they put into their bodies, but I live for behind the scenes footage so that reasoning doesn’t work. Others might admit to a similarity here or there but deny that porn stars are on the same athletic level as semi-pro and pro athletes. I’d argue they’re wrong.

High Level Consistency

Nobody wants to be the guy that only wins the championship once. That’s like only serving one term as President. I mean, yay, accomplishment, but winning and being great is about consistency and what goes into maintaining it. You can’t mention the word consistent in porn circles without then mentioning Nina Hartley. Look at that figure! You don’t get a body like that just having great sex, although I’m sure it helps. But diet and routine (along with genetics) get the credit per Nina, and that alone is more than some of us can handle. Trying not to eat bacon three times a day is struggle enough for me. But believe it or not, Nina Hartley isn’t the type to hit the gym regularly for vigorous cardio and she isn’t the only one. In a recent interview with Misty Stone I learned she doesn’t go out of her way to maintain her beautiful figure either. A balanced diet, amazing hygiene before and after shoots, and a little luck gets the credit per Misty.

Just like in sports, the same routine, or lack of one, can’t be applied across the board to obtain success. Because something works for one doesn’t mean it will work for others, and what comes easy for some won’t come easy for others. Tasha Reign gave OC Weekly the inside scoop on her pre-porn rituals and after letting the guys know it’s not as sexy as the fantasy she ultimately produces, she goes straight into how she cares for her body. It’s no secret that sex is one of the best (and usually free) workouts around, but some of the positions porn stars put themselves into goes way above what us amateurs try nightly. To keep up with the demand, Tasha keeps a group Pilates or yoga class on her schedule, maintains a vegetarian diet, and makes sure to get at least eight hours of sleep at night (sounds like the Tom Brady way of life). In 2010 Asa Akira admitted to Cosmopolitan that if she could, she’d work out every day of the week, but since scheduling would never allow that, she settles for a few days a week of boot camp training (which is insanely intense!) supplemented with yoga, and lots of dressing-free salads. Similarly, Jesse Andrews participates in boot camp training and hiking while throwing in fun physical activities like bowling and dodgeball and keeping a healthy diet free of bread, milk, and my personal favorite, McDonald’s. She juices a lot, and tries to eat kale at least once a day all in the name of adult entertainment. I thought I was doing something by making everything in my Starbucks order “skinny,” but these stars blow me out of the water.

I noticed that almost every performer I came across participated in some form of a physical stretching exercise like Pilates, yoga, or tai chi. When I was little my father put me in ballet classes, which was torture because I was not a girly girl and hated everything pink. When I begged and cried for him to take me out he explained his reasoning. Ballet would provide a foundation of footwork that I could take and build from to further better my overall basketball game. Once I heard and understood that, you couldn’t get me to skip a ballet class. I wanted to be the greatest basketball player to ever play for Pat Summit down in Tennessee and if ballet was going to help get me there I’d sleep in my tutu (ballet, you totally dropped the ball here). Because of the rigorous activity porn stars’ bodies must go through daily I think the boot camp, yoga, and Pilates become extremely important and necessary for some. Think about the positions they put themselves into and it’ll all make sense.

While Dana DeArmond doesn’t have to do much to keep herself looking fit, she did admit that foot worship scenes are very close to a core workout for her because while giving a footjob you must keep your middle balanced while stroking with your legs. Chanel Preston, who stays away from too much cardio for fear of being too skinny, talks about how much of a workout wearing a strap-on is, and I for one appreciate the hell out of that. Pelvic thrusting is one of my absolute favorite things to do, but squatting is one of my least favorite things to do, and fucking a chick with a strap is nothing if not squat class 101 (102 for us overachievers). And just about every female porn star ever asked about working out talked about posing, modeling, and lugging around a lot of shit, which got my wheels spinning…

Porn stars, like cheerleaders and gymnasts fall into the category of having to look good while putting their athleticism on display. The most I worried about when it came to appearance was if my sneakers and head band matched, and I bet Sam Cassell and Tyrone Hill can say the same thing. Appearing attractive while performing isn’t something many athletes have to think about. Adult performers, however, have it at the top of their morning list and are responsible for bringing their own wardrobe to set, which can consist of everything from 3 different outfits and 2 pair of heels to match, to that plus a suitcase filled with whips, chains, and a strap-on, which are heavier than they look. In pro sports, you don’t have to bring your own equipment and in college sports a lot of that is taken away, especially for stars. You’ll never see coach K showing up to a tourney game with a bag of balls for shoot around just like you’ll never see Usain Bolt cleaning up the track after a hard rain. Porn stars are expected to travel with most of their own shit though (if you’ve ever traveled with a woman you know the horror this could be), twist and conform their bodies into positions we’re too scared to do more than fantasize about, appear attractive to a wide audience, and look like they’re enjoying it. Imagine that was in the work contract you signed! I would be screwed. Sure Tina Thompson, the 1st overall pick in WNBA history, took it upon herself to wear red MAC Diva lipstick during every game, but that was more about luck and later in her career making a statement about women who play professional sports. For porn stars, something as simple as red lipstick, and looking good wearing it while sucking dick, is often a job requirement, and after viewing a million photos of yourself naked, keeping a positive body image and attitude can’t be the easiest thing in the world.

Siouxsie Q, who performs in a lot of hardcore BDSM titles, wrote an article for SF Weekly this year in which she talks about getting back into the adult industry and preparing for a shoot with everyone’s favorite queer, Andre Shakti. “Although I’ve missed getting paid to have sex with hot people, the epic hair and makeup, and the silly costumes and dialogue, the main thing I’ve missed about the adult film is the athletic lifestyle. When I was performing full time, I devoted much of my week to yoga, weight training, cardio, and a strict diet, but now that my life is more about policy papers and political action committees, there’s not much time for crafting my porn star bod. To get ready to be naked in front of the camera again, I’ve had to convince myself that I’m living in a training sequence from an inspirational sports movie from the 80s. This involves a great deal of hard-boiled eggs and running around my neighborhood at 7 a.m. in a waist-training corset. It’s not easy or glamorous, but neither is being a porn star.” Can you imagine that shit!? Siouxsie was only out of the game for about a year, and even though she’s heavy into BDSM, 7am runs in a waist corset!? That’s serious dedication right there, but I think my favorite part is that she actually missed the athletic lifestyle. The game is won in practice and conditioning, and athletes expected to perform with high consistency know this. Porn stars are no exception and Siouxsie Q’s example of commitment to preparation illustrates this perfectly. Not only is working out and eating healthy a constant, but upkeep like shaving, makeup, and all that jazz have to be top priorities too. With all the work adult entertainers put into their craft they deserve to be paid and acknowledged for it. This brings me to my next point…


For the most part professional athletes are paid very handsomely for their talents and the work that goes into them. Hell, some are paid way too much (Brock Osweiler, Kwame Brown, Andy Dalton) just because of the promise that they might be great, but when it comes to porn stars, they get the NCAA treatment regardless if they’re pro , semi-pro, or amateur playing in the d-league. The only thing missing is the outward appreciation college athletes get. Look at Rico Strong up there. He wasn’t born with those muscles, and even the fellas have to take a little time to appreciate the physique. Nobody wants to watch Fat Bastard (or Mike Myers for that matter) bang anything, no matter how hot she is, but do you think any of that turned into dollar signs for Rico? Despite all that bad ass ink I’m going to bet that answer is no, and that’s a shame. Male porn stars are pretty much only there to provide the dick in straight flicks, and on the surface that’s all they’re really good for. But there’s a lot that goes into the upkeep of that dick and the body it’s attached to.

Take the beloved Johnny Sins for example. To start his daily routine, Johnny stretches with a few kick backs and pushups before attacking those abs we all know and love with 12 reps of dead lifts, 24 reps of bicycles, and 12 reps of squat jump tuck. In fact, his routine and physique gained so much recognition that he started instructing in and selling workout videos (seriously, look at his YouTube page). And that’s on top of his whole grain diet in which he stays away from microwaves and eats every two to three hours to keep his metabolism going. That seems like a lot for someone who is essentially a prop on set who just needs to keep it hard for hours and then cum when he’s told. You’d think there would at least be some type of handshake or pat on the back when it’s all said and done since this is the guy who banged the hot babe while lifting her over his head, which just happens to be your favorite position to fantasize about and makes you cum every single time, but nope! The dude is responsible for maintaining a certain look, keeping his junk up for an insane amount of time (diet plays a factor here), busting a nut on cue, lifting chicks with big asses and even bigger titties (weight lifting, ugh), and nobody buys his jersey or shakes his hand. Plus his check is smaller than his female co-stars every single time, and if you’re a minority it’s even less! If it wasn’t for the sex I don’t think guys would even show up, and I can’t blame them.

Speaking of all the sex that makes it so worth it, James Deen talked to GQ back in 2013 and shed light on just how much of a workout it is. “In the film world, people don’t realize you’re not just having sex. Sex on camera can be anywhere from 20 minutes to four hours. It all depends on the production and type of scene. It’s also not just standard sex like, ‘let’s just make each other’s bodies feel good,’ its physical entertainment style sex.” That doesn’t sound as great as it looks especially the stop and go of it all, and it really makes you think about how much work goes in to sex for entertainment. The performer is responsible for making sure we have a good time, and while it falls on everyone in the scene, men in straight movies bear that burden, although they often go unappreciated (straight women who enjoy porn feel this pain too). I can’t imagine someone stopping me in the middle of a good time with Kira Noir to pose for the camera and after it’s all said and done I don’t even get a “great job Authentic Lezz!” I understand that these guys get to fuck some of the hottest, freakiest, downright irresistible women walking the face of the earth (at least that’s what we think), but employee recognition goes a long way and it’s not like the guys aren’t working hard for it. The way Ryan Madison fucks is nothing less than exhausting and to think he’s stopping and changing angles and actually working in the middle of it all literally is enough to blow my mind. That man puts the energizer bunny to shame!

A Means to an End

Athletics of any kind are encouraged in today’s society more than ever before. Not only does being athletic promote a healthy lifestyle, but team activities teach us how to depend on each other, work together, overcome adversity, and succeed as a unit. It helps in the workplace and in one’s social life, but today being athletic and playing a sport has taken on a new and bigger role. That shit pays for college! Higher education has become big business that most of us can’t afford, but we’re constantly told we need it (similar to what’s going on with home buying in today’s economy, but I digress). That piece of paper opens up a world of opportunities and if you can sing, dance, run, jump, or anything else that people are willing to pay to watch you do to get it then by all means GO… unless it’s porn. Enter Belle Knox. Intelligent enough to get accepted into Duke University, Knox began her adult actress career in 2013 to help pay for her $60,000/year tuition. Pornography allowed her to control her schedule so she wouldn’t miss classes but still make enough money to survive, a constant struggle for working college students, while ensuring she wouldn’t be trapped in debt upon graduation. On top of that she entered a profession where she could travel, meet and learn from all types of diverse people, explore her sexuality and body image, something all young women go through, and be subjected to medical testing to ensure her safety, something us non-porn star college kids didn’t do enough. What parent wouldn’t be proud of her as a daughter!?

Despite what, when laid out, many would consider major accomplishments and smart thinking on her part, Belle Knox faced a lot of criticism because of her career choice. Besides being ousted and harassed by the frat boys watching porn in the first place, she lost respect from some of her professors and peers, and had to explain her lifestyle and job to staff. Apparently providing adult entertainment to the masses is not an acceptable way to make a living, although watching it bears no ill judgments from society (that double standard kills me!). Sit back and imagine if the dean of your kid’s school called them into a meeting to explain why they work one place instead of another and then made judgments based on that one thing. I’m telling you now, I’d be happily in prison watching graduation on Twitter Live using a burner phone somebody snuck me because that dean’s face would no longer look the way God intended. For the life of me I will never understand many of the ridiculous stereotypes that follow sex workers, but the one that really grinds my gears is that somehow your preppy snot nosed kid is being negatively influenced or put in danger. Countless porn stars have studied at and walked college campuses before, during, and after their career, and not one of them (to my researched knowledge) has ever harmed anyone. In fact, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to have Brandi Love (Central Michigan), Bree Olsen (Indiana Purdue), Carter Cruise (East Carolina University), Lexington Steele (Syracuse), Stoya (Delaware College of Art & Design), and Joanna Angel (Rutgers) on campus. The experience they have across the board, life lessons they can share, and the immense success they’ve all enjoyed are priceless to anyone they stop and talk to.

It’s time we recognize adult entertainers as professional athletes and give them the credit they deserve. Hopefully you pay for porn, and that’s great because they worked hard to provide you with a quality product you can jizz all over, but it goes beyond that. The way we view and think about porn stars on a day-to-day basis needs to escalate to a level where we begin to consider workouts, diet, make-up, wardrobe, and the expectations we place on them that we wouldn’t be able to meet ourselves, because it really is a lifestyle that they must adhere to on and off camera. It’s bad enough there’s no union, health care, or HR departments stars can rally around on the same level as us office dwellers, so the least we can do is acknowledge everything that they do to make themselves great and us horny.

That’s all for now, but for more from the great mind of the Authentic Lesbian, follow me on Twitter @authenticlezz1 and remember, sex is positive, sex is your friend, and sex can pay the bills!

Porn Stars React To “Hot Girls Wanted”

hot girls wantedTwitter and the blogosphere are abuzz over Hot Girls Wanted, the latest documentary to stream on Netflix. Produced by Parks and Recreation’s Rashida Jones, the doc bills itself as “a first-ever look at the realities of the professional ‘amateur’ porn world and the steady stream of 18-to-19-year old girls entering into it.”  While some of the resulting outrage has come from civilians reacting to the seemingly exploitative working conditions of the performers depicted in the film, much of the outrage has been from sex workers, porn stars, and industry insiders themselves.  And no, they’re not siding with the filmmakers.

Director Jacky St. James, who wrote for us about how “porn defied every stereotype [she] had about it,” had a healthy dose of sarcasm for the filmmakers.

Much of the criticism of Hot Girls Wanted has focused on the filmmakers’ inabilities to take a truly unbiased look at porn. Performer Casey Calvert took a lighthearted approach to expressing her ire.

Professional dominatrix Mistress Matisse live tweeted as she watched the documentary.

Veteran performer jessica drake tweeted a powerful “rant” expressing her frustration at how many issues that porn performers face stem from the attitudes of outsiders.

Many sex workers, such  as trans performer Chelsea Poe, condemned Hot Girls Wanted for not examining broader societal issues or offering solutions for reform.

Chanel Preston also expressed similar views on her blog:

I understand why Rashida Jones would want to make this documentary; she saw a group of young victims, and she wanted to raise awareness around the issue of female exploitation. Unfortunately, the documentary doesn’t have a view point about this subject beyond “this is bad” except that it alludes to pornography as being the problem. Because of this vague message, it gives no insight into why this is happening or how we can work towards reducing female exploitation.

One scene in Hot Girls Wanted showed a pro-am performer dealing with health issues that arose from her work. Stoya pointed out that bodily injury is part and parcel of the careers of much of the working class, not just sex workers.

Gay performer Conner Habib expressed frustration over the erasure of the voices of sex workers in their own narratives.

There’s so much to say about porn. It’s vast, diverse, and complex. It’s not for everyone, and that’s okay. And it’s far from perfect or pretty. But does that make it an anomaly in society or a microcosm?

As a product and as a component of wider society, porn needs an informed critical eye. Hot Girls Wanted is not it. I wish the film had moved us even a baby step closer to complicating the conversation, especially given its potential reach. But it didn’t. Instead, feel free to put it on the shelf next to Reefer Madness and Red Asphalt, right where it belongs – “Tell your children!”

Many sex workers and performers pointed to an Uproxx review written by sociologist Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals as the most eloquent summation of their frustrations.

Have you seen Hot Girls Wanted? Tweet us your thoughts @hotmoviesforher and @JudyHologram.

Tits and Glass App is Back, The Cuddle Toys Are Coming, Help Finish Game of Thrones – Here’s The Morning Quickie

Mikandi’s Google Glass app, Tits And Glass, is back! Yeah, now we can log on and watch all the photographs of beautiful models we can handle in this revised SFW gallery app! …wait, whaaaa? SFW? The biggest bummer that ever bummed is true, though Mikandi says once you get all the non-pornagraphic material you can handle, you can then boot up the standard “internet” on a “computer” and complete your NSFW fix there.

preview here

College Humor compiled a list from those weirdos that actually post one-star reviews of porn videos. Look, I get it, I get that not everyone is into the same thing and these days, we’re all a reviewer. But it’s PORN, people. PORNOGRAPHY. A visual, sexual aid to stimulate your arousal. That’s like, just, no. Reviews featuring one-star ratings are a no-no, bad dog.


Years ago, back in the freshman days of college, I worked at that clothing party called Express. This one random whatever-day-of-the-week, I went to the back of the store to count new inventory. My stock co-manager Mia, wasn’t there, which was weird, she never ever missed a shift, seriously she could be Exorcist-vomiting and still convince management to let her stay. I checked in with the boss of the hour on why Mia was M.I.A. “Uhhhh…um…she had a baby last night.” “WHAT?! She wasn’t pregnant!!!” “She was, she just had no idea. She went into labor here thinking it was back pains from lifting something.” So this whole, I had no idea I was pregnant might seem impossible to you, but I’ve witnessed it. And Slate covered how and why it occurs. Believe.


Lingering on some branches in the sways of the nation, Honey Bees gather on top of each other and just chill, hang out, get to know each other. This video shows you “How to Stick Your Hand in a Beehive”. I did not tell you to do this, I’m just sharing because the one dude sounds like Seth Rogan. And you know you want to see if any of their fingers swell up to animal balloon size.


Oh good grief, what are we coming to with this “cuddling is the new fucking” idea? Having a choice of a Flubber pillow, a hugging coat, or an actual place of business where you pay to only spoon with someone, which would you choose? Nerve uncovered this collection of blue-balls-inducing cuddle products.


As I recently came out and admitted, I’m a fan of Stoya now — she’s okay by me, alright in my book, swell material, all that. But in what has to be the most awkward “put yourself in her shoes” thought, she admits that she all but ruined porn for her dad. Shudder. I know my dad loves watching some mattress actress action, and to think, what if I had gone into…oh God no…NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE


Just for my Game of Thronesses out there, fans are trying to pay him to finish “The Winds of Winter” by the end of 2014. Uhhh, guys? I think the fact that you have $1,999,000 left to go out of a $2 million dollar goal isn’t that great of a start. And the end of 2014? That’s like 13 years away!


Shadowing Stoya

Once upon a time, long before my tenure here at HM4Her, the HotMovies offices employed a young, porcelain-skinned woman named .  After spending her workdays watching people bone in the movies, Stoya decided to switch to the other side of the screen and became a contract porn star, hitting it big in the industry.  But as we all know, even the most famous of stars have to start somewhere, and this hour-long collection of smutty amateur action features the start of something special.

As Stoya isn’t quite ready to jump into getting frisky, she and her friend wander around the streets and alleys of Philadelphia and pornographer  just follows along, waiting to see if anything debaucherous goes down.  Stoya and Cyndi hang around in short skirts and high heels, smoking cigarettes and chatting.  Soon Diamond lucks out when the girls start making out against a brick wall.  They touch each other gingerly while kissing and start to undress a little, jumping to cover up when they hear a noise in the alley.  I guess that’s the breaks when you are fooling around in a public place… though it does add a level of excitement.

Once the coast becomes clear again, Stoya strips her panties off and Cyndi goes to town on her pussy, giving it a thorough tonguing as Stoya balances her leg up on a fire escape.  As first I couldn’t figure out why Stoya was being so quiet, but I quickly realized that it’s because she is trying to keep the noise down to a minimum and not attract attention.  Duh, right?  I mean, they are outside in an alley in the middle of a city – of course they need to quiet down.  In fact, Stoya is biting her hand for most of the time, keeping her moans muffled.  The overtly dirty action only lasts for a little while, but Stoya keeps it pervy as she deep throats a rock candy lollipop over and over again in close up shots.  Yum.

A little later on in the flick, Stoya heads inside to enjoy a bath and spend some time shaving her body.  She doesn’t actually get sexy in this scene (scene 3), but for folks who are into shaving, this bit will definitely have your attention.  After her bath, Stoya hangs out on the couch and does a offers up a little P.O.V. dirty talk, then finishes up the movie with a few more scenes with Cyndi.  All in all, it’s not a bad beginning to a super sexy porno career.  Nice work, Stoya!

Watch “” Now!

Discarded Penis Drawings And A Cum Filled Clip – Link Love Has Arrived!

Happy Humpday!  Welcome back to the midweek stretch.  With all the excitement of the last few weeks, it’s been a minute since we’ve posted a proper celebratory humpday treat!  No need to worry though, we plan to rectify that sad situation with this very post!  So sit back and enjoy Link Love!

– Now that is one handsome penis!  Apparently educator/author/artist/masturbation master Betty Dodson did these drawings for her book, Sex For One, but they were dropped from the publication when the salesman wouldn’t shop the book with them included.  How ridiculous is that, right?

– Porn performer Stoya stops by Jezebel to talk about getting harassed, both in porno conventions and on the street.  Be warned that the comments get heated…

– Speaking of Jezebel and porno, author Jeffrey Eugenides was recently featured on the Jez, talking about how porno has nothing to do with real life sex… and how he figured that out in college.

– BishUK.com – an indie porn education website from across the pond is working on an A-Z of porno, which is pretty exciting if you ask me!  (via Tiny Nibbles)

– The Fake Hymen Kit is one of the weirdest things I’ve ever heard of – and from what I can tell, the author/kit tester agrees.

– So, you had a sex dream… but was it really about sex?  Probably not, it turns out.  See what The Frisky says about ten common sex dreams and what they mean.

– And lastly, take a look at the most risque condom commercial we’ve ever seen.  Amazing! (and unfortunately not accessible to embed. Oh well.)

Hope this gets you through til the weekend!


Criminal BJ and Bollywood Flicks… Link Love Is Here!

Happy Humpday!  Welcome back to the short week stretch.  Most of us are wrapping up our week today, getting ready to gather ’round the table for a delicious turkey dinner and a whole heaping serving of thanks.  Let’s celebrate the “hump” of today with a little Link Lovin’ to make this day before the holiday go just a little bit faster.

– Super hot performers Buck Angel and Stoya were both at the Fleshbot Awards a few weeks back, so why not get an awesome photo shoot together?  I love when stars collide  Thanks Fleshbot!

– Why bother stopping your sexy action just because you were arrested and are both in the back of a cop car?  Total props for getting his fly down and dick out while handcuffed! Impressive.

– Ladies Love Cool James… James Deen, that is.  “He was almost like a guy that you would just hang out with at Hebrew school.”  Now THAT is amazing (and accurate…)

– Is Sunny Leone going mainstream… in Bollywood?  Looks like it!

– The first porn-mainstream crossover performer, disco queen Andrea True, died earlier this month.  Her best known work was the hit “More, More, More.”  Sads.

– Speaking of mainstream, Danny Wylde certainly has some interesting (read: fucked up) experiences when it comes to working within the mainstream movie monster.

– According to a new study, women are using fake orgasms to keep their guy from cheating.  Doesn’t it make more sense to just talk about your relationship and get to the heart of real orgasms and make the whole experience hotter for both of you?  Maybe that’s just me…

And lastly, the weirdest, hottest thing I’ve seen outside of the porno screen in a while.  Oh Agent Provocateur, you are amazing. (sorry it won’t embed!)

Hope this gets you through the day!  Happy Thanksgiving!


Post-Humpday Link Love!

Happy post-humpday!  Welcome back to the nearly end of the week stretch!  It’s been a busy one here at HM4Her, getting back in the swing of things after all the running around to California and Toronto, so this week’s Link Love got pushed back to today, which I think is even more exciting, because it means we are even closer to the weekend!  So, let’s get to it!

– Clearly I am perpetually stuck with a pre-teen sense of humor, because I think this is hilarious.

– I love infographics, especially when they are about masturbation!  Did you know that female porcupines have been known to use wooden sticks as dildos?!?  Me either!

– Porn star Stoya rants about her pubic hair – and all the info people have wrong about it.

– I seriously cannot BELIEVE that sodomy is still illegal in some places.  It makes my brain overload to even thing that’s possible.  And even more so, sodomy is illegal is some states – ONLY IF YOU ARE GAY!  Like in Texas (shocker).  Mother Jones has a map of the most updated data.

– A San Francisco man catches fire inside a private video booth in a sex shop.  Apparently it is unclear what happened to ignite him.  Was it playing with fire, spontaneous combustion, or smiting by a higher power?  You be the judge. Continue reading Post-Humpday Link Love!

Link Love

Happy Humpday!  Welcome to the midweek stretch.  Well, for me today is the last day in the office this week since I’ll be at Blogher (which I’ll write more about in a minute), but that doesn’t mean that this week isn’t going to be busy, busy, busy!  In fact, as I write this I just looked down at my to-do list and realized that I still have a whole host of tasks to accomplish before I hit the road!  That said, I still spent some quality time seeking out all the sexy news that’s fit to print, so let’s get to linkin’!!

– Stoya, porno’s sweetheart with a sassy streak, is back and has taken to the Internet, setting up her own Tumblr page and using it to answer fan questions.  Anything you want to know about this porno gem? Here’s your chance!  (via Fleshbot)

– A recent study found that having sex can actually stimulate brain growth.  How awesome is that!?!  Ok, so right now the findings are based on how rats react, but still, what a hot reason to go get busy!  (via Jamye Waxman) Continue reading Link Love

Top Five Tuesday – Cheerleaders!

I’m much more into football than cheerleaders, but I will admit that I can usually find a girl or two that catch my eye during half time festivities at sporting events. I can’t help myself, I like a girl who moves well to bass heavy music. Since it’s the first week of football, it seemed like the perfect time to highlight my favorite pornos that feature cheerleaders.

Naked College Coeds 78 Debbie Does Dallas: This pick is so insanely obvious, but how could I not include one of the most popular/awesome adult films of all time. No one will ever capture the role of the slutty cheerleader better than Bambi Woods, the original Debbie. Plus, and the one and only Stoya reviewed it for us back when she was our intern, so you should check out what she thought about it.
Straight Naughty College Students #6 Ex-Cheerleader Punished: I’m willing to bet that for every person out there who wants to see a cheerleader getting her pussy drilled by a muscular jock, there’s someone who’d rather see said cheerleader bound, gagged and whipped. This selection is for you!
The Perfect Fantasy The Perfect Fantasy: I love Penthouse movies and if you’ve dreamed of two girls with pom poms going at it for years, you’re going to love the fourth scene of this one. Find out what really happens in the locker room before a big game as these two girls lift up their skirts and get down to it.
Big Bubble-Butt Cheerleaders Big Bubble-Butt Cheerleaders: I am definitely a fan of big asses, so I had to include this Evasive Angles flick in my top five today. These girls get drilled by black studs in this interracial fuck flick full of girls who are more than willing to take one for the team.
Cheerleaders Gone Wild #6 Cheerleaders Gone Wild #6If you didn’t know DJ Yella was a porn director, you can thank me later. This is just one example of the way some companies have managed to combine hip hop with adult to create really great porn. I mean, this one doesn’t feature Snoop Dogg, so it’s not my favorite ever, but it’s really awesome watching these cheerleaders in action!

2, 4, 6, 8, isn’t porno really great!
-The Porn Librarian