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Unfolding: A HMFH Exclusive Review

Award-winning director Kay Brandt sure knows the power of a good book. Kay is back with another book-to-screen adaption of Selena Kitt’s erotic novels. Unfolding is exclusively on HMFH. Cherie DeVille plays a housewife whose ostensible happiness in the American Dream as doting wife to Seth Gamble belies her yearning for a sexual awakening. Wife Cherie DeVille goes on an erotic journey exploring kinky marital adventures such as some anal play, a little double penetration, and couples’ voyeurism. With her husband (played by Seth Gamble) following her lead as Charlie (MILF Performer of the Year) finally indulges her sexual appetites. Cherie’s sexual exploration piques at the end of the film in an intense orgy with her husband by her side. Also featuring industry dynamos such as India Summer, Abella Danger, Small Hands, and Codey Steele.

Selena Kitt and Kay Brandt guide this story as a celebration of a sexual awakening in a happy marriage, and ode to the joys of anal sex and taboo voyeuristic trysts that shatters the traditions and hangups that are typically foisted upon typical American married women. Unfolding reunites Kay Brandt and erotic author Selena Kitt after their success making the AVN award-winning Baumgartners series and 2019’s AVN Award-nominated collaboration, The Seduction of Heidi, to the screen. Let’s take a closer look at Kay Brandt and Adam & Eve‘s erotic adaption, Unfolding.


Cherie DeVille & Seth Gamble

Happily married couple Charlie (Cherie DeVille) and Jack (Seth Gamble) cuddle in a tight embrace as they stir from sleep. Jack is in the mood for a frolic as he slides his hand and fingertips along the curves of his wife’s body, groping, squeezing, and a little prodding – Jack has some specific desires this morning. He pulls down Charlie’s pink bra to squeeze her breast, pinching her swollen nipple in the morning light. Charlie’s grin is soon smothered by a moan; their bodies are in sync. The alarm goes off and Jack hits SNOOZE and his hands momentarily leave his wife’s body before his fingers can ice skate across her curves again. He rubs his swollen cock head against the exterior of her ass… he wants in. The alarm goes off again just as he slips the head in, briefly causing Charlie some pleasurable discomfort.

“Not there,” she laughs, a little startled. That goddamn alarm goes off again, before Jack grabs one last palm-full of his wife’s flesh and retreating into the bathroom for a morning shower.
Charlie plays on her phone in the bathroom while her husband rinses off. He pokes his head out and and playfully barks at his wife: “You can’t deny a man his breakfast!” Charlie agrees and disrobes again and saunters into the running water while her husband plays with her ass, probing her gently with his fingers while whispering sweet filth into her ear. This brief innocuous sexual encounter in the morning leads Charlie to crave her husband like never before, and she wants him in her ass.

We find Charlie waiting in the bedroom with her beautiful globes pointing to the sky, waiting to be spread, opened, and explored. Jack kisses her gently before pulling down her panties and throwing his face between her cheeks, digging gently but deep with his tongue. He slips a few fingers in, startling Charlie, but exciting her as well.

“Go slow, baby,” Charlie whispers. He listens, slowing the rhythm of his probing, before trying to slip his cock head inside her, but it’s BIG. Too big, for now. Charlie communicates to her husband to move more slowly, which he does; he teases, teasing his wife and the audience. Seth Gamble’s cock is engorged with blood, and Cherie DeVille’s pussy is dripping and wet. Charlie is nearly ready for her husband’s hard dick in her ass. But first, Charlie lies on her back and allows her husband to eat her pussy. She sucks his cock before finally sitting on him and letting her tight ass swallow her husband’s dick. She rides him slowly, and the expression on her face conveys Cherie DeVille is falling in love with her husband all over again. Jack pulls his dick out and shoots a load all over his wife’s freshly christened ass!

And it’s just the beginning: Charlie begins going about her days as a newly released women inside. She can’t stop thinking of her husband taking her in the ass. Her desire is inchoate, but simultaneously consuming and freeing. She masturbates in the bath, daydreaming of being anally fucked. She pushes the shower nozzle against her pussy in the bathwater, delirious from thoughts of anal play. The dam isn’t just leaking, it’s been unleashed.

One night after work, Charlie returns to find her husband waiting for her with a glass of wine. He fucks her anally again in the bedroom, and the couple cums in unison as Jack blows deep inside his wife’s ass while she surrenders to one hell of a powerful orgasm. And Jack has more to give his beautiful wife: presents await for her later in the bedroom. The happy couple is going on a vacation, and Jack is slightly mum on what he has in mind at his planned location, but his gifts point to something interesting. Charlie opens her present and finds beautiful lingerie, a revealing-but-classy dinner dress, and butt plugs and anal beads. Jack’s a man with a plan, and Charlie trusts her husband enough to go along for the ride.


Charlie adores the gifts, and sucks Jack off to prove it. He cums into her open mouth. Looks like Christmas has cum early this year for this lucky couple! So where exactly are these two off to? Well, our happy lovers are on there way to meet the very sexy India Summer.

India Summer with Small Hands & Codey Steele


Jack and Charlie arrive at their bed & breakfast and meet the lovely Marla (India Summer) and her husband Lloyd (Small Hands). They’re quite gregarious and welcoming, making Charlie question what type of bed & breakfast this may be. Jack and Charlie get settled into their room. Charlie is trying on some lingerie for her husband when they are interrupted by Marla’s assistant Cole (Codey Steele). Cole lets the happy couple know he’s here for whatever they need, but Charlie cowers behind a pillow (she’s still in the revealing lingerie). Marla has invited the couple to a very special dinner. Cole exits and Jack prepares for this by gently placing a butt plug deep inside Charlie’s hungry asshole. Charlie now knows that this bed & breakfast is actually a swingers‘ resort, and the night is young.

Marla and Lloyd host a very lowkey-but-friendly dinner with the happy couple, and then Marla invites the couple to hang out in a more private session. She wants Jack and Charlie to be spectators during her threesome with her husband and assistant. Charlie is a little shocked, but intrigued. They agree, and later, Charlie and Jack sit back and watch Marla cock wrangle both her husband and her lucky assistant.

Cole and Lloyd kiss Marla deeply while their hands scramble around her body, pulling down her top while Jack and Charlie have a front-row seat. Mara undresses fully, holding her long legs up high, with her tight black stockings still clinging to her legs while Lloyd removes her black high heels. Cole and Lloyd take turns fingering India Summer’s pussy. She lies on her back to give Small Hands’ lips easy access to her full pussy lips. He eats her out while she pushes Codey Steele’s erect meat in and out of her mouth. Jack and Charlie are watching, closely. Small Hands has his tongue DEEP in India’s pussy. That’s one way a good husband should perform oral on his wife. Cherie DeVille’s Charlie is getting flushed; it looks hot in there. Marla turns to suck her husband’s salty dick while Cole pounds her from behind. Charlie has a huge grin on her face as India Summer CUMS very loudly from her assistant’s balls banging against her ass. Her husband Lloyd quickly steals a kiss as she finishes her orgasm. Marla turns to clean off the cock of her assistant with her lips. Her husband slips his dick in from behind before Lloyd and Cole switch off and Marla is grinding her hips deep into Codey Steele’s cock as she rides him cowgirl. She hops off to put her husband’s erection back in her throat while Cole fucks her in the ass. And the big finish: an amazing double-penetration shows the lovely India Summer riding Small Hands anally while Codey Steele slips his cock deep inside her pussy. The boys switch up so each can take turns scraping her inside and out. India Summer’s hand massages her clit when it isn’t holding onto Cole’s butt for dear life, and she still has those tight stockings on her luscious stems. Her assistant pulls out his cock and rubs Marla’s clit while Lloyd continues to plow her. The guys stand up on the bed to stick their dicks in and out of Marla’s wet mouth while she tickles their nutsacks waiting for their load. Codey Steele and Small Hands both blow large wads of warm cum all over her neck and beautiful natural breasts. Jack and Charlie are flushed red and look like they’re getting hungry….


Abella Danger with Cherie DeVille & Seth Gamble

Jack and Charlie have a passionate, frantic moonlight fuck back in their room. The next morning, Charlie is ready to reveal her own fantasy to her husband. She wants to be with another woman, with Jack present of course. Where can our happy couple find this other woman? Well, Marla did say that would help with anything they needed…


Enter the gorgeous Brooke (played by Abella Danger) in stretch pants and practicing yoga outdoors. Abella’s delectable legs go on for days splayed out into the grass. She helps our couple with a few stretches before the trio retreat back to Charlie’s room for a boy-girl-girl threesome. Charlie is ready to dip her delicate toes into new waters. Cherie DeVille and Abella Danger embrace in a deep kiss before Abella pulls down Cherie DeVille’s top to expose those perfect breasts, while Abella’s own tits pop out, waiting for Cherie DeVille’s wet lips. Charlie grabs her husband’s cock and squeezes, proudly showing him to her new companion. Charlie sits on Jack’s stiff cock while the horny yoga instructor embraces her from behind as her hips push up on her husband like his erection is a joystick.


Abella Danger needs another long stretch, and she’s quickly getting plowed by Jack’s cock while Charlie hovers under them both, ready to wet her pussy and Jack’s cock with her mouth. Jack’s wet shaft moves in and out of Abella Danger and Cherie DeVille’s open mouth, but his wife is hungry for something else. Abella Danger gets fucked side-saddle while she moves Charlie’s pink toy in and out of her throbbing asshole. Jack finishes his fuck session by stacking the two beautiful women and slipping his cock out of Abella Danger, and then into Cherie DeVille. Jack finally ejaculates onto the yoga instructor’s perfect ass!

Cherie DeVille with Seth Gamble & Small Hands

Charlie and Jack are hanging in the lounge with the other couples, having a quick drink. Marla is very pleased that Charlie is having such a fantastic time. Jack shares with Marla that Brooke, the yoga instructor, was amazing. Charlie is ready to try a threesome with another man. Jack is extremely turned-on by this, and Marla has the perfect partner in mind for her new friends.

Marla’s husband Lloyd is the lucky guy that is given the chance to experience Charlie and Jack sexually. Jack and Lloyd waste no time pulling down Charlie’s top to suckle and nibble at her beautiful breasts. Charlie then allows Marla’s husband to feed his cock to her with slow strokes in and out of her mouth while her husband plows her from behind. Lloyd gets his chance inside Charlie as he switches with her husband. Charlie knows her husband’s body and swallows his dick as Lloyd pushes in and out of her body. Charlie’s holes are filled to the brim with both her husband’s and a stranger’s cock and she couldn’t be more pleased. Charlie finishes with an amazing double-penetration from her husband and the stranger as she rides both men, twisting her hips to keep both dicks deep inside her body. Charlie’s body is covered in a sweet sheen of sweat from the sex. Both men slip their erections out of Charlie and stroke themselves until shoot semen all over Charlie’s body, drenching her tits and torso in cum!

Cherie DeVille with India Summer, Abella Danger, Seth Gamble, Small Hands & Codey Steele

Charlie wakes up the next morning, not just a free woman, but feeling perfect. Her sexual satisfaction has been infectious, thanks to Cheri DeVille’s next-level acting and sexual intensity. Breakfast arrives with an invitation for the couple. Jack and Charlie have been invited to a party, and Charlie realizes where this is headed…


The three sexy couples (Cheri DeVille and Seth Gamble, India Summer and Small Hands, and Abella Danger and Codey Steele) are hanging out in the lounge with a few glasses of wine. Charlie leans in to plant a sloppy kiss on India Summer’s red lips. We head into the bedroom with Charlie and Marla as they make out, pulling off their clothes and grinding their bodies against each other. Charlie throws her ass up in the air and allows Marla to spread her ass cheeks and reach her fingers inside before pulling off the rest of Charlie’s clothes. Soon, Lloyd has his erection deep inside his wife while Jack gets blown by Charlie, and Brooke hovers over the couples, stealing a grope and a squeeze for her pleasure. All three couples end up stacked on top of each other like some gyrating flesh pyramid. This climatic orgy and sexual journey comes to an end when Cherie DeVille, Abella Danger, and India Summer get semen blown all over their round asses from their perspective partners. It looks like married life can only get better from here for Charlie and Jack!


Unfolding is a beautifully-shot depiction of sexual exploration in a marriage. It’s always so damn refreshing to watch such a healthy married relationship onscreen, helped in no small part by the amazing chemistry and performances Kay Brandt coaxes from her talented stars Cherie DeVille and Seth Gamble. Brandt has been earning accolades across the industry for adapting Selena Kitt’s best-selling erotic novels. Don’t miss Unfolding here on HMFH, and make sure you join the Kay Brandt book club! Kay has a marvelous eye not for just erotic and sultry sex scenes, but the erotic word! No director in the industry is better at exploring inchoate sexual desires begging to be nurtured from both within, and externally. What Selena Kitt novel would you like to see Kay Brandt direct next?

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Clerks XXX – A Porn Parody

While it may not seem like it on the surface, porn parodies are actually a multi-layered experience.  Sure, they can get you off, but they can also offer up a less charged and scary way for people to engage with porn, and they can draw out memories that you totally forgot surrounding movies and shows you watched long ago.  Take Clerks XXX – A Porn Parody, for instance.  It’s been a minute since I even thought about the movie Clerks, let alone watched it, but lo and behold, the minute I saw this parody in the recently added, all of my teenage angst and love of the movie came flooding back.  Oh parody porn, you are amazing.

Anyway, today I am reviewing Vivid’s Clerks XXX – A Porn Parody, which, like the real version of Clerks, follows a day in the life of a store clerk.  This time instead of a convenience store, it’s a sex toy/porn shop.  The movie starts with Dana () coming in to open the shop – putting out product, dressing the mannequin and blowing up the sex toy doll (which I think is Joanna Angel’s doll).  Soon the customers come in and the day begins with one annoyance after the next.  Like the guy haranguing the other customers about the dangers of condom use.  Jeez, is Dana even supposed to be there today?

Oh man, the best are Jane and Silent Bertha, the “Jay” (Chastity Lynn) and “Silent Bob”(Kelly Divine) of this flick.  Jane is ready to “suck some dicks and turn some trick,” and she can “suck a volleyball through a curly straw.”  Seriously, that is the best line.  Or is it “try not to get fucked in the ass on the way through the parking lot”?  Yep, just like there real movie, this version is filled with quality one liners.

But you didn’t come here for the banter; you came to talk about the sex.  Like and  banging on the floor behind the counter in scene one.  While the floor is fucking disgusting, it’s easy to ignore with how nasty they are (in a good way).  They make out for a long time before getting their fuck on in a whole bunch of positions, including Haze on top while Gamble reddens her ass with smacks.  One thing I’ve noticed about Allie Haze that I love and haven’t mentioned before is her delicious dark brown nipples.  I don’t know if it’s just them against the shade of her skin, but there is something about her nipples that I find kind of striking.  And I see a lot of naked tits.

Another one of my favorite scenes is number five, with  and Allie Haze getting it on.  Dana decides to give happiness a try and goes for Randi, the other clerk and her best friend.  It’s not long before they are fucking all over the store, ending up on a big red couch.  I love watching them lick each other’s pussies at the same time, but the best is the mutual masturbation with vibrators at the end.  Their legs are intertwined and they cum together, trembling and moaning in unison.  Such good stuff.

The sex is really hot, but for me, the banter and nods to classic Clerks is what did it for me.  Thanks Vivid.

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Iron Man XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parody (Disc 1)

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a total nerd for comic book movies.  I’m not going to act like a I’ve read the actual comics, but I have an affection for the movies made after them and Iron Man is among my favorites.  I love Robert Downey Jr. in the role of Tony Stark (AKA Iron Man).  He is funny, charming, smart and I would totally fall for him if I was a comic book character.  If we’re choosing, I want to be Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff).

Iron Man XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parody (Disc 1) Unfortunately, Robert Downey Jr. isn’t in Iron Man XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parody, even though we would all really love to see his sexy-time moves.  Seth Gamble plays the part instead.  He does a decent job, but he lacks the confidence that Iron Man possesses.  I’m not mad at you, Seth.  We can’t all be the most valuable star in Hollywood!

Let’s talk about porno.  The threeway with Tony Stark, a bodyguard, and a reporter (Tanya Tate) in scene 1 is only okay.  The sex is pretty formulaic and Tanya is rarely, if ever, without a cock in her mouth.  Not that blowjobs are a bad thing, I just like a little variety at times.  Tony (Seth) has his glowing arc reactor in his chest during the scene and throughout the movie which is awesome.  The arc reactor is Iron Man’s power source and the only thing keeping him alive (for those of you who don’t know what the hell I’m talking about). The scene isn’t overly exciting, but it is a good display of Tanya Tate’s skills.

This parody doesn’t really parallel the Iron Man movies.  As the XXX story goes, Iron Man reveals his identity and his enemies come after him – The Hulk, Madame Masque, Justin Hammer, and Justin.  Black Widow is on Iron Man’s side.  Most notable is the sex scene starring The Hulk (Jordan Lane) and Black Widow (Chanel Preston).  It is pretty high energy and both performers really get into character.  I have the same complaint with this scene is the same as I did with the Hulk parody – his green body paint rubs off on Widow’s body.  It can’t be helped as I’m sure they used a waterbased paint for safety reasons.

We get to watch a pretty decent fight scene between some of characters in scene 6 and scene 7 features a super hot sex scene with Tony Stark and his assistant/ love of his life, Pepper Pots (Heather Starlet).  It is pretty gratifying since I’m sure most Iron Man fans want to know what it’s like when the two do it.  I know I do!  Overall, it is a decent parody that will keep you entertained.  It would be hard for anyone to come close to my beloved Iron Man movies so I have to give these folks credit for a job well done.

Check out a free clip from the fight scene!

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Wives Club

I mentioned on my personal Facebook that I was watching the porno version of the First Wives Club, and let me tell you, people were excited!  Just as excited as I was to find this Sweet Sinema flick.  I don’t know if you remember the original Bette Midler, Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn movie, but it’s basically the story of three college friends who are now grown and each dealing with the crumbling of their own marriages in different ways.  It’s a pretty good movie, if you ask me, but definitely not one I thought I’d see made into a porno.  But at the hands of awesome female director Nica Noelle, this remake holds its own.

Starring RayleneHelly Mae Hellfire and Nina Hartley as the three scorned wives (Bette, Goldie and Diane, respectively), this version actually follows the original story pretty closely.  Raylene’s husband Evan Stone leaves her for a much younger girl during his mid-life crisis, Helly’s husband drops her for a much younger actress and Nina’s man divorces her, while sleeping with their marriage counselor.  See, just like the original.  The only real difference is the sex.  And there is lots of it!

The steamy action doesn’t begin until the second scene, letting the story unfold a bit before getting down and dirty.  I will say that I got a little excited during scene one with Nina Hartley baking a cake.  Is it wrong that I love watching Nina Hartley bake almost as much as I like watching her fuck?  I guess that’s what happens when you have a zaftig chick reviewing your pornos, right?  Anyway, there is something amazing about Nina Hartley playing Diane Keaton’s role.

But back to the sex!  The screwin’ starts with Evan Stone and Chastity Lynn (the younger woman) and moves to Mark Wood and Ash Hollywood.  In fact, we don’t get one of the wives fucking until Nina Hartley takes on the marriage counselor her husband is boning (Evelyn Lin) and gives her a big dose of lady loving.   Only after that do we get Helly fucking a new screenwriter (Seth Gamble) and Raylene with her new boyfriend (Bruce Venture) – which she reveals only after brushing off her husband who has crawled back.
While I’m not exactly sure of the difference between Sweet Sinema and Sweet Sinner, since they are both directed by Nica Noelle, I will say that this film definitely gets two thumbs up!

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