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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Whipped Ass – Featuring Aiden Starr, Skin Diamond, And Maitresse Madeline

Whipped Ass - Skin Diamond CoverIt’s been a while since new straight and lesbian Kink.com videos came my way, so when a batch finally landed on my desk I jumped at the opportunity to write a review. After going through a few options I decided on Whipped Ass – Featuring Aiden Starr, Skin Diamond, And Maitresse Madeline. Naturally I was drawn to my beau Skin, but being the dedicated and loyal fan that I am, I’m well aware of her love for BDSM and her onscreen relationship with Aiden Starr. Mix that with the Kink.com’s overall theme and format and you have a hit.





 Opening Interview

Skin Diamond Whipped Ass interview

Heeeey boo! Look at her sitting there all cute and shit. Even Maitresse Madeline mentions how adorable Skin Diamond looks during her introduction. Right away the set gives off a futuristic feel as Skin explains that she’s playing an innocent (one of her favorite roles) curious woman from the future who visits a doctor of sorts in search of a girl-girl virtual reality experience. The format is the same as with other Kink studios with Skin introducing herself to the audience and giving a brief synopsis of her history with Kink.com and WhippedAss specifically.

I love these interviews because one thing they do is serve as a great way to judge how excited the star is and what she is looking forward to or wants left out. Skin’s freaky ass wants just about everything, and watching her face twist with excitement while explaining it all to the audience is almost as fulfilling as the sex! We learn she hasn’t been a submissive in a while but is thoroughly looking forward to Aiden Starr easing her back in with some foot torture, forced orgasms, bondage (of course), clothespins everywhere, and she wants to be DP’d. The only no’s for the day are to body marks and fisting, and, after going over the safewords and gestures, the fantasy begins.

Scene 1 – Verbal Humiliation & Forced Orgasms

Kink is known for getting really into their sets and WhippedAss didn’t hold any punches on this one (or the cool graphic effects!). It made me feel like I was in some type of medical space ship and the production that went into the music enhances it. Everything from the lighting to the costumes made the energy jump out the screen and come to life.

Skin Diamond and Maitresse Madeline

The goal is an alternative reality experience with another woman, and after a few suspicious looks from Maitresse Madeline, our closet freak gets what she’s been asking for. A pair of VR glasses are put on her face as she lays down in preparation for her adventure, and I thought that was a cool prop to throw out there with virtual reality making its way into the porn industry rather rapidly (I’m taking this as a sign that Kink.com plans to jump on the VR train and I can’t wait!). Maitresse Madeline also inserts what looks like an electrically charged dildo of sorts into Skin’s pussy, pulls up a really cool Star Trek looking screen out of the air, slides some things around, pushes a few buttons, inserts a lesbian BDSM chip and we’re off…

Aiden Starr and Skin Diamond in Whipped Ass

The screen glitches and we’re now in a dungeon. Skin’s hands and legs are tied with rope as she stands with a gag in her mouth and it doesn’t take long for dominatrix Aiden Starr to walk in. The verbal humiliation is instant and clothes come off soon after. Aiden calls Skin all types of bitches and sluts while rubbing her pussy, and, with each insult, Skin moans a little harder and louder. She’s already completely into it and Aiden picks up on it and attacks. She pulls out a flogger and goes to town on Skin’s perfect little nipples while throwing insult after insult. She even verbally attacks the fact that Skin likes being talked down to and the whole thing is extremely hot. I didn’t know Aiden’s word game was so strong, but you can tell there’s chemistry between the two and she knows exactly what to say and when to say it to get Skin off.

Aiden Starr and Skin Diamond in Whipped Ass

There’s a brief flashback to “real life” where you see Skin on the table squirming and moaning in pleasure with the electro plug still in her pussy and then it’s back to the dungeon where Aiden continues her nipple torture, this time pulling out clamps. She fingers Skin’s pussy while Skin drools all over herself, and then denies her an orgasm which was insanely sexy! Skin proves she’s no rookie, taking 4 clamps to her nipples like a champ. Aiden makes her beg to cum with the gag still in her mouth and I almost didn’t make it. The Hitachi vibrator finally makes an appearance and my eyes lit up almost as much as Skin’s! Aiden puts it directly on Skin’s clit and makes her grind on it (God, I love this woman!), then counts down from 5 signaling to Skin that she’s allowed to cum. The orgasm is epic! Her eyes roll back in her head, her body quivers all over, and the intensity can literally be felt. Aiden doesn’t let up and I absolutely love the forced orgasms that follow! Skin mentioned that she was looking forward to that in her opening interview and Aiden was more than happy to oblige. They decide to go for more and this time Aiden pulls out a pump for each nipple and one for the clit. When the Hitachi hits the pump on her clit, you can see the flashes of pain and pleasure all over Skin’s face. The pumps are pulled off and our little submissive freak gets a moment to rest, but I did not want this one end!

Scene 2 – Foot Play

Skin Diamond in bondage

This looks promising…Skin is lying on her back with her arms tied down with rope and her legs tied in the spread eagle position (I have dreams that start just like this!). Remembering the interview, I could tell this scene would be heavy with foot play, and I was anxious to see how Skin handled it, mainly if she would cum as a result. Aiden made sure my curiosity was answered by immediately whipping and biting both feet. I’ve never considered myself a foot person. I don’t find feet disgusting or anything, I just never got into the toe sucking or foot fucking craze, but watching Skin and Aiden definitely gave me a few ideas. After the whipping and biting Aiden makes Skin hold the whip between her teeth while she fingers and licks her pussy. Watch Skin perform the balancing act of keeping the whip steady and getting finger fucked was fun. She’s completely lost in the scene and the pleasure is so real you can’t help but experience it too.

Skin Diamond and Aiden Starr lesbian bondage

Now shit gets real, and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised at my reaction to it all. Aiden pulls out an electric wand and gets screams of pleasure and pain from Skin, but the cane is really what sends her over the edge. She said she likes foot play, and she’s never lied to me before, but I was not expecting this! Watching her cry out while trying to grasp the whip still in her mouth and managing what I assume will be slight rope burns was beyond a turn on. You can’t help but cream your panties watching it go down, and if you’re a huge Skin Diamond fan like I am, you’re sure to love the raw and realness of it all! Things heat up even more as the scene goes on with dominatrix Aiden placing clothespins (something else mentioned in the interview) between and on Skin’s toes and whipping the bottoms of her feet with a huge rubber belt. They were going for 5 lashes on each foot, but Aiden pays attention to Skin’s body (always a great attribute in a sex partner) and decides 4 will do. Again, my boo is a champ! She takes those lashes like a pro and even gets called a pain slut for it, which sent both her and me into climax mode.

Skin Diamond in Whipped Ass

To finish things off Aiden teases Skin, letting her sniff her pussy but not lick it. She gets in the 69 position and begins fingering and fondling her clit while Skin desperately tries to reach Aiden’s pussy and munch out. There’s another flash of Skin enjoying her virtual reality experience (Maitresse Madeline is looking mighty anxious herself in the background) and then we’re back, with Aiden finally sitting on Skin’s face and letting her have a taste. She continues to force orgasms, fingering Skin until she squirts all over everything, and riding her face at the same time. There aren’t enough words to describe the insanely intense pleasure this scene brought into my life, so I’ll just leave you with this visual…

Skin Diamond smilling in Whipped Ass

Scene 3 – Time To Fuck!

Aiden Starr strapon Whipped Ass

Still restrained with her arms behind her back, Skin is ripe to be fucked, and as Aiden walks in with her big black strap-on I couldn’t hold my excitement. Before entering Skin’s vulnerable juicy pussy, Aiden puts a tight green rubber band looking thing on each nipple and the gasp of air lets you know this is something new and pleasantly painful for our little diamond. She has a ball gag in her mouth this time, but that doesn’t silent the moans as Aiden fingers her pussy and slides her black strap into that tight sexy hole that I imagine to be where Heaven resides. They start off missionary and Skin’s eyes say it all. They widen with such delight that just staring at them is enough to make you cum, especially with the drool all over the gag! Aiden pulls out to face fuck before flipping Skin over and fucking her ass up! The scene is short (you’ll see why) but sexy as hell nonetheless.

Aiden Starr fucking Skin Diamond

Scene 4 – DP Me Please

Aiden Starr Skin Diamond And Maitresse Madeline

So, remember in that helpful opening interview when Skin said she wanted to be DP’d?? Well, the ladies listened and gave her one hell of a time! Back in the lab, VR programmer Maitresse Madeline is done watching the young beauty on her table squirm and moan with pleasure and decides to get in on the action. She plays with Skin’s clit a little (creepy yet so hot!) before placing a pair of VR glasses on her face and sending herself into the fantasy. She pops up in the corner of the dungeon, strap-on dangling and ready to fuck, and immediately jumps in. She sucks the green rubber bands off Skin’s nipples while Aiden fondles and pulls hair from behind. Skin takes her seat on top of Maitresse Madeline and grinds up and down with Aiden pushing down on her shoulders. The Hitachi comes back out and Skin yelling “yes” and “thank you” while all holes are filled was enough to make me cry out!

Lesbian threesome with Aiden Starr Skin Diamond And Maitresse Madeline

The pair continue fucking Skin silly, making it impossible to count the orgasms, and after hurling a few more insults her way, they toss her down like a rag doll they no longer have use for and leave her to lay gasping for air, body still shaking, with pleasure written all over her face.

Skin Diamond bound

Closing Interview

Skin Diamond hugging Aiden Starr

After all that intense pain and pleasure play, I love how these two sit and talk like two old friends who haven’t seen each other in a while. The comfort level between them is something to be admired and listening to them talk about it was pretty cool. Skin looks completely worked out in the best way imaginable and Aiden looks like a mutha fuckin’ BAWSE! Skin really enjoyed the character she played and admitted that her favorite part was the foot play (mine too!) because she realized just how much she could take when the clothespins and rubber slapper began to feel good. Aiden breaks down the equipment she used and we find out the little green rubber bands, officially called elastor bands, were new and really intense for Skin. The ladies get all girl mushy and thank each other for the experience while explaining to the audience that knowing each other helped them take the scene to a heavier place verbally, sexually and corporal-ly. It came across beautifully in the scene, propelling this one to the top 10 of my favorite Kink.com scenes.

Watch Whipped Ass – Featuring Aiden Starr, Skin Diamond, And Maitresse Madeline right here and comment below to let us know what you think. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @authenticlezz1 for all things lesbian and the rest of the gang @hotmoviesforher!

Best Sensual Pegging Scenes

Pegging ain’t just a means of domination! In fact, contrary to most pegging porn titles, you can do it out of love and affection. Pegging, most colloquially known as “fucking a man in the ass with a strap-on,” is often depicted in porn as part of a Domme-sub dynamic. However, there are a handful of scenes out there that showcase pegging as a pleasurable way to fuck, but without the context of domination or power exchange. While I’m all for pegging as a form of topping, I do want to showcase growing, albeit still small, selection of sensual pegging videos that might be more along the lines of “couples porn” than anything else.

bend over boyfriend box coverLook, enjoying ass play doesn’t make a guy gay or “less of a man” or whatever shitty gender role bullshit people believe. If you like ass play, you like it for any number of reasons, but most likely because it feels good. The p-spot is the meale G-spot, so why not have fun with it? Going about anal play in a way that’s rushed or not your style will probably suck, so let’s start with the series that has touched off a larger dialogue about female-on-male strap-on play, Bend Over Boyfriend! When these videos came out in the late 90s, they sent a scintillating shock wave through women’s media. bend over boyfriend 2 box coverRemoved from the context of back shelf kink porn and couched in instructional porn, the BOB videos really put straight (or straight-ish) guy butt play on the map. Drs. Carol Queen and Robert Morgan, along with Shar Rednour, made a video to resonate with people like them-playful, sexual explorers. There is so much joy and pleasure in Bend Over Boyfriend and Bend Over Boyfriend 2 that even as other videos have come about since these releases, I still love and hold the BOB videos dear to my butt slut heart.

More recently, Severe Sex, a favorite studio among us at HMFH, made the super sexy and informative Kink School: A Guide To Anal Play which covers pegging as part of its comprehensive butt fun tutorial. As expected, since Severe Sex is a studio operated by real life kinkster filmmakers Dee Severe and Jimmy Broadway, this video does explore more BDSM power dynamics than BOB does. However, the below scene with Amber Rayne and Eli Hunter shows two enthusiastic people who are communicating about comfort during sex:

Later on in the film is one of my all time favorite pegging scenes. This domestic fuck features Leena Sky and Jimmy Broadway having a strap-on kitchen tryst that seems to thrill both parties. Sure, it’s an affectionate pegging scene, but it’s completely couched in the same normalcy as a man coming home from work to find his wife in sexy lingerie. In this scene, Leena comes home to a husband who has stashed the kitchen with sex toys for her to find. It’s the same situation that we’ve seen in thousands of mainstream and porn movies, but the roles as to who is the “fucker” and the “fuckee” are flipped:

And while the title of Femdom Empire‘s Ass Destroyers Inc. sounds like it’s going to be a rough ride, the first scene between  Skin Diamond and Wolf Hudson (for whom this isn’t his first pegging rodeo) mimics another straight porn trope-the guy wants anal from his girl and she’s scared to try it. In this one, Skin won’t give up her ass until Wolf gives up his. In fact, during the scene, Skin tells him, “I think I’m starting to love you even more now.” Anal is the way to a person’s heart, especially when you can feel their heart beating in their asshole.  Skin’s dirty talk about how much she wants Wolf to love her cock and how it feels in her ass further elevates the eroticism in this scene. I adore that Skin is wearing a brightly colored latex lingerie set and matching handmade Velvet Nest strap-on rather than typical black latex or leather. The wardrobe choice further lends itself to their more playful and romantic scene. (For the record, I do love all of Ass Destroyers Inc., but I’m psyched about this departure from their usual femdom tone.)

While Skin and Wolf are playing a couple in Ass Destroyers Inc., real life couple Ella Nova and Sebastian Keys light the motherfucking couch up in Aiden Starr‘s Knock You Down a Peg. Good god, I needed a cold shower after I watched this the first time.  The scene starts off with some barely dressed making out, and looks super authentic. I believe this is more or less what fucking at their house looks like, but maybe better lit. Also, like Wolf Hudson, I know Sebastian can give a deep dickdown, so it’s a thrill to see him happily take (a big) one.

Finally, for the most romantic and least fetish-y pegging movie, I give you The Reach from StrapOn.XXX. While this European studio has a mix of pegging and lesbian titles, they have 7 solid pegging titles to their credit. This is “porn for couples,” just not what we generally see as part of that genre, and the strap-on sex is presented without any kinky pretext. If you didn’t know The Reach featured strap-on play, you wouldn’t know it was coming from the first half of this movie. And then there it is!

With the growing number of pegging depictions appearing in more XXX movies, I hope the idea of pegging grows beyond the femdom pigeonhole. You can watch more pegging videos of all varieties right here on HotMoviesforher.com.

Dee Viant is the Editor-in-Chief for HotMovies.com, HotMoviesforHer.com, and GayHotMovies.com. She watches all kinds of porn and loves to see people having a good time when lubed up and naked. Follow her on Twitter @fetishmovieblog and all of us @hotmoviesforher.

The Authentic Lesbian Review: Lesbian Porn For Valentine’s Day!

valentine's day 32

Valentine’s Day is naturally a pain in the ass. The amount of pressure it applies can be mind numbing, and mixing that in with someone you’ve only been getting to know for a month or two can make it even tougher.  You can’t buy her jewelry because that’s moving too fast, but an oversized stuff animal that’s going to sit in a corner of her room taking up space for a few years isn’t the answer either, at least not after you’ve graduated high school (my HS gifts were epic and often inspired tears of joy, just sayin’). This year I tried something new. There’s a new lady in my life and the connection is unbelievable, so I decided to invite her into my crazy world of porn. What’s the worst that could happen, right? Our goal was to watch a flick and review it together, so my Queen Sheba and I sat on the couch, pulled out the laptop and looked for porn to watch. We browsed through a few new releases and searched through some categories before landing on King Midas’ Big Black Titties. We got through about 60 seconds before the porn gods intervened and knocked the WiFi out, but we took it as a sign and decided to check out something from Crash Pad instead. We decided on Episode 64 with Chocolate Chip, Sadie Lune and Surgeon, a classic in my book (check out the review here) and after I explained my obsession with Pink And White Productions and Shine Louise Houston, we were off. I recorded our conversation so I could write out the review later, but when I listened to it I realized I stumbled upon a Valentine’s Day goldmine!

Big Black Titties CoverWhen you meet a new person you go through the regular list of questions like what’s your birthday, favorite color, movie, food and all that stuff you’ll probably forget in 5 months, but nobody ever takes the time to ask, “Hey girl, what’s your favorite position? Are sex toys a go? How do you feel about being on top in 69?” and those are just as important. While watching porn together my new lady and I inadvertently answered a lot of those questions for each other and it wasn’t as awkward as we thought it would be. While watching the opening of Big Black Titties (the love shared for boobs is real!), we both revealed that we like fucking outside because of the thrill of being caught, and a few minutes into Crash Pad 64, I learned that she likes spur of the moment toe sucking (something to definitely keep in my back pocket), voyeurism, and being told what to do, but without porn all of that might have taken months to come out. We also cracked the fuck up at Sadie’s facial expressions while controlling the scene.

skin diamond and jiz lee in erotic blends 2Of course, the conversation is flowing at this point with both of us sharing sexual likes and dislikes, so when the flick was over, we weren’t ready to stop. Being the huge Skin Diamond fan that I am, I wanted to show my Queen Sheba the scene with her and Jiz Lee, so I found Triangle FilmsErotic Blends 2 and the rest was history. Turns out she’s just as crazy about Skin as I am (I lucked up with this girl man!) so this scene inspired all sorts of revelations about acting, finger fucking, 69’ing, and strap-ons. We even jumped head first into the genderqueer conversation, and when she started pointing out little props she noticed in the background I knew I had to keep her around. One of my favorite things to do when watching porn is check out the set and surroundings. You’d be surprised what directors and writers throw in for humor or shock value (I love finding upside crosses hanging over doors) and it was cool watching and talking with someone else who does the same.

fuck the police from filly films coverSpeaking of humor, I HAD to introduce her to Lily Cade. Fuck The Police and Heartbreaker vs. Obscura were first on my list, but since she showed actual interest in it we checked out some of her older stuff from Homemade Media, Family Chronicles, and Sweetheart Video. Doms (or studs or butches…your choice) getting dicked down with straps was a nice discussion and opened up conversations about vulnerability and sexual identity vs. sexual preference. I must say, I was a little shocked at how open she was when we really got going. Talking about sex isn’t easy with anyone let alone someone you just met a few months prior, and watching it can certainly have its uncomfortable moments, but it felt natural and easy with her, which didn’t come as a complete surprise, but still nice to know for certain that she can handle my world of non-stop sex.

There’s nothing like building an amazing chemistry with someone only to find out that you are completely out of sync in the bedroom! So for Valentine’s Day 2016 I’m suggesting sitting that special lady down and watching a porno flick or two. It’s a great way to start the sex conversation, it’s entertaining to say the least, and hopefully you’ll learn what she likes ahead of time (fumbling around down there during go time is a no no, trust me) and open up about what rocks your boat. If your lady is as awesome as mine you may even have a bomb ass, intellectually stimulating conversation you didn’t see coming. And of course, there’s always the possibility you get laid, which is ultimately what we’re here for! Now, if that doesn’t make your Valentine’s Day slightly easier, she ain’t the one.

For more Authentic Lesbian suggestions and reviews make sure to follow me on Twitter @authenticlezz1 and the amazing staff @hotmoviesforher!

Best Of Porn 2015

Here at HotMoviesForHer HQ, our staff of professional porn watchers clock in thousands of hours of porn watching throughout the year. Sure, plenty of it will make us afraid to ever visit Germany, will familiarize us with the anatomy of the lower digestive system, or make just make us consider joining a convent. But every year, there’s a few movies and stars that we actually want to watch when we get home that prove to us that the adult industry still has artists, visionaries, and people who are just really good at fucking. I asked my colleagues what they thought was the best that the porn biz had to offer in 2015, and here’s what they said:

Andi G

FemDom Dream DateMy favorite movie of the year was Femdom Dream directed by Dee Severe for her studio, Severe Sex. Dee and her husband Jimmy Broadway have produced some really great films, everything from kink instruction to superhero films. I really like Femdom Dream Date because it was funny, sexy, and relatable. If you have ever been on a dating site you know the struggles that the protagonist, Dominick Kross is going through. Especially, if you have ever tried one of the fetish or kink dating sites, this movie pins down the stereotypes of experiences you probably went through. All Dominick wants is to find a kinky chick to explore with, but he ends up on some pretty wacky dates, and in a few messed up (and sort of scary) situations. You really feel sorry for the guy, and you want him to be happy. Without giving too much away, because you really should watch this film all the way through, Ela Darling needs several awards for her performance in this film. She is fantastic. Not only is the sex hot, but she plays this character that I have impersonated several times while explaining this movie to others. This is a must see. And, Femdom Dream Date  is up for an AVN this year, so I’m not alone in thinking this was an amazing flick.

The Authentic Lesbian

Fuck the Police BoxcoverBest Movie: Fuck The Police is a perfect mix of comedy, action and sex, plus the entire cast was amazing.

Best Actress: Skin Diamond, because she’s Skin Diamond and if you need any other explanation, you’re not human.

Best Actor: Jaxton Wheeler did a really good job in TS Sister In Law in my opinion.



A Thing Of BeautyBest Movie: I’m going to go with A Thing Of Beauty because I really liked the creepy Faustian angle Dana Vespoli went with for this. Something about Satan makes everything scary, but kinda hot at the same time…

Best Actress: Adriana Chechik, because nobody has that much enthusiasm for anal 24/7.

Best Actor: Kurt Lockwood in Gardener



Dee Viant

Best Movie: TIE between Levi Cash’s Director’s Cut: VIP at AVN and Wanderlust from PornFidelity.

wanderlsutEven when I like porn videos, I rarely watch them more than once. However, I’ve repeatedly watched both of these videos. VIP at AVN and Wanderlust are totally different from one another, but they both have carefree and playful airs to them. What they have in common is that I would watch both videos even if they didn’t have sex in them.

VIP at AVN is an especially fun watch as a past attendee of the AVN AEE; it captures the unpredictable fun of being at the AVN, with footage of a number of porn pros clowning around between the sex scenes. Levi Cash really hit the ground running in 2015 with Manipulative Media, and it’s been super cool watching his movies get better and better with every new release. As much as I love the entire movie, the Rahyndee James/Levi Cash scene is my favorite. Their chemistry is unstoppable.

Wanderlust is simply one of the most beautiful movies I’ve seen all year between mainstream and porn offerings. When I saw the stills for this, I was already smitten. Wanderlust, while absolutely being a hardcore movie, feels really intimate. It reminds me of long, summer days in the South, listening to obscure bands while having sex in the middle of the afternoon. The production value is amazing and there’s nothing “porny” about its appearance.

saya song
Saya Song

Best Actress: My fave actress I’ve discovered this year is Saya Song. I first saw her in Jizz My Glasses and I think she has awesome energy and enthusiasm. I hope she rocks porn in 2016.

Best Actor: Sebastian Keys! When it comes to fetish and BDSM films, Sebastian Keys is amazing to watch as a top or a bottom. I love this ginger motherfucker. He’s the only guy on Earth who I could still like even if he had a man bun.

Honorable Mention (2014 release): Whore Hole by Foxhouse Films. This is my favorite porn video of all time. The first time I watched it, I was literally breathless. Wow. This is just everything-but not for everyone.

Judy Hologram

Family Secrets boxcoverBest Movie: My favorite movie of 2015 came onto my radar late in the year, but Family Secrets from Vivid stole the show from everything else that I saw. Backed by director Kimberly Kane’s slick, economical story telling, a powerhouse supporting cast, and face-meltingly hot fucking, Family Secrets turned to be one of the best high-end pornos of the year.

Best Actress: It’s been well established that I’m a huge Dana Vespoli fangirl, so she’s an obvious pick for lady of the year. As far as I’m concerned she’s got it all: beauty, brains, her own studio, serious acting and directing chops, a booty to die for, and she fucks like her life depends on it. Although Family Secrets was ultimately my favorite movie of 2015, Vespoli directed or starred in tons of high quality smut all year, including The Turning, the Real Sex Diary series, and Fluid Volume 3. She gets pretty twisted, crafting scenarios that push the boundaries of what’s acceptable or normal, even for porn, and I love her all the more for it.

Best Actor: I get excited every time that I see that Steven St. Croix is in a movie. That daddy can GET IT.

Janie Mack

Emma MarxBest Movie: The Submission of Emma Marx – Boundaries – One of the best told stories of the year, targets a very wanting audience, and it’s directed by Jacky St. James – I need say no more!

Best Actress: Siri, purely because she’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.

Best Actor: Tommy Pistol, because he’s the most talented, picks the coolest roles, and was probably the most prolific actor of the year,  and was featured in just about every movie.

After 2015’s incredible year in porno, we can’t wait to see what our favorite naked people dish out in 2016! Happy New Year, you perverts!

Want more of the best in smut for ladies? Follow me on Twitter @JudyHologram and the rest of us at @HotMoviesForHer!

17 Porn Stars With Acting Chops

It’s no secret that most people don’t watch porn for the plot, let alone the thespian capabilities of its stars. As long as you look good fucking on camera, it’s not a big deal if you can’t deliver a line convincingly or construct a believable persona for your character. But every now and then there comes a porn star who makes us actually want to watch the plot from beginning to end. Here’s my picks for the top porn stars with serious acting chops.

Carter Cruise

It was no surprise to me when this year’s Best New Starlet also nabbed the Best Actress trophy at this year’s AVN Awards, making Carter Cruise only the second star to do so since Jenna Jameson in 1996. Last year’s Second Chances, about a college senior unexpectedly finding love after a humiliating freshman year, was the perfect showcase for Cruise, who has previous theater experience. The rest of the cast also shines under the direction of Jackie St. James and Eddie Powell, including best friend Jessa Rhodes,  the adorably hapless Logan Pierce, and scheming sorority sister Allie Haze.

Steven St. Croix

Everyone’s favorite daddy has been AVN’s Best Actor more times than I care to count, starting with 1995’s Chinatown and continuing with last year’s Wetwork. He nails just about everything that he does, from the deadly seriousness of Fluid 3, to his hilarious turn as a mob boss in Nothin’ But Trouble.

Asa Akira

Wicked contract girl Asa Akira is always charming when given a chance to act. She has a fantastic sense of humor about it, playing her parts with a smirking glee. Definitely check out last year’s hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold vehicle Holly… Would.

Dawayne Dane

This guy hasn’t been in many pornos, but his turn as Carlton Banks in the Official Fresh Prince of Bel Air Parody is so dead on that it amazes me that we don’t see him more often. If you can get past the non-existent production values, it’s really worth your time.

Magdalene St. Michaels

This MILF is a mainstay at Girlfriends Films, and for good reason. She has an extensive acting background, and has even appeared in mainstream films. And it shows! She first caught my attention in Mother Exchange 2, where she completely wins over Giovanni Francesco.

Skin Diamond

The lovely and kinky Skin Diamond is an expert at toeing the line between pure camp and serious artistry. For the former, check out her tribute to Michonne in The Walking Dead – A Hardcore Parody. If the latter is more your game, Skin is excellent in last year’s twisted drama Control.

Evan Stone

A legend in the industry, Evan Stone is known for not taking himself too seriously and setting a hilarious goofball tone in modern classics like Pirates and Pirates 2 – Stagnetti’s Revenge. He also knows when to hold back, like his heartbreaking turn as a sick, both spiritually and physically, father in Daddy’s Girls.

Dana Vespoli

Dana Vespoli is my favorite pornstar, not least of all because of her convincing, and oftentimes creepy, acting roles. Even when she’s not fucking on camera, she still often appears on screen in non-sex roles, helping to flesh out the other characters and the plot. Check her out in the recently released The Turning, as well as in A Thing of Beauty, Vespoli’s own adaptation of Faust.

Mickey Mod

It really says something about your chops when you can carry a porno whole movie without taking your dick out! Mickey Mod is a mainstay of the fetish world, and I absolutely adored him in the kinky softcore feature The Punished Coed.

India Summer

As one of the most popular (and all natural!) MILFs working today, India Summer consistently wins over audiences with both her acting and sex scenes. Her delivery has an effortless grace that draws us in, even when she’s playing wicked stepmothers and other unlikable broads. Audiences raved about the popular Marriage 2.0, and I loved Summer alongside Maddy O’Reilly and Steven St. Croix in The Sexual Liberation of Anna Lee.

Tommy Pistol

He’s usually cracking us up in screwball comedies like Killer Kleavage From Outer Space, but sometimes Tommy Pistol manages to scare the shit out of us and show some real menace, like in last year’s trippy Bubble Gum Girls.

Mercedes Carrera

Mercedes Carrera is another star of The Turning, but she’s also weird and hilarious in B. Skow’s In The Flesh, not to mention the way that she amps up her fear and shame in the wonderfully creepy My Evil Stepson 2.

Misty Stone

The stunning Misty Stone gives Vivica A. Fox a serious run for her money in Digital Playground’s Kill Bill – A XXX Parody. She also kills it in this year’s Magic Mike XXXL: A Hardcore Parody as the dancers’ new boss. Misty has an undeniable power and forcefulness to her performances, as well as an ease to the delivery of her lines.

Nat Turnher

Nat Turnher is a star who doesn’t get nearly enough acting or romantic roles. He’s super handsome and wonderfully plays suave sweethearts. He steals the show from Sean Michaels in Family Secrets – Tales Of Victorian Lust and livens up the old plumber trope alongside Jodi Taylor in Belladonna’s Butthole Whores 4.

Amber Rayne

Amber Rayne was touring with a musical theater troupe when her contract ran out, leaving her stranded in LA. Sick of the typical Hollywood hustle, but still wanting to perform, she took the plunge into the adult industry. She gets to show off her thespian history in the campy romp The Pornographer from Wicked, and she rocks in in Wanted,  a Western feature from director Stormy Daniels.

Xander Corvus

Xander is great at playing lovable (and not so lovable) bad boys, and has a great, naturalistic acting style. Everyone in multiple award winner Wasteland deserves a spot on this list, including Lily LaBeau, but my shoutout is going to Xander for this one.

Jesse Jane

She might have the stereotypical blonde bimbo pornstar look, but there’s a good reason why Jesse Jane got lead roles in so many Digital Playgrounds blockbuster features. You can’t help but love the bubbly joy with which she tackles her roles, especially in the Pirates series and Code Of Honor.

Did I forget any of your favorites? Yell at me in the comments and let me know!

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The Authentic Lesbian: 8 Favorite Skin Diamond Lesbian Plot Based Scenes

Skin DiamondIn an attempt to get me to stop mentioning her name every 5 minutes, my editor (and probably half of the staff) suggested I compile a list of my top favorite Skin Diamond lesbian scenes. To any normal Diamond fan this might seem like a welcomed and somewhat easy task, however my INTENSE AND EXTREME love for her mixed with my OCD just wouldn’t allow it. I tried, people, I really did, and what I ended up with was a list of 48 titles where my beautiful favorite is in at least one scene. Obviously that wasn’t going to fly, but picking out a few and calling them her “top scenes,” even if it is just my opinion, made me too uncomfortable. There can’t be a top list because she’s fucking perfect in everything! That’s a fact not to be argued or tampered with…so instead, here is a list of 8 of my favorite Skin Diamond lesbian plot-based scenes, in no particular order, with 2 honorable mentions. For the record, I’m still twitching from narrowing this down.

First up, Skin’s scene with Lily Cade in Severe Sex’s masterful Ms. Grey. Kristen, played by Cade, runs into Skin, a former conquest, while she’s working at a bar, and things heat up rather quickly. It’s obvious Skin wants to be dominated by her former lover one more time and what follows is an amazing light femdom scene. I have too many favorites within this scene to keep count, but watching Cade throw a little slap & tickle Diamond’s way is the perfect place to start!

Her scene with Sinn Sage in Sweetheart Video‘s Lesbian Sorority was never in danger of not making the list. The tribbing alone in this scene is capable of generating at least 3 orgasms. Side Note: Sinn taught me everything I know about tribbing!

Killers with Emily Addison is a turn on from the jump off. First off, Skin’s running around with guns looking all Lara Croft sexy from the time this flick comes on, and as if that wasn’t enough (which it is) she gets captured and tied to a chair naked! Call me a weirdo, but my favorite part of this isn’t even sex related. Instead, I love when she head butts Emily and calls her a bitch. She’s so good at being a badass.

Scene 3 of Meet Bonnie with Asphyxia and Bonnie Rotten isn’t plot based, but the opening interview is one of the coolest I’ve seen that isn’t behind the scenes, and the scene is incredibly hot! Plus you can’t not include a Skin and Asphyxia scene. They have amazing chemistry and Bonnie just fits in perfectly. When she fucks Skin with a strap-on…oh to be Bonnie that day!

Erotic Blends 2 (I know, perfect title) from Triangle Films is definitely a personal favorite. Skin is getting ready to meet her partner Jiz Lee’s family for the first time and wants everything to be perfect. She’s anxious and nervous and really fucking cute! I could watch the opening sequence of her just running off her list of things to do a million times; the sex is a bonus after that. Seriously, look how adorably sexy that worried face is! How could you not fuck her to help her relax after that!?

Skin with Sincerre LeMore in Lesbian Hitchhiker 3 is when it all started. Sure, I’d seen her around here and there, but for some strange reason unbeknownst to me I never gave her a second thought. Then I saw her sexy yet shy character getting fucked by the super sexy LeMore and beyond turned on I was! I probably spent the next hour and a half looking up every Skin flick we had on the site.

Skin Diamond + Asa Akira = very happy Authentic Lezz! These are my #1 and #2 favorite stars, and in Girls Kissing Girls 9 I saw them together for the first time…FIREWORKS!

Skin as Michonne…YES! My favorite porn star playing favorite Walking Dead character…I must have been fucking fantastic in my past life because the porn gods continue to bless me by making my dreams come true. Even the terrible wig has a special place in my heart.

Honorable Mention 1: Scene 1 of Analized where Mick Blue is fucking the shit out of my boo. If I’m ever lucky enough to fuck Skin Diamond, I would use this scene as a reference point. I love the intensity that oozes out of the screen.

Honorable Mention 2: Skin pegging Owen Gray in Femdom Empire‘s Size Queens is, in my opinion, one of her best pegging scenes yet. Watching her fuck Owen while he’s bent over and tied up is just too much fun. Look at that huge grin on her face!

Get your Skin fix now on HotMoviesforHer.com!

Ms. Grey – The Real 50 Shades

2015-06-30_8-05-58Ms. Grey is the long-awaited Severe Sex answer to the ridiculously popular 50 Shades empire. Unless you don’t own a television, lack access to the internet, or neglect to go outside, 50 Shades of Grey has been a part of popular media coverage since the release of the first installment of the book series, and even more so since the 2015 release of the first film. 50 Shades depicts a relationship between a heterosexual couple who engage in some BDSM activities, but also have a pretty messed up relationship outside of the bedroom. Regardless of whether you may like the books or film , there is no denying that the way Anastasia and Mr. Grey relate to each other has caused a huge debate over what are considered to be the best and safest practices within a relationship involving BDSM, as well as what constitutes as abuse, unsafe play, or is just plain cheesy. Directors Lily Cade and Dee Severe have created an alternative to the heterosexual narrative in the relationship between Cade and newcomer Dolly Leigh. Leigh really holds her own with Cade, which is saying a lot since Cade is an intense top, and a veteran performer and director. Other stars include Ela Darling, who is in my favorite scene from Femdom Dream Date (also from Severe Sex), Kasey Warner, and Skin Diamond.

2015-06-30_8-02-35Similarly to how the original movie sets its plot, Ms. Grey starts with Annabelle Irons, a young, naïve, and beautiful woman who is performing the excruciatingly intimidating task of interviewing the untouchable and highly successful Ms. Grey. Of course, Annabelle trips immediately when she walks into Ms. Grey’s office. She’s like a fawn learning to walk on Louboutins. After a minute or so, Annabelle’s questions get into the meat of who Kristin Grey really is. Is she a lesbian? Why is Kristin Grey never seen in public with any significant other? These questions make Grey become flippant and bored. Grey tells Annabelle to email her the rest of the questions, and if Annabelle wants to know more about her sexual preferences she can ask her in a more private way.

The next scene cuts to the hardware store where Annabelle works. Grey is there for some essentials for home improvement to her luxury penthouse, like duct tape, rope and zip ties. Annabelle asks what kind of project the items are for and Grey says “It’s for women. What are you doing with the rest of your evening?” Unlike most people, Annabelle is not deterred from such creepy banter. The next scene takes place in a lesbian bar where Skin Diamond is the bartender. Grey and Annabelle are in a corner chatting. Annabelle is looking over a slave contract. Asserting her authority, Grey tells the confused Annabelle, “I’m a business person. When I see something I want, I get it.” Annabelle seems game, but is not ready to sign the slave contract just yet. She tells Grey that she would like to test the product before she signs. Excited by Annabelle’s business savvy, Grey takes her to her house and begins to show her why she is considered one of the best service-tops in the game.

2015-06-30_8-03-02It’s bath time at Chez Grey, and Annabelle is strapped to the tile wall by Velcro restraints attached by suction cups. Grey begins by kissing and sucking on Annabelle’s nipples, pinching and pulling at them until little screams erupt from Annabelle. Annabelle is then blindfolded, legs spread with one leg attached to a strap on the wall. Grey uses one of the straps to whip Annabelle’s breasts. Grey spins around and starts going down on Annabelle, playing with one of her nipples, and making Annabelle scream even louder. Grey spins Annabelle around so that she can use a small cane on the backside of her thighs and ass. Grey rubs Annabelle off to orgasm, makes her lick her fingers, inserts a long butt plug with several balls into Annabelle’s ass, and then-while still blindfolded-makes Annabelle go down on her and get her off. You think they’re done, but they’re not. This scene is pretty long, and they get some good vagina smacks in, as well as more intense kissing to conclude a very enthusiastic scene.2015-06-30_8-03-52

Some of the highlights of this film are the “Red Room of Pain,” Skin Diamond (because she is Skin Diamond), a threesome with Kasey Warner, and Ela Darling, who needs to be in everything Severe Society does. The Cade/Severe “Red Room of Pain” is much more realistic, more in touch with what actually happens in a private BDSM relationship, and depicts kink in an intimate way that is exciting and definitely not phony. The issue with most “mainstream” depictions of kink or BDSM, is that the producers often either make a situation so cheesy, or so unbelievable that nobody cares about the characters because they seem weak, over-acted, or under-developed.2015-06-30_8-04-32

Luckily, Cade and Severe wanted to make a more believable version of 50 Shades and use their real-life experience to change what they saw as an anti-kink message. Both Cade and Severe do an interview at the end of the film, and they discuss their desire to change the characters from being fucked up kinksters to being real people who also happen to be into kink. Both women critique the relationship between Grey and Anastasia and change the dynamic slightly by the focus of the film being a lesbian relationship. Although, the dynamic isn’t really that different because Grey is still older, more economically stable, and way more sexually experienced than Annabelle, the type of kink the characters can get into is more developed than its mainstream counterpart.

2015-06-30_8-05-33Cade states that the original Mr. Grey was an emotionally cold, distant person who had relationship issues. He tried to control Annabelle outside the bedroom, and was wrong for not treating Anastasia with respect, not the fact that he liked to spank girls. Severe interjects, “Most people would not take a vanilla, naïve girl and push her off the deep end and make her sign a slave contract–nobody does that.” The Cade/Severe team follow the plot up to a point, but the story changes due to the agency that the writer’s have given Annabelle, which they found to be lacking in the mainstream version. Cade nicely explains how the difference between fantasy and reality can often cause confusion for people in relationships. She states that often, people are not always attracted to the nice people, the people that are in the same financial bracket as you. In fact, most people fantasize about the opposite. However, that is the type of thing that makes BDSM play good, it’s that aspect of fantasy, and also remembering that these activities are just play. The original 50 Shades implies that all fetishes come from a dark place, where that may not always –or often – be the case.

2015-06-30_8-06-38In addition to the interview with Cade and Severe, Dolly Leigh sat down with Jimmy Broadway to answer a few questions. These interviews are pretty rich with personal information, and they are a great companion to the film. One thing that these interviews provide is not only a portrait of the personalities behind the content, which is always interesting, but the interviews show the varying perspectives of kinky minds. Not all people who are interested in a particular fetish have the same ideas about why they like that thing, and not everyone will be in agreement about a particular fetish. As long as you treat people with respect, have their consent, and know how to properly use the instruments you wield, you should be able to have a great time and enjoy the fantasy-and not end up like Ms. Grey.

Hot Reviews: A Thing Of Beauty

When I began watching Dana Vespoli’s A Thing Of Beauty, I knew a few things right off the bat-it was going to be super hot, compelling, and maybe a little twisted. What I wasn’t prepared for was the incredible pornographic psychodrama that ensued. Of course, any porn directed by a woman has my immediate attention, but Dana Vespoli’s directorial work has a specific style and finesse that is nothing short of artistic.

A Thing Of Beauty is, of all Dana Vespoli’s films, a standout favorite of mine. As both a bibliophile and a professional pervert, I was ecstatic to find that Dana based her premise for Beauty off of the 2015-06-18_15-04-16classic Faustian legend of one selling their soul to the devil in order to gain an earthly desire. In this case, Bree Daniels is a depressed, mousy girl working a shitty temp job. She can’t get a man to save her life, and she’s at the end of her rope…literally. Just before Bree is about to end it all, she sees an infomercial on her TV for the “Victoria Hook Two-Part Plan” to turn things around and start living the life that she deserves. Bree watches as the scary-beautiful Victoria, played by Dana Vespoli, works her she-devil magic and sells the hell out of the extremely vague plan that consists of “believing and receiving.” Easy enough, Bree figures, and calls the number on her screen. She has no idea what a fateful, yet sexy, decision she’s made!2015-06-16_11-46-03


After meeting Victoria Hook and signing some documents (without paying much attention), it’s official-Bree Daniels has made a deal with the devil! Victoria ensures her that the life-changing effects of this pact will be noticeable within 24 hours. Bree goes home, 2015-06-18_15-06-42unaware of the price she’s just paid, and goes to bed. When she wakes up, looking more like the Bree Daniels-sexpot we’re accustomed to seeing, she has an extra pep in her step and she’s ready to see what this two-part plan is all about. As she’s walking down the street, she runs into none other than the dreamy Logan Pierce. Once Logan gets a glance at Bree’s newfound confidence and rockin’ bod, he invites her out for coffee. Sparks fly as they desperately clutch their Starbucks cups in order to conceal the copyrighted logo, and soon the new couple is headed to the bedroom. This was the first guy-girl scene of Bree’s that I’ve watched, and fans of her lesbian work will be pleased to find that she’s as demure as ever even while being ferociously penetrated. Logan starts out the foreplay by eating Bree’s pussy with her perfect ass in his face. I mean, seriously, look at her flawless, porcelain cheeks. She’s got quite the jealousy-inducing booty! After some expertly executed cunnilingus, Bree goes to town on Logan’s handsome cock. The sex that follows was nothing out of the ordinary for a straight, hardcore scene, but watching two gorgeous people fuck is always awesome.

SCENE TWO:2015-06-18_15-09-35

The following Monday, Bree lands a new job and can’t wait to get started. She takes the bus to the address of her new office, but finds that the directions led her right into the middle of the woods. Things are starting to get creepy! Shadows pass in the forefront and Bree is rightfully creeped out. Suddenly, two mysterious women-Sinn Sage and Karlie Montana-appear out of nowhere at Bree’s side. They’re wearing top hats and all black, and something about the look in their eyes makes evident the fact that 2015-06-18_15-11-54Sinn and Karlie are not of this earth. In fact, I’m pretty positive these chicks are demons sent by Victoria Hook. Well, the demon-girls grab Bree and pull her down into a graffiti-covered tunnel, where they proceed to grope and undress the frightened girl. They laugh and moan and inform her that they’re going to make her “do things she’s never done before.” Soon, Sinn and Karlie have Bree pinned against the wall as they lick and finger her pussy. Bree meekly submits to the Sapphic fiends and a hellishly hot lesbian threesome ensues! For someone who was raised Catholic, the demonic dirty talk hit home in a specifically sexy-but-scary way for me, especially the Jesus-cross dildo that Sinn and Karlie fuck Bree with. This was a seriously twisted, awesome scene.



I admit this is my favorite scene. Bree must’ve passed out after Sinn and Karlie fucked her brains out, because she awakens in a weird 2015-06-18_15-13-52plane of existence that is surely hell. Bree opens one of the velvet curtains she’s surrounded by to reveal Lea Lexis adorned in a spine-chilling ballerina-doll costume, dancing in pointe shoes like she’s possessed. That freaks Bree out, as it should, so she moves on to the next curtain to see what lies behind. Bree opens the curtain to everyone’s favorite femdom, Aiden Starr, cinched in a leather corset with appropriately black, demonic makeup covering her face. Aiden is caressing Skin Diamond, asking if she’s in pain. Skin Diamond is a fallen angel, and her wings were ripped off, as evidenced by the feathery scars on her back. Aiden makes Skin Diamond say that she’s better off without her wings, and Aiden proceeds to spank Skin Diamond’s gorgeous ass. In typical Aiden Starr style, Aiden says some hilarious shit while she dominates Skin Diamond. When Skin Diamond moans “oh god” as Aiden continuously stimulates her G-spot with her fingers, Aiden stops and demands, “Don’t say ‘god’ anymore.” Because, get it, 2015-06-18_15-16-12they’re in hell! Aiden flogs Skin Diamond while asking her why she’s such a fucking slut, but Skin Diamond doesn’t have a good enough answer. “You’re a fucking whore for no good reason?” Aiden quips, and continues punishing her ass with the flogger. When Skin Diamond pushes her ass out, Aiden says, “This is the naughtiest little pussy I’ve ever laid my fucking eyes on.” Aiden makes Skin Diamond eat her pussy as some really hot punishment, and Skin Diamond is able to make her cum. Aiden is proud of her angel-turned-devilslut, and some really awesome strap-on sex ensues. I can’t give this scene enough credit, so if you like kinky lesbian scenes, just go ahead and watch it already!



Bree’s mind is blown, as it should be, so she retreats back to another2015-06-18_15-19-55 curtain, where none other than the devil herself, Victoria Hook, and Mick Blue are about to get it on. Mick Blue is another fallen angel, and as Victoria gropes his body, she says, “I love turning good boys out.” Victoria shakes her hot ass and tells Mick, “So many bad things have happened here.” That’s all the she-devil needs to say, and Mick rips open her pantyhose and begins to rim her. Victoria turns around and sucks Mick’s huge dick, and soon the two are having hardcore anal sex the way I’d imagine Satan would enjoy it. All throughout the ass-pounding, we know Bree is watching from afar. When the steamy encounter is over, Victoria Hook approaches Bree and informs her that she’s cashing in on her half of the deal. This is the part in all Faustian schemes where the devil collects the protagonists’ soul, and even this porn movie doesn’t skip out on that half of the deal. When Bree realizes she’s sold her soul to the devil, 2015-06-18_15-24-56she puts her head in her hands and calls Victoria “heartless.” In response, Victoria reveals that-indeed-her heart has been ripped out of her chest, right between those perky tits! The only way Bree can get out of this deal is if she offers up another soul to Victoria in replace of her own. When Victoria asks if she’d sacrifice Logan Pierce’s soul instead, Bree admits that she could never do that to someone, and somehow this pure-heartedness frees Bree from the deal! Suddenly, Bree wakes up at home in bed with Logan, and *cue Biggie* -IT WAS ALL A DREAM. Thankful she isn’t stuck in hell with those sex-crazed demons, Bree wakes Logan up and begins to kiss him. Logan pans over to the camera, and the last thing we see before the screen goes black is his face transform into a dark, devilish grin.

All in all, A Thing Of Beauty is one of the coolest movies I’ve had the privilege of reviewing at HotMoviesForHer, and I highly suggest you check it out; if not for the incredible sex, for the insanely cool plot. Dana Vespoli has truly created a porn masterpiece here, and I’m really thankful that intelligent female directors like her are so active in the industry these days. For more movie reviews and sex-related stuff, follow me on twitter @BridgetXXXXXXX and all of us @hotmoviesforher!



Best of B. Skow

B. Skow
Image courtesy of Fleshbot

After directing adult films for companies like Vivid since 2005, the already prolific B. Skow sent ripples through the industry when he joined up with powerhouse lesbian studio Girlfriends Films in 2012 to launch Skow for Girlfriends Films; they released the studio’s first ever boy/girl movie that October. Since then, the former mainstream photographer has built up an impressive resume of daring feature films, such as last year’s controversial awards season favorite Gardener, which Bridget profiled last month. In an interview with XBIZ, Skow said, “We’re just making original features that are based around sex, based around perversions. Based around fetishes. Based around what porno’s supposed to be.” Indeed, Skow’s scripts aren’t afraid to delve into some of the darkest aspects of human desires; he spins tales of sexual depravity that leave a sense of unease in the pit of the belly, all while wildly turning on viewers. Skow’s approach to film making starkly contrasts with that of Jacky St. James; in the same XBIZ interview, he explained “I’m a pornographer. I never try to be a filmmaker who just adds in the sex. I think that’s where our movies are picking up and really becoming something special.” To celebrate Hotmovies’ release of Skow’s latest feature Control, we’re taking a look back at some of the director’s best work.

Daddy’s Girls – 2013

Daddy's Girls moviePenned by longtime B. Skow collaborator David Stanley, 2013’s Daddy’s Girls expertly pushes the Family Fantasy genre to its sickest limits without ever even putting two relatives in bed together. The titular daddy’s girls are blind Samantha (Maddy O’Reilly) and delusional Quincy (Riley Reid), daughters to Dale (Evan Stone) and Iris (Darla Crane), and Bob (Alec Knight) and Gina (Odile). The movie opens as Samantha returns home from the asylum after a failed suicide attempt precipitated by the end of her affair with Bob. In Samantha’s absence, Quincy has taken up web camming to cope with her frustrations and lust for her own father. Riley and Knight shine under Skow’s direction. Riley has difficultly projecting her voice throughout, but her performance as delusional, violent, troubled Quincy gives Daddy’s Girls the perfect sympathetic villain to drive the action with a crackling, ominous intensity. Meanwhile, industry veteran and Skow regular Alec Knight is convincing as a caring father whose desires and proclivities bubble to the surface in destructive ways.  The rest of the cast, which includes Capri Cavanni as an intuitive hooker, also play their parts well. Rumor has is that Skow’s fans can look forward to two sequels to Daddy’s Girls that are currently in the works.

 Conjoined – 2013

Conjoined Girlfriends FilmsFilmed under the Girlfriends Films house brand, 2013’s lesbian drama Conjoined is weird even for B. Skow. Fortunately, its earnest and sincere effort to examine the sex lives of those who face physical challenges keeps it from tipping into the realm of exploitation. Mischa Brooks and Rilynn Rae star respectively as Dina and Tina, twins who are literally joined at the hip. They’ve done everything together their whole lives, but when Tina finds love with Sarah (Chloe Foster), these young women must navigate the private world of love and sex both separately and together. The prosthetic make up used to conjoin Brooks and Rae together is grotesquely reminiscent of Silly Putty, but Skow’s camera work helps to alleviate its distraction. While Brooks narrates the movie, Rae is the real star of Conjoined; she simply glows and charms as the love struck Tina, delivering her lines with conviction that serves to make the movie’s ending even more heartbreaking than it already is.  The sex itself lives up to Girlfriends Films’ popular brand of realistic femme-lesbianism, a.k.a. it’s face meltingly hot and sensual.

Sexually Explicit series – 2013-2015

Sexually Explicit 3 B. Skow MovieBefore entering the adult industry, B. Skow worked as a professional photographer, shooting national ad campaigns and A-list celebrities alike. His behind-the-camera savvy shines through in the Sexually Explicit series, which recently released its third installment. This trilogy drops the usual scintillating drama of Skow’s features, instead allowing the director’s slick camera work, sizzling tease footage, and expertly casted couples to heighten the eroticism of four fantasy sequences.  The slow burn tease creates a palpable will-they-won’t-they tension, setting this series apart from other vignette movies. Skow’s tease borders on self indulgent at times, and might not be for everyone; the scene between AJ Applegate and Kurt Lockwood in Sexually Explicit 3 goes on for over twenty minutes before Lockwood ever touches Applegate’s pussy. It works for me, though. Fucking is never a sure thing, as is the case in this short story of a young woman seducing her mother’s lover, leading him upstairs to watch her try on her mother’s clothes amid whispered dirty talk. For viewers who want to avoid the commitment of feature length movie, but still get off on well shot fucking and alluring situations, B. Skow’s Sexually Explicit nails it.

Beautiful New Faces series – 2014

Beautiful New Faces seriesSkow still dabbles in the gonzo of his early days at Vivid with the Beautiful New Faces series, which showcases the hottest young newcomers of the industry, such as Alina Li, Keisha Grey, Kota Sky, and AVN Award winner Carter Cruise. Each girl’s scene is preceded by a interview and strip tease with Skow himself, who deftly teases out the most illicit details of his subjects’ lives without coming off as disrespectful. The vignettes that follow the interviews can border on self parody, such as when Kota Sky attempts to revive her drunken boyfriend Clover in the bed of a pick up truck by sucking his dick and rubbing her pussy on her face, all with suspenseful music pulsing in the background. It works, though, as Skow successfully straddles a porn fan’s desire to get to know their favorite stars, and the sexual tension that acts as a driving force to his sex scenes. Skow shows himself to be adept at making his stars comfortable on camera, something that some gonzo directors sorely lack.


Control – 2014

Control B. Skow movieSkow’s latest feature Control is a kinky psychological thriller starring the stunning Skin Diamond, who plays a sort of unpaid professional submissive, acting as a domestic sex slave to Scott Lyons for a weekend. I’m not usually a big fan of Lyons, but he’s excellent here as a divorcee with a mid life crisis who, though his arrangement with Skin, can finally get everything he’s ever wanted. Everything except one little sentence: “I love you.” In an attempt to divert Lyons’ attentions from her, Skin trains and makes a gift of the repressed neighborhood voyeur, Katie, who is wonderfully played Claire Robbins. It’s a treat to watch the story unfold, as Katie opens up to her desires and Skin shuts her own down as Scott becomes increasingly angry and malicious. Skow explores who is really in control in master/slave relationships, especially when there are secrets that must be kept. The scene between Robbins and Kurt Lockwood is a must see; not only do they spend equal time going down on each other, but the whole set up is delicious creepy, squicky, and just plain wrong. I kind of loved it.

Going forward, viewers can continue to expect B. Skow to deliver quality adult entertainment that explores the boundaries of what society deems finds acceptable, all as the back drop to beautifully shot, passionate fucking. I’m personally looking forward to this year’s In The Flesh, a religious dramedy wherein a messiah comes back to tell the world, “Go fuck yourselves.” For now, go get your buttons pushed and then undone in Control, now available on Hotmovies.

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Best Cosplay Porn

When Sam Raimi’s smash hit Spider-Man swung into theaters in 2002, no one expected that it would provide the spark needed to reenergize the superhero genre, launch entire studios, and ignite the main stream public’s interest in all things geek. With countless nerd properties being rebooted, adapted, or re-imagined for mainstream consumption in theaters and on TV screens everywhere, fans spill into convention halls decked out in the costumes of their favorite characters. Yep, I’m talking about cosplayers, the nerds with the earnest, DIY ethos that drives them to lovingly craft the costumes of Boba Fett, Sailor Moon, and Powergirl, sometimes in painstaking detail. Naturally, the adult industry took notice, and the movement inspired tons of cosplay porn that imagines what happens when the convention floor closes and the attendees go back to their hotel rooms (hint: it’s fucking.)

Cosplay Queens & Tied Up Teens - movie

Cosplay Queens & Tied Up Teens

We’ve talked about Tanya Tate’s Sapphic cosplay adventure before, but it’s certainly worth revisiting. Liverpool native Tanya Tate is both a MILF and a superhero geek who runs her own cosplay site, in addition to directing smut for Filly Films. 2013’s Cosplay Queens & Tied Up Teens contains four scenes (plus BTS footage) of our favorite comic book villainesses sexually dominating the likes of Supergirl and Batgirl. It’s a fun little labor of love on the part of Tate, and an excellent excuse to introduce a little bit of kink into your girl-on-girl viewing action.



Skin Diamond's Nerdgasm - movieSkin Diamond’s Nerdgasm

Skin Diamond’s 2014 directorial debut offers up twodiscs of vignettes putting the likes of Ginny Weasley, The Doctor, a female Jedi and her young padawan, the Queen of the Damned, and many other favorites into compromising situations. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite scene from this set; Skin’s star power shines through every scene, and she really knows when to play up the eroticism and humor of each vignette.  Nerdgasm leaves me wanting more behind the camera work from Skin, hopefully with some of the nerdy kink that she’s known for!



Star Wars XXX - movieStar Wars XXX–A Porn Parody 

Axel Braun is the undisputed king of the high budget porn parody, and 2012’s Star Wars XXX stands out as his most ambitious undertaking to date. With a sprawling cast of performers and extras, CGI and green screens galore, and a flamboyant CP-30 voiced by Chi Chi LaRue, it’s a tongue in cheek adaptation of the first installment (you know–the good one) of Lucas’s legendary space opera (sorry y’all, there’s no slave Leia.) Seth Gamble steps into Mark Hamill’s shoes as Luke Skywalker, with Princess Leia played by the angelic Allie Haze, Rocco Reed as Han Solo, and Lexington Steel as Darth Vader. Are you freaked out by the thought of Leia fucking both Vader AND Luke? Fear not, the second disc contains a plot-only version!





WhoreLore - studio/seriesWhoreLore

Don’t worry fantasy nerds, there’s plenty for you too! While the WhoreLore series doesn’t pay homage to any specific franchise, it does have the same DIY spirit that is essential to cosplay culture. With everything from rogues, elves, pirates, and priestesses getting into swordfights, each episode of WhoreLore feels like LARPing with your pants off. Unfortunately, WhoreLore went the way of many geek shows and ended prematurely with only one six episode season. Watch the first episode starring Monica Mayhem and Christian XXX here!






Comic Book Freaks and Cosplay Geeks - movieComic Book Freaks and Cosplay Geeks

Obviously the release of Joanna Angel’s Comic Book Freaks and Cosplay Geeks was the reason for writing this post, and I am so okay with that. Cosplay Geeks is the most direct shout out to the fan culture that inspired it; instead of playing the characters that they are dressed as, the performers are playing the cosplayers who dress as those characters. It’s a loving send up to both geeks and the media that inspires them. I can’t decide which scene is my favorite; I’m a fan of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman comic series, so of course I loved watching Draven Star as Death of the Endless getting down with Tommy Pistol’s Lucifer. On the other hand, I have to agree with Bridget that dreamy Wolf Hudson as one of the mutant kangaroos from Tank Girl is pretty stand out. All in all, Angel serves up another terrific alt-porn offering with plenty of laughs and nudge-nudge-wink-wink references to keep fans wanting more. Be sure to check out Comic Book Freaks and Cosplay Geeks, exclusively on HotMoviesForHer.com through April 15th!

The adult industry won’t stop piling on the geek and cosplay bandwagon any time soon, so there’s plenty more cosplay porn to come! Do you have a favorite character that you want to see without pants on? Tweet us @JudyHologram and @hotmoviesforher and we’ll tell you where to find it!