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Girl/Boy 2 Review

Girl/Boy 2 BoxcoverWhen Girl/Boy 2, the latest from performer/director Dana Vespoli, hit HotMoviesForHer on June 8th, it created a mini sensation in the office. To be honest, it feels new, important, and valuable. Other studios and directors have been exploring gender for years, but the backing of industry leader Evil Angel allows Girl/Boy 2 to reach and influence new audiences. Vespoli builds on the themes of gender fluidity of 2013’s original Girl/Boycasting genderqueer, trans, and cis stars, including the original FTM pornstar Buck Angel in his first ever mainstream straight scene with the stunning Valentina Nappi. Where Girl/Boy used a lot of dialogue between mostly cisgendered performers to communicate gender fluidity, Vespoli allows the performers’ bodies and actions to speak for themselves in Girl/Boy 2, resulting in a powerfully quiet and erotic work of art.


Scene 1 – Dana Vespoli and Markus Dupree

Dana Vespoli and Markus Dupree

As a huge Bowie fan, I was absolutely thrilled that Dana Vespoli (one of my favorite directors and performers) would do a tribute to Bowie in Girl/Boy 2. Bowie played with gender his entire career, from his Ziggy Stardust persona to the Thin White Duke. He played with stereotypes, theatrical tropes, and sexual identity. Who doesn’t like a masculine body in a tight-fitting dress? If this is your thing then you will love Markus’ look as the Aladdin Sane character, and Dana with an altered Ziggy mask.

Dana Vespoli and Markus Dupree

Dana takes the lead as she brings Markus deep in her mouth, but as they start to have sex Markus takes back the dominant position. At times Dana is submissive and pleads with Markus, and at other times she is definitely in charge. Just like the Starman, Dana and Markus create a scene in which they ask the audience what it means to be a boy or a girl. Is it how we like to have sex, or is it the clothes we wear? While there is no definitive answer, watching the shifting dynamics in this scene was really fun.

Dana Vespoli and Markus Dupree


Scene 2 – Venus Lux and Sovereign Syre

Sovereign Syre and Venus Lux

When Judy asked if we could do a group review of Girl/Boy 2, I made everyone else choose their scene to review before me. I honestly couldn’t pick because I’ve been excited about the movie and the cast list since I heard about it. The whole movie is dynamite, and I truly enjoyed seeing Sovereign Syre and Venus Lux together. Both women exude confident femininity and supreme sensuality. The opening of the scene, when Venus joins Sovereign on the couch, is ripe with a sense of longing and bubbling desire. The two porn stars tentatively touch hands and furtively glance at each other, as if to suggest they’re not supposed to be together. The scene is quiet but for the crunching of the leather sofa.

Venus Lux and Sovereign Syre

And then a gonzo porn rarity happens. Venus’ eyes graze over Sovereign, as if she’s deciding what to do with her friend. Venus and Sovereign start kissing, slowly, delicately. Sovereign slowly strips to her bare, creamy skin while fully clothed Venus begins to choke her. That’s when I noticed the dynamic shift from a nervous set of lovers to one with a slight D/s twist. Venus runs the scene, gently giving directions to a submissive Sovereign. They maintain long stretches of eye contact as if engaged in a call and response pattern of dominance and obedience. It’s so subtle, but it’s absolutely delicious to watch. Venus looks as though she’s evaluating every move Sovereign makes. Sovereign barely talks, but gasps at every nipple pinch, tit slap, girl cock thrust, and cunt fondle Venus delivers.

Venus Lux and Sovereign Syre

Compared to most gonzo scenes I’ve watched, Scene 2 of Girl/Boy 2 is so quiet. All of the dialogue is spoken in low tones, and the breathing of the performers seems to indicate actual pleasure rather than dutiful performance. Venus and Sovereign look completely at ease. (Maybe this is due to the lack of contortionist positions in the scene. Also, there are no close-ups of the penetration.) Both ladies are flushed in the face and chest towards the end of the scene, indicating actual arousal. The simultaneous, yet separate, orgasms and dazed post-climax expressions of Sovereign and Venus at the end make this scene intensely erotic, and one of my new favorites.

Venus Lux and Sovereign Syre

-Dee Viant

Scene 3 – Buck Angel and Valentina Nappi

Valentina Nappi and Buck Angel

Looking like a picture-perfect 1950s housewife, the scene opens with stunning Italian star Valentina Nappi sweeping the floor before strapping Buck Angel walks through the door. Buck sits down in an armchair and Valentina begins doting on him like a loving wife, but Buck doesn’t seem all that interested in Valentina, at first. Soon, Valentina uses her feminine wiles and sexy pantyhose to entice Buck into noticing her, and notice he does!

Valentina Nappi and Buck Angel

Once she sees that she’s caught his eye, busty Valentina climbs atop her man’s lap and hastily unbuttons his shirt while kissing him with fervor. Val’s red lipstick smears all over Buck’s lips and mustache, but he doesn’t seem to mind. Buck stands and removes his pants and reveals his shaven pussy. Valentina wastes no time kneeling down before her man and taking his engorged clit in her mouth, while Buck leans over and fingers her pussy.

Buck Angel and Valentina Nappi

After eating Buck’s pussy in a very submissive fashion, Valentina is seated down while Buck hungrily returns the favor. Enthusiastic cunnilingus and finger-fucking ensues from both parties throughout the scene, ending only when each performer has cum multiple times and they are too exhausted to continue. If this scene doesn’t get nominated for an AVN award, I’ll be genuinely surprised.

Buck Angel and Valentina Nappi


Scene 4 – Jiz Lee and Ruckus

Jiz Lee and Ruckus

Girl/Boy 2 concludes with inimitable non-binary star Jiz Lee joined by pansexual, heavily tattooed Ruckus. Beautiful, butchy Jiz picks up hitchhiker Ruckus, clad in a breezy orange sundress, in a blue mustang alongside a California mountain road. Without a word, the couple parks at a scenic look-out point (they have company – the white minivan next to them also contains a couple making out). Jiz sits Ruckus up on the hood of the car for a bit of kissing that quickly turns into cocksucking, and Ruckus’ cock looks gorgeous against their dress.

Jiz Lee and Ruckus

Jiz plays a bit of an aggressor and Vespoli’s camera keeps the focus on Ruckus laying back, looking pretty, and enjoying the blowjob. After a few minutes, it’s Jiz’s turn, and they switch places with Ruckus, laying back on the hood and getting their pussy eaten. These two make for an incredibly sexy visual; Ruckus is tan, tatted, and their shoulders look particularly broad and strong in the skimpy spaghetti straps of their dress. Jiz, on the other hand, looks pale in the sun, and their body is both strong and feminine in their black tanktop, dark jeans, and leather chaps.

Jiz Lee and Ruckus

Ruckus finger fucks Jiz while Jiz rubs their clit, Ruckus’ brown hair flopping around as they stare at Jiz, leading to Jiz’s first orgasm. Jiz orders Ruckus back up on the car and continues sucking cock before the condom comes on. Jiz briefly grinds their pussy on Ruckus’ cock before slipping it inside for some cowgirl.

Jiz Lee and Ruckus

When Jiz pulls Ruckus into a sitting position, it strikes me how often we see male performers repositioning their female counterparts, but not the other way around, and that the radicalism of this scene goes much farther than just casting genderqueer performers. There were times where I wanted Jiz to peg Ruckus, but I actually don’t miss it. I feel like that may have been too obvious, and that Vespoli and her performers have much more subtle and more powerful ways of undermining the typical binary structures of pornography.

Jiz Lee and Ruckus

The scene continues with Jiz and Ruckus fucking in missionary, where Jiz rubs their clit to another orgasm. Ruckus leans back onto the hood and Jiz pull the condom off and jerks Ruckus to orgasm, their ropy cum pooling on pubes and belly. Ruckus is left waving goodbye on the side of the road as Jiz drives off, concluding a great scene in a soon-to-be legendary film.

Jiz Lee and Ruckus

-Judy Hologram

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ScrewberX Review

By now, we’ve all used a ride-sharing service at least once, but not quite like ScrewberX. Most of the time it works out really well, but there’s always that one-in-ten chance the person you’re riding with is either going to convert you to their religion, try to sell you some of their mom’s homemade goods, or try to take the longest route possible, even when you’ve specified your preferred route. Unless you’re in a hurry, you usually end up meeting some pretty cool people who are just trying to make an extra buck. If you’re like these lucky people and use a ride service called ScrewberX, you end up getting more than a chauffeur…you get an experience you’ll never forget!

Scene One: Sovereign Syre & Steve Holmes

First of all, Sovereign Syre isn’t in enough movies, so to see her on the cast list for this film was exciting. She plays an aspiring actress with 20 minutes to get to her audition. Her driver, Steve Holmes, is probably not acting in this scene. He seems so comfortable and confident that it’s not far-fetched to see him offering beautiful women his leftover breakfast, which he does to Sovereign. While this scenario is not brand new or unheard of, the conversation between Steve and Sovereign is so self-aware and funny that it makes the impending sex much more fun to watch. With the clock ticking and an extremely talkative driver, Sovereign is pretty anxious about making her audition. When the car breaks down on a “side road” in the middle of nowhere, Sovereign thinks that she’s going to lose her mind. However, Steve has a plan to calm her nerves. It is a little known fact that Steve Holmes was a very successful massage therapist in Eastern Europe before coming to the States, and his skills are infamous. Sovereign is hip to Steve’s plan, and acquiesces to his advances, but says it’s “all about me.”

Scene Two: Dana DeArmond & Tommy Pistol

I wish I was as ballsy as Dana DeArmond in a ScrewberX. She’s never afraid to speak her mind or tell someone to fuck off. Tommy Pistol plays one of those annoying millenials that actually believes in the “organic tea-dirt from Egypt” served in mason jars “pressed and made by my cousin in Vermont,” and all that hippy mumbo jumbo. Dana has no time or patience for Tommy’s self-congratulatory speeches on a healthy lifestyle, and she lets him know multiple times. Her driver insists on discussing his aspirations to become an actor and his life growing up in Ohio, where was voted “Most Likely To Make It Out Of Ohio.” During Tommy’s long-winded navel-gazing conversation with himself, he says he has an audition coming up with Dana DeArmond. Unbeknownst to him, that’s exactly who he’s driving! When he realizes who Dana is, he pulls the car over and insists on doing the audition right then and there for her. To Dana’s horror, it just doesn’t stop. That’s when she says, “Is there anything else that you’re actually good at? Because maybe acting isn’t the thing you’re supposed to do, and driving for Screwber definitely isn’t.” When Tommy insists that he has 10 stars on Tinder (which isn’t a thing), Dana decides the only way she’s going to get to the office is by getting her rocks off and making Tommy drive her. Tommy, shocked by Dana’s forwardness, asks if she’s consenting to the sex they’re about to have, and Dana replies, “I’m consenting to you shutting the fuck up and eating my pussy.”

Scene Three: Cherie DeVille, Layla Price & Chad Diamond

Chad Diamond is a religious young man who loves his grandma and proudly wears the sweaters that she gave him. Today, he’s borrowing her car to drive for ScrewberX and make a couple bucks, while also spreading the “good word.” Nothing makes him happier than doing a good deed and helping someone else. This why he loves driving for ScrewberX. But he has no idea what he’s in for when he picks up Layla Price and Cherie DeVille. These girls are wild and do not understand why someone why Chad would be wearing a sweater his grandmother gave him in 90 degree heat. The girls know what to do; they have to help this poor guy. According to Cherie, “he looks like those weird people who ride around on bikes and come to your doorstep.” Oh, poor Chad. If only he had a glass partition separating him from his passengers!

Scene Four: Dana Vespoli, Dana DeArmond, Mark Wood & Steve Holmes

We’ve established that most of us have already been a passenger in a ride-sharing service, but only the bravest of us sign up to be drivers. Check out Dana Vespoli’s crazy luck on her first ScrewberX ride! She gets a little lost looking for her first customers in an industrial area, but immediately sees them after she makes a turn a row of storage facilities. There’s no mistaking it; these are her passengers, and they’re a (literal) bunch of clowns. They refuse to speak actual words and communicate solely through kazoos, instructing Dana where to take them. Since kazoo sounds don’t translate well into English, Dana is frustrated and asks them if there’s anything she can do to make them behave. Suddenly she is transported to a white room filled with balloons and other circus props. At first Dana is a bit scared, but as soon as one of the clowns rubs his dick all over her face and puts it into her ear, she decides “Eh, what the heck?” and starts blowing all of the clowns, including the one with the strap-on!

Scene Five: Bonus Scene

Be sure to check out this scene for an awesome behind-the-scenes conversation with director Dana Vespoli, Dana DeArmond, and Tommy Pistol.

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Sovereign Syre’s New Project, Fourth of July Weather – Morning Quickie

On May 20, Moore, OK suffered too much loss and too much damage due to one of the worst EF-5 tornadoes ever recorded. And horrifically, days later, they were struck again. So when businesses like The Kerr Foundation, who formed a group called “XO” or “Hugs and Kisses” to rally support for those affected, we should get behind it. Baci Lingerie heard the word and just donated more than $15,000 in bras for women in the grief-stricken zones. XO plans to take that and other donated women’s wear and open up a pop-up boutique free of charge to the ladies, as well as offer hair and makeup styling, food, drink, and just a lot of smiles and support.

you can help here

There will be no Bridesmaids sequel! True, this isn’t exactly breaking news, but it still kind of hurts. Can’t knock Kristen Wiig’s perseverance though, in keeping with her gut instinct on creative vision always wins over money.


Well J.Lo fucked up. Having nothing to do with the creeptastic relationship she’s in, nor sidestepping some dancer into the floor or something dance-related, she just plum fucked up. She sang at a dictator’s birthday. SHE SANG AND PERFORMED FOR A DICTATOR. On Saturday night, in Avaza, a tourist zone in Turkmenistan, Miss Jennifer led a rabble-rousing few versus of “Happy Birthday, Dear Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov!!!” This dude has a ridiculous amount of human rights violations against him, which most people seem to know, since, as Slate reports, “Lopez may be the first major American celebrity to visit Turkmenistan, an isolated former republic of the Soviet Union.”

symfh here

Sovereign Syre is hyping up her next movie, called Girls In Heat, which will feature “lots of shimmering bodies, bikinis, water, sweat, smiles and sex”. That description is just so summer I already need an EnduraCool.


The latest in the game of “Fair or Fucked Up?!” is the story of a University of Virginia sorority sister who had to spend the night in jail because some Alcohol Beverage Control officers attacked her car with their plainclothes and screaming. She had some bottled water, they thought she had some berrrrr. They went monkey on her car hood and she took off, thinking they were scary civilians trying to attack her. Then got arrested.


On the east coast, Fourth of July means no fireworks (probably) due to rain (probably). Be prepared, dammit! Did you see if you’ll be stuck inside with fake sparklers and oven-cooked cheeseburgers?

find out here

or if you’re lazy and a day-of person,

go here

“Fifty Shades of Grey” Closer to Production, Sovereign Syre in Playboy and more Morning Quickie

So Courtney Stodden got a boob job. My first question: Who the fff is Courtney Stodden? After doing a little research, I still don’t know. But I do know she’s 18 and looks older than me. Anyway, my second question: Why would anybody do this to their own body?

I’m a bit behind when it comes to this magnificent interview of Sovereign Syre by Playboy, but I honestly just got around to reading the Friday piece. If all you’ve seen is her work and you haven’t really had a chance to “meet” her, soak all of this right up. She explains everything from her intro into porn, “My first step into it wasn’t because I was interested in doing lesbian erotica; it was just the first step you take when you start doing porn,” to stepping around to the other side of the camera.


This map is COOL. And whether you admit it or not, you know that all maps are cool. But this one, this one, is just on another level. It shows you, in an antique-y spread, the literal meanings of the United States. I just can’t help but spoil this one, Chicago means Stink Onions. Tee hee!

magnetize and explore here

AHA! And we have movement toward the Fifty Shades of Grey movie! The director has been announced, and the award goes to Nowhere Boy alum, Sam Taylor-Johnson. This will be only her second full-length film, which could be good thing. 


I just can’t get enough of this Courtney Doll today, so here are nine ladies that were so totally rejected from Playboy. And I mean rejected, not just not considered. Courtney Stodden takes the first place, of course.


Creamy Panties

It takes some really hot action to make me overlook a movie title that totally turns me off.  Sure, the phrase “creamy panties” may do it for some folks, but for me, it turns my stomach like spoiled milk.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not yucking anyone’s yum here – if you like “creamy panties,” I want you to have the most fun with it, but please, leave me out of it, thanks.  That said, you know that Girl Candy Films is offering up some seriously sexy smut if I am willing to click on “.”

As with all of the awesome movies that  directs, this flick brings us a variety of vignettes that feature some of the sexiest ladies in the biz, including a few of my personal porno favorites like Sinn Sage and .  Each scene has its own mini plot, which only pushes us into the sex, without making it a whole story.  As much as I love a plot-heavy porno, there is definitely something to be said for keeping things simple and focusing on the action, but for me, and others, I’m sure, I need a tiny bit of storyline to make the experience complete.   What can I say – I’m a sucker for a little back story.

One of my favorite scenes is the first, which gives us a first time lesbian experience story with Sovereign Syre.  She has been kicked out of her apartment and ends up staying with her hot bartender friend, , who just so happens to have a crush on Sovereign.  After a few minutes of hemming and hawing about her college lesbian experiences and how they were just for guys, Sovereign allows Aiden to seduce her and lots of really delicious sex commences.  I absolutely love when Aiden licks Sovereign’s pussy through her panties. Yum

Before moving on to another scene, I just have to say that I don’t think I’ve ever really noticed her Sovereign Syre before, but she is super hot.  She has a sweet face, a bangin’ body and is a pretty decent actress during the non-sexy moments.  I plan on seeing what else she has to offer for sure.

The other scene I really love is scene two, which is a group romp featuring Gracie Glam, Jelena Jensen,  Alyssa Reece and Sinn Sage as lingerie models gone wild… or just tipsy and horny after downing a bottle of champagne.  First they are trying the lingerie on for each other, but soon it (of course) turns into an all out fuck fest, starting with a little “innocent” massage.  The women pair off, but all play next to each other on the bed.  Sometime it’s hard to figure out whose parts are whose…

All in all, this lesbian fuck flick is sure to leave you with wet panties

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Lesbian Sorority

Back when I was in college it never crossed my mind to join a sorority.  Not only did I not look like any of the sorority sisters I saw, but I also just didn’t get the appeal of it.  I guess if I had watching a few movies like this, I probably would have rethought my decision and did a little rushing of my own.  And by “rushing,” I clearly mean fucking hot pledges.  Isn’t that what Greek life is all about.

New girl  moves into the sorority house, stirring up big feelings for some of the roommates. Dylan Ryan is none too pleased when girlfriend Adriana Sephora invites Sinn to move into the house.  Her jealously flairs and she needs a little hot sex to reassure her that Adriana isn’t interested in banging Sinn.  Good thing Adriana is game to fuck Dylan at any time and they go at it like rabbits – sucking, licking and grinding into each other to mind blowing orgasm.

Sinn is brand new in the house, making her fresh meat to all the horny house sisters. Sovereign Syre wastes no time in seducing her new housemate, complimenting her and giving her the sexy eye.  Sinn seems a little standoffish at first, but quickly gets on the same page as Sovereign as they begin to make out.  Good thing that Sinn just got out of the shower and only needs to let her towel drop to be totally naked.  Thank goodness for that easiest of access.

Scene three brings us a delicious tryst between Sinn and .  Apparently Drew isn’t pleased that Sinn fucked her girlfriend, Sovereign, and needs to let her know exactly how unhappy she is about the matter. Of course Sinn isn’t going to take Drew’s threats and gets all sassy right back in her face.  It looks like a cat fight is on the horizon, but no, it just turns into super hot sex.  Woohoo!  Oh man, I love me some passion filled hate-sex (consensual, of course).  Drew lets Sinn know exactly how she feels as she slaps the shit out of her tits and fucks her nice and roughly.  And oh the dirty talk!  I am in filthy lezzie dirty talk heaven.

Before I move onto scene 4, I need to say that I love! love! love! that this movie features Drew Deveaux without making it anything that she is a transwoman.  Sweetheart Video is a more mainstream lesbian studio, and I am so pleased that they have Drew as one of their performers.  Drew is as much a lady as anyone else in the cast, and I am so happy that Sweetheart treats her as such.

And lastly we get Sinn Sage and , who happens to be one of my personal faves. She is so seriously sexy.  Sinn had enough of all the sorority house drama, so she moves out and gets a room in a new place… with Skin Diamond as one of her roommates.  She appears at the pool in a super hot gold string bikini. Yum.  It isn’t long before the sexual tension grows and the pair gets down and dirty.  All in all, this movie is great from start to finish.

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Lesbian Hitchhiker 4

I’ve been checking up on what’s popular on HotMoviesForHer.  I like knowing what you folks are into – what you watch, read and who you’re into.  It helps us to get to know you better and to truly write for you.  One of the movies you love to watch is Lesbian Hitchhiker 4.  The premise is explained in the tile and as you may have assumed, the hitchhikers are cute young women and their counterparts are sexy older women.  (I use the term “older” because they are older than the women they pursue.  The term is always relative).

Lesbian Hitchhiker 4An innocent young lady is picked up off the side of the road.  Instead of sleeping in the guest bedroom, she is welcomed to stay in Darla Crane‘s room.  April O’Neil (hitchhiker) looks incredibly uncomfortable as Darla makes passes at her.  They slip into bed and April lies there still as Darla caresses and kisses her for what seems like an eternity.  Eventually, April is all in, but seeing Darla smother her with loving caresses made me a little uncomfortable.  I just thought to myself, “come on lady; take a hint.  She doesn’t want to fuck you!”  Then Alison seemed a lot more comfortable and I remembered it was part of the story.  I’m not yucking your yum, but Darla seemed a little too pushy for me.

The next morning, Darla’s wife, Nina Hartley returns home from her trip.  She is no fool, but doesn’t get upset about the adultery that happens under her roof.  She decides to go pick April up from the side of the road and enjoy an evening with her as well.  Nina gets shit done.

The story is pretty much the same for scene 3 as it was in scene 1, just replace Darla and April with Sovereign Syre and Jessie Rogers.  I was a little bored with this formula, but scene 4 totally did it for me.  Sure, the sex was pretty hot, but it was still the same long drawn out make-out session followed by the usual pussy eating and grinding that is in most of your Sweetheart Video films.  It’s fine for 1 scene, but after that I just get bored.  What I love is Katie Kastle‘s (Sovereign’s partner) acting.  She was totally pissed about Sovereign coming home so late.  She didn’t just spout some unemotional dialogue filled with fake sighs and eye rolls.  I actually believed she was pissed and wasn’t going to take any shit.  I found myself saying “dayyyuuuum” out loud.  This made me more interested in the inevitable make-up sex than I would have been otherwise.  She only appears in a handful of scenes on the site, but I’ll definitely have to check them all out.

With the amazing cast, I can defintiely see why this movie is so popular.  Is it one of my personal favorites?  No, but I’m not sad that I watched it.

Watch Lesbian Hitchhiker 4 now!