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Guess The Porn Star

One of my favorite games that I play daily with myself is “Guess The Porn Star”, in gifs and other things. So, based on my past posts and how I gush about many, many favorites, can you watch these porn star gifs provided by The Worst Drug and figure out the bang buddy?


Highlight the space after “Answer” for your solution.


1) Who is this girl with a penchant for collection?

Answer: Riley Reid


2) Who’s the girl that’s “Underneath It All”?

Answer: Christy Mack …duh.


3) Who could swallow a cucumber?

Answer: Asa Akira


4) Butt, who could this be?

Answer: Juelz Ventura


5) Whose eyes are these? …be buggin…

Answer: Dana DeArmond


6) And who is sheeeeee?

Answer: Faye Reagan


7) Switching to guys, who is this fucker? (hehe, literally)

Answer: Manuel Ferrara 


8) One of my favorite ladies of the smut world 

Answer: Sasha Grey


9) Guess both parties in this one

Answer: James Deen and Veronica Radke…and thanks to CatWhiskers11 for helping me out on this one 😉


10) Guess this one?

Answer: Kind of a fake-me-out? It’s Elisha Cuthbert in The Girl Next Door



….that was so fun.






















Sasha Grey’s NSA Commercial, Porn Stars Should Teach Sex Ed, Your Morning Quickie

So much going on this morning…

First, if you’re anywhere NEAR New York City this Friday (June 21st, first day of summer, people) you should be taking your fine ass to only one establishment — Headquarter’s Gentleman’s Club. As long as you’re over 21, show up after 7pm and bring a $20 donation. The occasion is marking the Oklahoma Disaster Relief fundraiser thrown by our friends at Fleshbot. Git it. And seriously, help those that would much rather be celebrating a Friday rather than trying to figure out how to rebuild their homes. That sexy lil’ thang at the bar you’re eyeing can pay for their own drinks for one Friday, seriously. Lexi Love, Sinnamon Love, Lux Suicide and more will be offering their hand in a date auction.

here’s your personally-made invitation

On a lighter, less-pressing, drunken note, the solid kids over at Jezebel were up to some fun when writer Lindy West got “drunk on celebrity booze so you don’t have to.” But after watching this video, that’s all I want to do, or at least have my own version. After five shots of some vodka and tequila poison created by some famous people (all the brands she could find), Lindy and crew were tipsy and had a well-prepared report card. It’s hilarious, though if I do attempt my own rendition, I’mma need to switch out so much tequila for some Ron de Jeremy rum and Willie Nelson’s Old Whiskey River.

watch it here

 There’s no real complicated way to put this — a principal in the U.K. is saying that it would be best if his students were taught sex ed by a porn star. Dude is retiring in December, so maybe this is just the final “hee haw” of his career, but seriously, he says the kids could benefit from such introspect. You may recall a scene like this in “Girl Next Door” where porn stars were filmed making a sex ed video for high school students. But really? Porn is just another form of entertainment, and isn’t real, everyday sex. James Deen agrees, and he’s a pretty big star.

read more here

The following video should come with a warning: Severe Levels of Creepazoid. This stepfather got his stepdaughter into porn, now waxes her, and thought she was hot at age seven. But that’s really not all…

In my circle of friends, I’m definitely the most tech-savvy, which could be due to my social networking focus in my job. I have to keep up with the latest platforms, software, and industry trends. So I’m stoked for what is to come from iOS 7. The unveiling brought us the visuals, and they are immensely different. Think Fisher-Price for adults, to start. So what exactly is so wrong with them? A ton.

read the specifics here

Sasha Grey took on the sexy current events of our nation, and starred in one of the latest videos from Funny Or Die. She goes on as if she’s working for a sex phone service, except, creepy. Because it deals with the NSA listening to everyone.

watch the creepy spice here

Happy Easter Fucking!

Incase you didn’t know, Easter porn is totally a thing. Yep. To be honest though, it’s pretty much just pornstars in bunny ears, fucking like out of control rabbits. But hey, I’d rather see that than fucking that literally themed itself around celebrating the resurrection of Christ. Imagine it. Go on. Jizzus Christ. Res-erection. Hmm.

Anyway, behold! Three Easter-themed pornos to make your Easter weekend just that little bit filthier! Hop to it!

Easily my top pick for a little Easter weekend masturbation has to go to scene one of Anal Acrobats. The scene features butt magician Dana DeArmond, hardcore hottie Sasha Grey and is directed by the god of capturing circus-style anal sex on film – Jay Sin. I have been gagging to see this film ever since I saw a teaser of it in a magazine once and guess what? It’s even better than I expected. The scene begins like any good Easter porno should – with babes dressed like bunnies. Dana and Sasha hop around and dry hump each other, while sniffing each others butts. Pretty soon they start going at it like rabbits, with Dana pulling Sasha’s thong to the side and rimming her, before filling her butt up with balls that match the colour of her lingerie. In true Jay Sin style, there is a buttload of ass to mouth in this scene, including a particularly hot moment involving Dana choking on Sasha’s post-ass balls, after Sasha holds Dana’s nose closed shut. All in all, Anal Acrobats delivers a very hot, ass-centric scene. Watch Anal Acrobats here.



Easter Bunny 2 stars Lori Anderson, who looks deliciously cute and Easter-y in a thong, ruffly skirt and fluffy bunny ears. Lori gives us a ‘sweet treat’, as she calls it and undresses while playing with her pussy and talking dirty to the camera. “You getting that cock nice and hard” My 7” Tantus silicone cock is always hard for you, Lori. Our Easter bunny spreads her legs and plays ‘hide the Easter egg’ with herself, emptying the basket beside her and filling up the one between her legs. Easter Bunny 2 is definitely a quality over quantity, with the scene only running for about 8 minutes. But, if you like your bunnies of the Lori-variety, aka, cute as hell but with a mouth that could make a sailor blush, then this scene is for you! Watch Easter Bunny 2 here.





Easter Bunny Teenies 1 contains 3 scenes, only one of which is Easter themed. It features brunette cutie Michelle Lynn who clearly loves Easter as much as she loves making porno. The scene starts with her looking ridiculously cute in bunny ears and doing a little Easter egg arts and crafts construction at the kitchen table. Easter clearly gets her frisky as she removes her panties at lightning speed and begins to play with herself, teasing the camera man who makes it no secret that he wants to play with her. It was pretty hot watching Michelle play with herself and make the camera man fetch her Hitachi for her, without letting him join in. Easter Bunny Teenies 1 is cute, cheeky and very amateur but it’s a great ride. Watch Easter Bunny Teenies 1 here.

I’ve run out of time, but honourable mentions of other Easter pornos go to Human Easter Basket and Platinum Bunny Contest!


Porn For Women – Free Lesbian Porno Clips! You’re Welcome.

Butches And Babes

Today we are offering up more free porn for women clips!  This time I put together seven clips from a variety of super hot lesbian movies.  As with all smut, there are many more types of lesbian XXX flicks than you see here, but I can’t give away all of the porn for free!  I always like to clarify this because we love all types of people and sex, even though they all may not make it into a particular post.  With that being said, I’m fairly confident you’re going to enjoy at least some of these lesbian porno clips.  I sure enjoyed picking them out!  (Sorry if that was creepy.)  As a side note, I would recommend any of the movies from the studios listed below!

Butches And Babes from Filly Films

Crash Pad Series Episode 36 – August & Stacey from Pink And White Productions

Sinn Sage Loves Girls from Sweetheart Video

Strap-On Lesbians from Triangle Films

The Slumber Party from Good Dyke Porn


Girls Indulging from AbbyWinters

Butt Sex Bonanza

Joanna Angel certainly has a way with titles, doesn’t she?  There is no question about what you’re getting into with this porno.  Joanna put together a compilation of the best Burning Angel anal scenes for our backdoor enjoyment.  She stars in each scene and gets down with anything and everything anal.  From solo booty lovin’ to four-way fuckin’ this movie has it all.

I’ll jump ahead to scene 2 because it is one of my favorites. Joanna ends up in the back of a limo with her corporate sponsors, Sean Michaels and James Deen. She is sad that her contract with Pizza Party Incorporated prohibits her from having sex, so the two guys decide to do her a favor and get down with the no-pants-party. Super hot limo-three-way-sex ensues and things get hardcore fast. It isn’t long before Joanna climbs on top of Sean and James comes up behind her so the double penetration action can go down. One doesn’t have to question whether or not the lady in the middle is having fun because Miss Angel blatantly expresses her joy for having all holes filled!  Check out the free clip at the bottom of this review to find out why I love Sean Michaels. It has nothing to do with anal sex.

James Deen shows up again in scene 3 for one of the hottest displays of fucking I have ever seen.  These two never fail to make porno gold.  I’m not going to go into detail about it because I will be posting a free clip from it in the near future.  Keep your eyes peeled!   Scene 4 changes things up with a solo Joana Angel dildo-in-the-butt session.  She is all dolled up in a fancy gown and puts on a show for an unseen voyeur.  She gets a phone call from this person and goes to town on herself with a big brown cock.  Creepy, but hot!

The last half of this movie does not disappoint.  Scene 5 gets it in with a girl-girl (Joanna and Cecilia Vega) anal play session that turns into a three-way (with Steve Holmes) which turns into a four-way (with camera man James Deen).  Joanna runs into Steve in the streets of Paris.  She follows him to a sex club where the action happens.  The scene is totally hot, but I really love when James can’t help himself and has to put the camera down to get in on the debauchery.

Scene 8 leaves us with a Joanna – Sasha Grey match-up.  I’m never sad about watching Miss Grey.  Oh the memories…

There are few performers that have Joanna Angel zeal for back door action.  If you like butt sex, I suggest you sink your teeth into this one.  If not, just keep moving!

Watch Butt Sex Bonanza now!






Bree Olson Uncovered!

If you’ve been with us for any amount of time, you know I have a special lady boner for Triangle Films.  Along with being super duper hot, there is something extra exciting to me in knowing that their movies are created by lesbians of a different generation.  Now, I’m not saying that director Kathryn Annelle and her partner/producer Shoosh are old – heavens no!  I’m just saying that I think it is seriously awesome that these women who are older than your typical pornographer are making amazingly hot lesbian porn.

Up this time is their latest release Bree Olson Uncovered!, featuring none other than blond bombshell Bree Olson herself.  Those Triangle minxes must have been keeping this gem in their back pocket for a little while because not only has the main performer retired from porn (Did Bree retire before or after the Charlie Sheen business?  I can’t remember), three of the other six women have as well – Sasha Grey, Jenna Haze and Penny Flame.  If I remember correctly, I believe all the scenes were shot in 2007, which, by porno standards makes this a classic, right? Just kidding!  But it does help us relieve those awesome days when these four porno powerhouses were taking the industry by storm.  Alright, enough chitchat, let’s get to the sexin’!

First up is Penny Flame, who helps welcome Bree Olson into the sorority rush (which I assume is the Tribade Sorority – another Triangle series).  One of the requirements of this particular Greek organization is having sexual skill… and only using it on other members of the sorority.  Flame gives Bree a nekkid body check before showing her just how the sisters treat each other – with lots of pussy licking, clit grinding and making out!  Now that’s the hazing I’m talkin’ about!

Scene two doesn’t even bother with a plot before the action begins between Bree and Michelle Lay.  They allude to a little bit of a story, but by that point, I’ve totally stopped tuning in and am so focused on the sex that I can’t be bothered to follow.  I do hear them complimenting each other, which I think is pretty hot.  It takes the pair about 5 seconds to be fully immersed in their pussy play, bringing toys into the mix as well.  Hell, we even get some tit-clit activity! Woohoo!

After hearing a behind-the-scenes account of Bree and Sasha’s scene, it’s actually really interesting watching scene three.  They are either awesome actresses, or the tension between them spilled over to the sex.  It’s not that they are having a hate fuck or anything, it’s just that the characters aren’t acting warm and fuzzy, but it seems like they were written that way (which would tie it all together nicely, huh?)  They fuck passionately and keep things rough, with lots of hot hair pulling.  Very nice.

Scene four, five and six feature Jenna Haze, Ariel X and Annette Schwartz, respectively.  Each Bree interactions is hella hot and super worth a watch, but this review is getting a little long in the tooth, so I’m skipping a full on break down of each scene here.  Just go watch and enjoy.

Thanks, Triangle, for another awesome flick!

Watch “Bree Olson Uncovered!” Now!

Behind-The-Scenes with Triangle Films: Bree Olson Uncovered!

You know what I like almost as much as watching porno movies?  Getting to know behind-the-scenes stories and juicy details.  And what’s the point of hearing awesome stories if I don’t pass the goodies along to our HM4Her friends?

Today is all about lesbian studio Triangle Films and their fabulous director Kathryn Annelle!  Kathy was kind enough to give us a little peek into what happened on the set of their latest release, Bree Olson Uncovered!, starring (of course) Bree OlsonSasha Grey, Ariel X, Jenna HazePenny FlameMichelle Lay and Annette Schwartz.

Alright, take it away, Kathy!

You said you wanted to know a little about the work I did with Bree. I guess the most remarkable set was with Sasha Grey, shot Feb 2, 2007. It was Bree’s first girl/girl scene and was scheduled as an anal s/o scene (strap on scene). This particular set was the first and only time I’ve ever been summoned to the dressing room. I don’t like to go into the dressing room, it’s for the girls, plus I got a lot of other stuff to do – lighting, etc. Anyhow, someone came and got me.

Kathy (left) & Shoosh of Triangle Films

“Kathy can you come to the dressing room?”

“I’m busy, can’t you handle it?”

“No Kathy, you need to get in there… now.”

[This was Ariel X. Ariel can and will handle any situation that arises on set at TF. Therefore I knew someone was ready to throw down and I had a good idea who.]

I told Ariel I’d be there in a minute, (I didn’t want anyone thinking Ariel told on them.) When I walked in the room there was dead silence. Sasha was standing in the center of the room, folding clothes on a small table and Bree was on the other side of the table, rared back, hands on her hips, looking like she was gonna start spitting fire. Their eyes were locked, neither acknowledged my presence – other than the silence. I walked around the room to the opposite side, I guess to give them a minute to settle down?

Me: So, what’s up guys?

S: Nothing

Me: Looks like somethin’ to me. What’s going on?

B: Everything’s fine.

Me: I can tell there’s a problem.

B: I brought an outfit to set and now it’s gone.

I have no idea whatsoever if this was the root of the problem or not, but really, that’s not important. I yelled for Shoosh and she took Bree to locate the missing outfit.  I talked to Sasha for a minute or two about nothing and left.

Bree comes to me and says she doesn’t want to do anal. That’s fine with me; if anything I was a bit relieved.  It was a great scene – mastered and manipulated by honesty.

Flash forward an hour and we’re standing together getting ready to begin the scene.

Me: This won’t be an anal scene.

S: Okay. Just straight strap on?

Me: Yea

B: Do I get to use it on her then?

I open my mouth to speak and there was Sasha, chin lowered, eyes piercing Bree.

S: No

 [brief pause for more dead silence]

Me: Allllllllllll righty…anything else guys?

B: Yea, I don’t like to be slapped – not in the face.

Me: Okay. Got it Sasha?

S: I got it

Me: We ready?

S: Yea, we’re ready

It was the beginning of a wonderful relationship with both Bree and Sasha. They’re great women! Sasha, calm as a cucumber, which never changed the entire time I shot her, and Bree, full of piss and vinegar, and that never changed either.

***Later that evening I paid Ariel and had an opportunity to chat w/ her for a sec:

Me: Do you wantta be in our prison movie? [Ended up being Triangle’s first feature, River Rock Women’s Prison]

A: Our? Who’s?

Me: Ours, mine and yours and whoever else I pick. Maybe Sasha and Bree, but I haven’t decided

A: Sure. When?

Me: I think 2 years, but maybe 3, I have to save my money.

A: Great, I can’t wait!


and the rest is history...

 6 months later, (8/3/07), I met Claire Adams and posed the same question to her with the same response.

Me: Ours. Mine and Ariel’s … and yours, if you wantta do it! Justine Joli too. I haven’t told her but she’s gonna wind up there, trust me

Claire accepted. I am extremely lucky to work with the women I do. There’s always a story, always. Give me a scene and I’ll give you a story!

Thank you Kathy!!  And as a special treat, here is an interview with Bree Olson from the shoot!

Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes!


Fun Fungi and Sasha Grey On Pay – Link Love Is Here!

Happy Humpday!  Welcome back to the midweek stretch!  Oh, and Happy Pi Day!!  That’s right, it’s March 14th, or as we nerds like to say, 3.14.  Woohoo!  Along with all that excitement, it is also starting to feel like spring over here in HM4Her’s home of Philadelphia.  All of these things together create a trifecta of awesome that needs to be celebrated EXTRA hard today.  So enough squawking out of this beak, let’s get to the Link Love!

– Nothing starts out a day better than dirty pictures of food!

– This amazing purse is an oldie but goodie!  It gives new meaning to the idea of a scrotal sack!

What kind of vibe do you need? The Frisky offers up an awesome flowchart to help you figure it out!

– And on the Jez it’s all about figuring out what type of nipples you have.

– Speaking of lady bodies, check out this new study on the meaning of women’s moans during sex.

– Holy crap do I love puns and taking things literally.  Hilarious.

Japanese Monster Porn Musical?  Yeah, we want to know more too!

– Again The Frisky takes a look at lady bodies.  This time it’s 9 Types of Female Orgasms.

– This is from last week, but so awesome I needed to post it.  XOJane’s Sex Editor Emily spent the day on Jessica Drake’s Wicked sex ed porn set and got a chance to what instructional porn looks like from the inside out.  I love what Jessica Drake has to say about the work she does and why she does it! (via Jamye Waxman)

Interesting discussion about the benefits and issues with porn just for ladies, with star James Deen as the central point of the debate.  Definitely check this out.

– Speaking of awesome porn (because I associate “lady” porn with awesomeness), it looks like a new exhibit called “Consent” is going up in Tribeca (NYC) and it will include clips from Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex and Chemistry series.  The idea is to look at the gaps between what people think about porn and what they say.  Philly isn’t too far from NYC. Road trip for porn!

An incognito browser for folks that are looking to hide their online porno usage.  Plus a neat picture…

– And lastly, former porn performer Sasha Grey recently offered up a commercial for Belgium’s Equal Pay Day.  Honestly, it is a really weird video with mixed messages about women in porn.  Jezebel, where I originally found the video, has a discussion about it going on.

Hope this gets you through til the weekend.


Sporty Girls 2

I chose this movie for Sasha Gray and I was treated to a bonus James Deen.  When I fast forwarded to Sasha’s scene I was totally jazzed to see she was paired with him.  These two are pros among pros and I LOVE getting to see them together.  Sasha may have left us for an illustrious career of reading book aloud, but I’ll never stop watching her dirty it up in the gazillions of pornos she left behind.

Sporty Girls 2Totally appropriate for a movie called Sporty Girls 2, Sasha is a badass boxer looking totally awesome panties, a tiny top and boxing gloves.  James comes by to help her out with her training. When Sasha accidentally hits him in the face it is on.  James gets a little pissy with her and, being the dirty birdie that she is, Miss Grey eats it up.  Hands around her throat, spit in the mouth, the works.  It’s so very hot.  He buries his face in her ass and pussy and the party gets started right.

I couldn’t help but notice James and Sasha spend the majority of this 30 minute scene in all sorts of standing positions.  I know this isn’t some crazy phenomena, but Deen sure has some stamina to fuck on his feet like that.  He is always manhandling the ladies while he practically balances on one toe.  I dig that sort of control.  They fuck like mad and wear each other out, constantly matching each other’s pervyness. Fantastic!

The rest of this porno is filled with more lovely ladies being all sporty like – playing tennis, baseball, golfing, etc.  Their tiny little outfits aren’t exactly true to life, but I’m not going to act like they don’t look super cute in them.  Also, I adore adult performers in sneakers.  It makes me happy.

Blow Up Mouth and Porny Music – Link Love

Happy Humpday!  Welcome to the midweek stretch.  We are back with another magical Humpday treat!  If I actually sat down and did the math, I bet I could tell you exactly how many Link Loves I’ve shot on your face.  Let’s see, I’ve been doing this for about 4 and a half years, with 52 weeks a year… bring out the calculator… hmmm, it looks I’ve brought you about 230 Humpday Link Loves!  Pretty nutty bananas, wouldn’t you say?  I guess there is no real reason to count them, other than to let you all know that we love bringing you the dirtiest news.  You can tell by the sheer numbers.  Anyway, enough babble – let’s get to it!

Japanese mouth exerciser, or human blow up doll costume?  You decide.

– Remember back in November when there was all that hoopla about Sasha Grey reading to elementary school students?  Well, it’s back in the news again.  Apparently porn studio Assence Films is releasing a scene featuring the now-retired star in their “Anal Artists” video this week, and in support of Sasha’s past efforts to get children to read, they tried to donate a portion of the film’s proceeds to National Education Association’s Read Across America program. Yeah, that didn’t go over too well… (via Jezebel)

–  Jiz Lee wrote an amazing article about coming out as a porn star.  A fantastic and powerful ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at their experiences, as well as a call out for others’ stories.

– Speaking of queer porn stars, a whole host of them headed down to Vegas for the AVNs, since QueerPorn.TV was nominated for Best Alternative Website.  The SF Bay Guardian spent a little time hanging out with them and reported back.

Sex advice from Women’s Studies Professors, which I think is particularly hilarious as a person with a Women’s Studies degree.

Lost in translation is one of my favorite games!

Joanna Angel went to the Superbowl, which I think it’s kinda awesome.  I love that she has a picture with Joe Montana.

–  Ms. Naughty finds out how people really feel about music in porn.

Hopes this gets you through til the weekend!