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13 XXX Movies With An All-Black Cast

This year I’m not going to talk about how black people are underappreciated in the adult entertainment biz, how actors and actresses are still fighting for more than the usual stereotypical roles, how payment is unequal for black performers, how dark-toned women are still promoted less than lighter-skinned black women, or that IR scenes only focus on the white perspective. Nope, you won’t catch me ranting this time people (nobody listens anyway), instead, I want to point out the directors, studios, and movies that did something rare: featured an all-black cast. Whether we want to admit it or not, everybody knows what’s wrong and unfair when it comes to all minorities in this business, so here are some examples of what’s right!

1. Pure Ebony

Pure Ebony XXX HotMovies.com

Pure Ebony from Paul Woodcrest and New Sensations is a hit and already listed under the studio’s most popular section. Jax Slayher and Nia Nacci own the hot clip, but don’t sleep on Evi Rei and Jason Brown in the 2nd clip. The camera work is perfect and the pair look stunning against that all-white background!

2. True Black Romance

True Black Romance XXX HotMovies.com

MimeFreak and Archangel want us to know what True Black Romance looks like, and the result is fantastic. Aaliyah Hadid, Daya Knight, Demi Sutra, and newcomer Jordy Love star alongside OG Sean Michaels, [Rico Strong]](/porn-star/27250/Rico-Strong.html), John Long, and heartthrob Isiah Maxwell. You see where I’m going with this… with a cast like that, you know already know the sex is hot. There’s a little more kissing and rubbing for the romance effect, but the down-and-dirty mixes in well.

3. Bethany

Bethany XXX HotMovies.com

I can’t say enough about Bethany Benz. She has everything you look for in a porn star, from her gorgeous body, to her willingness to take on any role. She’s worked with major studios when they were in their prime like Freaky Empire and West Coast Productions, and even stepped in to mainstream showbiz with an appearance on VH1’s For The Love Of Ray J. Her business-savvy appears to be top-notch, and I was beyond hype to see her as a title star with her own feature! Bethany has been around since 2010 but this is the her first filmed blowbang and gangbang scenes, and the girl put in work! Most readers already know I’m not into blowjobs, but I do love a hard-working woman, and Bethany pulls off all the stops getting loads out of Donny Sins, Eddie Jaye, Jack Blaque, and Slim Poke.

4. Black Rain 2: Sistas Squirt

Black Rain 2 XXX HotMovies.com

I thought squirting was a medical disorder before I started working here. I remember laughing as friends talked about how some chick squirted all over their face the night before. Turns out that shit is a fucking talent! When I finally decided to check it out I became fascinated with the idea that I could finger a girl to squirt. I had power and I was determined to use it and I think that’s why Chanell Heart and Ricky Johnson have the “hot clip” in Black Rain 2: Sistas Squirt. Ricky fingers Chanell on the couch, making sure to hit all the right pressure points, licking her clit, making eye contact, and enjoying the entire thing, making this scene incredibly sexy and must-watch!

5. Sweet Sista

Sweet Sista XXX HotMoviese

Sweet Sista is a light and colorful flick from Eye Candy. Daizy Cooper and Ray Black in clip three was my favorite. Daizy is nasty as fuck, choking and gagging on his huge dick, and Ray fucks her like he’s been trying to get in those guts for years! One look at Daisy and it’s easy to see where all that passion came from. She’s fine as all outdoors and always looks like she’s having a good time.

6. Black Babysitters 4

Black Babysitters 4

Diabolic really hit a sweet spot with Black Babysitters 4. Everybody wants to bang a babysitter at some point, and when I was growing up all mine were black, so this is literally as close to that dream come true as I’ve ever been. I feel like Mike Quasar directed this one especially for me and I encourage the world to share my joy! The women are beautiful, the guys are ready to fuck, the sets and camera-work are brilliant (Mike gets all up in the action), and the acting definitely propels the fantasy!

7. Dark Divas 2

Dark Divas 2 XXX HotMovies

I absolutely love Dark Divas 2, and I’m stoked for Volume Three, which is rumored to be hitting the streets this year. Devil’s Film struck gold when they enlisted David Lord to cast and direct this one. I focused a lot on the lighting and makeup while watching this movie and I was happy with the way skintones showed up onscreen, as well as the camera angles used. Kinsley Karter‘s scene with Donny Sins stood out to me because she’s new to porn, and I was not disappointed! The scene opens with Kinsley modeling for the viewer and this girl’s body is bad! Nice tits, slim waist, and a phat ass are all checked off before you even hear her sweet young voice. Do yourself a favor and remember her name.

8. Black On Black

Black On Black XXX HotMovies

BAEB is showing us what Black On Black illustrates and it doesn’t have anything to do with crime! Each scene has its own little plot buildup to get the fantasy going, and I suggest starting with Clip Three, featuring Anya Ivy and Jay Savage working out and getting all sweaty before fucking each other’s brains out. Anya is sexy as fuck with her clothes on stretching and jogging around town, but when they come off, watch out! Jay never stood a chance, and I think he’s okay with that.

9. Black Stepsisters

Black Stepsisters XXX HotMovies

Family taboo is not for me, but tell me I get to watch the incredibly stunning Ana Foxxx fuck the life out of Isiah Maxwell, and I’m there! Now, I know I’m biased because Ana is on my obsession list, but I feel backed by the fact that this is the hot clip of Black Stepsisters. The two meet up in their backyard by the pool and twist and turn in and out of every position imaginable, even standing up at one point, and it sets the tone for the rest of the movie. The entire flick is high energy and good chemistry with a great cast.

10. Black Booty Worship Vol. 4

Black Booty Worship Vol 4 XXX

Booty is something we take very seriously in the black community and it is an extreme source of pride. Booty of all shapes and sizes has a place on the chart, but big, round, plump booty is queen of them all, and the Black Booty Worship series makes it a mission to display and explore as many big round asses as possible! It’s no small task. Great booties like Jenna Foxx‘s don’t walk into casting offices everyday, and they can’t be taken for granted. None of this is lost on L.T., as he fucks Jenna while gripping and smacking her ass before nutting all in her mouth.

11. Young Black Starlets

Young Black Starlets XXX HotMovies

Actor and director L.T. put together an amazing showcase of young up-and-coming black starlets under Elegant Angel in 2017 and the cast is brilliant to be so young and new! The entire movie is full of natural chemistry and high energy, things that can be hard to get out of new stars, but there’s no doubt the best was saved for last. My boo Honey Gold and Amethyst Banks team up to take L.T. down in a freaky hotel sex scene.

12. Black Lesbian Love Lessons

Black Lesbian Love Lessons XXX

Filly Films is a go-to lesbian studio because they usually get it right, which is definitely the case with Black Lesbian Love Lessons. Sexy, curvy, horny black women touching and licking all over each other is my type of get-together, and cover models Christie Sweet and Marie Leone are definitely worth the wait.

13. Black Girlz 4

Black Girlz 4 XXX HotMovies.com

Last, but certainly not least, is DarkSide Entertainment‘s Black Girlz 4 featuring Cassidy Clay getting her pussy pounded by Julius Ceazher in the very first scene. I was stuck looking at Cassidy’s perfectly round oiled up ass the entire time and wasn’t surprised at all when Julius came inside her pussy while hitting it on the couch. There’s no way I would have been able to pull out either!

Check out these titles and more all-black casted movies here on HotMoviesForHer, and let us know what you think in the comments sections!

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Butt Sex Bonanza

Joanna Angel certainly has a way with titles, doesn’t she?  There is no question about what you’re getting into with this porno.  Joanna put together a compilation of the best Burning Angel anal scenes for our backdoor enjoyment.  She stars in each scene and gets down with anything and everything anal.  From solo booty lovin’ to four-way fuckin’ this movie has it all.

I’ll jump ahead to scene 2 because it is one of my favorites. Joanna ends up in the back of a limo with her corporate sponsors, Sean Michaels and James Deen. She is sad that her contract with Pizza Party Incorporated prohibits her from having sex, so the two guys decide to do her a favor and get down with the no-pants-party. Super hot limo-three-way-sex ensues and things get hardcore fast. It isn’t long before Joanna climbs on top of Sean and James comes up behind her so the double penetration action can go down. One doesn’t have to question whether or not the lady in the middle is having fun because Miss Angel blatantly expresses her joy for having all holes filled!  Check out the free clip at the bottom of this review to find out why I love Sean Michaels. It has nothing to do with anal sex.

James Deen shows up again in scene 3 for one of the hottest displays of fucking I have ever seen.  These two never fail to make porno gold.  I’m not going to go into detail about it because I will be posting a free clip from it in the near future.  Keep your eyes peeled!   Scene 4 changes things up with a solo Joana Angel dildo-in-the-butt session.  She is all dolled up in a fancy gown and puts on a show for an unseen voyeur.  She gets a phone call from this person and goes to town on herself with a big brown cock.  Creepy, but hot!

The last half of this movie does not disappoint.  Scene 5 gets it in with a girl-girl (Joanna and Cecilia Vega) anal play session that turns into a three-way (with Steve Holmes) which turns into a four-way (with camera man James Deen).  Joanna runs into Steve in the streets of Paris.  She follows him to a sex club where the action happens.  The scene is totally hot, but I really love when James can’t help himself and has to put the camera down to get in on the debauchery.

Scene 8 leaves us with a Joanna – Sasha Grey match-up.  I’m never sad about watching Miss Grey.  Oh the memories…

There are few performers that have Joanna Angel zeal for back door action.  If you like butt sex, I suggest you sink your teeth into this one.  If not, just keep moving!

Watch Butt Sex Bonanza now!






No Panties Allowed 2

It has been far too long since a Burning Angel porno has graced the Movie Review section of HotMoviesForHer so I decided to watch another little gem from the No Panties Allowed series.  I reviewed part 3 a while back and was pretty damn fond of it.  All of the movies feature hot tattooed ladies fucking their little hearts out and never does a pair of underpants touch a single bottom.

No Panties Allowed 2James Deen directs all of the scenes in this flick and each one is pure gold.  All of the pairings have great chemistry and are happy to be there.  We hear from the porno peeps themselves in the behind the scenes-scene, but it is obvious during the fuck sessions.  In scene 1 we get to watch the adorableness that is Kleio bang Chad Alva, but not before watching Kleio run around panty-less in her short skirt.  She is outside showing off her goods in various alleyways.  She tries to include Chad in her escapade, but the two are too horned up to move from place to place and settle on a nice indoor romp.  The sex is super intense and hot, but I may have enjoyed the upskirt view more than the fucking.  By the way, she has a couple of bats tattooed on the backs of her legs.  So cute!

Scene 4 was mind blowingly hot as Tori Lux and Sean Michaels were quite the pair.  The scene starts with a lengthy (but not too long) conversation between Sean and Tori – mostly asking her what she likes and how she likes it.  All the while, Tori is sorting through her panties, burying her feet in them and rubbing her legs together.  I love watching the tension build between the two.  Sean has hard time focusing on his words as the chat progresses and Tori gets more and more turned on – anxious for the rough sex that is about to ensue.  Together they make magic happen.  Miss Lux takes quite a bit of Sean’s long cock in her mouth and for this she is quite proud.  Later, Sean fucks her hard which makes Tori quite happy which is made apparent by the smile on her face.  The sweaty session ends with Mr. Michaels’s jizz on her tummy and tongue.

I have never been disappointed by a Burning Angel Movie, but the No Panties Allowed series really stands out as being fucking awesome.  Sure, the panty-less pussies and asses are fun to look at, but the connection between performers is pretty out of this world.  I love watching people fuck who love fucking each other.  I definitely recommend No Panties Allowed 2 to anyone who likes hot hetero sex that gets a little rough at times, includes a little anal, some tattoos and people that are down for the fucking.

Watch No Panties Allowed 2 now!




LA Pink – A XXX Porn Parody (Disc 1)

Guess what time it is!  That’s right – it’s parody time!  Woohoo!  Up this time is Burning Angel’s spoof of the tattoo shop reality show, L.A. Ink.  Just as the real program, L.A. Pink features tons of tattooed hotties showing off their work. But unlike Kat Von D’s show, this flick is all about the sexin’!  Yes, there are tattoos – they are just on bodies that are bangin’ each other.  Really, would Joanna Angel have it any other way?

Did I say Joanna Angel, because I meant Joanna VON Angel, the proprietor of the aforementioned L.A. Pink.  Along with running the shop, Von Angel manages a motley crew of artists, including Andy San Dimas and Coco Velvett, and counter girl, Misti Dawn.  It doesn’t a porno professional to know this rowdy group will be knee deep in some sexin’ before the movie even hits the ten minute mark.

But before any paired action can happen – be it sexy or tattoo action, Von Angel must first head to the roof for a solo session to start the morning off right.  I mean, she tells us herself in an interview – it helps her be the best tattoo artist she can be.  Nope, no argument from me.  I’m just glad we get to watch.

She gets off with a big pink dildo in her pussy, then her ass, then zips up her jeans and heads downstairs to get her tattooing on.  She starts inking a toilet on some guy, but her girlfriend Nicole Sevvven (Draven Star) comes by and they get their fuck on.  Who needs a toilet tattoo when there is girl-on-girl fucking to be done, right?  And Joanna and Draven together makes it even better!

Erik Everhard heads into the shop next to get a parking ticket tattooed onto him, but ends up getting it on with Andy and Coco, which I think is a pretty awesome trade off.  Then all of a sudden Sean Michaels and James Deen stop by to talk to Joanna Von Angel about his frozen pizza company.  They sit down for some marketing conversation blah blah blah, which of course ends with Joanna banging Michaels and Misti getting down with James Deen.  Much better!  Who needs all that boring conversation anyway??

Nice work Burning Angel!

Watch “LA Pink – A XXX Porn Parody (Disc 1) Box Cover” Now!

Friends Don’t Let Friends Fuck Alone 2

After my porn-tastic adventure with All Girls All The Time, I decided that I needed to get back to my roots with a little Burning Angel action.  Plus, with a title like Friends Don’t Let Friends Fuck Alone 2 I know this dirty movie is all about the sharing and caring that comes with true and lasting friendships. A feel good film, if you will.  A movie that really inspires you to reach out and lend a helping hand to a friend in need.  A porno that I could feel good about watching.

Friends Don't Let Friends Fuck Alone 2Friends Don’t Let Friends Fuck Alone 2 starts off with the only foursome of the movie starring Joanna Angel, Violet Monroe, James Deen and Sean Michaels.  These folks get down and dirty with lots of anal and a birthday DP for the meek and dirty Violet Monroe.  It isn’t Joanna’s birthday, but she gets some double penetration action just for funsies.  Per usual, Miss Angel is quite vocal and fucks with all of her being.  She has such a big presence on screen that I often forget how tiny she is.  Yay for short chicks!  I was reminded of her smallness when I saw her on Sean‘s lap with his giant man hands wrapped around her.  I can’t mention his extra large hands without talking about his equally large cock.  Wow.  I’m not sure if I’m more impressed with how big it is or with Joanna and Violet for handling such an impressive member in both holes!  The scene wraps up with Violet getting “birthday cum” facials from James and Sean.  All of her birthday wishes did come true.

Scene 3 features a threesome starring Draven Star, Bella Vendetta and James Deen.  This trio of fuck stands out to me for 2 reasons.  The first actually has nothing to do with group sex.  While Bella Vendetta and James Deen are screwing in the living room, Draven is masturbating in the bedroom.  This is one of the hottest solo sessions I have ever seen.  She bears down hard on her clit and rubs away making awesome faces and noises.  I feel like this is what she really looks like when she is getting off on any random Tuesday.  It is fairly short lived as Bella enters the room and puts her mouth to work on Draven’s pussy.  The two go at it for a short while and soon James Deen enters the scene.  What I love the most about this threesome (and is reason number two for this being such a stand out scene) is the beautiful pile of pale tattooed flesh that James gets the privilege of fucking.  Draven lies on top of Bella as Mr. Deen fucks them both.  Not at the same time, of course.  He might know how to give the lovin’ like a champ, but he isn’t a magician.  The ladies then turn on their sides with their legs tangled.  You almost can’t tell which tattoo belongs to which girl.  It just looks like one mass of gorgeous milky inked skin.  Ok, I know I’m getting all emotional about threesome porn, but hey, it’s my job.

Scenes 2, 4 and 5 are super hot as well and I don’t mean that in a pity porn watching way.  This whole movie awesome, but I’m sparing you the novel that I could write.  Friends Don’t Let Friends Fuck Alone 2 is definitely on my list of movies to watch outside of work.

Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide To Female Orgasms

Man, oh man, have I been patiently awaiting this one!  I first heard about this amazing instructional a while back and was super excited, but once director Tristan Taormino posted pictures on her blog of Dylan Ryan and Mr. Marcus going at it (scene 5), I knew I had to get my eyes on the entire thing.  And let me just tell you – holy crap was it awesome!

Obviously I love porn, but I’ll also be the first to admit that there is an abundance of fake orgasms in the movies, which is definitely a boner-killer for me.  An orgasm is such so wholly erotic experience – both to have and to watch, and I feel totally cheated when someone fakes.  With all that laid out, I’m sure you can see how it would be even more exciting to me that from the very beginning, this Tristan Taormino movie talks about how amazing female orgasms are, and really goes into detail about the different types of orgasms and pleasure.

I know I say it every time I review one for her movies, but honesty, Tristan Taormino does such amazing work!  Whether you are looking at it from an education standpoint, or just as a totally hot porno, her movies are filled with chemistry, real passion and the kind of energy that comes with really enjoying yourself.  Taormino’s brand of sex education has you absorbing the info without even realizing it – or I should say, because you are too turned on to realize that you’ve just learned all this great information.  But it’s still there, even after the heat dies down in your pants.

I feel like it would be to my detriment to even try to pick a favorite scene in this video.  Seriously, all six scenes are packed with super hot sex and more real orgasms than you can shake a vibrator at!  From Katie St. Ives; surprise orgasm in scene 2, to Madison Young screaming in pleasure (scene 4), to Dylan Ryan squirting all over Mr. Marcus’ leg in scene 5 – it was all amazing.  How do you pick your favorite part when all of them have so much rich, amazing action?!  I guess you just have to watch the whole thing and see!

Note that if you are looking to turn it on, get off and get going, this is maybe not the movie you are looking for, as the sexin’ doesn’t even really begin to go down until about 40 minutes into the movie.  But, to quote scene six’s James Deen:  “Watching girls orgasm is so rad,”  so this may be the one to slow you down!  It totally lived up to my expectations and more!

Watch “Tristan Taormino’s Guide To Female Orgasms” now!

Seasoned Players 12

It had been way too long since I saw the amazing Nina Hartley in action, so I did a random search recently and stumbled up on this one. Once I saw that she and Sean Michaels were together in this one, I knew I needn’t look any further!

I didn’t know much about Tom Byron’s Seasoned Players, but have to say it looks pretty decent. Over the years, they’ve shot a number of women who have impacted the industry lately and it’s nice to see them get their due. It’s easy to find XXX films starring women who a bit older, but Byron really highlights some of the best to ever work like Hartley, Ginger Lynn and Lisa Ann in the series. Of course, he also sneaks in some relatively new players at the same time, which is nice for those of you who like fresh meat.

Back to Volume 12 – Things start off well because I love Tommy Gunn. First of all, he ends all of his tweets with “nice!” which makes me think this is a dude who really appreciates life. Secondly, he fucks like a jack hammer and I love it. He’s partnered with Ariella Ferrera, who I have never heard of, but definitely enjoyed. As much as I talking about settings, I really appreciate watching two attractive people fuck in a mostly white room.

Now for the whole reason I started watching this movie – Hartley and Michaels. I assume you’re all familiar with both stars, but for those of you who aren’t: Nina Hartley is a goddess and Sean Michaels has an enormous cock he’s been sticking in ladies for decades. Things start off pretty slowly, which I always appreciate, but before long Michael’s breaks out the lube (!) and Hartley has a glass plug up her ass. Once that’s in place, Michael’s fills her other hole and slowly fucks her. Things get a little more frantic once the plug is set aside and he’s fucking her ass from behind, but overall this is a more realistic portrayal of anal sex and I loved it.

Please note that both of these people are total pros when considering how realistic it is, but I love the fact that they take their time and use lots of lube. Of course, I’m guessing Michaels has to use lube just to get that massive piece of meat into his pants in the morning, but hopefully you get the point.

I’d also suggest the Aurora Snow/Tom Byron scene. She’s one of those legends I mentioned earlier and it’s a really fun scene with some really hot doggie style sexing!

If you like watching ladies who are no longer on their parent’s health insurance fuck, I was pretty impressed with my first foray into this series.

2 Out Of 2 Lesbians Agree…

We are ridiculously excited about  Tristan Taormino’s newest movie from Vivid-Ed!  She only announced the title and cover art today and the line-up already has us mentally unbuttoning our pants!

That’s right, this tasty instructional orgasm fest features Jiz Lee, Adrianna Nicole, Dylan Ryan, Evanni Solei, Katie St. Ives, Madison Young, James Deen, Mr. Marcus, Evan Stone and Sean Michael.  Holy Hotness!

Can! Not! Wait!

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White Men Can’t Hump

Watch the Video

Studio: Coast to Coast Category: Classics

I’m not going to lie. I picked this one because of the title. I loved White Man Can’t Jump, although I haven’t seen it in 15 years, and was hoping for some good basketball puns. After the sex, the best scenes are, without a doubt, the pick-up games. I mean, there’s nothing sweeter than watching a little white dude with a mullet in what appear to be leggings, hooping it up. Scene two features a young Sean Michaels claiming his prize – early 90’s pussy. Watching his partner arch her back once they switch to the reverse cowboy did it for me. Michaels has always been a great performer, but this little girl seals the deal with her enthusiastic performance. So, we’ve got really bad basketball, mullets, pleather, and hot pre-gonzo sex. The only thing missing is Wesley Snipes, but you’re better off looking for him here.
The Porn Librarian