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Interview With Chelsea Poe

Fetish FvckdollsFetish Fvckdolls, the latest from Chelsea Poe and TROUBLE Films, is a breath of fresh air around the office. It’s surprisingly rare to see transwomen bottoming in BDSM scenes, but Chelsea Poe and company use their brand of artistic, experimental pornography to bust down barriers and make the porn that needs to made, filling in the gaps left by mainstream studios. It’s also way fucking hot. Chelsea was kind enough to grant us an interview about Fetish Fvckdolls, trans and queer activism, and what’s next.

 Chelsea PoeJudy Hologram: Introduce yourself! Who is Chelsea Poe?

Chelsea Poe: I’m a queer, experimental, femme artist who has been making porn for the last 3 years.

JH: You came up in the punk scene and have been very vocal about how trans and queer performers need to be more DIY in their approach to making porn. What went into getting Fetish Fvckdolls made?

CP: The whole concept behind Fetish Fvckdolls was years of trans performers getting shut out at major BDSM companies and being told there’s no interest in trans BDSM. For real life submissive trans women like Stefani [Special], myself, and countless other trans women we figured if we didn’t make it, it wouldn’t exist. So the whole concept of this project was everyone coming together to try to create a trans BDSM film. Stefani produced her own scene, I did a collaboration with Foxhouse Films & then I directed and shot Kelly [Lox]’s scene with Ramses Rodstein.

JH: Did you run into any challenges getting this movie made?

CP: Since I started producing films with Fucking Mystic in 2013, you start to learn there will always be things that go wrong when producing films and the most important thing is just to push forward to release the best piece of art you can. Overall, there’s nothing I can remember going wrong or causing enough stress that I can really remember it now, so that’s probably a good thing.

JH: Why is it important for you to depict transwomen in submissive/slave roles?

CP: My actual real life role is a being a slave/submissive so it just kind of naturally came to me when I was coming up with ideas for future projects. Everything that I do on camera is a depiction of part of my sexuality, at least at this point in my career I kind of view performing like performance art where I want to share these experiences with a audience to kind of further what trans women are allowed to do in porn. Largely when I got into the industry the majority of gigs for trans women were solo shoots and I simply really enjoy extreme porn and think other trans women who do deserve to see trans women in those roles.

Fetish FvckdollsJH: What went into your casting decisions for Fetish Fvckdolls?

CP: I contacted Kelli & Stefani pretty early on about this project right after I shot with Foxhouse without a real plan of what this film was going to be. Courtney Trouble and I thought a trans masc on trans femme scene with Ramses and Kelli would be a super great fit, then Stefani performed with her real life Domme Mistress Kara.

JH: Do you see the second scene (with you, Alyx Fox, and Suzie Spindrift) as a cuckqueening scene? If you do, that’s especially awesome; I don’t see nearly enough cuckqueening in porn.

CP: I actually don’t identify as a cuckqueen. I’m super into humiliation and giving up power when submitting so I can totally get off in a scene like that, but I don’t consider myself a cuckqueen. I think it was Foxhouse’s intent for having it to be a cuckqueen scene, but after getting squirted on nearly 30 times, I always felt looking back at it, it has some intense lesbian bukkake vibes like something you would see on German Goo Girls (a really intense German bukkake site).

JH: Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this was your first time directing. What was the experience like? Do you think you’ll continue that pursuit?

CP: I actually co-directed Fucking Mystic then produced The Submissive Mixtape so coming into shooting and directing Kelli’s scene felt pretty natural, but that was the first scene I was behind the camera so I had a few moments of doubt, but I am really in love with Courtney Trouble’s edit of the scene.

JH: Who are your porno muses and role models?

CP:  My biggest role models in porn are Sasha Grey, Stoya, Mandy Morbid, Jiz Lee, and Courtney Trouble. They’ve all been extremely unique performers who did what they wanted on their terms and actively used their role in the industry to improve condition and/or speak out. I feel like if I can contribute 1/4th of what they have in their careers, I can make a big difference in trans porn.

Chelsea Poe and Courtney TroubleJH: You recently tweeted about how much more comfortable you are on a queer run set as opposed to a studio run set. What do you look for in a set that puts you at ease?

CP: Largely my queer sets are my punk friends and I trying to make a project together just to make something. When you’re on a mainstream set, there’s power dynamics, you might be asked to perform at the middle of the night because you’re receiving “x” amount of money and they simply don’t care about a collaboration or the model’s well being. There’s natural power dynamics that go into mainstream shoots, rather it’s about which girl on set is going to be on the cover, who is getting top billing, who is getting paid what, who is getting more lines, etc. I feel like after being on some really negative mainstream experiences in the last year, I’ve been more mindful as a director to really try to keep it feeling like a collaborative art project that isn’t about any one person’s vision.

JH: How has porn starring transwomen changed in the past few years? Do you think you’ve influenced the genre? What changes would you like to see in the future?

CP: Just what trans women can do now is night and day from when I got into the industry 3 years ago. I think I have been able to have a decent amount of influence because I do work with a indie company who largely lets me put out the content in the way I want to put it out so we have been able to take risks and prove you can think outside of the box with trans porn. I think the more and more performer/producers making their own content the better and more diverse trans porn will be in the future. I believe studio porn is slowly dying across the industry and performers making their own content is the future of porn.

Chelsea Poe TransSensual My TS StudentJH: In the past year you’ve become something of a fixture over at TransSensual. Nica’s movies are very different from the alt-porn that you usually appear in. What has it been like making that kind of switch?

CP: I think being able to do TransSensual films in New England is a really good outlet in addition to what I’ve been producing on my own for TROUBLE Films. I’ve been able to work with a lot of amazing performers for TransSensual and it has given me a little bit more mainstream credibility than some roles I’ve really been able to sink my teeth into. I really hope to work for TransSensual again in the future because I really really enjoy the films they put out and the way they market them.

JH: Are there any non-porno things (art, music, movies, video games, books, etc.) inspire or influence you as a performer?

CP: I’m super into queercore bands, my friends are mostly artists, musicians, and filmmakers. I’m surrounded by radical politics living in Oakland, surrounded by Silicon Valley, and always kind of traveling is what I believe is influencing me the most right now. I believe these elements are always going to work their way into my films whether I try to or not. The coolest thing in the last 3 years of making films has been talking to people who make other media and trying to take what their ethic is and try to put it towards my films.

Chelsea PoeJH: When you’re not performing or participating in activism, what do you like to do?

CP: I’ve basically been traveling and making films for the 2 years so I feel like I don’t have much downtime away from art, porn, or activism. Largely when I’m home in Oakland, I’m a homebody and pretty big on watching documentaries. Apart from that I’ve dabbled with golf and I have a noise band named Arondeus.

JH: What advice do you have for new queer and trans performers?

CP: My biggest advice industry wide is find a way to make content yourself so you never have to rely on someone else giving you work. Porn is a fickle industry and if you want a way to make money off yourself, the best way to do so is owning the footage. I think producing your own footage can help you as a performer as well because you have more invested into your performance than a few hundred dollars from a director.

JH: Are there any other performers that you haven’t gotten to work with yet who you’re hoping to perform with in the future?

CP: There’s quite a few I really hope to work with. Vex [Ashley], Stoya, Sinn Sage, Venus Lux, & Goddess Soma.

JH: What makes you feel sexiest?

CP: I think subbing makes me feel the sexiest, like just that moment of giving up power is really sexy to me.

Chelsea PoeJH: What’s coming up next for you?

CP: I’m releasing a slave training film called The Training of Poe this month, I just wrapped my full length directorial debut that should be out before this year is up, and there may be a possible screening tour to go with it on the east coast/midwest.

JH: Any final words?

CP: I just want to say how great HotMovies has been towards TROUBLE Films and myself, really appreciate the support and everyone at HotMovies & HotMoviesForHer.

Watch Fetish Fvckdolls on HotMoviesForHer!

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Kink School: Tips From a Dominatrix

Kink School: Tips From a Dominatrix box coverKink School: Tips From A Dominatrix is the latest fetish instructional video from Severe Sex. It’s probably pretty obvious from our many posts about their films that we love the Severe Sex studio. Not only are Dee Severe and Jimmy Broadway a good model for a marriage and working partnership, they make educational movies that are exciting. There is genuine enthusiasm in their scenes, and the group of professionals they work with are the best in their fields. You can be sure that when you watch a Severe Sex film you are seeing a carefully selected group of performers in thoughtfully scripted scenes, and everything they are doing on camera is done in a safe and consensual way. This kind of transparency is particularly important when depicting BDSM and sexual SM practices. Sometimes a viewer’s first exposure to BDSM is through video, so displaying the correct way to do something is important in case they decide they want to try this in their own sex life. For the beginner, knowing how NOT to do something is just as important as knowing how to do that thing. Safety is always a concern, but that doesn’t mean something done safely isn’t sexy. Severe Sex’s  instructional videos have always combined information and best practices with hot performers who love what they do.

Tips From a Dominatrix is a two disc set. Disc one has four hot scenes with professional dominatrices who show varying styles of D/s play, while disc 2 has almost two hours of some real talk from six of the hottest professional Dommes working right now.

Session One: Mona Wales & Marcelo


Marcelo is a newcomer in Mona’s dungeon, and he is excited about the opportunity to serve a new Mistress. Dressed in form-fitting latex, Mona sidles up next to Marcelo as he is strapped into a St. Andrew’s cross and promises that she is about to do some terrible things to him. After “tenderizing” his chest, stomach, legs, and cock with a flogger, Mona moves on to whipping him lightly across the chest and stomach. I’ve hardly seen Marcelo flinch when getting dominated, but the whip seems to almost do him in here. Continuing to impress, Marcelo tests his limits with CBT in the form of magnets and weights while Mona switches him across the stomach and praises him for being an “overachiever.”


Session Two: Mona Wales & Marcelo


Mona must’ve taken to Marcelo’s obedient nature, because she’s locked him in a cage to serve her once again. Once Marcelo has begged like the puppy Mona wants him to become, she lets him out of the cage and their scene begins with her walking him around on a leash like a dog. Marcelo licks and worships her feet and plunges his nose into Mona’s ass like a curious pup looking to make a new friend. While this play seems humiliating or degrading, it is this power dynamic that Marcelo craves and Mona clearly feeds off of. They have excellent chemistry together, and these first two scenes are a great example of a dungeon session gone right!


Lifestyle Play: Lyra Louvel & Michael Vegas


One of the questions most kinksters face is how they incorporate their preferred style of play into a relationship dynamic. Real-life lovers Lyra Louvel and Michael Vegas provide an intimate look into how they enjoy sensual domination together. The scene begins with Michael blindfolded and waiting expectantly for his Mistress as she saunters into the room in her thigh-high boots. She is pleased to see Michael doing exactly what she asked of him, and rewards him with a few playful whacks of her leather flogger. Lyra instructs Michael to smell her pussy, and he begins worshiping her like a good little slave. After Lyra’s been properly pleasured, she allows Michael to fuck her and he cums on those sexy boots.


Heavy Session: Cybill Troy, Jimmy Broadway & Marcelo


This scene begins with a “do not try this at home” warning, so you know it’s going to be good. Cybill Troy has Marcelo strapped to a St. Andrew’s cross in her dungeon, and she warms him up by tying his balls tight with a rope while ashing her cigarette on them. If you’re thinking that this looks intense, you’d be correct. Cybill Troy is a professional, and she knows how to safely play with Marcelo and respect his boundaries. Continuing to watch this scene, however, you’ll quickly learn that Marcelo has an incredibly high pain threshold and that his boundaries are not that of the average person. Cybill brings out Jimmy Broadway to crawl along the floor as she ties his and Marcelo’s ballsacks together with a long rope. As Jimmy attempts to crawl away, both men howl as their balls are stretched. Cybill continues the merciless CBT with a crop, a whip, and some clothespins.


Disc 2

Dee Severe

Disc two includes in-depth interviews on an assortment of issues regarding professional dungeon experiences, BDSM in a relationship, manners with your Domme, and a lot of personal insight from the women who have been doing this for a long time off camera as well as on set. Aiden Starr, Justine Cross, Elena Deluca, Mona Wales, Lyra Louvel, Cybil Troy, Alexandra Snow, and Dee Severe break down a ton of subjects concerning kinky play. Here are just a few of the many details they discuss:

Elena Deluca Justine CrossDo your research before picking a Domme, and make sure you have similar interests. The more specialized your interests the more important this is. For example, if you’re into some type of role play and you are super specific about the scenario, email your Domme and ask if she provides this type of scenario, if she enjoys it, and what her favorite part about this is. You don’t need to write novels to each other. In fact, be as succinct and clear as possible, but ask the deep questions before you show up so that you know what you are getting into.

Cybil Troy Aiden StarrDirectories and numerous websites will prove helpful. Google is your friend. There are plenty of resources out there to help in your research for the perfect match for your particular interests.

Beginners might feel more comfortable going to a big dungeon where there is support staff and security. If you’ve never been to see a professional Domme and you’re worried about going to a stranger’s house to get tied up (or whatever you are interested in trying) then a larger dungeon may be a good place for you to start. There are a variety of different providers working there, and often the manager or receptionist can help you find your best fit. With a larger dungeon you have the option to try other Dommes if the initial fit doesn’t click with you.

Alexandra Snow Lyra Louvel Mona WalesSometimes fantasies should stay fantasies. Make sure you’re ready to take the next step with a particular fantasy. This is fairly self-explanatory, but do the work and figure out if this is something you actually want to bring into your life, or if this is just something you want to keep as a happy, little secret.

Watch out for red flags, like not obeying hard limits…Don’t take chances and put yourself in a dangerous situation. With research of professionals of any kind comes a thoughtful exploration of your own needs, and safety should be your top priority whether you see a Domme or meet a stranger for a date. Make sure your Domme (and anyone you play with) is safe, sane, and consensual.

Some of my favorite tips are: Don’t be smelly. Don’t try to cram all of your fantasies into a half hour visit. Don’t try to date your pro-Domme. 

Think of disc two of Tips From a Dominatrix as a talk with your professionally kinky friends who want you to be safe while you have a good time finding your perfect Domme.

Now go explore and watch Kink School: Tips From A Dominatrix now on HotMoviesforHer!

A Guide to Kink.com’s 20 Fetish Studios

Here at HotMoviesForHer, the editorial staff rejoices when we get a Kink.com title from one of their various studios (of which we have 20 straight and trans-oriented). Since 1997, Kink has been reigning supreme in the online fetish-porn community. With a diverse range of studios that accommodate a wide spectrum of sexual orientations and proclivities, Kink continues to produce some of the highest quality BDSM/fetish content with a mix of extremely talented, sought-after performers and industry amateurs looking to fulfill their fetish fantasies onscreen.



At BoundGangbangs, sexy female performers are tied up and fucked by a group of well-endowed men to fulfill their fantasies of being outnumbered while in bondage. Like all of Kink’s content, the performers involved are living out their kinkiest fantasies onscreen and only participate in acts that they’re truly interested in. Total female submission is the name of the game for BGB, with performers often having all of their holes stuffed simultaneously: ass, pussy, and mouth. BoundGangbangs isn’t for the faint of heart, as gangbangs are exactly what you’d expect them to be: wild, intense, and often with a bukkake element. If you like watching women get completely dominated by many men at once, definitely check this studio out.

Top-Rated Movies:

Bound GangBangs – Featuring Candy Manson

Bound GangBangs – Featuring Amber Rayne

Bound GangBangs – Featuring Kristina Rose


device bondage
DeviceBondage utilizes a veritable hardware store of metal apparatuses to induce the submissive experience of being caged and captured. Female performers undergo gagging, heavy breast and pussy play, as well as controlled masturbation by male Doms while suspended or held down by restraints they can’t possibly escape from. Slave-training with the goal of complete obedience is the objective of DB, with impressive contraptions holding subs in an intentional and constant state of uneasiness for maximum results. Fans of hardcore M on F domination will find DeviceBondage content enjoyable for both the quality and the wide array of kinky toys used.

Top-Rated Movies:

Device Bondage #2 Bruised Fruit

Device Bondage #1 Featuring Alexa Von Tess And Sara Jane Ceylon

Device Bondage – Lindsey Grant 2


divine bitches
For those interested in Femdom content, DivineBitches is the the answer to your prayers. With beautiful Goddesses expecting nothing less than their subs’ complete adoration and physical worship, these Dommes whip their slave boys into shape using a variety of methods: pegging, spanking, cuckolding, and many other creative methods of humiliation. Whether it’s for the Mistress’ sexual pleasure or to simply keep her entertained, these men will go to great lengths to please Her. DivineBitches features professional Dominatrixes who are highly trained in doling out their methods of punishment.

Top-Rated Movies:

Divine Bitches #1 – Three Slaveboys Milked

Divine Bitches #2 Divine High Tea Party

Divine Bitches – Featuring John Jammen And Maitresse Madeline


Electrosluts produces lesbian Femdom content with a focus around erotic electro-stimulation. Beautiful Dommes dish out rigorous e-stim treatments while their slave girls are bound and gagged, taking every volt with an equal dose of pleasure. All of the slaves’ holes are equal-opportunity shock-and-awe zones, as their Mistress decides whether to fuck them with a strap-on or deliver a heavy zap from a cattleprod or violet wand. If watching women wearing electrodes get fucked by a Dominatrix is your thing, Electrosluts is perfectly suited to your tastes.

Top-Rated Movies:

Electrosluts – The Chosen One – Featuring Isis Love And Leilani Leeane

Electrosluts – Featuring Krysta Kaos And Bobbi Starr

Electrosluts – Featuring Bobbi Starr And Mallory Malone 2



While anal sex remains one of the most popular categories in porn, EverythingButt takes ass-fetishism one step further. With female recipients hosting everything from fingers, dicks, butt plugs, anal beads, strap-ons, all the way to enema nozzles, EB pushes performers’ anal capabilities to the limits in safe and sexy environment. EverythingButt uses anal amateurs as well as professionals for a wide scope of ass pleasure. If you’re a fan of butt sex (and who isn’t?), this studio is a must-see.

Top-Rated Movies:

Everything Butt – Featuring James Deen And Kristina Rose

Everything Butt – Featuring Mark Davis And Kelly Divine

Everything Butt – Featuring James Deen And Amy Brooke



Feet are an often overlooked body part when it comes to sex, but FootWorship showcases that feet can and should be used for entirely different purposes than walking. Toe-fucking, footjobs, and plenty of toe-sucking occurs in both straight and lesbian scenes. This fetish isn’t for everyone, but die-hard foot-worshipers would have a difficult time finding content better suited to their tastes.

Top-Rated Movies:

Foot Worship – Featuring Siri And Danny Mountain

Foot Worship – Featuring Natalia Starr And Elle Alexandra

Foot Worship – Featuring Chanel Preston, Lorelei Lee & MORE



One of Kink.com’s first specialty studios, FuckingMachines is a truly innovative and intense experience. As the name suggests, FM uses industrial, engine-powered machines with dildos attached at one end designed to make recipients cum over and over again. Settings range from medical to dungeon, with women strapped to tables or locked in cages so they can’t escape their unrelenting orgasms. FuckingMachines showcases real female orgasms, with performers controlling the speeds of their respective machines from 0-350rpm.

Top-Rated Movies:

FuckingMachines #28 – Sammie Rhodes Gets Machine Fucked

Fucking Machines #5 Featuring Penny Flame

Fucking Machines #12 Featuring Kat



Fans of submissive women in rope bondage need look no further than HogTied for their BDSM needs. Bound in inescapable positions, these women are administered a series of slave-training exercises by their Masters as they are suspended and whipped into shape. Punishments include orgasm-withholding as well as caning and breath play. If you’re interested in watching slaves give up total control to their Dom or Femdoms’ whimsy, check HogTied out today!

Top-Rated Movies:

Hogtied #2 Featuring Sarah Blake

HogTied #15 Featuring Faith

HogTied #11 Featuring Christina Carter



KinkLive features hot amateurs as well as notable porn stars as they perform cam shows for their fans. Per fan requests, the girls will whip, restrain, and masturbate with a fucking machine for their viewing pleasure. KinkLive content is pre-recorded, but you can watch the hot interaction between performer and viewer unfold as the girls are told what to do!

Top-Rated Movies:

Kink Live #6 – Maitresse Madeline’s POV Instructions!

Kink Live #4 Featuring Rain Degrey

Kink Live #10 – Featuring Wenona The Acrobatic Slut!



When men are caught behaving badly, these Femdoms do not let their misdeeds go unpunished. These hopeless men do everything in their power to win their Mistress’ favor, worshiping the ground they walk on by licking their boots clean. Punishments include CBT, spanking, caning, and pegging, but even as they undergo their discipline, these guys take a perverse pleasure in women taking ownership and controlling them.

Top-Rated Movies:

Men In Pain #15 Featuring Isis Love And Elliot Skellington

Men In Pain #10 Featuring Penny Flame & Nick

Men In Pain #19 Featuring Judas & Isis Love



PublicDisgrace takes domination outdoors for some seriously risky exhibitionism. With possible onlookers mere feet away, you’ll be astounded by the acts these performers get away with when they take to the streets of San Francisco. Women are publicly humilated in bondage, getting groped, fucked, and even gangbanged with excited voyeurs looking on.

Top-Rated Movies:

Public Disgrace #4 -The Dinner Party

Public Disgrace #1 – Public Gangbang 1

Public Disgrace #2 – Public Gangbang 2



SexAndSubmission features hardcore dungeon sex where submissive women get fucked in bondage. Performers vary from first-time amateurs to professional porn stars, but both submit just as readily to male authority. Occasionally, the willing slaves put their obeisance to the test, getting dominated by not one, but two Masters. All of these girls’ holes are their Dom’s property on SexAndSubmission.

Top-Rated Movies:

Sex And Submission #38 – The Debt Collectors

Sex And Submission #33 – The Journalist – Sasha Grey’s First Bondage Video Ever

Sex And Submission #24 Featuring Evan Stone & Shy Love



TheUpperFloor is a beautiful set in the Kink.com armory where true BDSM lifestyle is on full display, as inspired by the French erotic novel The Story Of O. House slaves and their Masters come from all around to depict their practices of worship and punishment, as well as BDSM newbies who are interested in undergoing slave-training to learn how to live the 24/7 BDSM lifestyle.

Top-Rated Movies:

The Upper Floor – Featuring Cherry Torn And Sarah Shevon

The Upper Floor – Featuring Cherry Torn

The Upper Floor – Featuring Nerine Mechanique And Cherry Torn

Training Of O


The Training Of O is a BDSM reality-porn platform in which aspiring female slaves undergo four days of intense training in the art of submission, all while being filmed. None of the content on Training Of O is staged; it is all authentic footage of Master trainers putting their submissives through the ultimate ringer. Slaves are bound, fucked, spanked, and humiliated into true physical and psychological submission.

Top-Rated Movies:

The Training Of O – With Bobbi Starr

The Training Of O – Featuring Tia Ling And Wolf Hudson

The Training Of O – Featuring Sarah Jane Ceylon And TJ Cummings



Lovers of transgender women, Kink.com hasn’t forgotten about you! TSPussyHunters features dominant transwomen taking female slaves as their own personal property. This kinky trans-on-cisgendered woman content features amateurs as well as notable porn stars having their first sexual experience with a woman who has both tits and a dick. Fantasy becomes reality with TSPussyHunters, as the ornate sets and intricate plots unfold to reveal sensual BDSM sex.

Top-Rated Movies:

TS Pussy Hunters – Featuring Mia Isabella And Ashli Ames

TS Pussy Hunters – Featuring Kaylee Hilton And Venus Lux

TS Pussy Hunters Featuring Honey Foxxx And Francesca Le



Like TSPussyHunters, TSSeduction features transwomen dominating men with their beautiful bodies and huge cocks. Misbehaving men are taught to worship their trans-Dommes with elements of bondage, face-sitting, milking, and plenty of trans-on-male anal.

Top-Rated Movies:

TS Seduction – Kade, Danielle Foxxx

TS Seduction #2 – Featuring Mitch West And Mia Isabella

TS Seduction #5 – Featuring Mandy Mitchell And Omar



UltimateSurrender features unscripted, nude girl-on-girl wrestling. The matches are real, and performers range from first-time amateurs to wrestling aficionados. Real sports fans, wrestling fans, and lesbian porn fans can all unite at UltimateSurrender to cheer on the girl they want to dominate the competition. The winner of the wrestling match gets to further erotically humiliate their competitor by putting them in bondage and made to have earth-shattering orgasms, along with spanking, hair-pulling, strap-on fucking, and plenty of foot and ass worship.

Top-Rated Movies:

Ultimate Surrender #28 Featuring Wenona & DragonLily

Ultimate Surrender #9 Featuring Nina & Isis Love

Ultimate Surrender #29 – Featuring Vai & Vendetta



WaterBondage takes breath play to an entirely different level with submissive women in restraints as they’re either dunked, fucked, or sprayed with loads of running water. At high pressures, spraying water can have a similar sensation on one’s body as flogging or caning. By dunking their bound slaves, Masters have the pleasure of controlling their breath. Add orgasm control to that with either a vibrator or a fucking machine, and Doms can administer erotic asphyxiation to their submissives as well. WaterBondage utilizes only experienced professionals in extremely safe settings.

Top-Rated Movies:

Water Bondage #4 Featuring Dana DeArmond

Water Bondage #1 Featuring Victoria Sweet & Isis Love

Water Bondage #8 Featuring: Jenni Lee



WhippedAss is the home for kinky lesbian Femdom bondage sex, with professional Dominatrixes taking submissive women and turning them into their proper slaves. You’ll find plenty of pussy-licking, foot worship, punishing strap-on sex, smothering, and whipping as these Dommes turn these kinky porn stars into their personal sluts. Fans of high-definition Lezdom content will love WhippedAss.

Top-Rated Movies

Whipped Ass #14 Featuring Justine Jolie, Harmony, & Sativa Rose

Whipped Ass #16 Featuring Isis Love, Kat And Hollie Stevens

Whipped Ass #11 Featuring Shy Love & Penny Play



Like ElectroSluts, WiredPussy features electric-stimulation administered by Femdoms to their female slaves. Bound, gagged, and shocked until orgasm, submissive women experience entirely new sensations when introducing e-stim into their playtime. Whether they’re covered in electrodes and fucked by strap-ons or having their Domme introduce their nipples to the violet wand, WiredPussy keeps the currents cumming.

Top-Rated Movies:

Wired Pussy #12 Featuring Annie Cruz

Wired Pussy #15 Featuring Vendetta

Wired Pussy #20 Featuring Christina Carter & Isis Love

HMFH Interviews Mystica Jade

Diary Of A Sex Slave boxcoverThe latest fetish release from director/performer/lady boner James Deen is the artful Diary Of A Sex Slave movie. With no hard plot, its five scenes details a day in the life of Deen’s personal sex slave and lover, portrayed by brand new starlet Mystica Jade. As the centerpiece of what was only her second ever porn shoot, Jade captures the viewer’s attention with her vulnerable, authentic performance, powering through an intense day of BDSM fuckery. Jade was kind enough to give us an exclusive inside look at the filming of Diary Of A Sex Slave.

HotMoviesForHer: Introduce yourself! Who is Mystica Jade?

Mystica Jade: Mystica Jade is a breath of fresh air. She is genuine yet mysterious. She is awkward, yet endearing and captures your attention.

HMFH: You filled out the online application to film a scene with James Deen, which led to your first ever porn scene. What made you decide to apply?

Mystica: I was finally single and realized that I was never going to run into James at my local Starbucks so I applied, however, I never in a million years thought that I would ever actually be picked to shoot with him. I honestly thought my application would get lost in the shuffle of the hundreds of other beautiful ladies.

HMFH: Did you apply with the intention of it being the first of many scenes, or did you think it would be a one time thing?

Mystica: I applied thinking it would be a one time thing, but then when James asked if it was something I might want to do. I said “yeah” and he said he knew some people who knew some people and could help me out.

Mystica Jade Selfie

HMFH: What has surprised you the most about the adult industry since you’ve joined?

Mystica: A lot has surprised me actually! I am not your quintessential “porn chick.” I have small boobs and I am not the skinniest girl and I am at a strange age coming into the industry, but whenever I am on set all I hear are positive reinforcements and someone always telling me how pretty I am or how great my body is. It is a confidence booster in all actuality and I absolutely love that!

HMFH: You must have made quite an impression on Daddy Deen; Diary of a Sex Slave revolves around your character, and it was only your second time shooting porn. How did this project get started? What is James’ brain child or yours?

Mystica: *blushing* After I shot my first scene, James and I kept in touch and he wanted to have me bent over on my knees in his entryway while dudes came in throughout the day and had sex with me. That is the text that started it all and that is straight from James’ twisted brain.

HMFH: For you, what does it mean to be a sex slave?

Mystica: Personally, to be a sex slave is to give over complete control to your master/owner/daddy. To trust him/her to know that whatever situation you are put in they would never let any harm come to you and that you are doing this to make your master happy and proud for them to call you theirs. To be at their beck and call 24/7 and that be all you could ever want for your life.

Behind the scenes of Diary Of A Sex Slave. Image courtesy of JamesDeenBlog.com
Behind the scenes of Diary Of A Sex Slave. Image courtesy of JamesDeenBlog.com

HMFH: We often hear of porn stars who got into the industry as a way to have their fantasies fulfilled in a safe, controlled environment. Is this true for you as well?

Mystica: Definitely! I love rough sex and was always interested in the BDSM for as long as I can remember and am now able to live out all my fantasies knowing I am in complete control of anything that happens in the scene.

HMFH: Did you have experience with BDSM before Diary?

Mystica: I have always been naturally submissive, but had never actually lived out any D/s type stuff so this was a very exciting day for me and it sparked a love that I will always have for the BDSM lifestyle.

HMFH: How much input did you have on what kind of scenes were in Diary? Was there anything that you wanted to happen that came true?

Mystica: All I knew 3 days prior to filming was the movie’s name and theme. Keep in mind, my first scene was James and I fucking with a camera sitting in the corner of a room. I thought that was how porn was made and I arrived with a bunch of camera crew and realized that he had more faith in me than I thought by giving me my own movie! My instructions were “I need you to just be you and get fucked all day.” James and I went over my limits and what I was ok with and not ok with, and that is exactly what happened. I always fantasized about getting DP’d and being told what to do all day. It was a dream come true.

HMFH: Tell us about that day on set. What were some memorable moments?

Mystica: There were a lot of people. A lot of penises. I think my most memorable moments were doing BTS with Danny Wylde and him asking me “So do you do a lot of scenes where you stop and go or is this weird for you?” and I said it was my second scene and all the camera crew and Danny’s mouths kind of dropped and James just kind of smiled. I was just so glad you couldn’t tell that I didn’t know what I was doing.

Mystica Jade Diary Of A Sex SlaveHMFH: Did you really film the whole movie in one day? It sounds exhausting. How do you prepare for something like that? Was it as difficult as it sounds?

Mystica: We really filmed in one day and that is why I look like death as the movie progresses. I had a rough day! I arrived on set at 8am and I believe I didn’t leave until about 1am. You don’t prepare for something like that. I probably didn’t get much sleep either from all the nerves and excitement either.

HMFH: Which scene was your favorite?

Mystica: My favorite scene artistically and visually is the first scene when we are waking up in the morning. I think it is just so beautiful and twisted at the same time. You really get to see the dynamic of our D/s relationship in the film. My favorite scene to film was definitely the vagina licking with Dana DeArmond aka Porno Godmother. It was my first time going down on a girl and I am glad that nobody could tell! It was so much fun to film. Dana is hysterical and hanging out with her was so much fun.

evil angelHMFH: What’s it like working with James Deen? What’s he like as a performer? As a director?

Mystica: James is both the best director and performer. He is very laid back and caring. He was constantly making sure I was ok and asking if I needed anything and paid attention to me and took note when I needed a break. I actually took a nap at one point. While performing he is constantly saying dirty things to you and maintaining eye contact and keeping the energy up. He pays fabulous attention to body language and I thoroughly feel that is what makes him such a great performer.

HMFH: You’ve had a chance to film both amateur style content and a major production; what are the biggest differences between the two? Which do you prefer to perform in?

Mystica: I can’t compare Diary with my first (amateur) scene simply because both of them are very ‘me.’ I love creating porn that is very ‘real.’ I love seeing real orgasms and facial expressions that aren’t always pretty and the connection between the two performers. Filming a major production you are basically filming everything 3 times. It is very hard to maintain a genuine performance when you have to stop in the middle and restart with the same intensity as you stopped the scene with. In amateur porn you can just go non-stop and you are not rushed into cumming or anything.

HMFH: What advice do you have for women who are interested in exploring a BDSM relationship like the one in Diary?

Mystica: Please, please only do so if you have absolute trust with each other, have gone over boundaries, have safe words, and an understanding that you are ultimately the one who is in control. The sub is the one that has all the power in that type of relationship. The relationship portrayed is a very realistic and loving one. The Dom (James) has me do all these things throughout the day because it makes him happy and I (the sub) live to make Daddy happy. This is James’ idea of a love story.

HMFH: What do you like to do when you’re not on set? What are your hobbies? What makes you tick?

Mystica: I am an extremely boring person. I like to just chill at home by the pool or eat and hula hoop. I live in Texas so I mean all there is to do is eat.

selfie 2HMFH: You haven’t been in the industry for very long; what are your porno goals and dreams for the future?

Mystica: I am not trying to be famous or make millions of dollars or be the next big thing. I just really like performing so as long as I am passionate about a scene or a company then I would love to shoot. I have already done so much in such a short amount of time, but I would love love love to shoot for Tushy, Hard X, Naughty America, Digital Playground, Brazzers, and all the companies really.

HMFH: What can we look forward to seeing you in next?

Mystica: I haven’t really done much lately. My scenes are few and far between but I should have a scene coming out soon for The Upper Floor with Bill Bailey and Cherie DeVille and I will be shooting for The Training of O next month.

HMFH: What’s the best way for your fans to show their love and support you?

Mystica: Twitter @themysticajade, Instagram @themysticajadex, and Amazon Wishlist.

HMFH:Any parting words?

Mystica: Diary Of A Sex Slave is nominated for a Nightmoves Award for Best Fetish/Specialty Release so pretty please go vote and let me know on Twitter so I can thank you!

Watch Diary Of A Sex Slave on HotMoviesForHer today!

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The Everything To Do With Sex Show Recap

Sorry, girls from the states. The men in Toronto are where it’s at. Some hot stuff up there, my dears!


emja, ashley, missy, and d


This past weekend, HotMovies, HotMoviesForHer, and FetishMovies packed up their passports and headed to the Great North for this amazing show about sex. Everything to do with it, to be exact. Twenty-nine hours jam-packed our weekend of meeting fans, customers, performers, and business owners under the roof of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and it was more intense than my greatest girl-on-top orgasm.

There were many great moments of the trip, one of them NOT being the plane experience. The time from Philly to Toronto was only an hour and a half, really, but the plane was too small for me not to unearth my wee bit of claustrophobia. However, the swank room with a beautiful view made up for it, and we were tucked into our hotel rooms in the same building as the convention centre, making it for easy travel to-and-from.

Especially on the thirteen-hour Saturday (ya, we had to be there from beginning-to-end), we were feeling the exhaustion, so we made a game out of tossing our tee shirt swag out. Tell us a filthy joke, and you scored a free tee or tank. The visitors were more than up for the challenge, and many had the jokes flying at the drop of a coin. Here are some of our favorites. Highlight to see the answers.


What do you find at the bottom of women’s underwear?

A: Clitty Litter

How is a cock just like a Rubik’s Cube?

A: The longer you play with it, the harder it gets.

What does a woman have in common with a tornado?

A: They both make a lot of noise when they come and then take the house.

Two boys go into a forest and walk around. Suddenly they see a naked woman, then one of the boys run away. The other chases after him. The boy asked “Why did you run away?” The other said, “My mom told me if I ever  saw a naked women I’d turn to stone and I already felt something getting hard.”

Why do women wear belly button rings?

A: So you have to have a place to hang the air freshener. 

What does 80 year old pussy taste like?

A: It Depends.

One night, as a couple lay down for bed, the husband gently taps his wife on the shoulder and starts rubbing her arm. The wife turns over and says: “I’m sorry honey, I’ve got a gynecologist appointment tomorrow and I want to stay fresh.” The husband, rejected, turns over and tries to sleep. A few minutes later, he rolls back over and taps his wife again. This time he whispers in her ear: “Do you have a dentist appointment tomorrow too?”

A black rooster sits on a fence. How many feet does the rooster have? (2) Now two black roosters sit on another fence. How many beak are there? (2) A white cat sits on another fence. How many hairs on are the cat? (I don’t know) Seems like you know much more about black cock than white pussy. 

What does Ariel wear seashells?

A: She outgrew her B-shells.

How are an alcoholic and a necrophiliac alike?

A: They both like to crack open a cold one.

How did Pinocchio find out he was made of wood?

A: His hand caught fire.


We also had a great time meeting the lovely ladies Claire Robbins, Ashley Fires, Missy Rhodes, and Sunny Lane. Oh, and we saw a club performance by Sisqo the last night. How random is that?



Ashley got a kisssss
We drew quite a crowd with the FetishMovies performance!
Emja reppin’ HotMovies, HotMoviesForHer, and TalktoMe.com
Emja’s reaction after all the performances!


Naked booth before the crowd. So eerily quiet!


Totally recommend staying at the InterContinental Toronto.
Tiny plane. Terrifying.
The mini-Hitachi-esque vibes were a huge hit. Want one? Tweet me!


Did you go? Do you have pictures/comments/shout-outs? Tweet me. 

Newest Sextastic Porn Ladies of 2013

Meet the Freshman Class of 2013

It’s the end of June. Which means six months in, the ladies below have done wonders in only half a year, and we expect big things for these eight babes.


Karmen Karma

why//she beat out nine girls for top spot as Exxxotica’s fan-chosen New Girl On the Block award winner.

sample tweet//Bubble butt playing in the tanning bed is dangerous.

where you’ve seen her//Pretty Dirty vol.5

find more//twitter

 Romi Rain

why//she may be blunt, but she’s still sweet and full of intellect, and has been featured in Hustler and Inked already.

sample tweet//My dry cleaners remember me by name because I mostly bring them things like my oil soaked lingerie.

where you’ve seen her//Ink Girls with Christy Mack

find more//romirain.com

Jessica Robbin


why//this girl has the best smile i’ve seen in porn. totally au naturel and rad.

sample tweet//Self tanner made me fucking orange. I’m digging the oompa look though.

where you’ve seen her//Bra Busters

find more//JessicaRobbin

Emily Austin

why//she has such a dedicated loyalty to her fans (aaah! and animals, squeee!), which is so commendable. also, she’s fun in her movies. watch co-eds are easy and watch her ‘oops’ face. she. is. divinely awesome.

sample tweet//Last minute Father’s Day gift? ADOPT Check out your local shelter and add a furry little one 4 your family to enjoy! [ed. note: i told you!]

where you’ve seen her//Co-Eds Are Easy

find more//facebook

Laela Pryce

why//she is a complete nympho. in the best way possible.

sample tweet//you shall worship my ass!!!! submit to the booty!!!

where you’ve seen her//The Initiation of Ava Dalush and in Funny or Die in the “Ask A Pornstar” series

find more//twitter

Adriana Chechik


why//her name is fun to say. seriously though, those damn EYES.

sample tweet//Person is typing… Person is typing… Person is typing… Person is typing… Person is typing… Person is typing… Person says: hi [okay it’s a RT, but she still has an awesome, realistic sense of humor]

where you’ve seen her//Pretty Dirty vol. 6 she’s on the front cover!

find more//facebook

Layla Sin

why//she is drop dead gorgeous, her moans and sighs are realistic, not cheesy.

sample tweet//I’m so stressed I need a dick

where you’ve seen her//Lesbo Pool Party 2

find more//twitter

Amanda Tate

 ^^ this is hilarious ^^

why//this girl is smoking. and brand spankin’ new. with the right studio, her presence will blow up – gorgeous and a great personality.

sample tweet//I think the guy sitting on the floor near me sharing my electrical outlet just farted. Awesome.

where you’ve seen her//you haven’t yet, probably! but keep your eye out. she’s already signed with 101 Modeling – a solid start.

find more//twitter

Shades of Kink

I have tried not to shit all over Fifty Shades of Grey since its explosion all over the world. I’m just now reading it because I didn’t want to be a nasty, judgmental asshole about something I hadn’t explored*. And it’s not nearly as bad as I’d heard it is. This book has opened a huge dialogue about sex and kink in the mainstream vernacular, and it’s no surprise that Sweet Sinner jumped on the film opportunity before Hollywood did. So why not find out how Shades of Kink goes? It can’t hurt. And hey, Erik Everhard is along for the ride!

Now, one of my major pet peeves in film, not just porn, is when the production doesn’t fit the content. In other words, if a studio is proudly DIY, I’m fine with some muffled audio or lackluster backdrops. However, if you have some loot to spend on good lighting (the thing that can make or break a star’s appearance) and production, spend that shit! Thankfully, and especially because this is not a gonzo film, Shades looks beautiful. A+ for appropriately high production value. That’s a fast way into my heart, friends.

But, Janie, what about the fuh-ccking??? That’s the whole reason we’re here, right? Of course. But seriously, the build up to the sex scenes works quite well. For example, just as Anastasia Steele is cunningly interrogated by Christian Grey in FOG, so is Maddy O’Reilly‘s Riley. However, she’s up against marketing magnate Norton Ashe, played by legendary Evan Stone and his handy heart tin of Ben-Wa balls. (For the record, Christian Grey does suggest the B Dubs, but not until much later in FOG.) Now, this isn’t the sort of job interview I’d like in my actual life, but for a fantasy? Hot damn! Evan Stone doesn’t come off as so much of a creep, but as a sly, knowing sex maverick. Hell, he’s not even my type, but this scene does get the ball rolling (yeah, puns) on the seamy side of unexpected and seemingly taboo desire. You know how you feel conflicted about wanting something you think you’re not supposed to want? This scene actually tapped into that for me. Maybe I’m nuts, but have a look for yourself:

Not only did this scene pique my libido, it set me up for what happens a few scenes later: Norton treats Riley to a live sex show, featuring Erik Everhard and Lily LaBeau, in a secluded room with plush stadium seats for the two voyeurs. If you told me about this scene, I would probably think it sounds fucking icky. However, watching it, I think it’s a sexy demonstration of how to ease into power play.

So, look, I’m going to watch the whole movie this weekend and I’m probably going to get off to it. Shades of Kink is totally not what I thought I might enjoy. I’m feeling a little seedy about it right now, to be honest. I wanted to jump on the Too Cool for It bus, but I can’t really do that because I think I want to scratch my record to Shades of Kink. There, I said it. Janie wants to rub one out to plot-oriented, straight porn featuring a sugar glider. My mom will be so relieved!

*I’m totally fine with being an asshole when I’m an informed one.

Watch “Shades of Kink” now!


Water Bondage #20 – Featuring Amber “Amazing” Rayne

I was warned about these WaterBondage.com films. I’ve heard that they are scary and anxiety-inducing, and will trigger any trace of claustrophobia lurking in your being. I’m not much of a masochist, but sign me up! Since I was so into Amber Rayne‘s performance with Jack Hammer in Fluid: Men Defining Sexuality last week, I figured she wouldn’t do me wrong in .

Right at the start of the video, Amber is super enthusiastic about trying water bondage in her pre-scene interview. It’s as though she’s just been told she’s going to swim in Willie Wonka’s chocolate river and not get a yeast infection. (Wait, what, Janie? Look, I have a fear of Crotch Malfunction. Bear with me.) I’m not much of a bottom, but I started to get jealous of her opportunity for this peculiar “punishment.” That is, unless I saw the next scene where Amber is tied in a standing split up a column, in a pair of low-traction heels. This is supposed to make the water part look like a relief, maybe. Since I’ve seen plenty of “dry play” in the past, I was ready to move onto the water play.

Hot fiery fuck, does this look awful! I mean, it looks like something for which I need a GGG bottom. (Yes, Mom, I said it.) Amber spends the next scene in a strappado tie while seemingly cold water douses her body, soaking her hair until it’s hanging over her eyes. The Dom flogs her back and whips her glistening pink ass with a single tail bullwhip. The sound of the water over the sharp smacking of the Dom’s implements is irresistibly delicious to my ears. I can’t tell if it’s the sound alone that captures me, or if it’s knowing just how much more uncomfortable a whipping is when your skin is wet. Either way, the rest of the HM4H office fell away as I fell into this scene.

Lastly, after another “dry” scene involving a web device and some sex toys, Amber gets dunked headfirst into a long, narrow, glass Houdini tank. These scenes are simply beautiful. Amber looks placid and peaceful, like a satisfied sub mermaid. I didn’t feel the proxy claustrophobia I’d been warned about, but the scenes is well lit. A dimmer room would have lent itself to a more sinister feel. However, Amber seems far from scathed by her water bondage scenes. I can’t really say the final tank scene is hot, but it’s a treat to watch. I’ll be back for more of the WaterBondage series for sure.

Watch “Water Bondage #20-Featuring Amber ‘Amazing’ Rayne” now!

Smoking Masturbaters 1

Let’s be real, smoking cigarettes is a totally gross habit.  You know it, I know it, and every smoker ever knows it.  While that is true, it also stands to reason that there seems to be some sexy allure to watching someone take a drag off a cigarette and blow the smoke out.  Whether it’s the cool factor that’s ingrained from our high school years, or the fact that it reminds us of cock sucking or some other oral fixation, it’s just a fact that it gets some of us off.

Surprisingly, this is the very first smoking movie I have ever reviewed here on the blog (though, honestly, I haven’t reviewed porn too many other places) in the five years that I’ve been writing here.  Crazy, right?  But hey, ladies like all kinds of things, so who am I to say that we shouldn’t take the time to feature some of the lesser known fetishes.  So today here is  (sic).  I do have to note that masturbators is spelled wrong in the title, which makes my writing side go a little haywire.  Ok, back to the sex.

Maybe I’ve just watched too many movies in my life, but I always thought that people lit up a cigarette AFTER they got off, not during.  Possibly the order doesn’t matter when it comes to masturbating?  Although I would imagine it hard to manage if you want to use both your hands?  Anyway…

I have a total boner for scene three, where a cheeky British brunette talks dirty about smoking and wanting us to touch her horny body.  Yes please!  She incorporates her inhales into her moans, making the whole thing seamless as she fucks herself with her free hand.  I love that she doesn’t even take her panties off.  Soon she pulls a pretty purple dildo out and rubs it all over the outside of her pussy before ramming it in hard and fast, over and over again.  It’s actually pretty impressive that she does drop any ash or the cigarette on herself while banging away and getting off.  Nice work, dirty girl.

While there are plenty of scenes in this flick when girls are smoking and jerking off quietly, I tend to really enjoy the loud and sassy smut talkers.  Scene 9 is another one of those loud ladies, letting us know exactly how much she loves cock and that she wants it so very badly.  She squeezes on her nipples and asks us if we mind if she has a little “fiddle” with herself.  No worries, love, we are right there with you.  Like the woman in scene three, this super sexy wanker inhales in her cigarette while she is moaning, enhancing both actions.  It’s not long before she is in a cloud of smoke, fucking herself silly with a great big dildo. Is this is what going across the pond looks like, sign me up!  What, how could I not be impressed with someone who makes the word “fiddle” sound sexy?

I still thing smoking is nasty and I’m glad I can’t smell the sets, but all in all, this is a pretty smokin’ solo sex flick.

Watch “” Now!

Fucking Santa Claus

I saw ladies beating Saaaaaaanta Claaaus, right over a leather bench tonight.  And those ladies were take-no-prisoners once they got their kinky little hands on Saint Nick’s red bottom. Look who’s !

Today we decided to hop the pond and head over to Europe to see how folks celebrate the holidays in other parts of the world.  Thankfully Ana Nova and Baronessa Di Rivera have happily offered to be our tour guides.

The first half of this flick is all about Ana and Baronessa enjoying each other and playing with their new Christmas gift – a fancy white fucking machine.  It’s not long into the movie til Ana is on her back with her arms tired over her head, getting banged by her new present.  And lucky for her – it’s remote controlled and Baronessa is in control.  Once Ana gets a nice long taste of her new toy, Baronessa puts it away in favor of smacking and flogging her sexy friend’s ass, before ramming a strapped-on cock into her excited pussy.  It is so obvious how much these kinky ladies are enjoying their fun together.

Before long, scene three comes along, bringing the scariest Santa ever – some dude in a very creepy rubber Santa mask.  Santa Claus has come to bring Ana and Baronessa their Christmas booty… which just so happens to be his own booty… a booty that is soon a red as his holiday outfit.  As the movie is all in a different language (German? Czech?), I’m not sure what they are saying, but they seem to be in agreement that Santa needs a few presents of his very own…  Come find out what golly old St. Nick has under his dirty little tree!

Watch “” Now!