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Love Love Review

April O'Neil Elizabeth Bentley Serena BlairMassage movies don’t  need a lot of plot to convey sensuality, but Love Love has a strong subplot of definite importance. Maybe the general public is not aware  how any type of sports activity ends with lesbian sex, but you, dear HotMoviesForHer reader, know from watching the Fantasy Massage studio releases that if two sexy women start playing tennis, one of them is bound to overexert herself, sprain a muscle, and need help getting into the shower. Secret, best friend crushes are exposed and consummated with vigorous scissoring —every time. There’s a message here, people. Massages are code for sex. So, next time your bestie asks you to go to a yoga class, think carefully whether you both agree on what downward dog means.

Scene 1: April O’Neil and  Serena Blair

April O'Neil Serena Blair

April O'Neil Serena Blair April O'Neil Serena Blair April O'Neil Serena Blair After Serena and April finish their game of tennis, Serena quickly heads towards the showers and strips in a suggestive way in front of April. April should have known this was coming because Serena is a lesbian, and Serena has made advances towards her before. April is positive she isn’t going to fall for Serena’s lame attempt to get laid, until she gets a little jealous hearing Serena talk about how hot their tennis coach is. All of a sudden, April seems to be stiff from their game and needs Serena’s healing magic to make her feel better.


Scene 2: Carmen Caliente  and Shyla Jennings

Carmen Caliente Shyla JenningsCarmen Caliente Shyla JenningsCarmen Caliente Shyla JenningsCarmen Caliente Shyla Jennings

Shyla has had a long day working at the spa, but when she sees how hot Carmen is, she makes up an excuse to stay longer and take Carmen as a client. Things are going as normal until Shyla starts to get a little frisky with Carmen during her rub down. While a bit surprised, Carmen melts into Shyla’s hands and soon they are slippin’ and slidin’ all over each other.




Scene 3: Adrianna Luna and Megan Rain

Adrianna Luna Megan RainAdrianna Luna Megan RainAdrianna Luna Megan RainAdrianna Luna Megan Rain

Megan is a pretty fit woman, but not as super-star-athletic as Adrianna. Adrianna is a champ in Martial Arts, and needs a sparing partner for the afternoon. Megan must have not stretched well enough because she sprains her groin muscle during their practice. Oh no! The only obvious solution for this is to have Megan get completely naked in the middle of the park and have sex with Adrianna.




Scene 4: Lena Nicole and  Lexi Belle

Lena Nicole Lexi BelleLena Nicole Lexi BelleLena Nicole Lexi BelleLena Nicole Lexi Belle

Lexi just wants a nice chair for work, but her super-mean boss took her comfy chair for himself. Aggravated and in desperate need for a massage, Lexi finds herself in the care of Lena. Lena is sort of a good masseuse, but she’s much better at having sex with clients. Lexi gets a big surprise when Lena rubs her clit the same way Lexi rubs it at home, but somehow Lexi isn’t deterred from continuing on with Lena’s sexual treatment.



Scene 5: April O’Neil, Elizabeth Bentley,  and Serena Blair

April O'Neil Elizabeth Bentley Serena BlairApril O'Neil Elizabeth Bentley Serena BlairApril O'Neil Elizabeth Bentley Serena BlairApril O'Neil Elizabeth Bentley Serena Blair

This situation could evoke jealousy, but somehow these women learn how to play well together. Serena has her moment of jealousy when she sees how well April and Elizabeth get along.  April may have had some weird feelings about Elizabeth because Serena was so excited about her, but now April can see that the three of them make for a perfect clique.


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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Filthy Fashion Models

Filthy Fashion ModelsSexy. Black. Lesbian. Models. That’s right, Filly Films is back with Filthy Fashion Models and I signed up months ago so no standing in line for me! Directed by and starring Ana Foxxx, this one takes us through a few days of the life of an extremely sexy fashion photographer whose only problem seems to be having enough time in the day to fuck all the beautiful models she meets! I had a dream that went something like that once…

Scene 1 – Ana Foxxx & Lotus Lain

Ana and her girlfriend Lotus Lain are sleeping when the scene opens, and what a beautiful scene it is. There’s plenty of light shining through the huge windows and the bedding is completely white, making for an amazing contrast with Ana and Lotus’ complexions, especially Ana’s! Anyway, our star photographer awakens first and naturally decides to take a bath. The tub is located in her bedroom and the water was already run (when or by whom we have no clue) so we’re right on porn storytelling schedule. When Ana notices that girlfriend Lotus is still asleep and not even making an effort to get out of bed she takes matters into her own hands. Of course, when Lotus opens her eyes and sees her gorgeous, naked girlfriend in the tub waiting for her she jumps up and hops in to join without even taking her clothes off. Personally I can’t stand shower or bathtub sex in real life. There’s never enough space and water always ends up in my face, but in porn they rent those fancy mansions with huge stand-up showers and Jacuzzi tubs, so I was surprised to see the tiny little thing these two squeezed into. The girls are small themselves, but I wanted to see some action and I knew the space was going to limit that. I was right. There wasn’t much to the sex as far as positions go because they each had to sit on the side of the tub to get fingered or their pussies eaten. Ana did use the shower head on Lotus (something every woman in the world has tried at least once) so that was nice. But other than that, I got off from their bodies more than the sex itself. Both are incredibly hot! Lotus Lain is tatted up (just the way I like) with a long curly ‘do and a sexy ass voice. Ana’s dark complexion stopped me dead in my tracks the first time I saw her and she pulls off bangs waaaaaaaay better than I did back in the day. Watching them playfully interact was fun in a sexy way too. I bet these two have or would have a lot of fun off set.

Scene 2 – Ana Foxxx & Yasmine De Leon & Jenna Sativa

Ana’s first stop of the day is a shoot in the middle of the desert with models Yasmine De Leon and Jenna Sativa. As TV would have us all to believe is typical of models and women in general, the two ladies hardly know each other but they clearly don’t like one another. Being the professional that she is, Ana doesn’t have time for the bull, and this shoot demands passion out of the models so she does what any director of photography would do and suggest the two kiss and make up. Of course they take it literally and BOOM…we have a threesome. Count the authentic lesbo in! But again I was a little taken aback by the setting, or better yet, how it was filmed in that setting. The three horny fashionistas are fucking in a truck, and as sexy as we all know that is (I’m pretty sure I had sex in a car for an entire year of my life), we still need to be able to see it. Never is the camera angle from inside of the truck, like the front seat or the trunk; instead the camera operator remains outside and we only get a side view. This made me feel left out. As the viewer you want to get in the truck too, but it’s like the front doors are locked so you’re stuck with this view…

There are moments when the camera zooms into the action and you can see facial reactions and who’s doing what to whom, but overall I couldn’t do much with this one. It’s a shame too because on top of having a sexy stage name, Yasmine has a banging body too. I know Ana fucked her good, and I just wish I could have had a better view.

Scene 3 – Ana Foxxx & Kira Noir

This scene completely made up for Scene 2! I never met Kira Noir before this and I’m happy I’ve finally had the pleasure (about 3 times). I was instantly drawn to her look because it’s rare to find a black woman in porn rocking her natural hair in such a bold way (part of the reason I love Skin too!). As a black woman with locks I’m completely biased, but such is life. Anyway, this is a one-on-one shoot for a magazine and halfway through it’s agreed upon that Kira needs more shine to her look, so Ana grabs some oil and rubs her down. I thought that was it! I just knew Ana was about to grab a handful right then and there (more like I wanted her to), but she didn’t. Instead, while posing, Kira put her finger in her mouth then ran it down her body, accidentally getting make-up on her chest in the process. This was a gift from all the lesbian foremothers! And it only got better as the conversation progressed. Kira expresses to Ana that she’s seeing a guy she really likes, but dude is boring in bed AND he won’t go down on her (why doesn’t shit like this ever fall into my lap??)! Of course, Ana suggests Kira find a girl to do it for her, and after explaining that it wouldn’t be cheating because it wouldn’t be with a man (complete bullshit but totally worth it for Kira), she reveals herself as a lesbian and Kira just melts into the palm of her hand. Watch the innocence of this “yes, please” and try not to cum your pants…

That is the most innocent, polite sexiness I’ve ever seen in my life and I couldn’t wait for Ana to destroy it with tongue and finger. She doesn’t let me down either. Neither girl is particularly curvy, but I love the way the two look body-to-body, and Kira has the innocent, first time with a girl act down. The two kiss and touch a lot before fingering and eating each other out. I like the way Kira explores Ana’s body like a true first timer. She has that look of familiarity mixed with complete newness on her face and it’s a huge turn on! At one point they cross the room and are in front of a huge mirror which was a nice touch. Ana makes Kira cum almost at will throughout the scene and maintains control for the most part, but Kira definitely holds her own! I watched this one twice alone and once with my girlfriend…a hit, I tell you!

Scene 4 – Ana Foxxx & Lotus Lain & Shyla Jennings

I can’t lie, I completely forgot about Lotus being Ana’s girl, so when she walked in the living room with a surprise for Ana, I felt kind of bad. Then I saw that the surprise was Shyla Jennings and figured Lotus would probably be proud of Ana for her daily doings, at least that’s how I justify it in my head. I was excited about getting another threesome, this time in open space, and Shyla was the perfect fit. When they walk in she’s just lying on the bed waiting to be played with and it’s clear she never stood a chance with those two in the room. Action starts immediately in this one and off they go. There’s plenty of tag team clit rubbing, finger fucking and pussy eating in this one to go around, but my favorite part comes in the very beginning when Shyla is sitting on Lotus’ face while Ana gropes her tits from behind. Everybody was moaning and the whole thing was so intense that a pause was required.

Lotus goes to town munching on that pussy and when Shyla starts riding her hips, dear god YES! From there Ana’s sexy round ass is on display as her and Shyla 69, leaving Lotus to fondle any and all body parts in the room while waiting to have her first orgasm of the scene. When Shyla and Ana finally do team up on Lotus, Ana holds her legs apart while Shyla literally makes her scream with joy while eating her pussy. The three exchange more orgasms in the same positions but it never felt boring. The chemistry was there, the balance was there, and Shyla ended up holding her own more than I thought she would.

All in all, I was happy with this one. Besides the 2nd scene, it lived up to the hype. The acting was exactly what you want from your porno, the actresses are fucking gorgeous, and everyone knows how to eat pussy! Asking for more than that just seems wrong.

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Sinn Sage Loves Girls – Sweetheart Video

Sinn Sage is the first person I have ever seen who fucks like I would like to think I fuck.

I have watched many a porno in my day and constantly find myself whinging that I can’t seem to find a pornstar or porn in general that represents the essence of what I love about fucking and how I like to fuck.

Until I discovered Sinn Sage.

Produced by Sweetheart Videos and directed by Nica Noelle, Sinn Sage Loves Girls is a great film and not just because it stars Sinn Sage (and her glorious ass) in every scene.

The film is broken up into 4 scenes, with footage of Sinn reflecting on each fuck spliced in between.

I really like Nica’s style of directing. In this film particularly, she manages to focus on the vibe and the general action of the fucking, more than the actual dull in-out-in-out. Thank you for not showing me extreme closeups of dildos being seesawed into orifices every 15 seconds! Thank you for showing me the reactions of the women’s faces while they’re fucking and being fucked. Thanks for showing me the little things that are actually big turn ons – the women grasping for something to grab onto while they’re being ridden like Seabiscuit, hands being held, lips being bitten in pleasure, ‘fuck me’ eye contact, deep kissing and so on. Thank you for purposefully emphasising the things that gonzo porn doesn’t give a shit about. Thanks for making a porno, Nica, that is clearly about the female gaze but doesn’t rely on Day of Our Lives music and too much fauxmance (fake romance). And also Nica, thanks for involving Sinn in the creative process and letting her fuck people she’s actually got sexual connections with.

Right. Let’s summarise the scenes.

In Scene 1, Lily LaBeau is staying with Sinn because she’s having issues with her boyfriend. Sinn is pissed about the Lily’s mess and her lack of motivation to pick up after her self. Lily says she’ll ‘clean it up tomorrow’ and goes to have a shower. Sinn grabs her strap on and follows her in for a little erotic discipline. Lily’s got the skinny, cute blonde porn-girl-next-door thing down pat, which isn’t my type (at all) but knowing that her and Sinn have a little off camera thing going on, had my eyes glued to the screen. Watching Lilly’s mascara run in the shower as Sinn chokes her and fucks her with a strap on registered a 10 on the hot-ometre The scene ends with Sinn exiting the shower and saying to a shaking, fuck-drunk, orgasmed-out Lilly, “Don’t use all the hot water”. Well played, Sinn. Well played.

Before Scene 2 starts, Sinn talks about how surprised she was at the sexual chemistry that her and Shyla Jennings had. “I’m always the one on top and the one that initiates tribbing and don’t get me wrong, I love that role. But she just kind of climbed on top of me!”. In this scene, Sinn’s just broken up with her long term girlfriend and her friend Shyla admits that she’s been ‘extremely curious’ and that her boyfriend doesn’t do it for her anymore. The premise of the scene is as cliched as it gets but as a queer woman, the scene is pretty true to real life! Shyla is very porny, if you know what I mean – from the way she looks to the way she angles her legs for fucking. Sure, there’s definitely chemistry between her and Sinn but I think the pair were a bit mismatched.

Scene 3 stars Annie Cruz alongside Sinn. Sinn talks about how she started stripping when she was 19 and that she loved the sexual chemistry she could conjure up with strangers without there being any physical touching. “If I can get them to engage, it’s exciting. It amps me up”. She talked about how once her stripper friend and her were bored so gave each other dances, which ended up in sex. It’s nice to hear her talk about how stripping made her realise how powerful being a woman is and taught her how to embrace that power. This scene pretty much follows Sinn’s memory of lapdancing a friend before it ending in sex but this time, it’s with the new girl at the club. The fact that Annie reminds Sinn of a girl she used to dance with is a nice touch.

Scene 4 was probably the weakest scene in the movie. Raylene and Sinn make a smoking duo and hearing them both talk about how bangable they find each other was hot but the scene was just too fauxmance for me. The sex is hot and passionate but I kept getting cuntblocked by the candles and soft lighting.

All in all Sinn Sage Loves Girls is a HOT ride. I am dying to see Sinn Sage fuck girls who are a bit more gay though. Sure, it’s nice seeing her fuck these pretty, small porno nymphette’s but letting her go to town a queer femme or a hard butch or a trans man or be allowed to fist someone or letting Courtney Trouble film her … oh my lord.

Watch Sinn Sages Loves Girls now!

Sinn Sage Loves Girls

Ever since I featured this movie in my free lesbian porn post, I have been itching to sink my teeth into it.  Sinn Sage has always been high on my list of favorite performers because you can always tell that she loves her job.  She knows her way around a woman’s body and doesn’t mind showing off her skills one bit.

Sinn Sage Loves GirlsIn scene 1 Sinn gives Lily LaBeau the works with her mouth, fingers, and strap-on dildo – all in the shower!  Lily’s jaw is continuously dropped which tells us that Sinn is making magic happen.  Labeau gets it in along the way, too.  She drops to her knees and spread’s Sinn’s beautiful round ass cheeks and dives in face first.  She is sure to get a taste of her pussy while her face is buried deep in that scrumptious abyss.  Sinn Sage gets the last word in when she makes Lily shutter and cringe with her mouth one last time as the scene comes to a close.

Shyla Jennings takes advantage of an opportune moment when Sinn is feeling lonely after a recent break-up in scene 2.  Sinn resists at first because Shyla is in a relationship with a dude and she is not into being some fantasy for Shyla’s boyfriend.  Jennings makes is clear that it is Sinn she has been lusting after and that her boyfriend just doesn’t satisfy her.  Actions definitely speak louder than words when these two fuck.  They climb in bed and drive each other crazy.  There is some cunnilingus here and some finger fucking there, but what I really love is when Sinn climbs on top and rubs her pussy against Shyla’s.  They both get off from the tribbing action which is so freaking hot!

Skipping ahead, scene 4 brings us more super hot tribbing.  This time she gets it on with the gorgeous Raylene.  The two do it up sensual-style on the floor.  Sinn pushes Raylene’s legs back and begins to gently grind her pussy on Raylene’s.  She adjust so that the two are in that scissor-cowgirl position and she grinds harder and faster until she comes and collapses on Raylene.  Too good!

This is an awesome lesbian porno and I highly recommend it.  The only negative is that the lighting gets a little dim at some points.  It never gets in the way of my viewing pleasure, but it definitely needs to be taken into consideration.  Otherwise, Sinn Sage and her ladies rock worlds!

Watch Sinn Sage Loves Girls now!