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U.K. Porn Ban

Last month, a bill in the United Kingdom passed which requires internet service providers to block websites that provide “non-conventional” porn acts as defined by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC). While “non-conventional” isn’t entirely defined within the bill, most sources report that videos (or pictures) that depict spanking or any impact play that leaves marks, urine, or female ejaculation fall into the loosely defined “non-conventional” category. Besides being a bit Orwellian and possibly foreshadowing some repercussions in the States (I’m looking at you South Carolina-no digital device is gonna block my porn!), not allowing spanking that leaves marks in Britain is like denying a whole culture their one unifying kink. I’m sure not every Brit likes a bit of the slap and tickle, but if all the British spanking videos don’t convince you this is part of an English sexual experience, then maybe you should check out a few of our favorite British scenes below. In addition to some spanking, we’ve collected some of the U.K.’s top stars doing all the acts that will get these videos banned across the pond.

Urination, Sex in public, Toe Sucking (maybe this isn’t on the list)

Tanya Tate and Friends – Lesbian Jacuzzi Play – One of our all-time favorite English beauties, Tanya Tate, stars with fellow Englishwoman Sophie Dee and their hot lady-friend in this super wet and very “non-conventional” jacuzzi party.

Female Ejaculation

Speaking of the beautiful Sophie Dee, she hooks up with fellow Brit Keiran Lee and Kelly Divine for a wet afternoon on the veranda in She’s Gonna Squirt.

Spanking, Whipping or Caning that Leaves Marks, Female Ejaculation

Pascal White is known for his no-BS attitude towards shooting. He’s not a gentle flower, and he proves that in Spank Me Harder 2. Scene four with Miss Trixx breaks most of the rules on the UK banned list.

Gagging, Gagging, More Gagging, and Lots of Sloppy Lesbian Sex

So, this is an amazing two-part series and Samantha Bentley should get an Oscar for her performance in Hard in Love. I mean it, not just an AVN, but she gives her best performance of her career (so far) in these two films. The dynamic and messed up relationship between her and Angel Long is really fun to watch.

Public Masturbation

Scene 1 in On A Dogging Mission shows a unique aspect of Sahara Knite’s personality when we see how adventurous the young star is in the public parks and streets of England. Naughty, naughty Sahara.

Urination, Gagging, Female Ejaculation

Sexyscorpionxxx is THE QUEEN of British homemade porn. This scene of hers is probably going to be locked away in a vault somewhere deep below Buckingham Palace in the future. Definitely don’t miss Piss Gush Gag Fuck.


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Game Of Thrones and Porn

Now that we’re partway through season 6 of HBO’s smash hit Game Of Thrones, fans are looking forward to seeing more of their favorite characters, dragons, and, of course, boobs ‘n butts. For a show that many have both praised and derided for its excessive use of primetime nudity and softcore sex, it’s no surprise that it has had tons of overlap with the porn industry. From XXX parodies to podcasts to cameos of our favorite stars, Game Of Thrones has brought tons of juicy extras for porn watchers.

Game of Bones – Winter Is Cumming

Game Of Bones... Winter Is CummingGame Of Thrones has legions of obsessive, dedicated fans who deserve a porn parody made by fans, for fans. Enter Game of Bones – Winter Is Cumming from the dirty minds at Wood Rocket. Director Lee Roy Myers and crew aren’t afraid to make XXX parodies that lovingly poke fun at their source material (and themselves!) resulting in super fun, silly, punny smut that the most hardcore of fans will love. Game of Bones is no exception, and definitely earned its 2015 AVN and XBIZ nominations for Best Parody. We finally get to see what made Pod The Rod’s visit to the whorehouse so special with Anthony Rosano and Dahlia Sky; Tommy Pistol and Dana DeArmond (Talisa) riff on Robb Stark’s really good idea to go hang out with the Freys; April O’Neil’s busty Tight Walker gets some solo time in that famous sex cave north of the wall; Jon Snow does that thing with his tongue to Ygritte (Claire Robbins); Jorah gets cockblocked by Daario Neharis (Aaron Wilcoxxx) and the MILF of Dragons (Anikka Albrite); Cersei (Tanya Tate) and Margaery (Aaliyah Love) get turned on when they get news of a bukkake massacre. Look closely and you might notice that the Iron Throne is made out of hundreds of dongs, and that Khaleesi’s dragons are not really dragons at all, but are actually two adorable kittens.

Porn Star Cameos

For a show that has to employ a whole lot of professionally naked people, it makes sense to cast former and current porn stars for nude scenes.

Dilara/Sibel Kekilli

Sibel Kekilli Dilara Game Of Thonres

The most prominent former porn star of Game Of Thrones is definitely German-Turkish actress Sibel Kekilli, who appeared in a handful of German pornos in the early 2000s before getting her big break in the mainstream film Head-On. She gained international attention in 2010 when she landed the role of Shae, Tyrion’s loving yet jealous mistress.

Sahara Knite

Armeca Sahara Knite Game Of Thrones

Sahara showed up for a few episodes in seasons 1 and 2 as Armeca, a non-speaking prostitute in the brothel. She’s probably best remembered for one of the show’s most famous sexposition scenes, in which Ros and Armeca learn about the intersection of gay-for-pay lesbianism and the male gaze while Littlefinger monologues about Littlefinger.

Masie Dee

Daisy Masie Dee Game Of Thrones

All natural English model Masie Dee played Daisy, one of Littlefinger’s prostitutes (are you sensing a theme?) She appeared in a few episodes of season 2, most notably when she and Ros were gifted to Joffrey on one of the most stomach-churning scenes of the whole series.

Aeryn Walker
Aeryn Walker Game Of Thrones

Aeryn briefly appeared in season four episode Oathkeeper as one of Craster’s wives being held captive by Karl Tanner and the other mutineers of the Night’s Watch. Apparently she had help getting the role from friend Masie Dee. She’s a Aussie amateur model, known for her love of cosplaying and all things nerdy.

Samantha Bentley

Samantha Bentley Game Of Thrones

English porn performer Samantha Bentley has appeared as not one, not two, but three unique prostitutes on Game of Thrones. She was first cast in the season four episode The Laws Of Gods And Men as a prostitute entertaining Lysene pirate Salladhor Saan at a bathhouse. In season five, she played another two prostitutes in the same episode, High Sparrow, first as a Volantine prostitute dressed as Daenerys, and again as The Stranger in the High Septon’s pious sexual roleplay back at Littlefinger’s brothel.

Jessica Jensen

Jessica Jensen Game Of Thrones

Jessica Jensen is another English porn performer. She played one of the three prostitutes who took the virginity of Podrick Payne (AKA Pod The Rod) in season 3. She also briefly appears in the same bathhouse scene as Samantha Bentley.

Winter Is Coming… On Your Face Podcast

Siouxsie Q Game Of Thrones

Sex worker and porn performer Siouxsie Q started podcasting with The Whorecast, and then expanded with spinoff Winter Is Coming… On Your Face. Co-host and fellow sex worker Sam Solo is a Game of Thrones super fan and book reader, and helps show watcher Siouxsie understand the various plot and character intricacies during their weekly recaps. There’s a ton of Thrones recap podcasts out there, but only On Your Face brings the perspective of sex workers. Siouxsie and Sam do a wonderful job of critiquing the show’s depiction of the oldest profession, and they do it with a lot of wit and love that makes their podcast one of my favorites.

Gratuitous Primetime Nudity

Mr Skin Game of ThronesIf you just want to take another look at Melisandre’s boobs (the young version) or Daario Naharis’ booty, Mr. Skin has plenty of nude scene clips from Game Of Thrones. Find some here, here, and here!

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