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Top Five Tuesday – Hot For Hearts!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s been a little all over the place with the blog in the last few weeks.  With staff switcharoos and all the craziness of starting the year off, we’ve missed a few of the last Tuesdays.  But not to worry – we are back today with a Top Five Tuesday that is sure to get your heart beating just a little faster.  In honor of the approaching holiday, this week we are celebrating that loving feeling with a list of our Top Five Hot Heart Flicks!

Lust, passion, deceit, romance and a delicious game of cat chasing mouse. Are we talking about a soap opera?  Nope it’s the fabulous series from one of my favorite studios – New Sensations Romance.  This second installment features a stellar cast, including , , and Johnny Castle.  What a roster of hotness!

This oldie, but goodie from  is one that I hold close to my own heart.  It’s one of the first porn movies I ever watched in a group setting – in one of my classes during my grad program in Human Sexuality Education.  I couldn’t tell you which class we watched it in, but with the amazing ’80s sensibilities and by lesbians, for lesbians overtones, I’m just so glad it is in my life.  Three cheers for directors !
Well, hello you group of handsome queer devils!  This sophomore Seven Minutes flick by director  is full to the hilt with the hottest of the hot, including some of my porno crushes, like , and . I am so excited that they bang in scene six!
While I wouldn’t necessarily think that porn and war go together, there is something about this movie that takes the classic military story and turns it into an erotic movie that could very easily mirror and validate that experiences of many people these days.  Another quality film from

One of the things I love about Lesbea films is that they get to the sex point with little to no plot or conversation.  What can I say – sometimes I want a story, and sometimes I want to watch hot women fuck with nothing in the way.  This movie does that… and yes, it warms my heart!  And whets my appetite!


Porn For Women: Happy Birthday Madison Young – Free Porno Clips!

Today at HotMoviesForHer, we are celebrating the birth of one of the industry’s most exciting feminist directors/performers – the fabulous Madison Young!  Mixing kinky and queer sex to create a whole catalog of steamy scenes, this video vixen definitely deserves all the birthday love that a collection of free dirty clips can give!  Help us celebrate her 32nd year with a couple of our favorite snippets!





And lastly, an oldie but goodie…


Happy Birthday Madison!!

-JD & Ginger

Seven Minutes In Heaven 2: Tender Hearted

With both the first and the third volumes of the  series firmly under my porno review belt, I figured that it was high time to spend a little time lovin’ on part two.  To give a quick recap of this set of sexy videos, they are super hot queer porno flicks by .  Picture that junior high game you used to play and add a triple X to the action.  These folks really are having seven minutes in heaven!  Yum!  Just as the old standard game is played, the group sits in a circle and spins a bottle to decide who is smoochin ‘on whom.  And by “smoochin’” we totally mean getting their fuck on, of course.

Spending time in heaven in this second volume are , , and  – each of which are performing in their second porn ever.   and don’t mention how many videos they’ve shot, but this is both , and ’s debut movies.  How exciting is that?  When I watch my favorite porn performers doing their thing, I don’t generally think about what their first porno shoot looked like, but seeing Akira (who is most definitely one of my favs) in this newbie light… well, it’s pretty hot.  But don’t think that I mean she is shy or acts all new about things – no sir, this girl is fierce from the first minute, and totally fucks like a champ in a bunch of scenes.  The first with her and Chocolate Chip is MEGA steamy.  Two gritty femmes getting it on is a personal fantasy, so really, it blew my mind in so many good ways.

Cyd, James and Red together is just an amazing gender blender of awesomeness with queerness reigning supreme.  I don’t really know what that means, but it is the best, full of laughter and held together with lube, spit and cum – just the way I like it!  I love when people’s gender identities are validated and respected, and they are fucked six ways til Sunday in whatever way that they enjoy pleasure.

I won’t go into every sexy combination they explore, but just know that they are all fucking hot!  I also really love that we don’t only get a quick intro to each person before the sex starts, there are lots of small interviews and asides throughout the movie, including a DIY dental dam tutorial from Puck Goodfellow.  The whole film is relaxed, fun and seriously hot without trying to fit into the ‘porno movie mold.’  Oh man do I love indie, queer, feminist porn!  Another gem from Courtney Trouble!

Oh, and warning if you are looking for  in this flick – they are just in it for a second, in a non-sex role!

Watch “” Now!

Top Five Tuesday: Movies I Need In My Life

With all of this traveling going on, I seemed to have gotten behind on my porno watching! Here are a some movies, both old and new, that I need to get busy watching. Enjoy!

SNL - A XXX Parody
SNL – A XXX ParodyLook, I’m not saying this is going to be great, or even good, but I need to see it.  Parodies aren’t my favorite pornos, but still I’m compelled to watch.  I must see how different characters are portrayed and who they’re paired up when it comes to fucking.  I need to see it, for better or worse.
KissMe Girl Volume 10 - Girls Kissing Girls
KissMe Girl Volume 10 – Girls Kissing Girls – I never tire of watching girls getting into hardcore mak-out sessions.  I’m always delighted to see a fresh new KissMe girl up on the site.  Beautiful women getting their tongues acquainted with one another always makes for a good day.  Hello, Charley Chase and Jennifer White!
Army Girls Army GirlsIf you like high production value and top notch performers, you’re going to love Marc Dorcel pornos as much as I do.  That is of course if you don’t already love Marc Dorcel smut.  While I totally enjoy watching everyday folks getting down and dirty on the real, I also like watching a director’s vision come to life.  Story, set, wardrobe and gorgeous women come together to make magic happen in these flicks.  I can’t wait to watch Army Girls!
Tight Places - A Drop Of Color Tight Places – A Drop Of ColorI have no idea why I haven’t watched this porno yet.  J.D. reviewed it a while back and holy perve-balls does it sound fantastic!  Reel Queer Productions is definitely one of my top studios for my queer porn needs, so I guess I better get on this one.  I kind of can’t wait to watch Brooklyn and Vai get hardcore in scene 3!
Belladonna's Hot To: Fuck! Belladonna’s How To: Fuck! I know I know, another hot porno I need to get on ASAP!  J.D. reviewed this movie as well and advised me that is indeed the bee’s knees.  We both regard Belladonna as one of the elite untouchables in the adult industry, in case you hadn’t noticed.  Do I want Belladonna to teach me hot to fuck?  You bet your left ass cheek I do!


The Dinah 2012 – Recap 2!

Welcome to Recap 2 of our awesome time preaching the porno gospel down in Palm Springs at The Dinah 2012.  In our first rehash we dished about heading to the desert and ringing in the weekend at the opening party.  This part two is all about Friday at the TGIF Pool Party and The Dinah White Party!

Thank goodness that the TGIF Pool Party didn’t start until noon on Friday, because if you recall in our last recap, we had downed some Five Hour Energy drinks the night before and stayed up waaaaay past our bedtimes, wired and stuffing bags full of porno.  Not that we slept in really, but after a junk food binge at 2 am, you definitely need to have a good breakfast before having any fun in the sun.  Oh, and before you do anything, get your blogging on!

Once we got our fill of coffee, eggs and, of course, bacon, we headed over to the pool to get our cabana ready for action.  Yep, this year we decided to go with a cabana to be right in the action and have more of a chance to chat with the ladies about hot, dirty fun.  Instead of just having a table as usual, we went with awesome laminated posters from some of our favorite lesbian and queer porn companies – Triangle Films, Reel Queer Productions and Dana Dane Productions.  Check out our awesome cabana!!

Continue reading The Dinah 2012 – Recap 2!

Top Five Tuesday: Bisexual Part 2

The Porn Librarian wrote a bisexual Top Five Tuesday a few years ago, but I definitely think it’s worth revisiting. We don’t talk about bi movies nearly enough around here, so I’m giving you my top top picks that I think are in need of your attention. I love watching different different bodies and preferences in action and I’m pretty sure many of you do too. Enjoy!

The Female Voyeur The Female Voyeur: This movie is super sensual and totally dirty. The men perform with each other for women, but get it on with the ladies as well.  Petra Joy, being the female fantasy focused director that she is, gets it done right.  I recommend spending some time watching scene 3 and the beautiful pile of flesh and leather straps that goes along with it. 
Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality: I love interviews in porn!  I mean, if I was at home looking for a quick scene to assist me in a self induced orgasm, I wouldn’t sit and listen.  BUT, I love getting beneath the surface of an adult performer.  I like hearing their thoughts and feelings on sex, identity and anything really.  I’m all about fantasies, but I also like getting to know the person behind the smut.  While Fluid is filled ridiculous amounts of hotness, it also does a great job of letting us in to the minds of men who are indeed fluid in their sexuality.  A+
Bisexual Threesome Bisexual Threesome: I chose this movie for the old school bisexual goodness, but it was far more interesting than just some grainy porno footage.  The movie opens up with a squirt gun cum shot!  At first I thought they were blowing their load super early, but as the shot changes, you see there is a penis sheath over the head of a plastic gun.  I’m not sure what they used as the splooge, but it was definitely realistic!
Sex Experiments Sex Experiments: I haven’t actually watched this movie yet, but from the looks of J.D.’s review i need to!  There is hot bi action, but this is actually more exciting to me: “What sets these rock star interviews apart from other ones I’ve seen is that these chats end with the guys naked and jerking off while Anna Span is chatting with them about sex and random stuff. They could be out getting tea and having the exact same conversation – everything is just that natural and relaxed.”
Husbands Teaching Wives How To Suck Cock #3 Husbands Teaching Wives How To Suck Cock #3: At first I thought this was going to be an annoying movie with uber typical porno stuff going on.  Then I realized that Danny Wylde and Wolf Hudson star in the first scene together!  Yay porno dreams!  These are two of my favorite performers and man do they look hot sucking each others’ cocks.  They show Cece Stone how it’s done, but they also share their wangs with her.  Hot!  It’s all oral in this piece.


Super Hot Trailer from Good Releasing!

The other day, our awesome friends over at Good Releasing sent us an amazing trailer that we seriously need to share with you!  Good Releasing is the parent company of some of our favorite studios, including Reel Queer Productions and HeartCore Films.

This trailer is a mishmash of a whole bunch of different movies, but I know I definitely caught a glimpse of Billy Castro Does The Mission, Heartland – A Woman’s POV, Turbo Rock, Tight Places: A Drop Of Color, Roulette Toronto, A Think Line Between Art and Sex, and My Own Master.  There are so many more I couldn’t name off the top of my head, but holy crap are the HOT!

Don’t believe me?  Watch for yourself.  Just be sure to put a towel down on the seat first…


(Thanks Mark!)


11-11-11: Our Top 11 Picks!

Happy 11-11-11!  I don’t know if there is really any significance to today’s date other than it just being awesome (and, of course, that it’s Veteran’s Day), but since it is,  we thought we’d celebrate with lists of our favorite 11 porns and performers!  Because why not use it as an excuse to talk about stuff we like?

First up, JD’s Top 11 Picks!


Next, we’ve got Ginger Leigh’s!

Happy 11-11-11 and have a great weekend.

JD & Ginger

Happy Birthday Drew DeVeaux!!

Today is the amazing Drew DeVeaux‘s birthday!! HotMoviesForHer wanted to be sure and wish her the Happiest Birthday out there and celebrate the day she escaped the womb with a bunch of pictures of her hotness.  I guess that’s really more of a gift for us, but hopefully all the wanking it results in will send a surge of sexy vibes right into Drew’s pretty, pink… birthday cake.

(Picture courtesy of CrashPadSeries; amazing photoshopping by me.)

(Picture courtesy of Dolores Park Studios. From: Brunch Bunch: Queerly SF)

(Picture courtesy of Good Releasing. From: Roulette Toronto)

(Picture courtesy of C. Batts Fly.  From: Artcore)

So much delicious Drew!  We hope you have an amazing birthday, Drew!

-JD and Ginger Leigh

Pervy Pumpkin Carving!

Happy almost Halloween!!  We here at the HotMovies family are nothing if not festive, so we decided to do things up right this year and start a new tradition – a pumpkin carving party.  And not just ANY pumpkin carving party… a dirty pumpkin party!  Alright, so not all of them turned out pervy, but of course mine did.

Behold, my Dylan Ryan and April Flores smooching pumpkin!

It was my very first attempt at making a real pumpkin carving that wasn’t just a lopsided jack-o-lantern face.  Not too shabby, huh?  Take a look at our other pictures, including the image that this pumpkin was carved from, which is from Reel Queer Production”s Roulette Toronto.  And pictures of us playing with Fleshlight Freak’s Zombie cock.

Happy Halloween!!

-JD and Ginger Leigh