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Clowns, BDSM & More: Dark Perversions 5 Review

From the mind of PornFidelity’s Ryan Madison comes the fifth installment of their Dark Perversions series. Dark Perversions 5 takes PornFidelity’s stunning 4K visuals, next-level costume and set design, and Madison’s signature rough-yet-agile fucking style and adds an eerie undertone that makes the eroticism behind dominance and submission almost spooky. If you have a fear of clowns, tempt fate by watching the first scene; being simultaneously scared and turned on is worth it!

Scene One: Lilly Ford & Ryan Madison

The scene begins with Ryan Madison dressed head-to-toe like a clown, but not the type of clown you’d see at a carnival; Madison looks straight out of a Stephen King novel. Madison is prowling about in an aggressive manner, and we soon see that he’s spying on a young woman in a flowy babydoll dress.

Madison as the creepy clown approaches the girl, who we see is the beautiful, fresh-faced Lilly Ford. The clown gestures for her to take a balloon from him. Wonderment eclipses Lilly’s face and, instead of running for her life like she should, she takes the clown by the hand and lets him lead her down a very dirty path.

In the bedroom, Ryan Madison does not shed his clown costume and stays completely in character. He manhandles Lilly in his usual fashion, but what’s interesting about this scene is the voracious nature with which Lilly is able to keep up with him. For every hard thrust he gives her, she’s able to take it and give him back an equal expression of fulfilled lust. While the dynamic in this scene is clearly a little D/s, Lilly can take as good as she gets. Madison incorporating the balloons anywhere he can in the scene is also a pretty fun, quirky touch. This is a hot scene and a must-watch if you can get past the clown thing!

Scene Two: Amber Ivy & Ryan Madison

I haven’t seen Amber Ivy in a minute, so I was excited to watch her be dominated by Madison in this scene. He drags the sexy redhead through the house crawling on her knees, collared, chained, and wearing handcuffs, so we know we’re in for a rough scene. Madison wastes no time shoving his thick cock down her throat and making her gag, but Amber can handle a little face-fucking. He alternates groping her pussy with choking her with his dick until she can’t take it anymore, then we see the breast pump. Madison applies the suction tube to Amber’s soft nipples and begins pumping them hard and swollen. Not long after, he takes her to the bedroom where they fuck like rabbits. Amber may be acting submissive in this scene, but she can ride a dick like a master.

Scene Three: Aaliyah Love & Isiah Maxwell

Aaliyah Love is the epitome of the bored housewife. Every day she wakes up, masturbates, pretends to listen to people, masturbates, eats, masturbates, and goes to bed. Going to bed is her favorite part of the day though, because that’s when she’s able to spend time with the man in her dreams. She doesn’t know his name or where he comes from, but every night she dreams of the same man making passionate love to her. The sex in her dreams is so good that waking life can’t compare.

While this scene doesn’t have the power dynamic of the first two scenes, it more than makes up for that in raw chemistry. The plot, as well as Isiah Maxwell himself, are very female-friendly. This is a good scene if you want to watch good, not necessarily rough, sex.

Scene Four: Jared Grey & Sandee Westgate

Big-breasted, beautiful Sandee Westgate steps into the shower, but unbeknownst to her she’s being watched on video camera by a stalker, Jared Grey. Jared jerks himself off watching Sandee soap herself up and down. When she steps out of the shower, she hears strange ambient noises coming from the other room. Naked and afraid, literally, Sandee goes into the spare room and is met by exposed lightbulbs and more scary noises. Suddenly, Jared appears behind Sandee and instantly devours her. The sex is hot, romantic, and _extremely_ passionate, which makes sense considering that Sandee and Jared are married in real life!

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Gloved Review

The women of HMFH have unique and differing tastes when it comes to porn, but there’s always one thing we can agree on: we love Ryan Madison. With his athletic and frenzied fucking style and unmatched sexual stamina, Ryan Madison is a dream lay. As a fan of Madison’s brand of rough, male-dominant sex, I didn’t need much enticing to dive into his latest film, Gloved. I saw the box cover and knew I was in for a treat. It is extremely rare for a male performer to make it to the box cover of a porn, let alone be the only image potential customers are greeted with when considering purchasing a movie, however, Ryan Madison said “fuck it,” and surprised us all with this ominous photo of himself wearing black latex gloves.

Gloved box cover

Scene One: Amara Romani

Ryan Madison appears at the top of Amara Romani’s stairs and gropes the bubble-butt beauty from behind. Pulling her into the bathroom, Madison passionately kisses Romani while holding her neck in a dominant fashion. Madison face-fucks a kneeling Romani next to the bathtub, eventually soaping up his cock, causing her to choke as she deep-throats the suds. Madison washes her face with water from the bathtub, still wearing the gloves, and then dunks her head underneath the water. While this may seem scary to some, Ryan Madison is a careful professional and everything that happens in this scene is 100% consensual. Madison fucks Romari with his usual intensity and ends the scene in a creampie.

Amara Romani in PornFidelity's Gloved

Scene Two: April Brookes

April Brookes knocks on the door and is met by glove-clad Ryan Madison, who pulls the stunning brunette inside. Lightly choking her against the wall, Madison pulls Brookes down and pushes his hard cock down her throat. If you’re into breath play in any way, the control that Madison displays here is very hot. The deep-throating continues for some time, and I eventually had to skip over it once the choking was done because I’m not really into extended blowjob scenes. Madison stands Brookes up and literally fucks her up a flight of stairs and into bed, all the while hammering her pussy mercilessly. Madison finishes off with yet another creampie and leaves breathless April Brookes staring at her swollen pussy.

April Brookes in PornFidelity's Gloved

Scene Three: Trisha Parks

Young Trisha Parks is the next lucky lady to arrive at Madison’s doorstep and fall prey to his seductive glove-love. He warms Parks up with some conventional foreplay before fucking her nice and hard while standing. Unlike the other scenes, Madison and Parks engage in some anal sex. I’m not the biggest fan of anal, however, so this scene didn’t do much for me.

Trisha Parks in PornFidelity's Gloved

Scene Four: Gwen Stark

Gwen Stark is an innocent-looking redhead with a dirty secret – she loves getting fucked hard and raw. She spends much of the first half of her scene worshiping Ryan Madison’s cock and balls with her mouth and tits before he fucks her. Surprisingly, however, Stark climbs on top and takes some control back from the dominant Madison before he flips her back over and resumes his role as the top. Stark, like the other newcomer starlets in this film, is able to keep up with Madison’s intense fucking in a way that is seriously impressive for someone who has been in the industry for less than a year.

Redhead Gwen Stark in PornFidelity's Gloved

Alternating between passion and punishment, Madison proves himself an excellent fuck and a careful and loving Dom. While I’m still unsure what role the gloves play in the theme of this film, who really cares when the sex is so great?

And don’t forget to check out Disc 2, where Ryan Madison and Brooklyn Lee have the hottest F on M rimjob we have ever seen!

Brooklyn Lee gives Ryan Madison at rimjob in PornFidelity's Gloved

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